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1681 to 1762.
By ROBERT H. SKAIFE, The Mount, York (1873).

York Minster Marriages 1703-4 to 1726

(352). 1703-4, March 14. Robert Aske, of Selby, butcher, & Elizabeth Ball, of Rickall, widow.
(353). 1704, March 5 (sic) Thomas Harrison, of Pocklington, & Elizabeth Longfelow, of Skipton.
(354). 1704, Apr. 19. George Lumbley, of Toplife, & Elizabeth Mann, of York.
(355). 1704, June 18. William Carrock, of Cowthorp, fewsterer, & Ann Palfreman, of Wilstrop.
(356). 1704, July 30. Richard Sanderson, of par. Bolton Percy, & Rose Avis, of York.
(357). 1704, Sept. 7. Thomas Mayson,* rector of Thornton, & Martha Perrot, of York.
* Thomas Mason was ordained deacon 21 Dec., 1690, and priest, 20 Sept., 1691, by the bishop of Lincoln. On 14 Dec., 1699, he was instituted to the rectory of Thornton, in Pickering Lithe, which living lie held in 1737. -Martha, daughter of Andrew Perrott, alderman of York, by Martha, daughter of Charles Vaux, notary, Hull. (See Nos. 171, 338.)

(358). 1704, Sept. 7. Thomas William & Frances Buney, both of York.
(359). 1704, Sept. 21. Samuell Plumton & Ann Haxby, both of this city.
(360). 1704, Nov. 29. Phillip Chapman, of Askam Bryan, & Alice Sheperd, of the same.
(361). 1704, Dec. 21. Christopher Lawson,* rector of Gargrave, & Mrs. Mary Plate, of the Minster Yard.
* Christopher Lawson was ordained deacon, 18 Dec., 1664, and priest, 19 Feb., 1664-5, by the bishop of Hereford. On 9 June, 1673, he was instituted to the rectory of Gargrave, which he held until his death in 1717. By will, dated 25 Dec., 1716 [Pro. 2 Nov. 1717], he bequeaths to his wife Mary, "the Staffordshire Iron mynes -(the same having been both expensive and unprofitable to me)." Mary Plate, by whom he had no issue, was his second wife.

(362). 1704-5, Feb. 14. Mr. John Dodgshion,* of Leedes, and Mrs. Elizabeth Blackbeard, of York.
* Probably John Dodgson, junior, merchant, son of John Dodgson, mayor of Leeds in 1696 and 1710.

(363). 1704-5, Feb. 18. Mr. Francis Blunt,* of Newton Garth, mercht, & Annabella Shackelton, of this cytie.
* Francis, son of Francis Blount, gent., of Newton Garth, in the parish of Paul. -Annabella, daughter of Roger Shackleton, lord mayor of York in 1698, by Annabella, daughter of Henry Tempest, esq., of Tong. She was dead in August, 1748.

(364). 1705, Apr. 10. Richard Burnley, of Grimston, par. Danington, & Tabitha Lazenby, of York.
(365). 1705, Apr. 27. Benjamin Holgate, of Pontefract, & Grace Stoopes, of par. Belfrey's.
(366). 1705, May 27. Francis Cornish, of the cytie of Bathe & Wells, farrier, & Ann Cowpland, of par. All Saints, Pavement, York.
(367). 1705, May 30. Daniell Walker, of Earesley, par. Coxwold, yeamon, & Hannah Halliley, of Millford, par. Sherburn.
(368). 1705, June 16. Richard Herbert,* apothecary, par. St. John's, & Marie Hill, of the same.
* Richard Herbert was apprenticed to Joseph Thomlinson, apothecary, York, 28 July, 1696, and admitted into the Merchants' Company 26 flay, 1705. He afterwards resided at Selby, where he died, intestate, in 1723, leaving a widow Mary.

(369). 1705, Aug. 18. John Harrison, of Darlington, lining-weaver, & Margret Stokill, of York.
(370). 1705, Sept. 12. Josep. Barton, of par. St. Ellin's, & Jane Hudson, of par. St. Martin's, Mickelgate.
(371). 1705, Oct. 18. John Jackson, of Woodhome, & Mary Bretton, of the same.
(372). 1705, Oct. 29. Robert Dreffeild & Ellinn Kirkby, both of par. Ricall.
(373). 1705, Nov. 10. William Myers, of Appleton, par. Bolton Percy, & Ellin Hill, of the same.
(374). 1705, Nov. 29. John Suttle,* of York, cheesemonger, & Elezabeth Stephenson, of the same.
* John Suttle, merchant, was chamberlain in 1730, and sheriff in 1730-1. -Elizabeth, only daughter of Robert Stephenson, gent., of Whitgift, by Margaret, daughter of William Plaxton, gent., of Pocklington. She died intestate, and on 1 June, 1721, administration of her effects was granted to her husband.

(375). 1705, Dec. 9. Christopher Corsenett, of the cytie of London, & Elizabeth Rigden, of York.
(376). 1705-6, Feb. 11. Robert Dreiffield, of Eskrigg, & Margret Reede, of Malton.
(377). 1705-6, Feb. 16. George Hatter, of Bubwith, & Hanah Maples, of the same.
(378). 1705-6, March 5. William Atkinson, of York, & Dorothe Masterman, of Nunington.
(379). 1705-6, March 13. Thomas Pickring,* of York, gent., & Rachell Staines, of the same.
* Thomas Pickering, attorney, eldest son of George Pickering, sheriff of York in 1691-2, and nephew of William Pickering, lord mayor in 1709. Baptized at St. Michael's-le-Belfrey, 2 Dec. 1668; sheriff in 1707-8; lord mayor in 1711; died intestate in April, 1712.-Rachael Staines, his second wife, died intestate in 1732. His first wife, Elizabeth, died in 1699.

(380). 1706, Apr. 1. John Squire, of Leedes, clothier, & Prisila Fearenly, both of the same parish.
(381). 1706, May 14. Mr. Thomas Davison* & Mrs. Ann Bland, both of York.
* Thomas, eldest son of John Davison, esq. of Blakiston, Co. Durham, by Mary, only daughter and heiress of Sir Richard Musgrave, bart., of Hartley Castle, Co. Westmorland. Died 9 Sept., 1748, aged 66, buried at Norton.-Anne, eldest daughter of Sir John Bland, bart., of Kippax, Co. York, by Ann, daughter and heiress of Sir Edward Mosley, of Hulme, Co. Lanc. Died 17 May, 1715, aged 27. Their grandson, Thomas Davison, assumed the name of Bland in 1756, on succeeding to the estates of his cousin, Sir Hungerford Bland, bart., of Kippax.

