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Wath upon Dearne parish:

Wath upon Dearne, Memorial Plaque transcription:

The World War I Memorial Plaque in All Saints Church, Wath upon Dearne.

The East Window of This Church is Dedicated
To the Glory of God in Memory of Those Who
Fell in the Great War 1914 - 1918.

Ashwin, Guy J.H. [Lieut.] Hirst, Wm. [Lieut.] Pyatt, Wm. Fred [Sergt.]
Ball, G. Holmes, Robert Pyott, Albert
Barlow, Arthur Horsfield, Tom Pyott, Thomas J.
Barrs, Geo. E. Howson, Harry Ranyard, W.W.
Bird, Walter Hudson, Henry Redgewell, Alfred
Bower, Ernest Humphreys, Ernest Reed, Ernest
Briggs, Geo. Hunt, Albert Reid, Bruce [Sergt.]
Brooke, Albert Ibbetson, Cyril Riddell, Ed. Ernest
Brown, Geo. E. Jackson, Joseph Roberts, William H.
Burdin, Clifford Jaques, Thomas [Sergt.] Robinson, Herbert
Burland, Joseph Jewsbury, George Roper, Walter
Carr, Clifford Johnson, Cuthbert C. [2nd Lt.] Rouse, Harry
Casswell, Herbert Johnson, Rev. Ernest E. [C.F.] Rowan, John Hy. [Sergt-Major]
Clark, Albert J. Johnson, John M. Ryalls, Harry
Clark, James Wm. Jones, R.P. [Sergt.] Salmons, John
Clarke, William A. Kettlewell, Geo. Sanderson, Sam
Clegg, Albert Kirby, Wilson Scott, Ernest
Coggan, Thomas Knowles, William Scott, Fred J.
Creamer, Theo. W. Lander, J.R. Scott, Walter
Crook, William Lee, Wilfred Sellers, Walter [Sergt-Major]
Crook, Arthur Lidster, Clifford Shaw, Percy A.
Crossley, Arthur Limer, John Sleight, E. Douglas
Dickinson, Stanley Lister, G.T. Smeaton, J.T.
Dodson, Geo. Locke, Horace Smith, Arthur
Duffy, Thomas B. Longley, Geo. E. Smith, Charles W. [Sergt.]
Earl, W.E. Lord, Joseph H. Smith, John T.
Ellis, Ben Maclean, Harry A. Smith, Walter
Ellis, Reginald Maclean, Geo. A. [Sergt.] Stables, Sam
Espley, Alfred Mangham, Geo. Stainthorpe, Herbert
Evans, Frank Mansbridge, John A. Stamper, Ernest
Evans, H. Theo. Markham, Harry Steer, William [Sergt.]
Eyre, Fred Markham, William Stocks, Edmund L.
Fletcher, Sam Marwood, Charles H. Stocks, Fred Wm.
Fox, Ernest Matthews, Geo. Swift, Harry
Fretwell, William H. Matthews, Joseph Sykes, Alfred
Garbett, Enoch Mitchell, J. Spencer [2nd Lt.] Sykes, John [Sergt.]
Garbutt, Fred Monks, Walter J. Tate, Geo. Wm.
Garbutt, Vivian Moore, Harry Thompson, Ernest
Gething, Thomas Munro, Simon Thompson, Michael
Gilford, William Nicholls, Herbert Turton, Fred
Gill, Arthur Nightingale, Wm. Harry Turton, James
Greaves, Geo. Wm. Norris, Charles R. Trout, Thomas
Green, Roebuck Oates, William Twite, Sidney
Greenway, James Wm. Oldham, Albert E. Wade, Burton Ed.
Groves, Stanley V. Osborne, Harry Waddington, Edgar
Guest, Charles A. Otter, R.J.C. [Capt.] Ward, Reginald L. [2nd Lt.]
Hadwin, Harry [Sergt.] Otter, William Watson, Thomas
Hardy, A. Paskell, E. White, Ernest
Harrison, Harold Patrick, Fred W. Whiteley, John
Harrison, Thomas Pears, Herbert Wilson, W. [Sergt.]
Harwood, John Pears, James Wroe, G.
Heaton, Fred Perry, Richard  
Hessam, Walter Petty, William Hy.  

Data transcribed by
Jack Parry.
from photography by Colin Hinson

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