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Subsidy rolls

Subsidy Rolls (Poll Tax) for the year 1379

Barkston Ash wapentake, Sherburn In Elmet parish:

South Milford:

Willelmus Trewluf & uxoriiij.d.
Willelmus Bene & uxoriiij.d.
Willelmus de Stuttoñ & uxoriiij.d.
Willelmus Ben & uxoriiij.d.
Johannes filius Thome & uxoriiij.d.
Thomas de Bennul'& uxoriiij.d.
Symon de Lumby & uxoriiij.d.
Johannes at ye Wall' & uxoriiij.d.
Adam Colyn & uxoriiij.d.
Johannes de Horsford' & uxoriiij.d.
Johannes Bacoñ & vxiiij.d.
Walterus Steueñ & uxoriiij.d.
Ricardus Hawe & uxoriiij.d.
Thomas Prop & uxoriiij.d.
Henricus Wyswall' & uxoriiij.d.
Johannnes Wynger & uxoriiij.d.
Johannes Kylnehirst & uxoriiij.d.
Ricardus de Newthorp' & uxoriiij.d.
Thomas Salman & uxoriiij.d.
Johannes de Ewelay & uxoriiij.d.
Willelmus Colyn & uxoriiij.d.
Johannes Gylle & uxoriiij.d.
Thomas Walker & uxoriiij.d.
Willelmus Leuastoñ & uxoriiij.d.
Robertus Gylle & uxoriiij.d.
Willelmus de Mewse & uxoriiij.d.
Johannes Broune & uxoriiij.d.
Johannes Saregraue & uxoriiij.d.
Willelmus de Barkestoñ & uxoriiij.d.
Gilbertus Broune & uxoriiij.d.
Johannes Beniiij.d.
Willelmus Veroñiiij.d.
Johannes seruiens Johannisiiij.d.
Alicia seruiens Johannisiiij.d.
Robertus seruiens Johannisiiij.d.
Johanna seruiens Thomeiiij.d.
Thomas Trewlof'iiij.d.
Johannes Jamesmañiiij.d.
Custancia Chaumbirlayñiiij.d.

Barkston Ash wapentake, Sherburn In Elmet parish:


LUTRYNGTON'.(Possibly Lotherton)
Willelmus de Raudoñ, Osteler, & uxorij.s.
Thomas Carmañ, Hostiler', & uxor iij.s. iiij.d.
Johannes de Wartire, Carpenter', & uxorvj.d.
Johannes Snytall' & uxoriiij.d.
Willelmus Talbot & uxoriiij.d.
Thomas Marionsoñ & uxoriiij.d.
Adam Cremet & uxoriiij.d.
Ricardus Dunyng' & uxoriiij.d.
Johannes filius Stephani & uxoriiij.d.
Ricardus de Bramhop'iiij.d.
Johannes Cyssoñ & uxoriiij.d.
Ricardus de Lincolñ (?) & uxoriiij.d.
Joharnies ffremañ & uxoriiij.d.
Willelmus Marschall' & uxoriiij.d.
Hugo de Methlay & uxoriiij.d.
Thomas del Roth & uxoriiij.d.
Adam Theker & uxoriiij.d.
Johannes de Aberforth & uxoriiij.d.
Willelmus Cremetiiij.d.
Willelmus Talbotmañiiij.d.
Custancia Nog'iiij.d.
Anabella Wydowiiij.d.
Elena Grayiiij.d.
Beatrix filia Johannisiiij.d.
Johanna fflecherwareiiij.d.
Alanus Carmanmañiiij.d.
Alicia Nurysiiij.d.
Robertus de Roudoñiiij.d.
Thomas de Lincolñiiij.d.
Summa-xiiij.s, vj.d.

(Membrane 29b, column 1.)