(382). 1706, June 28. John Wilkinson, of Newcastle, & Allice Bovell, of Murton.
(383). 1706, Aug. 13. Christopher Brigland, of Acaster Malbis, & Eelenor Savage, of Bolton Percy.
(384). 1706, Aug. 24. Joseph Greenewood, of Harwood, & Sarah Parker, of the Minster Yard.
(385). 1706, Oct. 10. John Croft, of Huggate, & Hannah Wolfe, of Melton, par. Pocklington.
(386). 1706, Dec. 8. Robert Raines & Jane Raines, both of par. Wheldrake.
(387). 1706-7, Feb. 10. Richard Megson & Ann Moncaster, both of York.
(388). 1707, Apr. 26. Henry Goodrick,* of Ribston, Barronet, & Mrs. Mary Jenkins, of Grimston.
* Henry, son and heir of Sir John Goodrick, bart., of Ribston, by Sarah, daughter of Sir Richard Hopkins, knt. Born 8 Sept. 1677; succeeded in 1706; high sheriff of Yorkshire in 1718; died 21 July, 1738.-Mary, daughter and heiress of Tobias Jenkins, esq. of Grimston, alderman of York, by the lady Mary Paulet, daughter of Charles, duke of Bolton. See Minster Burials, No. 107.

(389). 1707, May 15. Richard Riding & Elizabeth Weare, both of par. St. Sampson's, York.
(390). 1707, May 28. Thomas Barron & Sarah Ambler, of par. St. Martin's, Micklegate.
(391). 1707, July 13. Andrew Wood & Marie Stockdale, both of York.
(392). 1707, Aug. 1. Thomas. Kirke,* of Cookeride, co. York, & Lydia Light, of Durham.
* Thomas Kirke, esq., of Cookridge, near Leeds, "a great virtuoso in all sorts of learning," son of Thomas Kirke, esq., by Rosamond, daughter and coheiress of Robert Abbot, of Preston Jacklin, gent. Born 21 April, 1684; died s. p. in January, 1708-9.Lydia, daughter of Anthony Light, esq. She re-married, before 1712, the Rev. Robert Lumley, rector of Bedele.

(393). 1707, Aug. 17. Thomas Hellington, of Carlton, & Mary Roper, of par. All Saints, Pavement.
(394). 1707, Nov. 9. Robert Wyley, of Skipwith, & Elizabeth Fewster, of Rickall.
(395). 1707, Oct. 20 (sic) Cristopher Merry, of this cytie, & Ann Lepington, of the cytie of London.
(396). 1707, Nov. 8. Mr. John Staineforth,* of this cytie, & Mrs. Mary Goodrick, of the same.
* John Sainforth, mercer or grocer, and receiver of Land Tax, second son of Dr. William Stainforth, canon residentiary of York (see Minster Burials, No. 148). Baptized at St. Michael's-le-Belfrey, 25 Oct., 1671 ; apprenticed to Judith Murthwaite, mercer, 23 Sept., 1686; admitted into the Merchants' Company in 1704; sheriff of York in 1705-6, and lord mayor in 1730. On 18 Nov., 1743, he resigned his gown, on account of " bad health and infirmities," and, dying intestate, was buried at St. Martins, Coney-street, 31 Dec., 1747. His son, William Stainforth, was store-keeper of His Majesty's Mews in 1754.-Mary, daughter of Sir John Goodrick, bart., of Ribston. She was buried at St. Martin's, 7 Nov., 1758.

(397). 1707, Nov. 20. Robert Graves & Mary Riveley, both of this cytie.
(398). 1707, Dec. 29. Mr. Peter Sunderland,* of Aketon, & Mrs. Ann Thornhill, of York.
* Peter, son and heir of Brian Sunderland, esq. of Aketon (eldest son of Langdale Sunderland, esq., of Featherston, by his first wife Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Thornhill, esq. of Fixby). Died intestate ; administration granted to his widow Anne, 29 April, 1727.-Anne, daughter of George Thornhill, esq. of Fixby, by Mary, daughter and heiress of Thomas Wyvill, esq., of Constable Burton.

(399). 1707-8, Jan. 7. Mr. Edward Gale Baldero,* of the cytie of (sic), and Mrs. Mary Leyvens, of the same.
* Edward Gale, only surviving son of Daniel Boldero, esq., of Humbertoft, co. Norfolk, and afterwards of York. Baptized at Holy Trinity, Goodramgate, 13 Nov. 1679. On 19 Dec., 1713, he was elected town-clerk of York, vice Thomas Mace deceased, and resigned that office in 1719.-Mary, daughter of William Levyns, esq., of Eske, co. York, by Margaret, daughter of Sir Edward Barnard, knt., of North Dalton. She died 12 Sept., 1753, aged 70.

(400). 1707-8, Jan. 27. Richard Sorawray,* Dr. of Physick, & Mrs. Abigail Dickinson, both of the cytie of York.
* Richard, son and heir of Richard Sowray, of York, gent., by Mercia, daughter of John Morton, of the same city. Died 27 Feb., 1708-9, aged 45 ; buried at St. Mary's, Castlegate.-Abigail (his second wife), daughter of Thomas Dickenson, esq., of Kirkby Hall, alderman of York, by Anne, daughter of Joseph Micklethwaite, esq. M.D. of Swine (see Minster Burials, No. 167). Susannah, wife of Doctor Richard Sowray, was buried at St. Mary's, Castlegate, 13 Jan., 1706-7.

(401). 1707-8, Jan. 3 (sic) Mr. Charles Mace* & Mrs. Elizabeth Blower.
* Charles, son of the Rev. Charles Mace, rector of Dunnington, and of St. Saviour's, York, and one of the vicars choral. Baptized at the chapel in the Bedern, 29 Oct., 1682; ordained deacon, at York, 3 June, 1705; and priest, at Bishopthorpe, 27 Oct., 1706 ; instituted to the vicarage of Holy Trinity, King's Court, 23 May, 1707, which he ceded for that of Holy Trinity, Hull, in 1716; where he was buried 21 April, 1721. -Elizabeth, daughter of the Rev. John Blower, rector of St. Martin's, Micklegate. She was living in 1724.

(402). 1707-8, Feb. 22. Richard Corney, of Ellerton, milner, & Mary Drabbs, of the same.
(403). 1708, Apr. 13. Hugo Wentworth* & Hannah Leak.
* Hugh, son of Thomas Wentworth, esq., of South Elmsall, by Martha, daughter of Richard Darley, esq. of Wilton.- Hannah, daughter of Nicholas Leake, esq., of Headley Hall, co. York. See No. 342.

(404). 1708, Apr. 22. Richard Whitwell, of Harton, par. Boswell, & Ann Butrey, of the same.
(405). 1708, May 11. Mr. Thomas Clarke, of Wakefeild, & Mrs. Frances Thompson,* of Yorke.
* Frances, daughter of Richard Thompson, esq. of Kilham, and sister of Jonas Thompson, attorney, lord mayor of York in 1731. She was living in 1739.

