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1681 to 1762.
By ROBERT H. SKAIFE, The Mount, York (1873).

York Minster Marriages 1681 to 1703

(1). 1681, Nov. 13. Benjamin Tennant, of Land Fulforth, and Elizabeth Dove, of the City of Yorke
(2). 1681, Nov. 15. Richard Walker, of the City of York, and Ann Torton, of Lowhutton.
(3). 1681, Nov. 16. William Cade, of Pocklington, and Ann Stoaker, of Osbruke.
(4). 1681, Nov. 29. John Williamson and Mary Grosse of the City of Yorke.
(5). 1681, Dec. 1. Mr. Thomas Poole and Mrs. Ann Richardson of the City of Yorke.
(6). 1681, Dec. 13. Mr. Henry Marsden*, of Gisburn, and Mrs. Margarett Drake, of Barnalswick-Coates in Thornton Parish.
* Henry Marsden, esq., of Gisburn, in Craven, and of Wennington, co. Lanc., eldest son of Henry Marsden, esq., of Gisburn, and Jane, his wife. He died intestate, and, on 26th July, 1695, administration of his effects was granted to his widow Sarah, who, before 6 July, 1709, re-married Edward Hoyle, gent. By his first wife Margaret, daughter of William Drake, esq, of Barnoldswick Coats, Mr. Marsden left issue a son Henry, and two daughters, Jane and Elizabeth. The latter became the second wife, of William Dawson, esq., of Langcliffe Hall, the friend of Sir Isaac Newton.

(7). 1681-2, Feb. 12. Mr. Francis Duckworth* and Mrs. Jennett Kirkby of the City of Yorke.
* Francis Duckworth, merchant, chamberlain in 1659, and sheriff in 1683-4. Will dated 12 Dec., 1710 [Pro. 29 May, 1711].

(8). 1681-2, Feb. 14. John Gouland and Elizabeth Shipton of Knapton.
(9). 1681-2, Feb. 26. John Smith and Margarett Hartley of the city of Yorke.
(10). 1682, May 11. Joseph Waud, of North Duffeild, and Mary Hadlesey, of South Duffeild.
(11). 1682, May 14. Mr. Peter Dawson* and Mrs. Catherine Day of ye city of Yorke.
* Peter Dawson, innkeeper and postmaster, sheriff 1692-3. "Katherine Dawson, Post-Mistress, was buried at St. John's Micklegate, 9 Feb., 1717-8.

(12). 1682, June 23. Samuel Ogden, of Thorwood, and Hellen Cottom, of Ribchester.
(13). 1682, June 27. Matthew Mackpeace and Jane Wilson of the city of Yorke.
(14). 1682, Aug. 6. Robert Blackburne, of Howsome, and Ann Robinson, of the city of Yorke.
(15). 1682, Aug. 13. Mr. Walter Baines* and Mrs. Elizabeth West, both of the city of Yorke.
* Walter Baines, vintner, free in 1667, sheriff in 1694-5. His first wife was buried at St. Martin's, Coney street, 27 Nov. 1681.

(16). 1682, Aug. 17. Robert Walters,* Esq., of Cundall, and Mrs. Ann Ascough, of Yorke.
* Robert Watter alias Walters, esq., eldest son of Robert Watter, esq., of Cundall (by Lettice, daughter of Thomas Stockdale, esq., of Bilton Park), and great-grandson of William Watter, lord mayor of York in 1620.-Ann, widow of William Ayscough, esq., of Osgodby, and daughter of Richard Thornton, esq., of Tiersall, co. York. Will dated 28 Sept, 1700 [Pro. 34) May, 1710]. Anne Walters, their daughter and eventual heiress, married William Robinson, esq., of Rokeby, co. York, and was mother of Richard Robinson, archbishop of Armagh, who was created lord Rokeby in 1772.

(17). 1682, Aug. 24. Mr. John Bradley* & Mrs. Sara Burley of Yorke.
* John Bradley, of Jesus College, Cambridge, was ordained deacon at Bishopthorpe, 19 Sept., 1650, and priest, 29 May, 1682. He was afterwards one of the vicars choral, rector of St. Mary's, Bishophill Senior, and canon of York. See No. 240.

(18). 1682, Sept. 9. Mr. William Broadbelt, of Knasbrough and Jane Owseman, of Yorke.
(19). 1682, Sept. 19. Mr. Thomas Ball & Mrs. Sara Brice, both of Yorke.
(20). 1682, Sept. 27. Mr. George Greene, of Bramley & Mrs. Elizabeth Gerrard, of Yorke.
(21). 1682, Oct. 5. Mr. Henry Iveson,* of Blacke-banke, & Mrs. Elizabeth Harland, of Yorke.
* Henry, son of Lancelot Iveson of Leeds, by Hannah Bonnell of Moor Monkton. Mayor of Leeds in 1695 and 1709; high sheriff of Yorkshire in 1708 ; died 3 Aug., 1713, wt. 56.-Elizabeth, daughter of Richard Harland of Copmanthorpe, was his first wife. He married, secondly, Alice, daughter of Thomas Wise, esq., of Burton Leonard.

(22). 1682, Oct. 6. Stephen Hoggart & Elizabeth Pearson, both of Bilsdale.
(23). 1682, Oct. 10. Richard Jackson & Catherine Coultas of Slingsby.
(24). 1682, Oct. 26. John Wharton of Hornington, in ye parish of Bolton Peircy, & Sara Harrison, of Yorke.
(25). 1682, Oct. 29. Nicholas Cowper, of Fetherston, & Sara Savile, of Snape.
(26). 1682, Nov. 7. John Beverley & Elizabeth Surbert, both of Yorke.
(27). 1682, Nov. 7. Mr. Timothy Harrison, of Malton, & Mrs. Jane Cowper, of Yorke.
(28). 1682, Nov. 12. Henry Beckwith & Ann Skelton of Yorke.
(29). 1682, Nov. 19. Thomas Bradley, of Otley, & Mary Newsome, of Yorke.
(30). 1682, Nov. 21. Mr. Christopher Lister, of Braithwaite, & Mrs. Mary Metcalfe, of Kirkby Malziard.
(31). 1682, Nov. 28. Edmund Wightman & Mary Tayler,* both of Heslington.
* Mary Taylor was his third wife. By his first wife, Jane Bean, of Middlethorpe, Edmund Weightman had a son John, who was father of Charles Weightman, sheriff and alderman of York.

(32). 1682, Nov. 30. William Weightman* and Anne Morrett, both of par. St. Samson's, Yorke.
* William Weightman, miller, sheriff in 1710-11, died 12 Feb. 1724-5, aged 73, and was buried at St. Mary's, Castlegate, Feb. 14. " Mrs. Weightman, a widow," was buried there 7 Nov., 1726.

(33). 1682, Dec. 19. Theophilus Holdroyd, of ye parish of St. Martin's, in Coney Street, and Mary Boyer, of the parish of St. Michil's of Belfrayes, Yorke.
(34). 1682, Dec. 27. John Shaw, of Hotton, par. Royston, & Elizabeth Wareing, of Ryall.
(35). 1682-3, Jan. 16. Will. Barnard, of Yapham, & Mary Ringrose, of Skirpenbeck.
(36). 1683, Apr. 3. Simon Nicholl, of Folkton, & Anne Skelton, of Thornton in Pickeringlyth.
(37). 1683, Apr. 8. Christi Richardson & Elizab. Kipling, both of Yorke.
(38). 1683, Apr. 10. Mr. James Bownes,* of Owston, & Mrs. Margerie Pearson, of Yorke. (Mard. by John., lord bishop of Man.)
* James Bownes, of the English College at Douay, was ordained deacon at Bishopthorpe, 20 Dec. 1674, and priest 12 Sept. 1675. By will dated 19 Sept. 1698 [Pro. 3 Sept., 1699], James Bownes, of York, clerk, bequeaths his estate at Hutton in the Hay, co. Westmerland, to Robert Bownes, his eldest son by his former wife Lydia. His "crucifix & biggest bible " he leaves to his friend Robert Sudbert, merchant-tailor, York ; appointing him, and his eldest son Robert, guardians of his younger sons, James, John and Ralph Bownes.-On 25 March, 1702, tuition of Ralph, son of James Bownes, of York, deceased, was granted to William Pearson.

(39). 1683, Apr. 22. Thos. Hawkins & Ursusae Burrows, both of Yorke.
(40). 1683, May 7. Anthony Appleby & Katherine Brogden, both of par. St. Mich'is de Belfraye.
(41). 1683, May 29. Mr. Abraham Favor* & Ann Lodge, both of Yorke.
* Abraham Faber, tallow-chandler, son of William Faber, of York. Free in 1646 chamberlain in 1650, and sheriff in 1665-6. Married, first, at St. Cuthbert's, 29 Jan., 1644-5, Margaret Moore. - Ann Lodge, his second wife, was the widow of John Lodge, sadler, York. She died in 1708, and second was, buried at St. John's Micklegate. See No. 287.

