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The List of Vicars in St. Mary's Church, Warthill.

Church of St Mary, Warthill
List of Vicars

Previous unknown 1545Robt Moore 1911J Robinson
Robert Ric Frear 1920Arthur L Whitaker
1330Will de Burton 1573Jac Dighton 1924B W Wood
1349Will de Cotum 1596Will Whippe 1936H H Officer
1369Robt de Howestiner 16---J Gougre 1939J H A Cobham
1371Tho Waryn 1664E Bonnell 1942E R Woods
1374Robt Howeson 1684John Waite 1946J H A Cobham
1387John de Hill 1726John Bradley 1948W Riton Davis
1392John de Letheley 1776Thos Darcy Nelson 1960John C L Hawkins
1419Tho Warde 1799Isaac Grayson 1977C G Elliot-Newman
Ric Burton 1821Officiating Ministers 1987Frank H Blanchard
1421Will Wyvell 1826John Willey 1996Brendan Giblin
1426Will Walton 1827Joseph Salvin   
1428Will Fideler 1828Benjamin Agar   
1429Joh Carter 1829George Hodgson   
Joh Horton 1830Thos Richardson   
1437Tho Alster 1832R Daniel   
1439Joh Skargill 1843James G Fawcett   
1443Tho Marshill 1860William Baker   
1443Joh Browne 1861R Taylor   
1454Robt Yorke 1876Geo Alexr Englnd   
1512Will Marton 1880Stewart Craig   
1541Gilbt Wood 1896F B Proctor   

Data transcribed by
Haydn Scott.
from photography by Colin Hinson

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