Barkston Ash wapentake, Sherburn In Elmet parish:

Sherburn In Elmet:

Ricardus at ye Strete, Hostiler, & uxorxij.d.
Adam Thebaud', Hostiler, & uxorvj.d.
Johannes Grenfeld', Hostiler, & uxorvj.d.
Wi11elmus de Schirburñ, Hostiler, & uxorvj.d.
Johannes ffole, Hostiler, & uxorvj.d.
Johannes Dunnyng, Hostiler, & uxorvj.d.
Adam Webster, Webster, & uxorvj.d.
Alexander Skynner, Skynner, & uxorvj.d.
Rogerus Talour, Talour, & uxorvj.d.
Robertus Smyth, Smyth, & uxorvj.d.
Willelmus Souter, Souter, & uxorvj.d.
Johannes Smyth, Smyth, & uxorvj.d.
Robertus Mannsfeld', Carpenter, & uxorvj.d.
Thomas ffrest & uxoriiij.d.
Willelmus at ye Kyrkgat'iiij.d.
Johannes Trauas & uxoriiij.d.
Thomas Schak & uxoriiij.d.
Johannes Warter & uxoriiij.d.
Johannes Colier & uxoriiij.d.
Thomas de Wystow & uxoriiij.d.
Adam Barker & uxoriiij.d.
Willelmus Lambe & uxoriiij.d.
Willelmus Scotte & uxoriiij.d.
Thomas Hurre & uxoriiij.d.
Johannes Beuerlay & uxoriiij.d.
Johannes Barcstoñ & uxoriii.d.
Willelmus Wystow & uxoriiij.d.
Thomas Haire & uxoriiij.d.
Johannes de Shirburñ & uxoriiij.d.
Robertus Watsoñ & uxoriiij.d.
Willelmus Resch' & uxoriiij.d.
Robertus Calcote & uxoriiij.d.
Rogerus Bonwill' & uxoriiij.d.
Willelmus Hawsoñ & uxoriiij.d.
Robertus Buk & uxoriiij.d.
Willelmus ffleshewer & uxoriiij.d.
Johannes Hurre & uxoriiij.d.
Adam Milner & uxoriiij.d.
Willelmus Bouwell' & uxoriiij.d.
Johannes ffrest & uxoriiij.d.
Johannes de Mewhes & uxoriiij.d.
Henricus Hesillyngfeld' & uxoriiij.d.
Johannes Waus & uxoriiij.d.
Symon Arundell' & uxoriiij.d.
Thomas Laysyng' & uxoriiij.d.
Johannes Bauwell' & uxoriiij.d.
Henricus Wyrall' & uxoriiij.d.
Johannes Patryk & uxoriiij.d.
Willelmus Watman & uxoriiij.d.
Johannes Nawthird' & uxoriiij.d.
Johannes Mawher & uxoriiij.d.
Hugo del Hoy & uxoriiij.d.
Rogerus Ryther & uxoriiij.d.
Johannes de Ryther & uxoriiij.d.
Thomas de Knyghtoñ & uxoriiij.d.
Thomas de Wharell' & uxoriiij.d.
Thomas Glower & uxoriiij.d.
Thomas Roper & uxoriiij.d.
Elena Bayoñiiij.d.
Magota Schephird'iiij.d.
Agnes Piperiiij.d.
Agnes Smythiiij.d.
Juliana Panteriiij.d.
Magota de Bartoñiiij.d.
Ascilla Arundell'iiij.d.
Adam seruiens Johannisiiij.d.
Johanna filia Agnetisiiij.d.
Agnes Malbrang'iiij.d.
Margeria de Merstoñ .;iiij.d.
Katerina Smythiiij.d.
Alicia Benneiiij.d.
Johannes Souteriiij.d.
Custancia Scryueneriiij.d.
Willelmus Bukmañiiij.d.
Robertus Tebaudmañiiij.d.
Johanna Ferouriiij.d.
Juliana fferouriiij.d.
Thomas filius Rogeriiiij.d.
Summa-xxviij.s. viij.d.

* I. e. Sherburn.