(42). 1683, July 30. Thos. Wrigglesworth & Elizabeth Greaves, both of Topcliffe.
(43). 1683, Aug. 7. John Wheelwright & Mary Bayock, both of par. St. Michil's de Belfrayes, Yorke.
(44). 1683, Aug. 8. Mathew Craven & Sara. Swaine, both of Kingston super I--lull.
(45). 1683, Aug. 20. George Smith, of Allarston, & Jane Vasie, of Marishes.
(46). 1683, Aug. 20. Mr. Marmaduck Holtby & Mrs. Joyce Etherington, both of Yorke.
(47). 1683, Aug. 21. Mr. Thomas Crossland,* of Cobcroft, par. Womersley, & Mrs. Mary Cook, in ye Minster Yard of St. Peter's in Yorke.
* Thomas Crosland, of Jesus College, Cambridge, eldest son of Thomas Crosland, esq., of Crosland Hill, in the parish of Almondbury, by Elizabeth, daughter of Christopher Brearey, alderman of York. Ordained deacon, at Bishopthorpe, 21 Dec., 1684, and priest 15 March, 1684-5. On 27 March, 1685, he succeeded his father-in-law in the rectory of Kirk Bramwith, and died in 1714. Mary Cooke, his first wife, was the daughter of Dr. Marmaduke Cooke, rector of Kirk Bramwith, and canon of York (see Burials in York Minster Burials in York Minster, No. 89). She died in 1694.

(48). 1683, Aug. 21. Robert Coopland & Isabell Buckle, both of Yorke.
(49). 1683, Aug. 28. Mr. George Smithson,* of Moulton, & Mrs. Elizabeth Danby, of Yorke.
* George, eldest son of George Smithson, esq., of Moulton, co. York, by Eleanor, daughter of Charles Fairfax., esq, of Menston, a younger son of Thomas lord Fairfax of Cameron.

(50). 1683, Nov. 12. Robert Askue and (blank) of the citye of Yorke.
(51). 1683, Nov. 20. William Simeson & Ann White.
(52). 1683-4, Jan. 1. Richard Maugham, of Yorke, & Grace Overend, of Guiseley.
(53). 1683-4, Feb. 5. Thomas Ingland, of St. Martin's (sic), Castlegate, Yorke, and Ann Jibb, de eadem.
(54). 1683-4, Feb. 7. Mr. William Marshall and Mrs. Lydiae Horsfeild,* both of Yorke.
* Lydia, daughter of Robert Horsfield, sheriff of York in 1672-3 (by his first wife Elizabeth Jefferson), and granddaughter of Thomas Horsfield of Hemsworth, co. York. Baptized at St. Martin's, Coney-street, 3 Aug. 1666. Her mother was buried there five days afterwards. Jeremiah Horsfield, esq., her half-brother, married Sarah, eldest daughter and coheiress of Richard Mann, esq., of York, and was father of Mann Horsfield, esq., of Thorpe Green, high sheriff of Yorkshire in 1774.

(55). 1684, Apr. 1. Mr. Francis Rogers* & Mrs. Elizabeth Aikeroyd, both of Yorke.
* Francis Rogers, clerk, was instituted to the rectory of Kirkby Overblow, 28 Jan. 1635-6, which he held until his death in 1712, vacating at the same time the stall of Grindall at York, to which he was collated 27 April, 1709.

(56). 1684, Apr. 2. Richard Page, of Yorke, & Jane Chappelle, of the same.
(57). 1684, Apr. 3. Mr. Walter Hickson,* of Cottingham, & Mrs. Isabella Matthews, of Yorke.
* Walter Hickson, M.A., of St. John's College, Cambridge, was ordained deacon at Bishopthorpe, 25 May, 1673, and priest, 12 Sept. 1675. On 19 Dec., 1678, he was licensed to the curacy of Cottingham ; in 1699, he was appointed vicar, and held the living until his death in 1722.

(58). 1684, Apr. 15. John Rycroft, of Wheldrake, & Mary Benson, of Yorke.
(59). 1684, Apr. 28. James Brocks and Ann Dales, both of Stillingfleet.
(60). 1684, May 5. Mr. Simon Scott, of par. St. Martin's in Conystreet, & Mrs. Dorathy Feewler, both of Yorke.
(61). 1684, May 18. Thomas Pearson, of Bosby, par. Stoaksley, & Elizabeth Adamson, in par. Hemsley.
(62). 1684, July 19. Luccae Robson, of Upper Catton, & Mary Witty, of Butter Cramb.
(63). 1684, Aug. 11. John Hick, of Abberforth, & Mary Hesom, of St. Martin's par. in Micklegaite, Yorke.
(64). 1684, Sept. 9. Mr. Gilbert Drake,* of Yorke, & Mrs. Jane Day, of the same.
* Gilbert Drake was apprenticed to Joshua Drake, mercer, York, in 1677, and admitted into the Merchants' Company in 1685. He died in 1691, leaving a widow Jane.

(65). 1684, Sept. 23. Mr. Richard Lambert* and Mrs. Susanna Redman, both of Yorke.
* Richard Lambert, bookseller, whose shop was at the Crown, within the Minster Gates, died in 1690. Susanna, his widow, re-married, at St. Michael's, Spurriergate, 30 Nov. 1690, Robert Clarke, bookseller, then one of the city sheriffs. He succeeded to Lambert's business, and was buried at St. Mary's, Castlegate, 7 Dec. 1729.

(66). 1684, Oct. 20. Henery Edmonds,* Esq., of Worsbrough, and Dame Elizabeth Herbert, of the City of Yorke.
* Henry, eldest son of Thomas Edmonds, esq. of Worsbrough, died without issue 22 March, 1708-9.-Elizabeth, his second wife, widow of Sir Thomas Herbert, bart., of York (see Vol. I. p. 206), and daughter of Sir Gervase Cutler of Stainbrough, died 13 May, 1696. His first wife, Jane, daughter of Richard Robinson, esq., of Thicket, died in 1683.

(67). 1684, Nov. 4. Thomas Anlaby, of Thorpbassett, & Margarett Atkins, of the same.
(68). 1684, Dec. 11. Charles Smeaton, in ye par. of St. Michael's of Belfrayes, & Mary Hudd, in the par. of St. Trinitis, York.
(69). 1684-5, March 22. John Fowler, in par. St. Michil's pontis Owze, & Mary Longbotham, of the same.
(70). 1685, Apr. 23. William Johnson, of Yorke, & Jane Fenby, of Middleton.
(71). 1685, Apr. 23. Richard Hardy, of Yorke, & Ann Hogg, of the same.
(72). 1685, May 5. John Smith & Ann Hardwick, both of Yorke.
(73). 1685, May 7. Robert Chapman & Jane Lounsbrough, both of Pocklington.
(74). 1685, May 18. Robert Cooke, of Allerthorpe, & Sara Fawcett, of East Cottingworth, co. Yorke.
(75). 1685, May 28. Thomas Hickson & Jane Dove, both of Yorke.
(76). 1685, May 30. Mr. William Thomlinson* & Mrs. Dorathy Levet, both of Yorke.
* William Thomlinson, of York, gent., in his will, dated 20 March, 1710-11 [Pro. 19 June seq.], bequeaths "to Mr. Topham, my usher, the two folios of Episcopius." His wife was the daughter of Mrs Mary Levett, who was buried in the Minster in 1697. Dorothy Thomlinson, of York, widow, made her will 26 March, 1721 [Pro. 16 Aug., 1722], appointing her brother, Thomas Levett, of Leicester, gent., a trustee, and her niece, Mary Levett, sole executrix and residuary legatee.

(77). 1685, June 16. James Dunch* & Mary Walker.
* Perhaps James Dunch, clerk, who was licensed to the curacy of St. Sampson's, York, 28 Oct., 1698.

(78). 1685, June 23. William Cooper, of South Cave, & Jane Coulson, of the same.
(79). 1685, June 23. William Trowsdale, of Farndall, par. Kirkbymooreside, & Elizabeth Boyes, of the same.
(80). 1685, July 2. Henry Hunter & Mary Plaine, both of Yorke.
(81). 1685, July 14. Thomas Wilson & Jane Thompson, both of Yorke.
(82). 1685, July 14. Thomas Milner & Rachell Shemeld, both of Yorke.
(83). 1685, Aug. 5. Edward Hall & Mary Beckett, both of the par. of St. Samson's, Yorke.
(84). 1685, Aug. 25. Willm. Busfeild & Hanna Carr, both of Yorke.
(85). 1685, Sept. 10. Mr. Henry Brabine* & Mrs. Justiniana Dawson, both of Yorke.
* Henry Brabine was apprenticed to John Priestley, grocer, York, in 1674, and admitted into the Merchants' Company in 1683. He was cousin and heir of William Brabine, merchant, York (son of Henry Brabine of Kendal, co. Westmerland, gent.), who died at Konigsberg, in Prussia, in 1684. On 3 Sept., 1694, administration of the effects of Justina Brabine, of York, deceased intestate, was granted to Thomas Benson, her father.

(86). 1685, Oct. 29. Mr. George Middleton, of Shipton, & Mrs. Elizabeth Simpson, of Yorke.
(87). 1685, Nov. 12. Richard Tindall, of par. St. Michael Berefride, & Elizabeth Turnbull, both of Yorke.
(88). 1685, Nov. 14. Thomas Lumley, of Could Kerkby, & Christianae Blackbeard,* of par. St. Michaell Berefride.
* She was probably of the same family as Nicholas Blackbeard (son of Thomas Blackbeard of East Ness, in the parish of Hovingham), town-clerk of York, 1646-1671, who was buried at St. Michael's-le-Belfrey, 29 May, 1671.

