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Old Malton, Benefactions transcription:

The Ingham Charity in St. Mary's Church, Old Malton.

Mrs. A.M.Ingham's Estate.
Extract from Codicil 1st January 1930

4. I give and bequeath to the Parochial Church Council of the Priory Church of Saint Mary's at Old Malton aforesaid the sum of Three hundred pounds free of all death duties, and I direct that the said sum shall be invested by and in the name of the said Council in any investments authorized by law for the investment of trust funds and I direct that the Yearly income arising therefrom shall be paid or applied by the Council towards the relief and comfort of sick persons of either sex and any age resident in the Parish in accordance with directions given from time to time to the said Council by the following persons namely:- The Vicar and People's Warden for the time being of the said Church at Old Malton and (during her lifetime) my elder daughter the said Mary Hylda Elizabeth Ingham (such persons to be free to consult the Relieving Officer of the district if and whenever they think fit so to do) and I direct that the said yearly income may be applied in such manner towards the relief and comfort of such sick persons either in their own homes or in nursing homes or institutions as the persons giving such directions as aforesaid shall think fit.

Data transcribed by
Jack Parry.
from photography by Colin Hinson

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