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Middleton, Incumbents transcription:

The list of Rectors and Vicars to 1948 in St. Andrew's Church, Middleton.


1291Gilbert of Thornton
1291Ralph of Hengham
1316Robert of Hampton [died]
1329Phillip of Redyngs [resigned for the Church of Mathelmerby]
1332Walter of Harpham
- - -William of Scrope [resigned for the prebend of Skipworth]
1348Henry of Hanslape
- - -William Strickland [resigned]
1388John Mouncester
- - -William Peeke [resigned for the Church of Brant Broughton in Lincoln diocese]
1403William Fawdon
1410John Bosham [resigned for the Church of Kyngeslaw in Hereford diocese]
1456John Lancastre [resigned]
1460William Berwyks or Warwyks [died]
1491Robert Page [died]
1516Henry Jackson [resigned]
1524John Dobbyns [died]
1569Nicholas Robynson [died]
1594Ralph Chapman [died]
1627Daniel Bushell, B.A.
1632Lawrence Hardwyk, B.A.
- - -Richard Judson
1661William Wilson
1672Robert Kendall
1701-2James Conyers, M.A.
1710Peter Wynne
1716William Prowde [died]
1743Thomas Deason [died]
1763John King, B.A. [died]
1782Michael Mackereth [died]
1829Charles Mackereth [resigned for the new vicarage of Newton]
1867Francis Randall [died]
1870Walter Nathaniel Turner, M.A. [resigned]
1902Max William Blakeley
1918William Norman Blake
1924Arthur Clarkson Birch, M.A. [Cantab.]
1932J.M. Herring, M.A. Dur.]
1937P.A. Illingworth, M.A. [Oxon.][resigned for Witham-on-the-Hill, Lincoln]

Data transcribed by
Jack Parry.
from photography by Colin Hinson

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