(89). 1685, Nov. 15. Richard Davison & Elizabeth Lodge of Yorke.
(90). 1685, Nov. 19. Daniel Nicolson, of Yorke, & Ann Romans, of Wistow.
(91). 1685, Nov. 24. Willm. Banister & Ann Chapellow, both of Yorke.
(92). 1685, Nov. 30. John Horsley, of Pocklington, & Elizabeth Wilson, of the same.
(93). 1685, Dec. 22. Richard Hill and Frances Thomlinson, both of Yorke.
(94). 1685, Dec. 29. Nathaniel Dissnay and Rebeckae Rickittson, both of par. St. Martin's the Great, Yorke.
(95). 1685, Dec. 29. Mr. Charles Redman* & Mrs. Frances Headlam.
* Charles Redman, merchant, York, son of John Redman of Fulford, gent. Baptized 1 July, 1655; elected an alderman, 3 Aug., 1702; lord mayor in 1705 and 1722; buried at St. Cuthbert's, 15 March, 1731-2.-Frances, youngest daughter of John Headlam, esq. of Kexby, and granddaughter of Leonard Headlam, town-clerk of York from 1626 to 1645.

(96). 1685-6, Jan. 10. Mr. William Foster & Mrs. Priscilla Procter, both of par. St. Samson's, Yorke.
(97). 1685-6, Feb. 21. Mr. John Stamper* & Mrs. Jane Dealtary, both. of Yorke.
* John Stamper, of York, died intestate, and administration of his effects was granted to Robert Carr, his grandson, 5 Aug., 1708.- Jane Dealtry was his second wife.

(98). 1685-6, Feb. 23. Mathias Spinck, of Melforth, & Mary Smith, of par. St. Trinitis in Yorke.
(99). 1685-6, March 21. John Cussans, of Hesslinton, & Isabella Davis, of Kexby.
(100). 1686, Apr. 6. Mr. Francis Langley* & Mrs. Susanna Squire.
* Mr. Francis Langley will occur afterwards (see No. 171). His wife Susannah was buried at Christchurch, 19 July, 1686.

(101). 1686, Apr. 15. Mr. Benjamin Mangey & Mrs. Dorathy Baines of par. St. Helen's, Stonegate.
(102). 1686, May 1. Mr. William Lund & Elizabeth Pickering of Ulleskelfe.
(103). 1686, July 7. Richard Russell, of Kingston super Hull, & Ann Robinson of Yorke.
(104). 1686, July 7. Henry Whitby, of Whitby, & Judeth Panton of Grimston.
(105). 1686, Aug. 25. Willm. Harryson, of Yorke, & Mary Thorpe, of Crambe.
(106). 1686, Oct. 18. Mr. Joseph Crescy,* of Sherifhutton, & Mrs. Martha Thurscrosse, of Yorke.
* Joseph Crescy, of St. John's College, Cambridge, youngest son, I believe, of Everingham Crescy, esq., of Birkin, was ordained deacon at Bishopthorpe, 23 Sept., 1677, and priest, 22 Sept., 1678. On 14 March, 1680.1, he was admitted to the vicarage of Sheriff Hutton, which living he resigned before 1 April, 1700. On 9 March, 1713-4, he was instituted to the vicarage of Church Fenton, which be held in 1717. Martha Thurscross was his second wife. His first wife, to whom he was married in 1683, was Anne Trotter, of Skelton Castle.

(107). 1686, Nov. 2. Mr. Thomas Wilson,* of Bridlington, & Mrs. Lucie Harrington, of Yorke.
* Thomas Wilson, merchant, "descended from a worthy family of Thirsk in this county," died 24 Feb, 1714, aged 74, and was buried in the priory church at Bridlington.-Lucy, daughter of Edward Harrington, esq., of the county of Rutland, and, by her mother's side, great granddaughter of Sir Walter Alexander, cup-bearer to King James I. She died 7 Aug., 1723, aged 59.

(108). 1686, Nov. 4. Mr. Joseph Dawson, of Ould Hutton, & Mrs. Esabella Kirkby, of York.
(109). 1686, Nov. 8. Walter Ramsey, of Leeds, & Ann Boltee, of Yorke.
(110). 1686, Nov. 23. Mr. George Watson, of Scauby, & Mrs. Doria Richardson, of Yorke.
(111). 1686, Dec. 4. Samuell Sharplesse, of Butterwick, & Mary Warroner, of Kirkby Misperton.
(112). 1686, Dec. 9. Matthew Rawe & Elizabeth Merrit, both of Yorke.
(113). 1686, Dec. 16. Tristrum Hood & Ellen. Briggs, both of Yorke.
(114). 1686, Dec. 22. Peter Fawcett, of East Cottingwith, & Jane Thurnley, of Shipton.
(115). 1686-7, Jan. 27. Thomas Elwood & Ann Stothard, both of Cawood.
(116). 1686-7, March 3. Richard Williamson & Jane Tate, both of Yorke.
(117). 1686-7, March 10. Thomas Hill, of Sutton super Forrest, & Jane Eshleby, of Alne.,
(118). 1687, July 13. Henry Parke & Elizabeth Parke, both of Pickering.
(119). 1687, Oct. 1. Mr. Thomas Ball & Mrs. Jane Alderson, both of Yorke.
(120). 1687, Nov. 16. Mr. Thomas Hilileigh & Mrs. Jane* Thomlinson, both of Yorke.
* Jane Hilileigh, of York, widow, died intestate, and, on 26 Dec. 1719, administration of her effects was granted to her son John Hilileigh.

(121). 1687-8, Jan. 12. Mr. Emanuel Justice* & Mrs. Dorothy Barron, both of Yorke.
* Emanuel Justice, merchant, second son of Richard Justice, innholder, York. Baptised at Holy Trinity, Micklegate, 22 Jan. 1659-60; sheriff in 1692-3, and lord mayor in 1706; died 4 Feb. 1716-7, and was buried at All Saints, Pavement, Feb. 6th. Dorothy, his first wife, daughter of William Barron, grocer, York, was buried at St. John's Micklegate, 3 March, 1710-11. Alderman Justice married, secondly, at Riccall; 4 July, 1715, Elizabeth, widow of Robert Wormley, esq. of Riccall; and daughter of Robert Ash of Cottingham. She re-married, 2 Feb. 1719-20, the Rev. Thomas Cooper, vicar of Riccall, and was buried there I May, 1743. See No. 438, postea.

(122). 1687-8, Feb. 2. Mr. Charles Newby & Mrs. Elizabeth Robinson, both of Yorke.
(123). 1687-8, Feb. 7. Thomas Inman & Jane Tomson, both of Yorke.
(124). 1687-8, Feb. 7. Samuell Liversidge, of Royston, & Mary Nurse, of Linton.
(125). 1687-8, Feb. 23. Willm. Watters, of Knaisbrough, & Ann Mann,* of Osburne.
* Ann Mann was probably of the same family as " Mr. Jon Mann, merchant, a benefactor to the Rector & the Poor " of the parish of St. Mary's, Castlegate, who "dyed the 25th of Aug: and was inter'd at Little Ousburn, Aug: 27th, 1692."

(126). 1687-8, Feb. 27. Mr. (Blank) Mitchell & Mrs. (Blank) Robinson, both of Yorke.
(127). 1688, Apr. 14. Mr. Henry Scott* & Mrs. Jane Rookeby, both of Yorke. -
* Henry Scott, merchant, son of Joseph Scott of York (son of William Scott, lord mayor in 1638), by Sarah, sister of Sir Henry Thompson, knt., of Middlethorpe. alderman of York. -Jane, daughter of William Rokeby, esq., of Ackworth Park, and coheiress to her brother Thomas.

(128). 1688, Apr. 19. Robert Young & Hanna Cobb, both of York.
(129). 1688, May 3. Robert Judson, of Marton, & Ellen Cooper, of Wrelton, co. York.
(130). 1688, June 5. Mr. John Baines* & Mrs. Ann Challoner, both of Yorke.
* John Baines, merchant, second Bon of Adam Baines, esq., M.P, for Leeds, by Martha, daughter of Richard Dawson, gent., of Heworth, near York. -Anne, second daughter of Sir Edward Chaloner, knt., of Guisbrough. Henry Baines, brother of the above John, was lord mayor of York in 1717 and 1732.

(131). 1688, June 29. George Heblethwaite & Elizabeth Allen, both of Hayton, co. Yorke.
(132). 1688, July 15. Robert Jackson & Elizabeth Abbott, both of Yorke.
(133). 1688, Oct. 9. Abraham Broxupp & Sara Freeman, both of Yorke.
(134). 1688, Nov. 15. John Hall & Ann Jackson, both of Yorke.
(135). 1688, Nov. 20. Charles Ciplin* & Ann Hewerden, both of Yorke.
* Charles Kipling died intestate in 1706, and his widow Anne in 1721.

