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Muker, Incumbents transcription:

The list of Vicars and Curates in St. Mary's Church, Muker.


The Rev. Richard Kendall1593-1600
The Rev. John Morland1600-1606
The Rev. Wetherelt1606-1638
The Rev. George Atkinson1638-1659
The Rev. Thomas Drinkle1659-1685
The Rev. Michael Wagget1685-1689
The Rev. Henry Docker1689-1694
The Rev. James Moore1694-1703
The Rev. Thomas Goulding1703-1713
The Rev. Christopher Forster1713-1772
The Rev. Lister Metcalfe1773-1797
The Rev. William Richardson1797-1808
The Rev. James Bannister [Curate]1808-1811
The Rev. James Bannister [Vicar]1811-1815
The Rev. John Clementson1815-1820
The Rev. Isaac Fidler1820-1822
The Rev. Richard Lowther1822-1863
The Rev. W. Vancrossen Dawson1863-1864
The Rev. Ed. Hudson Edman1864-1865
The Rev. Jonah Peter Nicholson [Curate]1866-1873
The Rev. John Caldwell1873-1882
The Rev. Jonah Peter Nicholson [C.-in-Ch.]1882-1885
The Rev. Jonah Peter Nicholson [Vicar]1885-1891
The Rev. James Cooke1892-1905
The Rev. Joseph Edward Gaskill1906-1920
The Rev. Arthur E. Holme1921-1930
The Rev. H. Bagster Wilson1931-

Data transcribed by
Jack Parry.
from photography by Colin Hinson

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