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Lastingham parish:

Lastingham, Roll of Honour transcription:

The World War I Roll of Honour in St. Lawrence's Church, Rosedale Abbey.

To the Glory of God and in Honour of the
Men from this Parish who fought in the
Great War for right and freedom. 1914-1919

Henry Ainsley Walter Fletcher Edgar Milner William Smith
John Allanson Jack Fothergill Fred Monkman Albert V. Sonley
John Bain Arthur Fox John Mosey Ernest R. Sonley
Kenneth Bain John Fox Ernest Mouncer Fred H. Sonley
Maurice W.B. Bell John W. Gamble Robert C. Mumberson E. Herbert Sonley
Walter E. Booth Frank Garbutt Charlie Page Fred Spenceley
Frank R. Bowes Matthew Garbutt Nicholas Pearson Thomas F. Spenceley
John Bowes Albert V. Griffiths Thomas R. Pearson Joseph W. Stewart
Joseph Bowes Robert Godfrey Arthur Peirson Fred Strickland
John Campion Vernon Harland Charlie Peirson George Sturdy
Thomas Chapman William Harland Frank Peirson Thomas E. Sturdy
Ernest Clark Herbert E. Harrison Harry Peirson William Sturdy
William H. Clark Harry Hebden James Peirson Tom Tasker
Frank Cook Charley Hewison John Peirson Frank Teasdale
Sidney Cooper James Hill Thomas J. Peirson James L. Teasdale
William Coultas Joseph N. Hill John Pennock John Teasdale
Thomas Dale Laurence Hird John R. Rawling Thomas Thompson
Thomas Dale George Hodgson Cecil Revell Harry Vasey
Tom Dalton John Hodgson Harry Revell John Walker
Leslie Davison Arthur R. Huddlestone William Revell Lawrance Walker
Arthur Dewing Marshall Hunter John Richardson Arthur Watson
Thomas Dowson Thomas James Marshall T. Richardson Clarence A. Watson
Wardle Dowson Arthur Jefferson Tom Richardson Harold C. Watson
George Dring George Jefferson Victor E. Richardson John H. Watson
Edmund Errington Thomas Jemmison John E. Robinson Walter G. Watson
Harry Featherstone Geoffrey Lascelles Thomas W. Robson William Watson
John Featherstone Enos Lythe Percy Seller William A. Watson
William Featherstone John Lythe Thomas H. Slack Frank Wilks
Arthur W. Fletcher Bertie Masterman William E. Slack Charles Wood
Eric Fletcher William Mawe Ernest Smith William Wood
Fred N. Fletcher Thomas Metcalfe E. Reginald Smith Horace Woodsworth

Thanks Be To God Who Giveth Us The Victory

Data transcribed by
Jack Parry.
from photography by Colin Hinson

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