(136). 1688-9, Jan. 2. Willm. Fowler & Ann Shotton, both of Kingston-super-Hull.
(137). 1688-9, Jan. 23. Mr. Jonathan Hopkins, of Bainebridge, & Mrs. Mary Westropp, of Yorke.
(138). 1688-9, Jan. 26. Willm. Halliday, of Sheriffe Hutton, & Ellen Gaythorne, of Yorke.
(139). 1688-9, Feb. 9. Mr. John Bolling & Mrs. Ann Escrick, both of Yorke.
(140). 1688-9, March 2. Mr. John Lavie & Mrs. Mary Haskoll of ye citty of London.
(141). 1689, Apr. 13. Thomas Willis, of par. St. Michael's de Belfrayes, & Margaret Easton, of Bilsdale.
(142). 1689, June 2. Mathew Mordant, of Murton, & Clare Drinckrow, of Yorke.
(143). 1689, July 9. Andrew Masser, of Harlington, & Jane Barnard, of Earswick, both in co. Yorke.
(144). 1689, Aug. 1. Willm. Ezart, of Beverley, & Martha Annison, of New Malton.
(145). 1689, Aug. 13. Willm Horner, of Massam, & Frances Redman, of Yorke.
(146). 1689, Aug. 13. Thomas Swaine, of Horsforth, & Ann Holmes, of Badsworth.
(147). 1689, Sept. 15. John Hodgson, of York, porter, & Ellen Barker, of Yorke.
(148). 1689, Sept. 19. Thomas Tyreman & Margrett Waugh, both of Yorke.
(149). 1689, Nov. 14. Thomas Inman & Mary Heavysides, both of Yorke.
(150). 1689, Dec. 26. Willm. Cowlin, of Richmond, & Isabella Murthwaite, of Yorke.
(151). 1689-90, Jan. 27. Mr. Thomas Ward* & Mrs. Mary Dewtris of Yorke.
* The will of Thomas Ward, of York, gent., bears date 17 Nov., 1698, and was proved 8 Feb., 1699-1700. His widow Mary remarried Sir Humphrey Herbert, bart. of Middleton Whernho, who died in 1701, and was mother of Sir Thomas Herbert the 4th baronet. She died intestate, in London, and on 16th March, 1707-8, administration of her effects was granted to Armand de la Bashde, esq., in right of his wife Mary, the only child of the above Thomas and Mary Ward.

(152). 1689-90, Feb. 19. Robert Lowson, of Norton & Cicille Coulson, of New Malton.
(153). 1689-90, March 1. Mr. Willm Stanforth* & Mrs. Dorathy Dalton.
* William Stainforth, canon of York, and Dorothy (his second wife), daughter of Sir William Dalton, knt., of Hawkswell. He was buried in the Minster, 10 Aug., 1713, and she, 17 April, 1707. See Burials, Nos. 143, 148.

(154). 1689-90, March 18. Henry Smith, of Barnby Moore, & Gartrid Raines, of Thornton.
(155). 1690, Apr. 24. Mr. Willm. Sowray, of ye city of London, & Mrs. Ann Hill, of Knaresbrough.
(156). 1690, June 19. Mr. John Jeffreys and Mrs. Frances Hutchinson of Yorke.
(157). 1690, Sept. 17. George Taylor, of Leeds, & Elizabeth Coward, of Harwood.
(158). 1690, Sept. 18. Gabriel Bell, of Yarme, & Mrs. Sara Hewitt.
(159). 1690, Nov. 27. Mr. Jonathan Dryden,* of Lounsbrough, & Mrs. Margret Manklin, of Yorke.
* Jonathan Dryden, rector of Londsbrough, and canon of York, and Margaret, widow of Samuel Mancklin, merchant, York, and daughter of Henry Harrison, esqr, of Holtby. He was buried in the Minster, 27 Aug., 1702. (See Burials, No. 136.) She died 1 May, 1735, and was interred in the church of St. Maurice.

(160). 1690, Dec. 27. John Kent, of Harwood, & Ellen Midgeley, of Adle.
(161). 1690-1, Jan. 13. Mr. Richard Stokeham* & Mrs. Elizabeth Creyke, both of Yorke.
* The will of Richard Stokeham, of York, gent, dated 10 Aug., 1714, was proved by his widow Elizabeth, 1 July, 1723. His mother, Sarah Stokeham, of York, widow, in her will, dated 22 March, 1698-9, [Pro. 22 March, 1699-1700] desires to be buried in the church of St. Michael-le-Belfrey.

(162). 1690-1, Feb. 19. Jeremie Busfeilde, of par. Mounckton, & Elizabeth Addamson, of Yorke.
(163). 1691, May 12. Mr. Thomas Noble* & Mrs. Elizabeth Orfeur, both of Yorke.
* Thomas Noble, of Queen's College, Oxford, was ordained priest at York, 3 June, 1694. On 2 May, 1700, he was collated to the stall of Givendale at York, which he resigned for that of Ampleforth, 20 Feb., 1715-6. On 28 May, 1701, he was instituted to the rectory of All Saints, Pavement, and, on the following day, to that of St. Crux, holding both livings until his death in 1722.

(164). 1691, May 22. Mr. John Sye & Mrs. Ann Womball, both of Yorke.
(165). 1691, June 1. George Horsman & Sara Jefferson, both of Leeds.
(166). 1691, June 4. Mr. Theophilus Skelton & Mrs. Margaret Marsh, both of Wakefield.
(167). 1691, July 8. Christopher Basy, of Allerston, & Jane Ecclesfeild, of the same.
(168). 1691, Sept. 15. John Preston & Ann Barker, both of Yorke.
(169). 1691, Oct. 24. Francis Clarke & Ann Hewes, both of York.

A Register of all marriages celebrated in the Cathedrall Church of York since ye 22th of December, 1691, and faithfully entred by Oswald Langwith, Clerk of ye Vestry of the said church.

(170). 1691-2, Jan. 12. John Thomlinson,* clerk, one of ye Vicars of this Church, and Sibill Bulwere, of ye par. of St. Martin's in York, spinr.

* John Thomlinson, of Emanuel College, Cambridge, was ordained deacon att Bishopthorpe 20 Feb , 1675-6, and licensed, on the following day, to the curacy of, Poole, in the parish of Otley. On 23 Sept., 1617, he was ordained priest at Bishopthorpe. On 6 Aug., 1681, he was instituted to the vicarage of Holy Trinity, Micklegate, and to the rectory of Holy Trinity, Goodramgate, 2 Jan., 1683-4. He died about 1721.

(171). 1691-2, Jan. 12. Francis Langley* & Martha (sic) Parrott, both of York.
* Francis Langley, of York, gent. (see No. 100), made his will 19 Dec. 1722 [Pro:; 10 Oct. seq.], appointing his wife Mercy sole executrix. She was his second wife, and the daughter of Andrew Perrott, alderman of York, by Martha, daughter of Charles Vaux, notary, Hull. She died at Hull, in 1737. Her sister Martha Perrott married the Rev. Thomas Mason in 1704. (See No. 357.)

(172). 1691-2, Feb. 16. Lawrence Agar, of Bolton, par. Bishop Wilton, & Jane Peirson, of par. St. Saviour's, York.
(173). 1691-2, Feb. 28. Thomas Thomson & Sarah Northouse, both of par. St. Micale de Belfreys.
(174). 1691-2, March 8. Edward Harpley, of Hallikell, & Mary Hewerden, of Yorke.
(175). 1691-2, March 10. Lancelott Pearson & Anna Smith, both of Yorke.
(176). 1691-2, March 19. Thomas Wrightson, of par. St. Michael de Belfreys, & Elizabeth Zzzzz of Grimston (sic).
(177). 1692, March 27 (Easter Sunday). Phillip Oliver, of Pocklington, & Mary Fox, of Yorke.
(178). 1692, March 31. Thomas Maulyverer,* rector of Sprotbrough, & Castilliana Beckwith, of Yorke.
* Thomas Mauleverer, M.A., the son, it is believed, of Thomas Mauleverer, esq., of Letwell, by Ann, daughter of Richard Scott, gent. Baptized at Laughton, 26 Nov., 1646; entered at Trinity College, Cambridge, 15 March, 1661-2 ; instituted to the rectory of Sprotborough 10 June, 1679 ; died 5 Sept., 1701. A high character is given of him in his monumental inscription at Sprotborough (South Yorks. I. 344).Castiliana, daughter of Lionel Copley, esq., of Wadworth, by Frizalina, daughter of George Ward, esq., of Capesthorne, co. Chester. Married, first, 23 Sept., 1675, John Beckwith, esq., of Sleningford, who died in 1688. She died 13 May, 1700, and was buried at Wadworth.

(179). 1692, Apr. 17. Mr. Thomas Ramsden,* of Crowston, par. Halifax, & Elizabeth Finch, of Barsland Hall.
* Thomas Ramsden, esq., of Crowstone, eldest son of Joseph Ramsden of Greetland, gent., and grandson of John Ramsden of Haworth, co. York. In his will, dated 22 Jan, 1697-8 [Pro. 16 June, seq.], he bequeaths to Elizabeth, his wife, "the piece of plate I won at the horse race on Rastrick Moores." Thomas Ramsden, his eldest surviving son, was high sheriff of Yorkshire in 1726.-Elizabeth, daughter of Joseph Finch, gent. of Westonhanger, co. Kent, by Judith, daughter of William Horton, esq., of Barkisland Hall, co. York. She remarried Sir Richard Musgrave, bart., of Hayton Castle, co. Cumberland, and died in 1714.

(180). 1692, Apr. 18. Thomas Barker, of Weighton, & Barbra Yeoman, of Melburne.
(181). 1692, June 12. Thomas Moxon & Frances Procter, both of York.
(182). 1692, June 14. Jeremiah Spinke, of Wakefeild, & Mary Hewitt, of the same.
(183). 1692, Sept. 28. John Rooth, of Sowersby, & Ann Ward, of Thirkelby.
(184). 1692, Sept. 23 (sic) George Perkin & Elinor Renolds, both of Yorke.
(185). 1692, Nov. 24. William Lazenby, of Gill Ryding, & Ellenor Richardson, of Clifton.
(186). 1692-3, Jan. 20. John Abbot, of Oldbiland, & Ann Kitchinman, of Kilburn.
(187). 1692-3, Feb. 21. Arthur Eastgate, of the Belfreys, & Elizabeth Morris.
(188). 1693, May 18. Edward Harrison, of Newcastle, marchant, & Theodosia Procter.
(189). 1693, July 6. Mr. Thomas Sowtheby,* of Burdsall, & Anthoniae Wickham (By Tobias Wickham, Deane of this Church).
* Thomas Southeby, esq., son and heir of Robert Southeby, esq., of Birdsall, by Elizabeth, daughter of John Lister, esq., of Linton, co. Yorke.-Anthonina, daughter of Tobias Wickham, D.D., dean of York. She was buried in the Minster, 14 Jan., 1737-8. (See Burials, No. 179.)

