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Subsidy rolls

Subsidy Rolls (Poll Tax) for the year 1379

Osgoldcross wapentake, Ferry Fryston parish:


Adam de Roderfeld', Chiualer, & Agnes uxor ejusxx.s.
Robertus Mathewe & Johanna uxor ejusiiij.d.
Johanna filia ejusiiij.d.
Robertus Perkynso˝ & Petronila uxor ejusiiij.d.
Thomas Coyneiiij.d.
Robertus de Carleto˝iiij.d.
Isabella de Carleto˝iiij.d.
Johannes Maheweiiij.d.
Thomas Shaket'iiij.d.
Robertus de Saxo˝iiij.d.

(Membrane 24, column 1.)

Osgoldcross wapentake, Ferry Fryston parish:

Ferry Fryston:

Robertus filius Ricardi & Cecilia uxor ejusiiij.d.
Robertus seruiens ejusiiij.d.
Adam Milner & Alicia uxor ejusiiij.d.
Johannes filius Ricardi & Matilda uxor ejusiiij.d.
Robertus Raweso˝ & Alicia uxoriiij.d.
Ricardus Raweso˝ & Johanna uxor ejus, Tailourvj.d.
Henricus Moldso˝ & Alicia uxor, Webestervj.d.
Robertus seruiens ejusiiij.d.
Robertus Robenso˝, Walkervj.d.
Robertus filius ejusiiij.d.
Elina filius ejusiiij.d.
Henricus Balleiiij.d.
Johannes Wryth' & uxor ejusiiij.d.
Robertus Grayne & Agnes uxoriiij.d.
Willelmus Shaket & Anab'le uxoriiij.d.
Johannes Code & Johanna uxoriiij.d.
Johannes Robynso˝ & Johanna uxoriiij.d.
Willelmus Hugehonso˝ & uxor ejusiiij.d.
Agnes filia Hugonisiiij.d.
Matilda seruiens ejusiiij.d.
Robertus Attkynso˝, Smyth'vj.d.
Willelmus filius ejus, Tailourvj.d.
Matilda filia ejusiiij.d.
Johannes atte Water & uxor ejus fferimanvj.d.
Thomas Spensteriiij.d.
Willelmus filius ejusiiij.d.
Johannes Walcok' & uxor ejusiiij.d.
Johannes Eliner & Agnes uxoriiij.d.
Willelmus Dayner & Agnes uxoriiij.d.
Matilda filia ejusiiij.d.
Johannes Bond' & Alicia uxor Walkervj.d.
(Membrane 26, column 2.)
Edmundus de Thorneto˝, Smht' (sic)vj.d.
Alicia Deynouriiij.d.
Johanna Prestiiij.d.
Johannes Marchall' & Isabella uxor, Smyht'vj.d.
Willelmus de Selby & Elena uxor ejusiiij.d.
Johannes Symnso˝ & uxor ejus, Taylourvj.d.
Johannes filius ejusiiij.d.
Johannes Hoggeso˝ & uxor, Tailour vx.d. readvj.d.
Johannes Heruy & uxoriiij.d.
Johanna att Wateriiij.d.
Agoce Diconwif'iiij.d.
Johannes seruiens ejusiiij.d.
Johannes Plasterer' & uxoriiij.d.
Agnes Henrivif'iiij.d.
Willelmus atte Wykere & uxoriiij.d.
Johannes Shepmaniiij.d.
Johannes filius ejusiiij.d.
Alicia Shephird'iiij.d.
Ema Piperiiij.d.
Agnes Frankysiiij.d.
Robertus filiius ejusiiij.d.
Johanna filia ejusiiij.d.
Elena Hopperiiij.d.
Johannes Sauleiiij.d.
Alicia Ben'iiij.d.
Johannes Richard' & uxor ejusiiij.d.
Johannes Priour & uxor ejus, Smyth'vj.d.
Alanus filius ejusiiij.d.
Johannes filius ejusiiij.d.
Johannes Payntour & uxor ejus, Payntourvj.d.
Robertus Cotilleriiij.d.
Willelmus seruiens ejusiiij.d.
Margareta filia ejusiiij.d.
Johannes de Morlay, Soutervj.d.
Hugo seruiens ejusiiij.d.
Emma ancilla ejusiiij.d.
Johannes de Breres, Shethervj.d.
Thomas de Carleto˝ & uxor ejus, Marchealvj.d.
Robertus filius ejusiiij.d.
Johannes filius ejusiiij.d.
Henricus de Bubwith', Smyth'xij.d.
Willelmus Coteller & uxor ejusiiij.d.
Willelmus seruiens ejusiiij.d.
Emma filia ejusiiij.d.
Johannes Dicas & uxor ejus, Barker'xij.d.
Johannes seruiens ejusiiij.d.
Agnes seruiens ejusiiij.d
Margareta seruiens ejusiiij.d.
Emma seruiens ejus, Webestervj.d.
Johannes filius Hugonisiiij.d.
Willelmus seruiens ejusiiij.d.
Johannes Noras & Matilda uxor ejus, Smyth'vj.d.
Johannes Willeso˝, Soutervj.d.
Thomas filius ejusiiij.d.
Johannes seruiensiiij.d.
Johannes (?) Scrofprouriiij.d.
Thomas seruiens ejusiiij.d.
Matilda Cok'iiij.d.
Thomas Cotelleriiij.d.
Anabilla Souteriiij.d.
Agnes filia ejusiiij.d.
Johannes de Lede & uxor ejusiiij.d.
Gilbertus Nouherd' & uxor ejusiiij.d.
Jurdanus Burgan & uxoriiij.d.
Thomas Chappman & uxor, Smyth'vj.d.
Johannes de Hoto˝ & uxor ejusiiij.d.
Willelmus de Euerynham & uxor ejus, Frankelaynxl.d.
Isabella seruiens ejusiiij.d.
Petrus seruiensiiij.d.
Robertus Fox & uxor ejusiiij.d.
Johanna Tomedoghteriiij.d.
Ricardus filius ejusiiij.d.
Emma filia ejusiiij.d.
Hugo Thomeso˝iiij.d.
Rogerus de Walto˝ & uxoriiij.d.
(Membrane 26, column 3.)
Rogerus Milneriiij.d.
Johannes Coteller & Isabella uxor ejus, Smyth'vj.d.
Ricardus Gudaleiiij.d.
Johannes filius ejusiiij.d.
Alicia Cok'iiij.d.
Johannes Diconeso˝iiij.d.
Summa-xlv.s. x.d.

* I.e. Ferry-Frystone.

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