(406). 1708, June 8. Richard Midelton & Margret Coxson, both of this cytie.
(407). 1708, Aug. 31. William Gates & Prudence Ward.
(408). 1708, Sept. 29. Mr. John Wilson, of Richmond, & Mrs. Marie Blower, of York.
(409). 1709, Apr. 13. Joshua Williamson & Elizabeth Mounton.
(410). 1709, Apr. 25. Thomas Jubb* & Dorathie Crowder.
* Thomas Jubb, notary, registrar to the Dean and Chapter, son of Robert Jubb, of York, gent. Buried at St. Michael's-le-Belfrey 5 Sept. 1736. His widow Dorothy, was buried there 15 March, 1753. Their youngest son, Henry Jubb, apothecary, was lord mayor of York in 1773.

(411). 1709, May 1. Thomas Danson,* of Winsley, & Susanah Brooksbank, of Berkes.
* Thomas Danson, gent., of Winsley House, in the township of Hartwith, in Nidderdale, second son of Lawrence Danson, gent. of Winsley, by his second wife Jannett, daughter of John Dougill, gent. of Hartwith. Born in 1678; died without issue, in his father's life-time, before 1730.-Susannah Brooksbank, of Birks, in Ovenden, near Halifax,

(412). 1709, May 2. Abstrups. Danby,* Esqr & Mrs. Elizabeth Ingram.
* Abstrupus, only son of Sir Abstrupus Danby, knt. of Swinton, by Judith, daughter of Abraham Moon, merchant, London. Born in 1680; succeeded in 1727; died 12 March, 1750.-Elizabeth (his first wife), daughter of Arthur Ingram, esq. of Barrowby (brother of Henry viscount Irwin), by Jane, daughter of Sir John Mallory, knt. of Studley. She died in April, 1717, and was buried at Whitkirk, near Leeds. See No. 545, postea.

(413). 1709, July 7. Michaell Marshall, of Selby, & Lucy Franckland, of Bramham.
(414). 1709, July 28. Samuell Scorr & Sarah Greaves of Leedes.
(415). 1709, Aug. 4. Mr. Charles Wilkinson,* of Old borough, and Mrs. R. Kershaw, of Ripley. (Md by Dr. Kershaw).
* Charles, son and heir of Andrew Wilkinson, esq. of Aldborough, in the West Riding, by Deborah, daughter and coheiress of Richard Cholmley, esq. of Sprinsty Hall. High sheriff of Yorkshire in 1716.--Rebecca, daughter of John Kirshaw, rector of Ripley, co. York, by Rebecca, daughter of Richard Sykes, rector of Kirkheaton.

(416). 1709-10, Jan. 14. George Miers & Jane Bawtrey, both of York.
(417). 1709-10, Jan. 16. John Wise* and Margret Bicker-dike, both of the par. of Bolton Percie, by Mr. Pearson, sub-Deane of this church ; the banes of marriage were thrise publisht in the church of Bolton Percie by Mr. Day, curat.
* John Wise, of Colton, in the parish of Bolton Percy, gent. Will dated 3 March, 1741-2 [Pro. 27 Dec., 1756] ; mentions his sons, John Wise, of Bolton Percy, clerk, and Cornelius Wise, and his daughter Mary Wise, to whom he bequeaths all the "linen that came from Virginia and from Appleton."

(418). 1709-10, Jan. 24. Richard Denton* and Elizabeth Robinson, both of York.
* Richard Denton, merchant, son of John Denton, by Mary, daughter of Richard Sowray, of York, was one of the city chamberlains in 1711, and sheriff in 1715-16. He was living at Deighton, in the parish of Escrick, in 1729, and died at Nun Monkton before 24 Dec., 1731, leaving two daughters, Mary and Ann.

(419). 1709-10, Feb. 26. Luke Lillingston,* Esquire, & Cathrine Towrey.
* Luke Lillingston, esq., of North Ferriby, son of colonel Henry Lillingston, of Bottesford, co. Linc., died 6 April, 1713, aged 60, and was buried at Ferriby. His first wife, Elizabeth, daughter of Robert Saunderson, esq., of Bommel, in Guelderland, died 18 Oct., 1699, aged 58. In his will, dated 4 March, 1712-3 [Pro. 13 July, 1714], he mentions his wife Catherine. his daughters Susanna and Anna-Maria Lillingston, his father-in-law Samuel Hassell, and his nephew Lillingston Bowden, of Beverley.Catherine, widow of -- Towry, esq., and daughter of Samuel Hassell, esq., of Hutton-upon-Derwent. She re-married (his 3rd wife) Sir Richard Osbaldeston, knt., of Hunmanby. Dame Catherine Osbaldeston, of York, widow, in her will, dated 25 June, 1733 [Pro. 3 March, 1734-5], bequeaths her silver tankard, with Mr. Towry's coat of arms on it, to her brother Thomas Hassell.

(420). 1710, Apr. 15. Thomas Lambert, Esquire, and Mrs. Dorathey Tankered*
* Probably Dorothy, eldest daughter of Christopher Tancred, esq., of Whixley.

(421). 1710, July 22. John Preston, of South Duffeild, and Martha Squire, of Elvington.
(422). 1710, Aug. 3. William Harrison, of Beverley, and Elizabeth Hawood, of York.
(423). 1710-1, Jan. 21. Francis Horsely,* of Catton, & Grace Raper, of Knapton.
* A younger son of John Horsley, of Upper Catton, yeoman.

(424). 1710-1, Jan. 22. Patrick Maxwell, of the cytie of Yorke, Esqr, & Mrs. Ann Trotter, of the same. -
(425). 1710-1, Feb. 24. William Tweddell and Elizabeth Doughty, both of this cytie.
(426). 1711, May 1. Samuel Lund, of Haxby, and Sybill Linton, of York.
(427). 1711, May 3. Leonard Matthews and Bridget Dale, both of this cytie.
(428). 1711, June 1. William Manby, of Knarsbrough, and Sarah Exley, of the same.
(429). 1711, June 14. Robert Ellis, of Beverley, and Ann Justice, of Yorke.
(430). 1711, June 19. Stephen Dalton & Jane Leadley, both of this cytie.
(431). 1711, July 1. Richard Pearson,* of Kingstonupon-Hull, & Margret Thomas, of this cytie.
* Richard Pearson, of Kingston-upon-Hull, haberdasher of hats, made his will 21 March, 1711-12, leaving all to his wife Margaret, to whom probate was granted 16 April, 1720.

(432). 1711, July 29. Thomas Mann, of Batley, and Sarah Mann, of this cytie.
(433). 1711, July 28 (sic) George Ellerson and Margret Smallwood, both of this cytie.
(434). 1711, Nov. 10. Robert Pinkney and Ann Robinson, both of this cytie.
(435). 1711, Nov. 11. Thomas Williamson and Jane Mann.
(436). 1711, Dec. 13. John Wheatley, of Pontefract, and Abigail Forless, of the same.
(437). 1711-2, Feb. 1. Jeremiah Bellingaham and Jonae Gardiner, both of this cytie.
(438). 1711-2, Jan. 22 (sic) Mr. Jonah Thompson* and Mrs. Ann Justice, both of this cytie.
* Jonas Thompson, attorney, son and heir of Richard Thompson, esq., of Kilham (son and heir of Jonas Thompson, esq., elder brother of Sir Henry Thompson, knt., of Escrick, alderman of York). Chamberlain in 1711; lord mayor in 1731; died 18 July, 1739, aged 59; buried at Kilham, July 21.-Ann, daughter of William Justice, attorney, York, and niece of Emanuel Justice, lord mayor in 1706. She died 3 Feb., 1773, aged 82, and was buried at Kilham Feb. 23rd. Their son, the Revd. Richard Thompson, was interred in the Minster in 1795. See Burials, No. 245.