(190). 1693, Aug. 31. Josiah Bowton & Elizabeth Hirst, both of York.
(191). 1693, Sept. 10. William Vevers, of Barwick-in-Elmet, & Sarah Horne, of Hardwick.
(192). 1693, Nov. 13. John Blyth, of Acomb, junior, & Elinnor Johnson, of Knarsbrough.
(193). 1693-4, Jan. 14. William Daget, of Borrowbridg, & Mrs. Dorathy Moor.
(194). 1694, Apr. 23. Mr. James Torr* & Mrs. Ann Lister.
* James Torre, esq., of York, the eminent antiquary, and his second wife Ann, daughter of Mr. Nicholas Lister, of Rigton, co. York. (See Burials, No, 116.)

(195). 1694, May 29. Mr. Thomas Wilson, of Beverley, & Magdalen Nelthorpe, of York.
(196). 1694, Aug. 21. Sr Thomas Seylard,* Knight and Barronet, of Boxley, in ye County of Kent, and Mrs. Elizabeth Fortescue.
* Sir Thomas Sylyard, the third baronet, of Bexley, co. Kent ; succeeded in 1692 ; died in 1701.-Elizabeth, daughter and heiress of Sir Sandys Fortescue, of Fallapit, co. Devon.

(197). 1694, Oct. 23. Thomas Harker & Ann Frank, both of Pickering.
(198). 1694, Oct. 30. John Wilkinson & Hellen Ripley, both of York.
(199). 1694-5, Jan. 15. Mr. John Batt* & Mrs. Henerieta Metcalfe, of York.
* John Batt, esq., of Oakwell Hall, in the parish of Birstal, third son of William Batt, esq., by Elizabeth, daughter of William Horton, esq., of Barkisland Hall, co. Fork. He died without issue in 1707.-Henrietta-Catharina, daughter of William Metcalfe, esq., of Northallerton, by Anna, daughter of Sir George Marwood, bart., of Little Busby. She re-married -- Smith, esq., and died at York, 7 Dec. 1740, aged 67. In her will, dated 26 Nov. 1 7 40 [Pro. 1 3 Dec. seq.], Henrietta Catharina Smith, of York, widow, desires to " be buried in the church-yard, on the south side of the church wall of St. Olive's, Mary-gate, so near to where my brother Metcalfe was buried, within the church, as may he.-My grave to be made eight foot deep, walled about with a brick & an half thick, so as to bear a stone upon it within ground, I would have in readiness to be laid over me, no matter how rough a one, My executors may do as they please above ground.--My funeral to be as private as possible with decency, without the pompous shew of heraldry; and my coffin to be a very plain one, only lined within, & covered on the outside with black & white base, & to be made by William Firth. "-To my niece Ashby, "my own picture & that of Mr. Batt's."

(200). 1694-5, Feb. 4. Francis Hinds, of Boynton, & Mary Hickson, of Amotherby.
(201). 1695, Apr. 14. Thomas Lambert, of Kingston-upon-Hull, & Elizabeth Lowther, of Kexby.
(202). 1695, May 12. Mr. Jonah Smith, of Cawood, & Mrs. Ann Sugar,* of York.
* Ann, daughter of Nicholas Suger, of York, gent. Her children James, Nicholas, and Elizabeth Smith, were living in 1721. (See No. 299.) On 25 May, 1724, the guardianship of Nicholas Smith, aged 19 years, and Elizabeth Smith, aged 12 years, children of Jonah Smith, gent., late of Cawood, deceased, was granted to their mother, Ann Smith, widow.

(203). 1695, May 28. Robert Raynard, of Hob Greene, par. Rippon, & Jane Hatkinson, of Shipton.
(204). 1695, June 23. Thomas Richardson & Mary Raper, both of par. Belfreys.
(205). 1695, June 25. Mr. Robert Ray, of London, & Elizabeth Broadhead, of Batley.
(206). 1695, June 27. Evann Garrett, of Mansfeild, Notts, & Hannah Litchfeild, of the same.
(207). 1695, July 16. Christopher Wayne, of Copt Hewick, & Sarrah Craven, of Ripon.
(208). 1695, July 16. Robert Hayes, of Dringhouses, & Ann Hotham, of Storwood, par. Thornton.
(209). 1695, July 30. Robert Wayeman, of Draughton, par. Scipton, & Elizabeth Mason, of York.
(210). 1695, Aug. 28. Marow Waines, of Leckonfeild, & Ann Carlisle, of York.
(211). 1695, Sept. 5. Robert Rymer & Anna Brathwait, both of York.
(212). 1695, Nov. 23. Richard Fisison, of Headon, & Margrett Elcock, of York.
(213). 1695-6, Feb. 24. William Oliver, of Pocklington, & Elizabeth Pickring, of York.
(214). 1695-6, March 16. Francis Moss, of Burley, & Jane Oates, of Weatley.
(215). 1696, March 31. Richard Harrison, of Acklam, & Hester Smith, of Waplington.
(216). 1696, Apr. 16. John Rayson, of York, & Ann Heseltine, of the same.
(217). 1696, Apr. 23. John Clavering,* of Chopwell, in the County of York (sic), Esquire, and Mrs. Elizabeth Hardwick, of the cytie of York.
* John Clavering, esq., of Chopwell, co. Durham, son of Robert Clavering, esq., by Jane, daughter and heiress of Toby Dudley, esq., of Chopwell. Bap. at Ryton, 5 March, 1654-5; married, first, at Eryholme, 13 Nov. 1676, Anne, daughter of Sir Henry Thompson, Knt, of Escrick, alderman of York, by whom he had, with other issue, a daughter Sarah, who married William, first earl Cowper, lord chancellor of Great Britain ; secondly, ut supra, Elizabeth, daughter and coheiress of Thomas Hardwick, esq., of Potter Newton, co. York. She died in May, 1704.

(218). 1696, Apr. 23. Mordecaie Reader,* of Kingstonupon-Hull, & Ann Boys, of York.
* "Mordecai Reeder, a married man, but born of Quaker parents," was baptized at St. Mary's, Bishophill Junior, York, 5 Feb. 1703-4.

(219). 1696, Apr. 25. John Carr, of Leeds, & Elizabeth Halleday, of York.
(220). 1696, Apr. 30. Christopher Brigham, of Thissendale, co. York, & Elizabeth Arnold, of the same.
(221). 1696, June 2. Walter Walker & Dorothey Blyth, both of par. St. Marie's Bishophill, in Yorke.
(222). 1696, June 25. Jonathan Wetherrell, of Melmerbie, par. Wath, & Ann Robinson, of Tollerton, par. Alne.
(223). 1696, Aug. 18. John Lister, of Warham, & Margret Holliday, of Welham, par. Norton.
(224). 1696, Sept. 2. Henry Townley, of Clitheroe, co. Lane., & Mary Appleton, of the same.
(225). 1696, Sept. 8. John Marshall,* of Acomb, vickar, & Hannah Earby, of the same.
* John Marshall, of St. John's College, Cambridge, was ordained deacon, by the bishop of Durham, 20 Sept., 1691, and priest, by the archbishop of York, 12 March, 1692-3. On 13 Feb. 1694-5, he was instituted to the vicarage of Acomb, and to the perpetual curacy of Nether Poppleton, 25 Sept. 1712.

(226). 1696, Sept. 27. Richard Fleming & Ann Sherrard, both of York.
(227). 1696, Oct. 6. George Jackson, of par. All Saints in Northstreete, & Jane Jefford, of par. St. John's.
(228). 1696, Dec. 31. Richard Combes, one of the Clarkes of the King's Mint* at York, & Alice Nicholson, of par. St. Martin's in Conystreete.
* In 1696, the Mint was set up in some of the rooms of the King's Manor, and carried on its operations for two or three years.- R. I).

(229). 1696-7, Jan. 7. Michale Armistead, of Kirkby Mallendale, & Elizabeth Andrew, of par. St. Michale de Belfreys.
(230). 1696-7, Jan. 10. Mr. Christopher Driffeild,* of Ripon, & Mary Fairfex, of par. Belffrey's.
* The son, I believe, of Christopher Driffield, of Ripon, barrister-at-law, by Bridget, daughter of Lewis West, esq. Born about 1666 ; living in Sept. 1722. Will dated 27 May, 1721 ; proved by his widow, Ann, 3 July, 1724.-Mary, his first wife, daughter of Thomas Fairfax, esq., of York and Sledmere, by Mary, daughter and coheir of Henry Anderson, esq., of Long Cowton, co. York. 4 Nov., 1702. Licence to marry Christopher Driffield, of Ripon, gent., aged 36, and Ann Carpenter, of Beverley, aged 24.

(231). 1696-7, Jan. 30. Daniell Wood, of par. St. Maries in Castlegate, & Hanna Peckitt,* both of York.
* Hannah, daughter of John Peckitt, merchant, sheriff in 1673.4 (by Margaret, sister of Richard Metcalfe, lord mayor of York in 1674), and sister of John Peckitt, lord mayor in 1702. She survived her husband, and was buried at St. Mary's, Castlegate, 5 Oct. 1738.

