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Skelton in Cleveland parish:

Skelton in Cleveland, Memorial Plaque transcription:

The World War I Memorial Plaque in All Saints Church, Skelton in Cleveland.

In memory of the men of
this Parish who gave their
lives in the Great War
1914 - 1919
There is a Victory in dying well for
Freedom and Ye have not died in vain

Stwd. F. Hanson Pte. F. Dunn Pte. J. Scuffham Pte. A.H. Mohun
Stwd. R.E. Scuffham Pte. R.E. Garbutt Pte. R. Speechley K.O.Y.L.I.
Stkr. J.W. Parker ROYAL IRISH RIFLES Pte. T. Sellers Pte. B. Scuffham
Stkr. G. Webster Rfn. F.J. Cook Pte. D. Taylor K.R.R.
R.N.D. 3RD YORKS. REGT. Pte. H.L. Taylor Rfn. J. Bell
Pte. W. Mills Pte. P. Walker Pte. A. Thorpe Rfn. T. Glover
HUSSARS 4TH YORKS. REGT. Dmr. R.M. Thorpe Rfn. F.R. Goodall
Tpr. D. Drury Pte. R. Archer Pte. T. Wood Rfn. W. Harding
Tpr. W.D. Wallace Pte. J. Atkinson Pte. W. Watson Sgt. S. Videan
R.F.A. L/Cpl. R.H. Bell Pte. H. Willow YORK. & LANC.
Bdr. J. Day Pte. F. Bannister Pte. G. Seaman Pte. J.R. Leckonby
Bdr. J Longstaff Pte. G. Blundy 5TH YORKS. REGT. D.L.I.
Bdr. F.E. Scurrah Pte. R. Cooke Pte. A. Cooke L/Cpl. W.A. Forster
Dvr. J. Hart Pte. H. Cook 6TH YORKS. REGT. Pte. J. Harding
Dvr. W. Swainston Pte. W. Cripps Pte. E. Covell Pte. W.P. Lines
Gnr. J.P. Wilks Pte. H. Dale Pte. S.G. Craven Pte. A. Tate
R.G.A. Pte. A.H. Dowey 7TH YORKS. REGT. Pte. C. Thornton
Sgt. Maj. W.E. Day Pte. W. Dowey L/Cpl. A. Rooks H.L.I.
GRENADIER GUARDS Pte. W. Elsworth 9TH YORKS. REGT. Pte. G.W. Batterbee
Pte. G. Vinter L/Cpl. W. Freeman Pte. P.E. Gosling SEAFORTH HDS.
NORTHUMBERLAND FUSILIERS Pte. T. Gill L/Cpl. C.H. Mott Pte. G. Catron
Pte. J.W. Bulmer Pte. J. Hardwick Sgt. J.W. Skipper CYCLISTS
Pte. W.G. Pawsey Pte. J.W. Harris 10TH YORKS. REGT. Pte. R. Appleton
ROYAL WARWICKS Pte. I. Jacques Pte. E. Cook Pte. H.G. Baldwin
Pte. F. Harker Sgt. T. Johnstone CHESHIRE REGT. M.T. Coy
EAST YORKS. Pte. H. Jackson Pte. J.W. Forster Pte. A.E. Winfield
Pte. F. Morgan Cpl. B.E. Nunn Pte. W. Bennison Pte. J. Todd
Pte. G. Pulford Pte. B. Pawsey Pte. D.E. Jarvis  

Data transcribed by
Jack Parry.
from photography by Colin Hinson

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