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Subsidy rolls

Subsidy Rolls (Poll Tax) for the year 1379

Barkston Ash wapentake, Newton Kyme parish:


Oliua Danyl, Hostilerxviij.d.
Ricardus filius Henrici & uxoriiij.d.
Willelmus Goldesoñ & uxoriiij.d.
Willelmus de Mewhes & uxoriiij.d.
Hugo de Saureby & uxoriiij.d.
Johannes Walkyngtoñ & uxoriiij.d.
Henricus de Molseby & uxoriiij.d.
Johannes del Schagh' & uxoriiij.d.
Willelmus de Allirtoñ & uxoriiij.d.
Johannes Warde & uxoriiij.d.
Ricardus Brynhill' & uxoriiij.d.
Willelmus de Dalby & uxoriiij.d.
Thomas del Coteiiij.d.
Rogerus Michelmañiiij.d.
Agnes de Byrom'iiij.d.
Johannes Danylmañiiij.d.
Cassaunder Danyll'iiij.d.
Teffan Danyll'iiij.d.
Johannes Guldesoñiiij.d.
Summa-vij.s. vj.d.
* Now Toulston.

Barkston Ash wapentake, Newton Kyme parish:

Newton Kyme:

Thomas de Brynkell' & uxoriiij.d.
Egidius de Newtoñ & uxoriiij.d.
Rogerus Irford' & uxoriiij.d.
Johannes ffarhare & uxoriiij.d.
Johannes Wilsoñ & uxoriiij.d.
Thomas Popeler & uxoriiij.d.
Johannes Graynesoñ & uxoriiij.d.
Johannes Vausour & uxoriiij.d.
Ricardus Lyndelay & uxoriiij.d.
Hugo Clerk' & uxoriiij.d.
Hugo de Lyndelay & uxoriiij.d.
Henricus de Lyndelay & uxoriiij.d.
Thomas Emmyngburg' & uxoriiij.d.
Robertus ffayrebarne & uxoriiij.d.
Thomas Adamsoñ & uxoriiij.d.
Johannes Saggañ & uxoriiij.d.
Thomas Wyly & uxoriiij.d.
Ricardus Lyndelay junior & uxoriiij.d.
Alicia Swynopiiij.d.
Cecilia relicta Johannisiiij.d.
Johanna Thomdoghteriiij.d.
Elena Crakeiiij.d.
Elena relicta Johannisiiij.d.
Juliana Kyghelayiiij.d.
Johannes Popeleriiij.d.
Agnes seruiens Margaretaiiij.d.
Margareta de Hedelayiiij.d.
Johannes seruiens Johannisiiij.d.
Johannes Ruchefford'iiij.d.
Nicholaus Swynard'iiij.d.
Johannes Brouneiiij.d.
Alicia Crakeiiij.d.
Summa-x.s viij.d.

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