(232). 1697, Apr. 15. William Williamson,* of Doncaster, & Ann Eyre, of the same.
* William Williamson, of Doncaster, housewright, was buried there 12 Feb. 1704-5.-C. J.

(233). 1697, Apr. 20. Oswald Hatkeild (?), of Stanely, & Mary Hall, of Swillington.
(234). 1697, June 15. Thomas Strickland & Ann Bartindale, both of Malton.
(235). 1697, June 29. Nicholas Ruston, of Norton, & Frances Tindall, of the same.
(236). 1697, Aug. 14. John Thomson & Elizabeth Sharpless, both of York.
(237). 1697, Aug. 15. Mr. Roger Ward,* of par. St. Ellinn's, & Elizabeth Bolton, of par. Belfrey's, both of York.
* Roger Ward was apprenticed to George Dealtry, apothecary, York, in 1677, and admitted into the Merchants' Company in 1685. His will, dated 28 Nov. 1708, was proved by his widow, Elizabeth Ward, in 1714.

(238). 1697, Oct. 4. William Thompson, of par. Christchurch, & Elizabeth Webster, of the Minster Yard.
(239). 1697, Oct. 16. Richard Crowther, of Wakefeild, & Ann Bennett, of the same.
(240). 1697, Nov. 3. Mr. John Bradley,* vickar of this Cathedrall Church, & Mrs. Elizabeth Rumble, of the Minster Yard.
* The Rev. John Bradley (see Nos. 17, 443) and his second wife Elizabeth, daughter of Sir William Humble, bart. of Twickenham, by Elizabeth, daughter of John Allanson, gent.

(241). 1697, Nov. 10. Josephe Hargrave* & Frances Pilling, both of Doncaster.
* Joseph Hargrave, London Carrier, had a daughter Frances baptized at Doncaster in February 1698-9. He was buried there 14 March, 1703-4.-C. J.

(242). 1697, Nov. 18. Thomas Roades, of Purston Jackling, par. Featherstone, & Ann Darley, of the same.
(243). 1697, Nov. 25. Mr. Richard Brathwait & Mrs. Grace Robinson, both of York.
(244). 1697, Dec. 2. John Taylor, of York, & Sarah Fenton, of par. St. Olive's.
(245). 1697-8, Jan. 1. Major William Ogelethorp,* of the par. of St. Martin's in Conystreete, York, & Mrs. Mary Harrison, of the par. of St. Martin's in Westminster, London.
* Perhaps William, eldest son of Elizabeth Oglethorpe, of York, widow, who, about 1680, was "put clerk " to Sir Thomas Stringer, sergeant-at-law, for which his mother paid £100. His brother John, and sister Barbara, were living in 1689.

(246). 1697-8, Jan. 10. AV. Daniell Copley,* of par. St. Micale's in Spurrier-gate, & Mrs. Mary Williamson, of Castlegate.
* Daniel Copley, attorney, died in 1715, leaving three children, Thomas, Anne, and Mary. His wife was the daughter of Thomas Williamson, lord mayor of York in 1673. In her will, dated 3 Nov. 1728 [Pro. 14 Sept. 1731], Mary Copley, of York, widow, desires "to be decently but not expensively buryed in the church of All Hallows in the Pavement."

(247). 1697-8, Jan. 30. Richard Jeffreys & Catherine Whitehead, both of this cyty.
(248). 1697-8, Feb. 8. Thomas Hall, of Sandall Magna, & Dorothy Gibson, of Hallyfax.
(249). 1697-8, Feb. 10. Thomas Wanleys,* organist of this Cathedrall, & Mrs. Mary Harrison, of par. Belfrey's.
* Thomas Wanleys, gent., died 2 Feb. 1711, and was buried at St. Michael's-le-Belfrey.-Mary, daughter of Henry Harrison, esq. (second son of Sir Thomas Harrison, knt. of York), by Elizabeth, daughter and heiress of Darcy Conyers, esq., of Holtby. Her mother's second husband, Thomas Preston, was also organist of the Minster, and died in 1691.

(250). 1697-8, Feb. 17. William Halley, of Grindleforth, & Ann Cusson, of this cytie.
(251). 1697-8, Feb. 24. John Bootle, of par. St. Martin's in Coney-streete, & Mary Bilton, of the same.
(252). 1697-8, March 3. Ralph Bell,* of Thriske, & Rachaell Windlow.
* Ralph Bell, eldest son of Robert Bell, mercer, Thirsk. He represented that borough in Parliament from 1710 to 1717, and, in 1723, purchased the manor of James, earl of Derby. At his decease, without issue, in 1735, his nephew, Ralph Consett (son of Peter Consett, esq. of Brawith, by Elizabeth Bell, his sister), succeeded as lord of the manor of Thirsk, and assumed the name of Bell.-Rachael, daughter of Richard Windlow, of Yarm, gent, and Rachael, his wife,

(253). 1697-8, March 10. Thomas Broadbelt, of Ripon, & Mary Biggins, of York.
(254). 1697-8, March 15. Joseph Woade, of North Duffeild, & Mary Hargraves, of the same.
(255). 1698, Apr. 7. Thomas Greene,* of York, minister, & Hannah Pollard, of the same.
* Thomas Green, of Christ's College, Cambridge, was ordained priest in York Minster, 19 May, 1695. Will dated 29 May, 1703 [Pro. 1 Jan. 1701-53; wife Hannah, sole executrix.

(256). 1698, July 6. Mr. Thomas Harrison, of York, & Mrs. Mary Bulmer, of the same.
(257). 1698, July 6. Peter Collins, of York, taylor, & Martha Hunter, of the same.
(258). 1698, July 26. Richard Keder, of East Cottingwith, & Mary Hodgson, of the same.
(259). 1698, July 27. Josiah Falconer, of Leedes, & Lidia Goothrick, of the same.
(260). 1698, Sept. 17. John Peirson, of York, & Ann Chisholme, of the same.
(261). 1698, Nov. 11. Christopher Pearson, of Ellerton, & Ann Walls, of Wheldrake.
(262). 1698, Dec. 5. Joseph Baxter, of Long Clife, & Joane Epworth, of York.
(263). 1698, Dec. 5. Thomas Sugden, of Beverley, & Elizabeth Walker, of York.
(264). 1698-9, Jan. 10. Stephen Mathews & Alice Denton, both of York.
(265). 1698-9, Jan. 25. James Hurst & Alice Patison, both of York.
(266). 1698-9, Feb. 7. John Weddell & Eliz. Trueman, both of York.
(267). 1698-9, Feb. 14. Robert Walker, of Buttercramb, & Eliz. Rains, of Wheldrake.
(268). 1698-9, Feb. 22. Richard Moone, of Hemsley Blackmore, & Ann Judgson, of Haxby, widow.
(269). 1698-9, March 12. Lewis Darcey* & lisabella Rymer, both of York.
* Lewis Darcy was one of the city chamberlains in 1721.

(270). 1699, March 27. William Bannister & Jane Husthwait, both of York.
(271). 1699, March 28. George Pickring, of Selbey, & Mary Wilkinson, of York.
(272). 1699, Apr. 16. William Richardson,* of York, merchant, & Elizabeth Fisher, of the same.
* William Richardson, son of John Richardson, of Copgrave, clerk, was apprenticed to William Stephenson, Eastland merchant, in 1689, and admitted into the Merchants' Company in 1698. He died intestate, and, on 26 April, 1721, his widow Elizabeth administered to his effects.

(273). 1699, Apr. 16. Mr. Edward Ayscoghe, of the cytie of London, & Elizabeth Bradley, of York.
(274). 1699, May 25. Richard Brown, of Hunsingore, & Elizabeth Otter, of Cattall.
(275). 1699, July 27. Mr. Hugh Massey,* of Yorke, & Elizabeth Robinson, of the same.
* On 27 May, 1718, the guardianship of Robinson Massey, aged 17 years and upwards, son of Hugh Massey, gent., of Hemingbrough, was granted to his father. The latter died intestate, and, on 29 April, 1726, administration of his effects was granted to Darley Harrison, a creditor.

(276). 1699, July 27. Mr. Boynton Appleyard,* of Ulceby, co. Linc., & Mrs. Elizabeth Strangeways, of York.
* Boynton, son of Thomas Appleyard, esq., of Ulceby, by Mary, daughter of Thomas Boynton, esq., of Rawcliffe, near Snaith. Assumed the surname of Boynton on succeeding to the estates of his uncle, Matthew Boynton, esq., of Rawcliffe. Died 10 April, 1725, aged 52; buried at Snaith. - Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Strangways, esq., of Pickering, by Jane, daughter of Luke Robinson, esq., of Thornton Riseborough. Died 29 Jan. 1129-30, aged 70; buried near her husband.

(277). 1699, Aug. 21. Mr. William Stainforth* of Simon Burne, co. Northumberland, & Mrs. Frances Pricket, of York.
* William Stainforth, rector of Simonburne, eldest son of Dr. Wm. Stainforth, canon of York (see Burials, No. 148). Baptized at St. Michael's-le-Belfrey, 18 Nov. 1569 ; died at York in 1726.-Frances, daughter of George Prickett, esq., recorder of York, by Rebecca, daughter and coheiress of Leonard Thompson, alderman of York. She died intestate, administration of her effects being granted 24 Sept. 1757, to her son William Stainforth, esq., her daughters, Dorothy, wife of John (or Wm.) Johnson, M.D., Frances Faceby, widow, Judith, wife of Thomas Barstow. esq. and Tabitha Terrick, wife of the right revd. the lord bishop of Peterborough, first renouncing.