(439). 1711-2, Mar. 17. Isack Higson and Dorathey Stilling.
(440). 1712, Apr. 1. Henry Lee* and Hannah Freeman, both of Kingston-upon-Hull.
* Henry Lee was chamberlain of Hull in 1728, and warden of the Trinity House in 1729, 1734 and 1741.-W. C. B. In his will, which was made in London 4 June, 1744 [Pro. 25 April, 1750], he tells us that his grandfather-in-law, Mr. Thomas Peacock, town-clerk of Hull, "who dyed as sencible as I am that writes this," left him about £6,000, which sum was then in "the hands of Fairbridge and others, who very unjustly possess the same, I being forced to set my hand to some paper, and do such things as I would not have done, but was threatened with ruin and an imediat gaole if I refused, and was then so ill in my chamber that none thought less then that my heart was broake by the vilanous treatment I received." He appoints his wife Hannah, and his children, Hannah, Henry and Thomas Lee, executors.

(441). 1712, Apr. 19. John Dodd, of Alne, and Ellen Fountains, of the same.
(442). 1712, May 13. Thomas Bowling and Ellinor Hodge.
(443). 1712, June 5. Mr. John Bradley,* Prebendary of the Prebend of South Newbald, and Mrs. Mary Woodyer.
* The Revd. John Bradley (see Nos. 17, 240, antea), canon residentiary of York, died intestate, administration of his effects being granted to his son, Henry Bradley, clerk, 6 Jan., 1741-2. (See No. 753, postea.)-Mary, daughter of William Woodyear, esq., of York, and sister of George Woodyear, esq., of Crookhill, whose daughter Mary married Francis Drake, the author of Eboracum (see No. 550, postea). She died intestate, within the cathedral close, and on 9 May, 1744, administration was granted to her nephew, William Woodyear, esq.

(444). 1712, July 9. Richard Burton, of Snaith, and Elizabet Burton, of Thornton.
(445). 1712, Aug. 5. John Nendick and Elizabeth Bartendale, both of Malton.
(446). 1712, Aug. 13. Robert Laverack, of Fishlake, and Susan Birks, of the par. of Snaith.
(447). 1712, Oct. 16. Markam Hadelsey and Ann Blyth, both off the par. of South Duffield.
(448). 1712, Dec. 30. Christopher Bates* (Bales ?) of Kingston-upon-Hull, merchant, and Wastell (sic), of Aynederby Steeple.
* According to Gent (p. 194), Christopher Bales, or Bailes, was chamberlain of Hull in 1714, and sheriff in 1717. Christopher Bayles, esq., of Laxton, near Howden, died in 1744, leaving a son, Christopher Bayles, merchant, and three daughters, Deborah, Frances and Barbara Bayles.

(449). 1712, Dec. 31. Tho. Williamson and Ann Bennington.
(450). 1712-3, Jan. 12. Thomas Gill and Mary Clough.
(451). 1712-3, Feb. 12. Edward Watson and Hanah Hardestie, both of Easeingwold.
(452). 1713, Apr. 20. Mr. John Foster* and Mrs. Mary Dealtrey, both of York.
* John Foster, haberdasher, York.-Mary, sister of John Dealtry, of York, gent.

(453). 1713, May 27. George Seller, of Malton, and Elizabeth Lowson, of Norton.
(454). 1713, June 4. Mr. William Matterson and Mrs. Martha Jackson.
(455). 1713, July 4. Richard Prince, of Swillington, and Hester Beale, of Garforth.
(456). 1713, July 29 (sic) Christopher Bell and Ann Cowton, both of this cytie.
(457). 1713, July 12. Mr. Charles Usher* and Mrs. Edith Davie, of the par. of St. Martin's, Coney Streete.
* Charles Usher was apprenticed to Jon. Welburne, apothecary, York, 24 July, 1700. On 18 Nov., 1708, he married, at St. Mary's, Castlegate, Mrs. Elizabeth Bywater. She was buried in the same church 6 Aug., 1709. On 11 May, 1711, administration of the goods of Elizabeth Spofforth, alias Usher, late of York, deceased, intestate, was granted to Charles Usher, her husband. Mr. Usher afterwards resided at Birstal, and died at York in the summer of 1721. -Edith, his third wife (who survived him), was the daughter, I believe, of Robert Davye, alderman of York, and sister of Anne, wife of Samuel Wilberforce, esq., from whom the present lord bishop of Winchester is descended.

(458). 1713, July 17. John Leng, of Allerthorp, and Mary Dewsberey.
(459). 1713, July 21. Henry Jarret,* of Beverley, and Ann Blakeston, of North Newbald.
* Henry Jarratt, of Beverley, gent., lord of the manors of Lund and Bempton, died in 1745, leaving a son John, and two daughters, Mary, wife of John Constable, of Beverley, gent., and Anne. He was the son of Henry Jarratt, of Hull, gent., who died about 1734.

(460). 1713, Aug. 28. George Wilkinson, of Wakefield, and Frances Bethell, of Heath.
(461). 1713, Sept. 5. Richard Jobbottson, of Riston, in the par. of Burnsall, and Sarah Allcock, of York.
(462). 1713, Sept. 17. William Yates and Susan Lewis, both of this cytie.
(463). 1713, Nov. 7. John Burneston, of Knaresbrough, and Hannah Leeming, of Beethill.
(464). 1713, Nov. 29. Captaine Henry Medley* and Mrs. Anne Gouhe.
* Henry, son of Robert Medley, esq., of York, hy Dorothy, daughter of William Grimston, esq., of Grimston Garth (by his second wife). In his will, dated at Savona 2 Aug., 1747 [Pro. 20 Feb. seq.], "Henry Medley, of Little Smeaton, co. York, esq , vice-admiral of the Blue Squadron of his Maties fleet, & commander-in-chief of his Maties ships & vessels imployed in the Mediterranean," desires to be buried in the parish church of St. Michael-le-Belfrey, York. He bequeaths £7,000 to his nephew John Kilvington, of Acomb, gent., £3,000 to his niece Mrs. Dorothy Kilvington, of York, and a like sum to Jane, daughter of the above John Kilvington. All his real estates he leaves to Thomas Grimston, esq., of Etton, and his heirs, remainder to his said nephew John Kilvington. Admiral Medley died at Savona, 5 Aug., 1747. A monument to his memory, in the north aisle of the choir of York Minster, bears the following inscription :

In Memory of The Honble. HENRY MEDLEY, ESQr., Vice Admiral of the Blue and Commander in Chief in the MEDITERRANEAN, who died at SAVONA Aug: 5th., 1747: He was Son to ROBERT MEDLEY, ESQr., by DOROTHY Daughter to WILLIAM GRIMSTON of GRIMSTON GARTH, ESQr. He married ANN, Daughter and Heiress to Mr. NATHANIEL GOCHE, Merchant in HULL, by DOROTHY Sister to THOMAS GRIMSTON, ESQr., Grandson to the Abovenamed WILLIAM ; and had Issue by her One Daughter who died Young.

