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The List of Incumbents in St. Mary's Church, Kilburn.

Kilburn Clergy

St.Mary's Kilburn first appears as a Chapel in the parish of Coxwold
[Coxwold Church was possibly the minster or mother-church of this
district]. In 1145 it was appropriated by Robert de Mowbray to the
Augustinian Priory of Newburgh, which would then be responsible
for appointing a priest to serve at Kilburn. Names of early priests
are not yet known.

1438Richard Yearsleyparish priest
1439John Shiptonpriest at Hood
1528Christopher Raynerpriest at Kilburn
[The Kirk of our Lady of Kilburn]

At the Dissolution of the monasteries in the reign of Henry VIII,
Kilburn was given to the Archbishop of York, who remains the
patron of the living.

1556Christopher Rayner
1590John Foster
1596George Buckcurate
1600-07Christopher Mytoncurate
1607-12John Shimmingminister
1612Timothy HumbleM.A. minister
1612-14Robert SewallB.A.
1623-40Christopher RaperM.A. curate
1626Edward EvansM.A.
1640-77John Whiteminister
1677-87Thomas HodgsonB.A. minister
1687-91* Watson
1691-1701* Brown
1701-20Charles Manpastor
1721Richard Browncurate
1722-40Robert PeirsonM.A. curate
* Midgley
1743John DealtaryRector of Skirpenbeck, minister
1743-53Richard Wilkinsonassistant curate
1748A. Temple
1753-81Eustace CassB.A., Vicar of Thirkleby 1750, curate
1781-1802Richard Bartonassistant curate
1802-04Robert Birkettcurate
1804-64Thomas BarkerM.A., Vicar of Thirkleby, curate
1848-56M Welburncurate
1856-64John Swainsoncurate
1864-70Robert David Jacksoncurate

Kilburn became a separate parish in 1868, with a Vicar
resident at the new vicarage from 1870.

1868-79George Richardson
1879-1914Ralph ProwdeM.A.
1914-27Hezekiah Astley Kemp Hawkins
1927-36Albert John PerkinsB.A.
1936-45Ernest Wrangham ClarkeM.A.
1945-49Thomas William Collis
1949-55John BromleyB.A. [Man.]
1955-60Lawrence Frank PelterM.A. [Oxen.]
1960-88John Howard Barclay DouglasB.A. [Dunela]
1988-David George BilesB.A., A.K.C.

Data transcribed by
Jack Parry.
from photography by Colin Hinson

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