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The Fees Chargeable Notice in St. Mary's Church, Bolsterstone.


Clergymen & Parish Clerks Fees  Sexton's Fees  For Children under twelve years of age 
For the Churching of Women0s 9d For Persons above twelve years of age  A Grave 4 Feet Deep3s 6d
Parish Clerk0s 3d A Grave 4 Feet Deep4s 6d A Grave 5 Feet Deep5s 7d
For the Burial of the Dead0s 9d A Grave 5 Feet Deep6s 7d A Grave 6 Feet Deep8s 9d
Parish Clerk0s 3d A Grave 6 Feet Deep9s 9d A Grave 7 Feet Deep12s 10d
For every vertical Grave Stone2s 6d A Grave 7 Feet Deep13s 10½d A Grave 8 Feet Deep18s 9d
   A Grave 8 Feet Deep19s 0d every extra foot will be charged at the rate of 1d per cubic foot 

A Grave 4ft. deep is recommended for persons under 12 years of Age. A Grave 5ft. deep for persons above 12 years of Age. These shall be regarded as the ordinary Graves to be prepared by the Sexton, when no special order is given to the contrary. In case of digging a Bricked Grave the following will be the charges: 7ft. deep £1. 2s; 8ft. deep £1. 10s. N.B. The Clergyman and Clerk have always received double fees for extra parochial funerals; No extra charge has been customary to the Sexton, but when the Bier is required there is a charge of 1s for the Sexton. It is requested that all cases of over charge or any complaint against the Sexton be brought immediately to the Churchwardens to be investigated. Also, in order to prevent any mistake, it is desirable that the exact cost be ascertained when the Grave is ordered.

Data transcribed by
Jack Parry.
from photography by Colin Hinson

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