(465). 1713, Dec. 22. William. Caterick, of Darlington, and Elizabeth Greene.
(466). 1713-4, Jan. 12. William Bowlby, of Hemsley, and Elizabeth Wilson.
(467). 1714, May 2. Montacute Giles* and Marie Fox, both of this cytie.
* Montague Gyles was apprenticed to Rowland Moseley, apothecary, York, 29 Sept., 1707.

(468). 1714, July 29. Thomas Smithson, of Aldwooley, and Mary Cooper, of Hovingham.
(469). 1714, Aug. 3. John Cusens, of Wistow, and Mary Byard.
(470). 1714, Sept. 9. Jonathan Empson, of Swinfleet, and Ann Dealtrey, of Bubwith.
(471). 1714, Feb. 18 (sic) Thomas Smith and Mary Hila, of Hembrough.
(472). 1714, Nov. 12 (sic) Simon Linch and Elizabeth Owthwait, of Shereburn.
(473). 1714-5, Feb. 4. John Coulton and Raceachell Webster, of this cytie.
(474). 1715, Apr. 21. Richard Heckels* and Dorathey Mawman.
* Richard Eccles, fishmonger, chamberlain in 1710, died before 18 March, 1718-9, leaving a widow Dorothy.

(475). 1715, Apr. 21. Christopher Sanderson and Ann Cook.
(476). 1715, May 28. Fransis Pickring and Ann Banks.
(477). 1715, June 25. Rob. Foster, of Welburn, and Ann Newton.
(478). 1715, Aug. 27. Timothy Hutchinson, of Leedes, and Mary Hutchinson, of the par. of Belfrey's, in York.
(479). 1715, Nov. 3. Ralph Taylor, of Brafferton, and Elizabeth Talor, of York.
(480). 1715, Nov. 21. John Wictaker, of North Milford, and Elizabeth Hollingworth, of Sutton.
(481). 1715, Nov. 27. William Lee, of the par. of St. Sampson's, and Marie Dormer.
(482). 1715, Dec. 3. John Piper, of Easeingwold, and Elizabeth Burnet, of York.
(483). 1715-6, Feb. 3. Nehemiah Fearne,* of Leeds, & Eliz. Wright, of Wistow.
* Son of Josiah Fearne, of Leeds, clothier; died intestate before 6 Aug., 1742.

(484). 1715-6, Mar. 4. Robt. Ibbotson & Ann Parker.
(485). 1716, Apr. 5. Samuell Powell, of Ledes, and Hannah Ambler.
(486). 1716, Apr. 30. Jacob Hayns, of Notingham, and Priscilla Jubb.
(487). 1716, May 27. William Waind and Ann Cros.
(488). 1716, June 5. Jonathan Bark,* of Snaith, and Mary Fagg, of Sutton.
* Probably John Barke, curate of Snaith, whose wife Mary was buried there 1 May, 1718. See No. 598, postea.

(489). 1716, July 21. Richard Brunton and Mary Tanfeild.
(490). 1716, Aug. 21. James Bastow* and Marie Bastow, both of this cytie.
* James Barstow, mercer, or grocer (son of Thomas Barstow, of York, by Sarah Poole, his wife?). Apprenticed to Thomas Barstow, mercer, 4 March, 1686-7 ; admitted into the Merchants' Company in 1695; sheriff of York in 1716-7 ; buried at All Saints, North-street, 5 March, 1734-5. His first wife Mary died in childbed, and was buried at St. Martin's, Coney-street, 29 Nov., 1706-Mary (his second wife), widow of Nathan Barstow, of York, gent. (ancestor of the Barstows of Garrow Hill), and daughter of Robert Foster, sheriff of York in 1691-2. She was buried at All Saints, 4 Feb., 1741-2.

(491). 1716, Oct. 17. John Skelton, of Wakefeild Wood, and Margret Talbot, of York. (See No. 496.)
(492). 1716, Oct. 25. John Sprentall* and Hannah Laycock, both of Leedes.
* Josiah Fearne, clothier, Leeds, in his will dated 28 Jan., 1721-2, mentions his daughter Anna Sprentall.

(493). 1716, Oct. 28. Mr. Humfrey Duncalfe,* of Kingston-upon-Hull, and Mrs. Pawson, of York.
* Humphrey, son of Edmund Duncalfe, woolen-draper, Hull, was apprenticed to Elias Pawson, wine-merchant and alderman of York, 20 Aug., 1701. "At his going beyond seas," about 1707, his father advanced him the sum of £200, secured on property at Hollym, in Holderness, which had been bequeathed to him, in 1705, by his uncle Samuel Duncalfe, town-clerk of Hull.-" Mrs. Pawson " was probably one of the daughters of his master the alderman.

(494). 1716, Nov. 3. John Lucas and Marie Thompson.
(495). 1716, Nov. 3. Tho. Story, of Old Byland, and Mary Greeneside, of Coxwold.
(496). 1716, Oct. 16 (sic) John Skelton, of Wakefeild, and Marie Talbot. (See No. 491.)
(497). 1716, Dec. 21. Robert England and Mare Greeneup, both of this cytie.
(498). 1716-7, Mar. 5. James Lang with* and Elizabet Denton.
* James Langwith, watchmaker, York, son of Oswald Langwith, gent., clerk of the cathedral vestry (see Minster Burials, Vol. I., p. 264, n). He died 7 Feb., 1722-3, aged 32, and was buried in the church of St. Maurice, leaving a son Oswald, whose tuition was granted 28 Oct., 17255, to his uncle Richard Denton, gent. (see No. 418, antea).-Elizabeth, daughter of John Denton, of York. She re-married John Fryer, of York, and died intestate before 15 Oct., 1725. See Nos. 724 and 813, postea.

(499). 1717, Mar. 28. John Gibson, of Rickall, and Elizabeth Grimshaw.
(500). 1717, Apr. 22. George Stowin, of Snaith, and Sarah Empson*
* Sarah, daughter of James Empson, of Goole, gent., and Elizabeth, his wife. She was living in 1734.

