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Subsidy rolls

Subsidy Rolls (Poll Tax) for the year 1379

Agbrigg wapentake, Thornhill parish:


Agbrigg wapentake, Thornhill parish:


Agbrigg wapentake, Thornhill parish:


Johannes Amyas senior & Alicia uxor ejus, Fraynkeleynxl.d.
Johannes Amyas junior, Marschantij.s.
Robertus Bytheley, Smyth'vj.d.
Willelmus Adamso˝ & Alicia uxor ejusiiij.d.
Ricardus Betso˝ & Agnes uxor ejusiiij.d.
Johannes Helwys & Alicia uxor ejusiiij.d.
Johannes Cosyn & Agnes uxor ejusiiij.d.
Johannes Pese & Alicia uxor ejusiiij.d.
Adam Rose & Agnes uxor ejusiiij.d.
Willlelmus Dipsyiiij.d.
Thomas Corebryg' & Agnes uxor ejusiiij.d.
Willelmus Alaynso˝iiij.d.
Adam Coke (?)iiij.d.
Nicholas de Mathelayiiij.d.
Johannes Walker & Agnes uxor ejusiiij.d.
Johannes Donnok' & Agnes uxor ejusiiij.d.
Johannes de Bedforth' & Johanna uxoriiij.d.
Hugo Bakbroune & Alicia uxor ejusiiij.d.
Willelmus de Bedforth'iiij.d.
Johannes Machu˝ & Agnes uxor ejusiiij.d.
Willelmus Bernyll & Agnes uxor ejusiiij.d.
Adam Bernyll' & Margeria uxor ejusiiij.d.
Willelmus filius Thomeiiij.d.
Thomas ffyscher'iiij.d.
Agnes de Benglayiiij.d.
Johannes Wytereiiij.d.
Robertus Machoniiij.d.
Johannes Bygyngh'iiij.d.
Willelmus Crappeiiij.d.
Ricardus Thomesso˝iiij.d.
Robertus de Clyf' & Agnes uxor ejusiiij.d.
Johannes de Clyf'iiij.d.
Johannes Colso˝ & Amicia uxor ejusiiij.d.
Thomas de Mosseley & Agnes uxor ejusiiij.d.
Johannes Malso˝iiij.d.
Johannes filius Thome & Alicia uxor ejusiiij.d.
Robertus Jakso˝iiij.d.
Stephanus Thureiiij.d.
Johanna Erleiiij.d.
Alicia Whyteiiij.d.
Summa-xvij.s. ij.d.

(Membrane 33b, column I.)

Agbrigg wapentake, Thornhill parish:

Whitley Lower:

Robertus de Whytelay & Agnes uxor ejus, Taylourvj.d.
Robertus de Westland' & Alicia uxor ejusiiij.d.
Ricardus del Grene & Agnes uxor ejusiiij.d.
Johannes Moldso˝ & Alicia uxor ejusiiij.d.
Johannes de Skelmerthorp' & Johanna uxor ejusiiij.d.
Willelmus Schephyrd' & Agnes uxor ejusiiij.d.
Thomas Adamso˝iiij.d.
Johannes filius ejusiiij.d.
Thomas Palmer & Alicia uxor ejusiiij.d.
Adam del Hyrst' & Alicia uxoriiij.d.
Hugo ffox & Agnes uxor ejusiiij.d.
Willelmus de Byngleyiiij.d.
Hugo Macho˝ & Johanna uxor ejusiiij.d.
Thomas foxiiij.d.
Isabella d(e) Whyteleyiiij.d.
Margareta uxor Johannis Rondeiiij.d.
Willelmus del Greneiiij.d.
Isabella Schephyrd'iiij.d.
Johanna Notareiiij.d.
Alicia de Bynglayiiij.d.
Summa-vj.s. x.d.

Agbrigg wapentake, Thornhill parish:


