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The List of Rectors in St. Mary's Church, Scawton.

Rectors of the Church of St Mary the Virgin, Scawton

1147Richard clerk to Roger second Abbot 1665John Barnett 
1294Thomas Malebys 1668Charles Mann 
1300Henry Malebys 1672Thomas Skelton 
1300Richard Wyrkestall 1723Francis Chester 
1341Thomas de Mydelton 1729John Wind 
1344William de Harum 1731William Brockbank 
1345William Hedon 1733Thomas Hudson 
1346John de Everley 1772Nathaniel Hodgson 
1358Sir Thomas de Askham 1791George Worsley 
1366William de Mydelton 1815John Oxlee 
1371Robert de Markham 1828Thomas Worsley 
1375Sir John Fayrfax 1882Norman Augustus Holttun 
1376William de Tyverington 1897Robert Pickman Norwood 
1378John de Righton 1904Arthur Lionel Whitaker 
1391John Store 1913Montague Gilford James 
1393Richard Sproxton 1917Charles Henry Rowntree 
1419Thomas Garton 1925Laurence Noel Thompson 
1441Richard Yeresley 1934Thomas Wray 
1469John Tennyswode 1937Stanley Longworth 
1497John Syde 1958Lewis George Bevsan 
1511John Atkynson 1963E Gilbert Morton 
1519William Garbott 1965Roy Ashworth Kennedy 
1537Thomas Warde 1969George Frederick James Harltess 
1572Thomas Askwith 1979Albert George AldersonUpper Ryedale
1575Thomas Storie 1992Stuart EastUpper Ryedale
1577John Cooper 1997Andrew ShanksUpper Ryedale
1585Christopher Moore 2004David ColemanUpper Ryedale
1622Thomas Moore In 1979 the church became part of the newly-established Parish of
Upper Ryedale which also included Bilsdale Midcable, Cold Kirby,
Hawnby and Old Byland

Data transcribed by
Haydn Scott.

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