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Easingwold parish:

Raskelf, Incumbents transcription:

The List of Incumbents in St. Mary's Church, Raskelf.

The Church of St. Mary Raskelf

Chaplains Vicars
1477Richard Warde 1846Thomas Hartley M.A.
1510Thomas Brown 1885Edward Richard Mosley M.A.
1514Thomas Atkinson 1893William Edge Elijah Mason Bull B.A.
1529John Plumber 1898William Preston D.D.
1538Henry Plommer 1903Arthur Radford LL.M.
1546Thomas Brown 1915Hugh William Jones B.A.
1550William Rand 1935Peter Duckworth M.A.
   1951Raeburn Simpson Hawkins B.A.
Curates 1966Anthony Cecil Addison Smith M.A.
1555Robert Seighton 1978David Michael Porter B.A.
1557Adam Brigges 1992Tony Hart M.A.
1558William Rand   
1560John Coundell   
1618William Morrison   
1667Thomas Smelt   
1680James Wardrope   
1695John Bland   
1695Robert Litton   
1728James Wilson   
1730John Nesfield B.A.   
1771John Armistead   
1812Francis Blackburne M.A.   
1829Wiltshire Stanton Austin   
1832Benjamin Pullen Tuckriss B.A.   

In Memory of John and Frances Gill
and of Henry Gill, their son,
and Beatrice Anne, his wife.

Data transcribed by
Jack Parry.
from photography by Colin Hinson

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