(278). 1699, Aug. 29. John Walker & Elizabeth Bilton, both of York.
(279). 1699, Sept. 26. Thomas Ranson, of Pontefract, & Mary Gilliaiain (sic), of Carlton.
(280). 1699, Oct. 5. Joseph Parsons & Martha Robinson, both of York.
(281). 1699, Oct. 10. Mr. Fardinando Latus,* of Grase Inn, & Mrs. Henretta Tempest, of York.
* Ferdinand Latus, esq., of the Beck, par. Millum, co. Cumberland. -Henrietta, daughter of Sir John Tempest, of Tong. co. York, by Henrietta-Catherine. daughter and heiress of Sir Henry Cholmley, of Newton Grange. Her aunt, Annabella Tempest, married Roger Shackleton, lord mayor of York in 1698. See No. 363.

(282). 1699, Oct. 22. James Croft & Margret Stosley, both of Scarbrough.
(283). 1699, Oct. 23. John Oliver, of Pocklington, & Ann Feild, of York.
(284). 1699, Oct. 24. John Swales & Mary Tireman, both of York.
(285). 1699, Nov. 14. Mr. John Wilson, of North Dighton, co. York, & Mrs. Ann Agarr, of this city.
(286). 1699, Nov. 18. Thomas Pullan, of Uper Popelton, & Jane Fawcet, of Hesey, par. Moore Monckton.
(287). 1699, Dec. 9. Jonathan Benson* & Ann Lodge, both of this cytie.
* Jonathan Benson, son of George Benson, esq., of York, and Mary, his wife. Chamberlain in 1721, and sheriff in 1721-2. Died 9 June, 1725, aged 60; buried at Holy Trinity, Micklegate, June 10th.-Ann, daughter of John Lodge, sadler, York: see No. 41). Died 4 Aug.,1745; buried near her husband.

(288). 1699-1700, Jan. 23. Thomas Walker & Elizabeth Sayer, both of Wether(by ), co. York.
(289). 1699-1700, Jan. 29. Mr. William Lister,* of South Frodingham, & Mrs. Margret Headlam, of the cytie of York.
* William, son of William Lister, esq., of South Frodingham, recorder of Hull (3rd son of Sir John Lister, knt. of Hull), and Elizabeth, his wife. Will dated 10 Nov. 1726 [Pro. 16 Oct. 1728].-Margaret, his first wife, daughter of William Headlam, esq. of Kexby (eldest son of John Headlam, esq., by Margaret, daughter of the abovementioned Sir John Lister, knt.). Before 1706, Mr. Lister married, secondly, Frances, daughter of Thomas Fairfax, esq., of York and Sledmere, by whom he had issue, William, Fairfax, Margaret, and Elizabeth. His widow Frances was living in 1729.

(290). 1699-1700, March 11. Thomas Pearson, of Durham, & Mary Broughton, of York.
(291). 1699-1700, March 16. Christopher Walker, of Headon in Holderness, & Ann Sandwith, of the same.
(292). 1699-1700, March 19. Robert Meeke, of Beverley, & Elizabeth Carter, of par. Belfrey's, York.
(293). 1700, Apr. 1. William Etty* & Mary Tennant, both of York.
* William Etty, carpenter and joiner, one of the city chamberlains in 1716.

(294). 1700, Apr. 2. Henry Stockdale,* of Otley, & Izabell Smith, of par. Trinities in Mickelgate,
* Henry Stockdale, grocer, died at Leeds, intestate, in 1708, aged 33, administration of his effects being granted to his widow Isabella, Aug. 14th. -Isabella, daughter of Samuel Smith, senior, the well-known bell-founder of York, and sister of Samuel Smith, sheriff in 1723-4. The will of Isabella Stockdale, of Leeds, widow and mercer, dated 17 Sept. 1725, was proved by her daughters Jane, Isabella, and Sarah Stockdale, 15 Dec., 1730. See No. 320.

(295). 1700, April 4. Mr. Ambross Laycock, of Kirkby Moreside, & Jane Hill, of par. St. Hellin's, Yorke.
(296). 1700, April 14. John Mawman, of par. Bishop Hill the Elder, & Dorthy Walker, both of this cytie.
(297). 1700, Apr. 17. Joshua Leppington, of Howsorne, & Hannah Turner, of the same, in par. Loundsborough.
(298). 1700, Apr. 5 (sic) Mr. Francis Taylor* & Mrs. Ann Hutton, both of par. Belfrey's.
* Francis Taylor, of York, gent., in his will, dated 31 Jan. 1732-3 [Pro. 26 Nov., 1741], desires to be buried at Skelton, near the body of his dear wife, and to be carried to his grave "by the members of the Thursday-night Club."-Anne, eldest daughter of Sir Thomas Hutton, knt., of Nether Poppleton (by Anne, daughter of Nicholas Stringer, esq., of Lound, co. Notts), and coheir of her brother Thomas.

(299). 1700, May 26. Mr. Zachari Sugar,* vickar of Felliskirk, & Mrs. Judith Stainforth, of the cytie of York.
* Zachary Suger, B.A., of Peterhouse, Cambridge, eldest son of Nicholas Suger, of York, gent., and Elizabeth, his wife, was ordained deacon at York. 24 Sept., 1693, and priest 23 Sept. 1694. On 24 Aug., 1695, he was collated to the vicarage of Felixkirk, which be held until his death in 1721.-Judith, youngest daughter of Dr. William Stainforth, canon of York. See No. 202.

(300). 1700, May 27. Mr. Nicholas Burton, of Durham, & Mrs. Ann Bayns, of par. St. Trinities, York.
(301). 1700, May 29. Mr. Robt. Ellys, of Killahm, & Elizabeth Fulthorpe,* of Siglesthorne.
* Elizabeth, daughter of Christopher Fulthorpe, rector of Sigglesthorne. Born 8 Aug. 1682; died 16 Oct. 1706; buried at Sigglesthorne.

(302). 1700, June 4. Mr. Richard Conyers, of Yarm, & Mrs. Frances Eyllis, of Killahm.
(303). 1700, June 23. Thomas Blanchard & Ann Stephenson, both of York.
(304). 1700, June 27. Mr. James Cooke,* of Stockton upon Tease, marchant, & Mrs. Frances Hewett, of Yorke.
* James, second son of James Cooke, alderman of Stockton, and Lucy, his wife. Mayor of Stockton in 1710; died 8 Dec. 1751.-Frances, daughter of Richard Hewitt, lord mayor of York in 1665, by Elizabeth, daughter of Richard Perrott, ll.D., canon of York. She died 11 Dec. 1751, having survived her husband only three days.

(305). 1700, July 2. Mr. John Lockwood, of Crake, & Mrs. Mary Moore, of Yorke.
(306). 1700, July 16. Michael Hansome & Hannah Betson, of par. St. John's, York.
(307). 1700, Aug. 1. Mr. Ralph Creyke,* of Marton, co. Yorke, & Priscilla Bower, of the cytie of Yorke.
* Ralph, son and heir of Gregory Creyke, esq., of Marton, by Anne, daughter of Randolph Carleil, esq., of Sewerby.-Priscella, daughter of William Bower, esq., of Bridlington.

(308). 1700, Aug. 5. Mr. Sameuell Hutchinson, of Carssington, co. Derby, & Mrs. Mary Jenkinson, of Yorke.
(309). 1700, Aug. 13. William Harrison & Cristiana Stevenson, both of par. Bishop Wilton.
(310). 1700, Sept. 17. Mr. John Tomlin, of Brantingham, co. York, & Mrs. Susanna Bolton, of par. St. Ellin's. York.
(311). 1700, Sept. 29. Mr. William Wilkinson, of London, & Mrs. Joanna West, of par. St. Sampson's, York.
(312). 1700, Nov. 3. Mr. Henry Robinson, of Buckton, nere Bridlington, & Mrs. Jane Aslabie, of York.
(313). 1700, Nov. 12. Mr. George Bows & Mrs. Frances Legard, both of Yorke.
(314). 1700-1, Jan. 12. Oswald Walker,* of Yorke, marchant, & Katherine Walker, of the same.
* Oswald Walker, gent., was one of the city chamberlains in 1712.

(315). 1700-1, March 4. Thomas Mann & Elizabeth Record, both of York.
(316). 1701, Apr. 11. Thomas Moorhouse, of Hemsley Blakemore, & Elizabeth Comins, of the same.
(317). 1701, Apr. 28. Mr. Francis St. Geoarge & Mrs. Susanah Rigden,* of par. St. Ellin's, Yorke.
* Susanna, daughter of John Rigden, merchant, York, by Susannah, eldest daughter of Captain Walter Laycock, of Copmanthorpe. Baptized at St. Mary's, Bishophill Junior, 17 March, 1679-80.

(318). 1701, June 29. John Baxter, of Kildwick Grange, & Mary Lingard, of Broughton.
(319). 1701, July 28. Robert Clough & Mary Caley; in the par. of Gooderamgate.
(320). 1701, Aug. 5. William Ellis, of Leedes, & Rachell Smith,* of par. St. Treneties, York.
* Rachael, daughter of Samuel Smith, senior, bell-founder, York (see No. 294). She was living in 1731, as were also her children, Samuel, William, and Isabella Ellis. See No. 294.

