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Scarborough, Memorial Plaque transcription:

The World War I Memorial Plaque in St. Mary's Church, Scarborough.

To the Glory of God
and in Honour of the Men
of this Church who laid down
Their Lives in the Great War.

Allison, H. Davison, A. Hopkins, A. McNaught, A.G. Raper, J.W.G. Walters, A.V.
Armstrong, C.S. Deighton, R.W. Hornby, A. Magson, Frank Rayner, A. Walters, J.G.
Atkinson, W.S. Dove, F.W. Horner, F. Magson, Fred'k Redman, S.C. Ward, R.W.
Baker, W.J.P. Edwards, H.W. Horsley, J.S. Magson, H Reed, A.J. Wardby, J.
Berry, C.V.C. Elliott, A. Hunter, A. Mansfield, W. Reed, E.R. Warley, G.
Betts, G Ferguson, H. Hurd, G.W. Medd, G.J. Reed, T.W. Waterson, J.E.
Betts, H. Finn, J. Ireland, M. Megginson, W.A. Rudeforth, H. Watkinson, J.
Betts, R.W. Finn, T. Ireland, R. Mellor, A.W. Sayer, F.V. Webster, A.
Bourne, J.T. Fitzpatrick, R.M. Johnson, W. Morgan, J.W. Simpson, G.W. Welbourn, J.T.
Bradley, G.H. Frith, E.H. Johnston, L. Moore, R. Smith, W. White, Wm.
Branson, W.G. Frith, H. Jowsey, W.G. Nash, A.H. Sowersby, W. White, Wm.
Bredon, A.S. Gatus, C.E. Kay, J. Palmer, J.W. Stead, J.E. Whitehead, H.
Brown, T.W. Gordon, A. Kell, J.A. Park, C.E. Stevenson, A. Whittaker, J.D.
Burnside, E. Gospel, C.W. Kidd, J. Parker, H. Stewart, G.S. Whitworth, J.
Calvert, F. Graham, H. Kitchen, W.W. Petch, J. Stewart, H.F.L. Whitworth, W.
Cappleman, W. Green, J. Leach, N.A. Petch, S. Stewart, W.H. Williams, J.
Charters, H. Hansom, A. Linkskill, M. Paterson, A. Stonehouse, S.D. Wilson, A.
Champney, H.D. Harland, R. Livingstone, R.W. Pennock, C. Sunley, G.E. Wilson, A.W.
Clark, T. Harman, C.A. Longtoft, E. Perryman, A.H. Tate, H.C. Wilson, J.H.
Cockerill, W. Harris, W.H. Lowson, W.R. Philp, F.G. Taylor, J.H. Wilson, Harry
Cocksworth, F. Harwood, J.W. Lyon, G.H. Pipes, T.W. Thompson, W. Wilson, Herbert
Collins, W. Hick, A.C. McBean, J.R. Prust, H. Thorpe, G.T. Wilson, H.W.
Craven, R.B. Hodgson, F. McBean, H. Raine, J. Walsh, F. Wilson, L.
Craven, T. Hollingsworth, A. McCourt, P. Raine, R.A. Walters, A.J. Wiseman, J.P.
Davis, J. Hollingsworth, R. Megginson, J. Laybourne, G.A. Sanderson, E. Yaxley, I.
Moss, A. Fidler, J. Featherstone, R.W. Parkinson, J.R. Martin, H. Turner, S.

Data transcribed by
Jack Parry.
from photography by Colin Hinson

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