(501). 1717, May 6. Michaele Drake and Ann Robinson, of Wakefeild.
(502). 1717, May 16. Francis Laverack, of Smeaton, in the par. of Womersley, and Marey Nelson, of Newland.
(503). 1717, May 18. Thomas Horsley,* of Fimber, in the par. of Wetwang, and Mary Gooderick, of Gate Hemsley.
* The eldest son, I believe, of Matthew Horsley, of Fimber, yeoman. He was living at Gate Helmsley in 1730.

(504). 1717, June 18. Francis Benson, of Hunsionor (Hunsingore ?), and Jane Roebuck, of Hull.
(505). 1717, Aug. 1. Edw. Coxshow and Ellin Brown.
(506). 1717, Aug. 22. John Watson, of Steffendales and Gisabela (sic) (See No. 510.)
(507). 1717, Sept. 7. Ralph Hograve and Mary Grey.
(508). 1717-8, Feb. 2. Mr. Nicholas Prockter* and Mrs. Mildrew Rhodes.
* For some account of Mr. Nicholas Procter, formerly vestry-clerk in the cathedral, and his wife Mildrew, see Burials, No. 165. She was the widow of John Rhodes, gent., of Temple Newsam.

(509). 1717-8, Feb. 12. George Franklin and Mare Smeaton.
(510). 1718, Apr. 29. John Watson, of Fylingdales, and Issabele Wilson. (See No. 506.)
(511). 1718, May 8. Thos. Tate, of Braham, and Hezill Theakston.
(512). 1718, June 9. Simon Neulove,* of Wetwang, and Isabela Hotham, of Yorke.
* Apparently a younger son of Michael Newlove, of Wetwang, yeoman, who died in 1699.-Isabella, daughter of Robert Hotham, brewer, York. See Nos. 676, 800, 827.

(513). 1718, July 22. Edward Crofts* and Margarete Peckett, both of York.
* Edward, son of Edward Croft, plumber, York, by his first wife Sarah, daughter of Richard Justice, innholder, York. Will dated 26 Feb., 1718-9 [Pro. 21 Dec., 1742]. Leaves all to his wife Margaret.-Margaret, daughter of Richard Peckitt, of York, (son of John Peckitt sheriff in 1673-4, by Margaret, daughter of Richard Metcalfe, of Northallerton, gent. ).

(514). 1718, June 22 (sic) John Garbut and Isabell Smith, both of York.
(515). 1718, Aug. 12. Christopher Cross, of Huggate, and Ann Wiangham (sic), of Langton.
(516). 1718, Aug. 14. William Humble, of Pickaring, and Mary Allen.
(517). 1718, Aug. 24. D'oyly Sanders* and Sarae Hatchett, both. of this cytie.
* Second son of Thomas Saunders, gent., of Coat's Bank, Grosmont, by Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Edward Chaloner, knt., of Guisbrough. He died in 1748, leaving a widow Anne, and a son D'oyly. His younger brother, David Saunders, apothecary, York, was father of Francis Saunders, sheriff in 1781-2, whose son James was lord mayor of York in 1818.-On 21 Oct., 1719, Thomas Hatchett, cheesemonger, York, bequeaths " to Mr. Doyley Sanders one broad peice of gold of ye value of three & twenty shillings."

(518). 1718, Aug. 26. Thomas Gill and Sara Sigsworth, both of this cytie.
(519). 1718, Oct. 28. Francis Wright and Mare Robinson, both of this cytie.
(520). 1718, Oct. 10 (sic) Thomas Harker and Jane Morrell, both of Owston.
(521). 1718, Oct. 17 (sic) Jos. Cam and Alice Carterton, both of this cytie.
(522). 1718, Nov. 26. Will. Mudd and Jane Roome, both of this cytie.
(523). 1718, Dec. 5. Ralph Moor, of Pocklington, and Jane Jackson, of Moorton.
(524). 1718-9, Jan. 17. John Welburn, of Scarbrough, and Elizabeth Beverly, of this cytie.
(525). 1718-9, Feb. 17. Henry Stephenson & Elizabeth Jackson, both of North Newbald.
(526). 1718-9, Feb. 18. Will. Rudsdill, of Bugthorp, and Marie Agar.
(527). 1719, Apr. 11. Stamper Fenton* & Ann Preistley, both of this cytie.
* Stamper Fenton, tavern-keeper, chamberlain in 1726, died 17 Aug., 1734, aged 48, and was buried at St. Mary's, Castlegate, Aug. 19th.-Ann, daughter of (Joseph?) Priestley, of York. "Mrs. Ann Fenton, widow," was buried at the above church, 17 Feb., 1750-1.

(528). 1719, May 2. John Nicholson and Elizebeth Bramwell.
(529). 1719, May 21. John Gibson, of Malton, and Mary Smith, of the same.
(530). 1719, June 2. Jonathan Hobson and Jane Westerdale, both of this cytie.
(531). 1719, July 4. John Simpson, of Doncaster, and Elite Fenton.
(532). 1719, July 20. Sam. Geldart* and Fath Brooks, both of this cytie.
* Samuel Geldart, of York, cook, son of John Geldart, of London, and nephew of Bartholomew Geldart, sheriff of York in 1699-1700, died in 1730, leaving a widow Faith, and four daughters, Mary, Faith, Ann and Hannah.-Faith, daughter of Thomas Brooks, of Scoresby, gent., and granddaughter of the above-mentioned Bartholomew Geldart. Baptized at St. Mary's, Castlegate, 4 Nov., 1694 ; died before 19 Sept., 1749.

(533). 1719, July 28. George Dawson,* Esqe. & Mrs. Dorothy Heaton, both of this city.
* George Dawson, esq., of North Ferriby, second son of William Dawson, esq., of Heworth, near York, by Agnes, daughter of Sir William Lowther. Bap. 13 March, 1689; will dated 7 Oct., 1738 [Pro. 1 Feb., 1741-2], mentions his wife Dorothy, and his children Lillingston, William, George, Dorothy, Ann, Elizabeth and Jane. The youngest son, George Dawson, esq., of Ackworth Park and Osgodby Hall, became governor of Masulipatam.-Dorothy, daughter of John Heaton, esq., of Firby.

(534). 1719, July 30. James Dismer and Ann Heydon, both of this cytie.
(535). 1719, Aug. 14. George Skeue (Skene ?) and Elizabeth Skeue.
(536). 1719, Aug. 23. Lances Hilton,* of Stockton, and Ellener Couset, of London.
* Lancelot Hylton, of Stockton on Tees, attorney, 5th son of Robert Hylton, of the same place, gent. Born 16 Aug., 1694; died 16 Oct., 1757.-Eleanor, his first wife, was buried at Stockton 21 Jan., 1729. She was the mother of William Hylton, the poet.

(537). 1719, Aug. 29. Robert Sperman,* of Carleton, and Ann Stone.
* Robert, eldest son of Gilbert Spearman, esq., of Thornley, co. Durham (by his first wife Mary, daughter and coheiress of Robert Bromley, gent., of Nesbitt, in the same county), died in 1747.-Ann, daughter of Dr. Christopher Stone, chancellor of York. See Minster Burials, No. 98.