(321). 1701, Sept. 20. Soloman Birkbeck, of the citie & Dioces of Yorke, & Ann Sergeson, of Otterburne in Craven.
(322). 1701, Sept. 25. Mr. Darcie Dalton,* of Lisington, co. Linc., & Mrs. Mary Harison, of Skela, neare Doncaster.
* The Rev. Darcy Dalton, M.A., a younger son of Sir William Dalton, knt., of Hawkswell, by Elizabeth. daughter of Sir Marmaduke Wyvill, bart., of Constable Burton, and grandson of Capt. John Dalton (see Minster Burials, No. 48), by Dorothy, daughter of Conyers lord Darcy and Conyers. On 3 May, 1705, he was collated to a stall at Ripon, which he resigned in October, 1713. He was instituted to the rectory of Aston, co. York, 25 Oct. 1712, and, on 28 Aug. seq., was collated to the stall of Langtoft. holding both preferments until his death on 27 March, 1734, aged 64 (M. I at Aston).-The Harrisons were a respectable family at Skellow. A William Harrison was vicar of Ouston from 1687 to 1695. " Mrs. Mary Dalton, wife to Darcy Dalton, clerk," was buried at Owston, 6 Feb. 1703-4. Another wife, Jane, who died 5 March, 1719, aged 36, was buried at Aston.-C. J.

(323). 1701, Sept. 21 (sic) John Waker, of York, taylor, & Alice Melor, of the same. -
(324). 1701, Nov. 30. Thomas Sanderson & Mary Parker of this city.
(325). 1701, Dec. 4. Mr. Richard Roundale* & Mrs. Sarah Brearey, both of this cytie.
* Richard, eldest son of William Roundell, esq. of Marston and Hutton Wansley, by Anna, daughter and heiress of Edward Elwick, lord mayor of York in 1664. Baptized at Marston 5 Aug. 1680; buried there 9 Feb. 1717-8.-His first wife, Sarah, daughter of William Brearey, D.D., rector of Guiseley (grandson of William Brearey, alderman of York), by Mary, daughter of Robert Hitch, dean of York. She was buried at Marston, 5 Aug. 1711. Sarah Roundell, their only surviving child, married, first, Sir Darcy Dawes, bart., who died in 1732 ; and, secondly, Beilby Thompson, esq. of Escrick, from which marriage the present lord Wenlock is descended. By his second wife Elizabeth, daughter and coheiress of John Ramsden, esq. of Norton, Mr. Roundell left issue two daughters, his -coheirs, Catherine, who became the wife of the Hon. Christ. Dawnay, and Mildred, who married, at the Minster, in 1738, John Bourchier, esq. of Benningbrough.

(326). 1701, Dec. 23. John Whitell & Elizabeth Atkinson, both of this cytie.
(327). 1702, Apr. 21. Luke Coates,* vickar of Birstall, & Mary Smithson, of York.
* Luke Coates, M.A. of Peterhouse, Cambridge, was ordained priest by the bishop of Lincoln, 22 Sept., 1689. On 14th July, 1701, he was instituted to the vicarage of Birstal, which he resigned in February, 1718-9. A Tythe-collecting book, which belonged to Air. Coates, contains a curious account, written in the year 1727, of the impositions practised upon him by the parishioners of Birstal. I append a few extracts:-" I was at my first reckoning with the township of Gomersal-cum-Birstal imposed upon by several inhabitants, by their pretending to moduses, which I discovered to be frauds," begun in the time of Mr. Hepworth (his predecessor), "upon the motion of Mr. Timothy Brooke, a noted attorney, & very wicked man."-One time, being in the company of Mr. William Brooke of Lum, " he made me drink freely with him till I was off my guard, then he gave me 20s. for his Easter dues, & gained from me an acquittance acknowledging the receipt of 6d. as a modus for the tythe of his hay." A somewhat similar trick was "put upon" Mr. Coates by certain "grave, substantial men" of Wyke, after "an handsome entertainment" at a public house there. The vicar has not failed to record that " Mr. William Brooke of Lum,-after he had put this trick upon me,-did bury the last of eleven children,"-that his grandson, "an ingenious, hopeful young clergyman,-died suddenly of a short sickness,"-and that the said Mr. Brooke "was the last person, or one of the last, I buried" at Birstal.

The following children of Luke Coates (who was living in 1727) and Mary, his wife, were baptized at Birstal:- Allathea, 23 July, 1704; Thomas, 16 Sept. 1705; William, 27 Sept. 1706; Sophia-Christiana, 25 Jan., 1707-8; Luke, 18 Oct., 1715 ; and Phineas-Theophilus, 27 Feb. 1716-7. For these notes from the parish registers, and, also, for the loan of several pages of extracts from the Tythe-book above mentioned, I am indebted to the courtesy of the Rev. John Kemp, curate of Birstal.

(328). 1702, Apr. 30. Francis Buterfeild, of Harswell, & Ann Brown, of Lounsbrough.
(329). 1702, July 11. Samuell Midgley, of Bppton, & Elizabeth Midgley, of Nunmonkton.
(330). 1702, July 23. Samuell Markham, of Snaith, & Mary Newarke, of the same.
(331). 1702, Aug. 1. John Wheatley, of Wistow, & Cathreine Washington, of the same.
(332). 1702, Aug. 5. John Bows & Elizabeth Dawson, both of par. St. John's.
(333). 1702, Aug. 11. Mr. Roger Gales* & Mrs. Henrietta Raper, both of the cytie of York.
* Roger Gale, esq. of Scruton, the eminent antiquary, eldest son of Thomas Gale, D.D., dean of York, by Barbara, daughter of Roger Pepys, esq. of Impington, near Cambridge. He was M.P. for Northallerton, 1706-1713; the first vice-president of the Society of Antiquaries, and treasurer of the Royal Society. Died at Scruton, 28 June, 1744, aged 72.-Henrietta, daughter of Henry Raper, esq. of Cowling, co. York. She died of small-pox, 29 Sept., 1720, aged 43.

(334). 1702, Sept. 1. Johnathan Willson, of Easeingwold, & Jane Webb, of the same.
(335). 1702, Nov. 5. Richard Agar* & Sarah Garnet, both of par. St. Crux.
* Richard Agar was one of the city chamberlains in 1724.

(336). 1702-3, Jan. 5. Edward Grahme,* Vicecount Preston, of the Parish of Nunington, and the Honored Marie Dalton, of the Parish of St. Trinities in Gudramgate in Yorke.
* Edward, son and heir of Sir Richard Graham of Esk, first viscount Preston, by Anne, daughter of Charles Howard, earl of Carlisle. Succeeded in 1695 ; died in 1709. Mary, daughter and coheiress of Sir Marmaduke Dalton, knt. of Hawkswell. Their only son Charles, the third viscount, was baptized in York Minster, 9 April, 1706, and died without issue in 1739.

(337). 1702-3, Jan. 17. John Bilborough, of Knedlington, & Jane Thornton, of the same.
(338). 1702-3, Jan. 26. Charles Perot,* of Yorke, merchant, & Hannah Trotter, of the same.
* Charles, eldest son of Andrew Perrott, alderman of York, by Martha, daughter of Charles Vaux, notary, Hull. Fined for sheriff in 1707; lord mayor in 1710 and 1723; governor of the Merchants' Company, 1711-1713; buried at St. Martin's, Micklegate, 5 Oct., 1727.-Hannah, daughter of Edward Trotter, esq. of Skelton Castle, by Mary, daughter of Sir John Lowther, bart. Buried at St. Martin's, 23 June, 1713, aged 38. (See Nos. 171, 357.)

(339). 1702-3, March 1. Richard Hobson, of Cropton, par. Midelton, & Ellenor Hobson, of Scarbrough.
(340). 1703, March 28. Benjamin Wade,* of Leedes, & Dorothy Jackson, of Headingley.
* Benjamin, son of John Wade, gent. (brother of Anthony Wade, mayor of Leeds in 1677), by Hannah, daughter of John Milner, esq.

(341). 1703, June 1. William Hall, of Catterick, & Ellinn Weatherheade, de civ. & dioc. Ebor.
(342). 1703, June 17. Henry Rhoades, of Leedes, & Mary Leeke,* of Headley Hall.
* See No. 403, postea.

(343). 1703, Aug. 12. George White & Mary Hopwood, both of par. St. John's att Ousebridge-end.
(344). 1703, Oct. 3. William Lingard, of Breareton, par. Knarsbrough, & Elizabeth Hanley, of York.
(345). 1703, Oct. 12. William Rand, of Long Preston in Holdernes, & Elizabeth Burcheir, of Stecklin.
(346). 1703, Oct. 13. David Tunstead & Catherine Atkinson, both of par. Kirkburton.
(347). 1703, Oct. 17. Jonah Trafnes, of York, & Margret Shillitoe, of the same.
(348). 1703, Oct. 28. William Gibson, of Husthwaite, & Elizabeth Layton, of Coxwold.
(349). 1703, Nov. 11. Parcevile Winterscall,* of Walmgate, & Katharine Bedson, of Clifton.
* Percival Winterscale, tanner, son of Percival Winterscale, of York, and Ann, his wife. Free in 1672 ; sheriff in 1705-6; died intestate, administration being granted 14 Sept., 1721, to his son Robert Winterscale. The latter, who was the sheriff's son by a former wife, by will dated 5 Feb., 1723-4, founded a hospital in Walmgate for six poor people of St, Margaret's parish. This foundation has hitherto been erroneously ascribed to the father.

(350). 1703, Dec. 14. Philip Wright, of Yorke, butcher, & Elizabeth Grasedale, of par. Trinitie's in the same.
(351). 1703, Nov. 19 (sic) John Doughty, of Wakefield, & Priscala Marshall, of Yorke.

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