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Kirkdale, Benefactions transcription:

The Benefactions to the poor in Kirkdale Minster.

left to the poor of the Parish of Kirkdale.

John Ellerton left Twenty Shillings pr Annum, to be Paid out of Mitton-Holmgarth for ever. Viz: Ten Shillings at Christmas, and Ten Shillings at Easter.

George Pearson left Ten Shillings pr Annum, to be Paid out of an ox-gang of Land at Wimbleton for ever, to be Paid at Easter.

Robert Shepherd left the Interest of Twenty Pounds pr Annum, for ever. Viz: one half at Christmas, the other at Whitsuntide, Paid by Mr. Robert Bullock.

Ralph Richardson left Ten Shillings pr. Annum, to be Paid out of his Land at Weathercoat for ever Viz: Five Shillings at Christmas, and Five Shillings at Whitsuntide.

John Dodsworth Esq'r Anno 1815, left 100 £ The Int. to be distributed to poor Housekeepers.

Ann Dixon, Anno 1816, left 5£. The Int. to be given to the poor at Christmas.

Data transcribed by
Jack Parry.
from photography by Colin Hinson

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