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The list of Benefactions in St. Patrick's Church, Patrick Brompton.

A.D.1707. Mr. Samuel Atkinson, of Brompton built a School-house at Patrick Brompton and endowed it with a Garth at Newton for keeping it in good repair, or teaching two poor Children when Reparations are not wanted.

A.D.1707. Mr. Samuel Clarke of London endowed the said School with a field and Garth at Hunton. A.D.1707. Or about that time, Mr. Francis Clarke of London bequeathed Two Pounds and Twelve Shillings Yearly, to be distributed (in Bread) at the Church Weekly among the Poor.

A.D.1716. Mr. Gregory Elsey of Richmond left by his Will the Interest of Twenty Pounds to the Poor of this Parish; also the Interest of Sixty Pounds more to the Schoolmaster for teaching Six Poor Boys or Girls.

A.D.1823. Gregory Elsey Esq're of this Village left by his Will the Interest of One Hundred Pounds, to be distributed at the discretion of the Minister amongst the poor inhabiting within the Parish at the commencement of every Year.

Data transcribed by
Jack Parry.
from photography by Colin Hinson

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