Barkston Ash wapentake, Sherburn In Elmet parish:


Johannes de Balne, Talour, & uxorvj.d.
Ricardus de Birke, Carpenter, & uxorvj.d.
Johannes Playard' & uxoriiij.d.
Johannes Wilsoñ & uxoriiij.d.
Johannes de Carletoñ & uxoriiij.d.
Adam del Hoy & uxoriiij.d.
Johannes Batesoñ & uxoriiij.d.
Willelmus de Hessay & uxoriiij.d.
Johannes Wallar & uxoriiij.d.
Johannes de Claytoñ & uxoriiij.d.
Robertus de Bramlay & uxoriiij.d.
Johannes Whittehed' & uxoriiij.d.
Johannes Whittehed' junior & uxoriiij.d.
Johannes Anderby & uxoriiij.d.
Alicia de Stanlayiiij.d.
Johanna filia Ricardiiiij.d.
Elena del Halleiiij.d.
Robertus de Hessayiiij.d.
Elias Jonemañiiij.d.
Agnes seruiens Johannisiiij.d.
Margareta le Nurysiiij.d.
Agnes de Chypyniiij.d.
Summa-vij.s. viij.d.

(Membrane 30, column 1.)

* I.e. Micklefield.

Barkston Ash wapentake, Sherburn In Elmet parish:

Barkston Ash:

Agnes de Bradelay, Hostilervj.d.
Ricardus de Bradelay & uxoriiij.d.
Johannes Dobsoñ & uxoriiij.d.
Walterus Seriaunt & uxoriiij.d.
Willelmus Malbrank & uxoriiij.d.
Ricardus ffox & uxoriiij.d.
Johannes Lambherd' & uxoriiij.d.
Adam Purnay & uxoriiij.d.
Willelmus de Cattoñ & uxoriiij.d.
Rogerus Rossoñ & uxoriiij.d.
Thomas Dewsbiry & viiij.d.
Henricus Milner & uxoriiij.d.
Johannes Toksoñ & uxoriiij.d.
Willelmus Bayldoñ & uxoriiij.d.
Ricardus Rosell' & uxoriiij.d.
Johannes Kychyn & uxoriiij.d.
Willelmus ffaysand' & uxoriiij.d.
Willelmus Dobsoñ & uxoriiij.d.
Custancia ffletamiiij.d.
Robertus Bowland'iiij.d.
Margareta ffentoniiij.d.
Matilda Roseiiij.d.
Agnes Jemmeiiij.d.
Alicia Cattoñiiij.d.
Matilda Milneriiij.d.
Elena ffoxiiij.d.
Juliana Mawheriiij.d.
Walterus Dobsoñiiij.d.
Beatrix fflecheriiij.d.
Summa-ix.s. x.d.

Barkston Ash wapentake, Sherburn In Elmet parish:


Thomas de Berwyk & uxoriiij.d.
Nicholaus Vausour & uxoriiij.d.
Ricardus fflecher & uxoriiij.d.
Johannes de Hetoñ & uxoriiij.d.
Robertus Whitehed & uxoriiij.d.
Ricardus Jaksoñ & uxoriiij.d.
Johannes Pocok' & uxoriiij.d.
Johannes Halyday & uxoriiij.d.
Rogerus de Lumby & uxoriiij.d.
Johannes de West & uxoriiij.d.
Johannes de Lumby & uxoriiij.d.
Johannes filius Rogeri & uxoriiij.d.
Agnes filia Johannisiiij.d.
Isabel1a de Yorkiiij.d.
Alicia filia Isabelleiiij.d.
Magota filia Johannisiiij.d.
Summa-v.s. iiij.d.

Barkston Ash wapentake, Sherburn In Elmet parish:


Willelmus filius Thome & uxoriiij.d.
Willelmus Schephird' & uxoriiij.d.
Thomas Walker & uxoriiij.d.
Willelmus Schephir(d) & uxor junioriiij.d.
Alexander Talour & uxoriiij.d.
Robertus Russell' & uxoriiij.d.
Willelmus Nausoñ & uxoriiij.d.
Johannes Bernom & uxoriiij.d.
Johannes Webster & uxoriiij.d.
Henricus del Hill'iiij.d.
Willelmus de Meltoñ & uxoriiij.d.
Radulfus de Hedsam & uxoriiij.d.
Agnes Crane (?)iiij.d.
Johannes filius Adeiiij.d.
Thomas Someeriiij.d.
Willelmus Stenebyiiij.d.
Johannes Nawtehird'iiij.d.
Cecilia Sueherd'iiij.d.
Summa totalis Wappentagii- ij.d.

*(This Total for the Wapentake is written at the bottom of the membrane; it is also written on the dorse of membrane 30)

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