(538). 1719, Sept. 24. John Rickall, of Escrick, and Mary Canaby, of this city.
(539). 1719, Sept. 11 (sic) Tho. Moon and Elizebeth Pickering, both of this cytie.
(540). 1719, Oct. 20. John Duning, of Crosby, and Maria Whinips, (of) Coxwold.
(541). 1719, Oct. 21. Edmund Pease & Elizebeth Nicholls, both of this cytie.
(542). 1719, Nov. 14. Will. Elston, of this cytie, and Eliz. Turpin, of Cawood.
(543). 1719, Dec. 13. Mr. (Blank) Baynes,* of Kilburn, and Mrs. Taby Prickit, of this cytie.
* William Baynes, esq., of Kilburn. Will dated 28 Feb., 1728-9 [Pro. 8 Feb., 1732-3], mentions his only son William (a minor), and appoints his wife Tabitha, his cousin Mr. Walter Baynes, at the Cold Bath in London, his brother-in-law Mr. George Prickett, of London, merchant, and his nephew-in-law Mr. Charles Mann, rector of Terrington, trustees. -Tabitha, daughter of George Prickett, esq., serjeant-at-law, recorder of York (1688.1700), by Rebecca, daughter and coheiress of Leonard Thompson, alderman of York.

(544). 1719, Dec. 17. Richard Meek,* of Felliskirk, and Margaret Hopkin, of Thirsk.
* The eldest son of Richard Meek, of Gilsdale Field, in the parish of Feliskirk, yeoman, who died in 1716.

(545). 1719-20, Jan. 14. Mr. Abstrupo Danby* and Mrs. Batte: Eusden.
* Abstrupus, only son of Sir Abstrupus Danby, knt. of Swinton. See No. 412, antea.-Battina (his second wife), daughter of Lawrence Eusden, D.D., rector of Spofforth ; baptized 28 May, 1686 ; died intestate in 1748, and was buried at Bath. See Minster Burials, No. 131.

(546). 1719-20, Jan. 14. John Mayer,* of this cytie, and Mary Gowland, of ye same.
* John Mayer, attorney, free in 1731, chamberlain in 1733, fined for sheriff in 1739, lord mayor in 1742 and 1.762, died at Acomb 23rd Aug., 1770, aged 77, and was buried at St. Martin's, Coney-street, Aug. 28th.-Mary, daughter of John Gowland, barber-chirurgeon, York. She died at Acomb 1 Oct., 1780, aged 85, and was buried near her husband, Oct. 9th. Her brother, John Gowland, esq., apothecary to George II. and George III., who died at Bath 3 Aug., 1776, and was interred near his ancestors in the above church, left the greater part of his fortune (£60,000) to his nephews John and Thomas Mayer.

(547). 1719-20, Jan. 21. John Hart, of this cytie, and Eliz. Adamson, of ye same.
(548). 1719-20, Feb. 11. Edmund Winwood,* of this cytie, and Elizabeth Green, of ye same.
* Son of Edmund Winwood, of St. Sampson's parish. He was one of the city chamberlains in 1733.

(549). 1719-20, Feb. 28. Will. Shaw, of Wakefield, & Mariea Ambler, of this cytie.
(550). 1720, Apr. 19. Mr. Francis Drake* and Mrs. Mari. Woodyer, both of this cytie.
* Francis Drake, of York, surgeon, the well-known author of "Eboracum," and other works.-Mary, 3rd daughter of George Woodyear, esq. of Crook-hill, near Doncaster (son and heir of William Woodyear, esq. of York), by Alice, daughter of the Rev. Richard Tatham, of Kirklington. She died 18 May, 1728, and was buried at St. Michael's-le-Belfrey.

(551). 1720, Apr. 28. Mr. William Readshaw* and Mrs. Sarah Hind, both of this city.
* William Redshaw, the elder, of York, gent., was buried at St. Mary's, Bishophill Junior, 27 May, 1749. His son William was one of the city chamberlains in 17511.

(552). 1720, May 5. Jos. Lowe, of Pocklinton, and Dorothy Westowby, of ye same.
(553). 1720, May 24. Tho. Dickson, of Acklam, and Margaret Westbrooke, of Owsom.
(554). 1720, June 7. John Beverlay* and Mary Gill, both of this cytie.
* John Beverley, cutler, chamberlain in 1738.

(555). 1720, June 14. Jervis Coates,* of Whitby, and Eliza. Franckland, of Glasedale.
* probably Jarvis, eldest son of Jarvis Coates, of Whitby, shipwright, who died in 1738, leaving a widow Mercy.

(556). 1720, June 20. Tho. Maskil* and Anne Preston, both of this cytie.
* Thomas Maskall, innholder, Castlegate, died in 1725, leaving a widow Ann.

(557). 1720, July 7. John Hawkins, of Sutton, and Maria Haistings.
(558). 1720, July 18. Chr. Lee, of Selby, and Jane Benson, of Brayton.
(559). 1720, Aug. 8. Tho. Richardson, of Pocklinton, and Eliz. Baumbrough, of ye same.
(560). 1720, Aug. 18. Robt. Leetham, of Selby, & Eliz. Dunington, of Womersley.
(561). 1720, Aug. 22. Rich. Daniells, (of) Hutton, and Alice Leake, of Cattell.
(562). 1720, Aug. 23. John Greenup,* of this cytie, and Mari. Wakefield, of Copmanthorpe.
* John Greenup, brazier, chamberlain in 1735. See No. 701, postea.

(563). 1720, Sept. 10. George Appleby, of Husthwaite, & Margaret Clow, of ye same.
(564). 1720, Sept. 11. James Towell, of Easingwold, & Margery Smith, of York.
(565). 1720, Sept. 23. Tho. Whare* and Elizabeth Ratison, both of this cytie.
* Administration of the effects of Thomas Whare, who died intestate, was granted to his widow Elizabeth, 12 Oct., 1727.

(566). 1720, Oct. 16. Will. Tomlinson, of Tockwith, and Sare Fowler, of ye same.
(567). 1720, Oct. 27. Mr. Tho. Byres, of Hull, & Mrs. Clare Shipton, of ye same.
(568). 1720, Nov. 17. Richd Winter, of Wheldrake, and Mary Hatter, of ye same.
(569). 1720, Nov. 29. Tho. Bell, of Riccall, and Alice Swinbank.
(570). 1720, Nov. 29. John Brookbanck, of this cytie, & Alice Norfolk, of Askam.
(571). 1720, Dec. 12. John Thomas and Marthe Wood, both of this cytie.
(572). 1720-1, Jan. 8. Will. Huntley, of Clifton, and Maria Wilkinson, of this cytie.
(573). 1720-1, Jan. 31. Mr. Frank Moxon, of Bishopthorpe, and Mrs. Eliz. Smith, of ye same.
(574). 1720-1, Feb. 4. Robt. Benson, of Nunmountain, & Eliz. Audus, of Howden.
(575). 1720-1, Mar. 2. Isaak Browne, of Whitby, & Marie Kidd, of Pickering.
(576). 1721, Apr. 3. Will. Smith and Mary Crowther, of Pocklington.
(577). 1721, Apr. 12. Mr. John Farre and Mrs. Francis Bolton.
(578). 1721, Apr. 17. Will. Tate and Eliz. Ledson, of Wistow.
(579). 1721, Apr. 20. Robt Dun, of this cytie, & Mary Wheldrake, of ye same.
(580). 1721, May 1. Will. Ward, of Wigginton, and Eliz. Green, of Cranckley.
(581). 1721, May 4. Henry Dove, of Carlton, & Marry Cass, of Easeingwold.
(582). 1721, May 5. John Wails, of Husthwaite, and Anne Driffield, of ye same.
(583). 1721, May 11. Luke Lowther,* of this cytie, and Eliz. West, of ye same.
* Luke Lowther, chamberlain in 1726.

