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Kirkdale parish:

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The List of Incumbents in Kirkdale Minster.

Incumbents at St.Gregory's Minster

c 1055Brand 1801-30George Dixon
c 1150Engefram 1830-62William Kay
c 1155-1525Newburgh Priory 1862-63William Andrew
1527John Palessar 1863-77Charles Tudor
1534Nicholas Sonley 1878-91Richard Bramley
1575Peter Daiff 1892-1904Herbert Leonard Rees
1624-63Christopher Taylor 1904-30Frederick Walter Powell
1685-1728Richard Leake 1930-35Montague James Case
1728-56Francis Hodson 1935-56Maurice Beardshaw
1756-62Richard Conyers 1956-68Arthur William Penn
1762-1800William Comber 1968-76Roy Ashworth Kennedy
1800John Robinson 1976-86Douglas Harrop
1986- John Michael Warden

Data transcribed by
Jack Parry.
from photography by Colin Hinson

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