Johannes Denay Mary uxor ejus, Soutervj.d.
Alicia de Whitteleyiiij.d.
Ricardus del Greneiiij.d.
Agnes de Newesome, Webstervj.d.
Johannes de Lek' Matilda uxor ejusiiij.d.
Johannes Strengeriiij.d.
Willelmus Curso˝iiij.d.
Johannes Curso˝ junioriiij.d.
Alicia Jude Doghteriiij.d.
Willelmus del Grene, Wrggt' (sic), & Beatrix uxor ejusvj.d.
Alicia Taylouriiij.d.
Adam Waryn & Cecilia uxor ejus, Taillourvj.d.
Johannes Waryniiij.d.
Thomas Shephird & Margareta uxor ejus, Soutervj.d.
Willelmus Gaunteiiij.d.
Cecilia Hyneiiij.d.
Willelmus Carter & Matilda uxor ejus, Webstervj.d.
Willelmus del Kychyniiij.d.
Johannes Loketiiij.d.
Elizabetha Wryghtiiij.d.
Johannes Dey & uxor ejusiiij.d.
Margareta Alyneiiij.d.
Robertus Carter & Agnes uxor ejusiiij.d.
Johannes Walkeriiij.d.
Agnes de Whetley, Webstervj.d.
Henricus Pynderiiijj.d.
Agnes Taylouriiij.d.
Hugo Alaynso˝ & Johanna uxor ejus, Naillervj.d.
Willelmus Huchonso˝iiij.d.
Johannes Wykarman, * Taylour, & Margareta uxor ejusiiij.d.
Elena de Tong'iiij.d.
Ricardus Shephird' & Agnes uxor ejusiiij.d.
Almerica de Sotill'iiij.d.
Henricus Thomlynso˝, Nayler,Johanna uxor ejusvj.d.
Willelmus Wryght & Beatrix uxor ejusiiij.d.
Johannes Spencer & Alicia uxor ejusiiij.d.
Johannes Couper & Johanna uxor ejusiiij.d.
Willelmus Shephird' & Agnes uxor ejusiiij.d.
Alicia Shrp' **(sic)iiij.d.
Margareta Macho˝iiij.d.
Ricardus Symso˝ & Matilda uxor ejusiiij.d.
Willelmus Kyng'iiij.d.
Thomas Swaynland & Matilda uxor ejusiiij.d.
Anabilla Perkeriiij.d.
Agnes del Greneiiij.d.
Matilda Ibotdoghteriiij.d.
Adam del Kychin & Johanna uxor Taylourvj.d.
Alanus Kargill'iiij.d.
Ricardus Symso˝iiij.d.
Johannes Denayiiij.d.
Johannes Sprynceiiij.d.
Galfridus del Leghes & Matilda uxor ejusiiij.d.
Matilda Geddeiiij.d.
Johanna Geddeiiij.d.
Johannes Prynce & Matilda uxor ejusiiij.d.
Henricus del Kychyn & Alicia uxor ejusiiij.d.
Johannes Kemp' & Alicia uxor ejusiiij.d.
Willelmus Strengeriiij.d.
Johannes Strenger junioriiij.d.
Willelmus Carter junior & Elena uxor ejusiiij.d.
Johanna Strenger senioriiij.d.
Johannes Emso˝, Taylour, & Matilda uxor ejusvj.d.
Johannes Kyng'iiij.d.
Johannes Couentre Johanna uxor ejusiiij.d.
Johannes Strynger, Naylervj.d.
(Membrane 34, column 3.)
Johannes Richardso˝ & Cecilia uxor ejusiiij.d.
Thomas Tyas & Alicia uxor ejusiiij.d.
Rogerus Hasseholf' & Isabella uxor ejusiiij.d.
Cecilia Sapeiiij.d.
Johannes Holynghege senioriiij.d.
Petrus de Gauntiiij.d.
Thomas Nycholl'iiij.d.
Willelmus fflouschargh' & Margareta uxor ejusiiij.d.
Johannes Holynghege junioriiij.d.
Cecilia Cokwald'iiij.d.
Johannes Botheiiij.d.
Summa-xxvj.s. vj.d.

* i.e. "Vykarman."

** ?Read "Sharp"

Agbrigg wapentake, Thornhill parish:


Johannes Edmondso˝iiij.d.
Thomas del Ouerhalle & Johanna uxor ejusiiij.d.
Willelmus Wryght & Johanna uxor ejusiiij.d.
Edmundus de fflocto˝ & Katerina uxor ejus, Soutervj.d.
Ricardus Elcok' & Cecilia uxor ejus, Taylourvj.d.
Adam seruiens ejusdem Ricardiiiij.d.
Alicia de Bynglayiiij.d.
Alicia Perkyniiij.d.
Sibilla que fuit uxor Ricardi Souteriiij.d.
Anabella filia ejusdem Sibilleiiij.d.
Willelmus Kumto˝ & Matilda uxor ejusiiij.d.
Agnes filia Johannis Horsknaueiiij.d.
Edmundus Jacso˝ & Margareta uxor ejusiiij.d.
Willelmus Cook', Barkervj.d.
Robertus seruiens ejusdem Willelmiiiij.d.
Johannes de Almanbyry & Margareta uxor ejusiiij.d.
Willelmus Wryght' & Diot' uxor ejus, Taylourvj.d.
Robertus seruiens ejusdem Willelmiiiij.d.
Johannes Mylner & Diot' uxor ejus, Souterxij.d.
Thomas seruiens ejusdem Johannisiiij.d.
Amlana seruiens ejusdem Johannisiiij.d.
Adam seruiens ejusdem Johannisiiij.d
Johanna seruiens ejusdem Johannisiiij.d.
Johannes Perkynso˝ senioriiij.d.
Johannes Peskynso˝ junior & Elizabetha uxor ejus, Juratoriiij.d.
Agnes de Sewesebyryiiij.d.
Henricus Shephird'iiij.d.
Henricus Wryght & Johanna uxor ejusiiij.d.
Willelmus de Hanlay & Margareta uxor ejusiiij.d.
Amicia Marchand'iiij.d.
Summa-xj.s. iiij.d.

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