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Oswaldkirk parish:

Oswaldkirk, Rectors transcription:

The List of Rectors in St. Oswald's Church porch, Oswaldkirk.

Rectors of Oswaldkirk

1302John de Newark 1974Barry Keeton M.A.,B.D.,A.K.C.
1321Robert de Cruel, Acolitus 1979Phillip Cauwood
1357Robert Pyckerings 1985David Ernest Newton
?William de Wilton   
1375William Lovell   
1391John Burnham   
?Thomas Braunsepath   
1434Thomas Rud   
1436William Elslak   
1457Robert Welburne   
1464Thomas Craysaker or Cresacre   
1504Thomas Thompson   
1506Thomas Welbourne M.A.   
1532John Levett B.C.L.   
1567John Dee M.A.   
1574John Askewith   
1578Thomas Taylor B.A.   
1585James Thornton   
1593Robert Bowland or Bolland M.A.   
1610Edward Evans M.A.   
1641John Craige   
1658John Denton B.A.
Ejected for non-conformity in 1662
1663George Scott M.A.   
1700William Frankland M.A.   
1731Charles Cowper M.A.   
1774John Piggott M.A.   
1813Thomas Comber B.A.   
1835Henry G Wandesford Comber B.A.   
1883Henry Temple M.A.
Chancellor of York Minster
1906John William Gladstone Bennett   
1919John Llewellyn Pugh Thomas M.A.   
1934George Harry Richardson   
1946John Leonard Oade A.L.C.D.
Curate in Charge
1953Frank Shrewsbury Briggs O.B.S.   
Benefice United to Ampleforth 13 May 1958   
1965Edward Patrick Rowley B.Sc.   

Data transcribed by
Jack Parry.
from photography by Colin Hinson

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