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Rosedale, History transcription:

The List of Subscribers for the rebuilding of Rosedale Church.

Plaque 1 (see also Photo)

Names of Subscribers
With The Amount of Their
Subscriptions For Rebuilding

Her Majesty's Commissioners LSD
For Building New Churches20000
Drawback of Duty on Timber4749
Do. on Glass745
Old Tiles &c.13100
Rev. G.S. Penfold, D.D. London15000
Rev. Rob't Skelton, Levisham2000
His Grace the Archbishop of York2000
Lord Feversham2000
Geo. Liddell, Esq'r Hull1000
Opening of the Church796
E.H. Hebden, Esq'r Scarborough500
Thos. Watson, Sen'r Rosedale E.500
Geo. Wilson, Do. E.500
Rob't Harland, Hartoft500
John Benbow, Esq'r London500
John Wilson, Hartoft450
Jeremiah Wilks, Do.400
Wm. Knaggs, Rosedale E.400
John Bailey, Do. E.400
Frances Dowson, Do. E.300
Thos. Peirson, Do. E.300

Plaque 2 (see also Photo)

Joseph Peirson, Do. E.300
Thos. Peirson, Do. N.300
John Atkinson, Do. E.300
John Farrow, Do. N.2100
Thos. Watson, Jun'r Do. W.200
Horatio Petch, Do. E.200
John Peirson, Do. E.200
Thos. Peirson, Do. E.200
Leonard Knaggs, Do. E.200
Joseph Dowson, Do. N.200
Wm. Hebron, Do. N.200
Jacob Stonehouse, Do. E.200
Wm. Ward, Do. W.200
Mrs. Margaret Strickland, Do. W.200
Wm. Sturdy, Do. E.200
John Harland, Hartoft E.200
Nawron Maw, Do.200
Rev. J. Boulby, Aislaby Nr. Whitby200
Wm. Duesbury Thornton Duesbury Esq'r Sealby200
Geo. Frank, Kirbymoorside200
Rev. H.J.Todd, Archdeacon of Cleveland200
Joseph Peirson, Rosedale E.1150
John Farrow Sen'r Do. E.1100
Frank Petch, Do. E.1100
Mary Shephard, Do. E.1100
John Watson, Do. E.1100
Allen Peirson, Do. E.1100
Miss Ann Bailey, Do. E.1100
Miss Ellen Bailey, Do. E.1100
John Garbut, Do. E.1100
Jeremiah Pickering, Hartoft1100
Aaron Peirson, Do.150

Plaque 3 (see also Photo)

T.M. Woodwark Sen'r Glazedale100
Mrs. Watson, Do.100
John Scawby, Cawthorn100
Rev. E. Benbow, Aldenham Vicarage100
Jacob Marshall Esq'r Wrelton100
James Bell Tate Esq'r Scarborough100
John Woodall Esq'r Do.100
John Seamor, Newton Grange100
Geo. Petch, Edston100
Thos. Peirson, York100
John Mercer, Normanby100
John Hansell, St. Albans, Hertfordshire100
Wm. Featherstone, Sunley Hill100
Joseph Buckle Esq'r York0152
Wm. Clark, Rosedale E.0150
Rob't Tindale, Hartoft0126
Calvert Cook, Do.0100
Rich'd Clayton, Do.0100
Wm. Thomas, Rosedale E.0100
Mrs. Hannah Watson, Do. W.0100
Francis Dowson Jun'r Do.0100
John Strickland, Do. W.0100
Thomas Wilson, Do. W.0100
John Dowson, Do. E.0100
Thos. Bailey, Do. E.0100
Mrs. Ann Atkinson, Do. E.0100
Hannah Dowson, Do. E.0100
John Peirson Jun'r Do. W.0100
James Green, Wrelton0100

Plaque 4 (see also Photo)

Wm. Craven, Do.150
Rev. Thos. Hayes, Aislaby Hall110
John Watson Esq'r Pickering110
Thos. Dowson, Rosedale E.100
Rob't Peirson, Do. N.100
Thos. Garbut, Do. W.100
Wm. Watson, Do. E.100
Rob't Watson, Do. E.100
Thos. Wilson, Do. N.100
John Wilson, Do. N.100
Wm. Ward, Do. N.100
Ephraim Harker, Do. N.100
Rich'd Sidebottom, Do. E.100
Wm. Watson Abbey, Do. E.100
John Ward, Do. W.100
Peter Campion, Do. W.100
Rob't Watson, Do. W.100
Anthony Wilson, Do. W.100
Mrs. Knaggs, Do. E.100
John Peirson, Do. W.100
Wm. Atkinson, Do. W.100
Francis Dowson, Do. N.100
Geo. Petch, Hartoft100
Geo. Atkinson, Do.100
Joseph Dowson, Do.100
Chr. Lyon, Pickering100
Nicholas Piper, Do.100
Rob't Hansell, Hull100
Thos. Atkinson, Whitby100
John Hugill, Do.100

Plaque 5 (see also Photo)

John Skelton, Do.0100
Rob't Frank, Middleton0100
Isaac Harland, Newton0100
Rev. R.B. Scholefield, Ganton0100
Gawan Peirson, Goatland0100
Rob't Poad, Hartoft050
John Harland, Do. W.050
James Thorp, Do.050
Thos. Ainsley, Do.050
Thos. Jackson, Do.050
James Petch, Rosedale050
David Page, Do. E.050
Isaac Pybus, Do. W.050
Matt'w Kneshaw, Do. W.050
Thos. Dale, Do. W.050
Mrs. Mary Watson, Do. E.050
John Underwood, Cropton050
Miss Hephzibah Wilkins, St. Albans050
Francis Breckon, Aislaby050
Thos. Frank, Marshes050
Octavius Watson, Kirbymoorside050
Wm. Brewster, Risebrough050
Wm. Cole, Pickering050
Thos. Hayes, Middleton030
Eleanor Page, Rosedale E.020
Diana Stonehouse, Do. E.020
John Pybus, Do. W.020
Wm. Page, Do. E.020
Ralph Harwood, Kirbymoorside020
Wm. Hardwick, Wrelton020

Plaque 6 (see also Photo)

Rob't Peirson, Middleton020
John Coates, Hartoft020
Wm. Chapman, Do.020
Isaac Harland, Cropton020
Geo. Jackson, Rosedale E.010
Joseph Stonehouse, Do. E.010
Hannah Jackson, Do. E.010
Wm. Smith, Hartoft010
Thos. Smith, Do.010
Wm. Kilvington, Aislaby010
Total Amount £6651710
John Edgie Esq'r Whitby100
John Chapman Esq'r Whitby100
Folio Bible, )
Two Prayer Books)907
Two Altar Service Books
Gratuitous from the Society
for Promoting Christian Knowledge
Rob't Skelton, Minister.
Thos. Peirson,
Geo. Atkinson, Churchwardens.

Data transcribed by
Jack Parry.
from photography by Colin Hinson

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