(584). 1721, May 22. John Mansell, of Nunington, & Ann Peacock, of ye same.
(585). 1721, May 28. Joh. Fearby,* of Askham Bryan, & Eliz. Jowland, of Moor Monckton.
* John Fearby, of Askham Bryan, yeoman, died in 1750, leaving two daughters, Mary, the wife of John Doughty of Acaster Malbis, and Elizabeth.

(586). 1721, May 29. Tho. Goodyear, de Sutton, & Ann Blackburne, of ye same.
(587). 1721, July 20. Mr. Jeremi Horsfild,* of this cytie, and Mrs. Sara Mann, of ye same.
* Jeremiah, eldest surviving son of Robert Horsfield, tailor, sheriff of York in 1672-3 (by his 4th wife Hannah), and grandson of Thomas Horsfield, of Hemsworth. Baptised at St. Martin's, Coney-street, 24 June, 1686; died 11 Jan., 1731-2; buried in the church of St. Maurice. See No. 54, antea.-Sarah, eldest daughter and coheiress of Richard Mann, esq., of York, by Dinah, daughter of Mark Kirkby, merchant, Hull. Died, intestate, 10 Feb., 1752-3, aged 55; buried near her husband. Their son, Mann Horsfield, esq., of Thorpe Green, was high sheriff of Yorkshire in 1774, and died in 1796.

(588). 1721, July 31. David Hillary, of Stockton, & Mary Waddington, of Hunsiner (Hunsingore ?).
(589). 1721, Aug. 7. Will. Morrett, of Burne, & Jane Martin.
(590). 1721, Aug. 22. George Taylor, of Wass, & Ann Dunning, (of) Sutton.
(591). 1721, Sept. 4. Nich. Mosley,* of this cytie, & Annabella Pennyman, of Normanby.
* Nicholas, eldest son of the Revd. Thomas Mosley, rector of Skelton, and vicar of Overton, by Bridget, daughter of Nicholas Suger, of York, gent. Ordained deacon, by the bishop of Carlisle, 19 Dec., 1714, and priest, by the bishop of London, 16 June, 1717 ; admitted curate of St. Helen's Stonegate (of which church he was afterwards vicar), 1 Feb., 1715-6: instituted to the rectory of St. Crux, 3 April, 1722, which living he held until his death in 1748. On 13 June, 1722, he resigned the vicarage of Fenton. -Annabella, eldest daughter of William Pennyman, esq., of Normanby, and coheiress (with her sisters Elizabeth and Joan) to her brother Richard. She died without issue before 31 Dec., 1744.

(592). 1721, Oct. 15. John Spence, of Steeton, and Eliz. Sowden, of Dringhouses.
(593). 1721, Nov. 11. Willm Blanshard, of Blacktoft, & Priscilla Scott, of Howden.

--- 11 Nov. 1721. It is order'd by the Dean & Residentiaries that no Marriages be permitted to be solemnized in this Cathedral by any person who hath not some dignity or praebend in it, or is not a vicar choral or probationer, unless leave be first asked & obtained from him who is major in choro. And that every person who shall solemnize any marriage, do immediately, with his own hand, register the same in this book, & subscribe his name. ---

(594). 1721, Nov. 16. Peter Banks & Elisabeth Coates, both of All Saints in ye Pavement.
(595). 1721, Nov. 23. George Loup,* of Rippon, & Elizabeth Kitchingman, of this Minster Yard.

* George Loup, apothecary and surgeon, mayor of Ripon in 1734 and 1748. Will dated at Boroughbridge 4 Nov., 1756 [Pro. 11 Dec. seq.] Mentions his sons Thomas, Robert, John and Henry Loup, his daughters, Rachael Loup, and Sarah, then the wife of the Revd. William Nesfield, and his brother-in-law Robert Kitchingman. Sarah, wife of Mr. George Loup, died in 1720, and was buried in Ripon Minster.- Elizabeth (his second wife), daughter of William Kitchingman, esq., of Carlton Husthwaite. They were married by her brother-in-law the Revd. John Froggott, rector of Kirk Deighton.

(596). 1721, Nov. 24. John Hirst and Mary Skelton, both of Scarbrough.
(597). 1721, Dec. 4. Henry Shippen, of ye par. of Barwick in Elmet, and Ann Graveley, of ye par. of Whitkirk.
(598). 1721-2, Jan. 20. The Revd. Mr. John Barke,* of Snaith, & Mrs. Eliz. Holmes, of York.
* John Parke, A.B., of St. John's College, Cambridge, curate of Snaith from 1715 to 1746. His first wife Mary was buried there 1 May, 1718 (see No. 488, antea).His widow was buried at St. Michael's-le-Belfrey, York, 25 Oct., 1758.

(599). 1721-2, Feb. 3. Richard Preston & Alice Brayshaw, both of ye parish of St Crux in ye Shambles.
(600). 1721-2, Feb. 27. Samuel Waugh* of St Martin's par. in Coney-street, & Margaret Wynne, of Thornton Steward.
* Samuel Waugh, innholder, chamberlain in 1715.

(601). 1721-2, Mar. 15. John Weightman,* in ye par. of Heslington, in ye province of York, and Ann Cook, of Middlethorp, in ye par. of St Marie's, Bishophill.
* Son of Edward Weightman, of Heslington, gent., by his first wife, Jane Bean, of . Middlethorpe. Will dated 19th Feb., 1727-8 [Pro.18 May,1730]. -His second wife, "Ann Cook, of London, sister to Madame Barlow," the first wife of Francis Barlow, esq., of Middlethorpe. By his first wife Mabel, Mr. Weightman had, with other issue, a son Charles, who was sheriff of York in 1743.4, and died in 1758, being then an alderman.

(602). 1722, Mar. 27. Richard Turnbull* of ye par. of St Trinity in Curia Regis, & Mary Wood, of All Saints in ye Pavement.
* Richard Turnbull, butcher, chamberlain in 1739, died in 1745, leaving a widow Elizabeth. See No. 1020, postea.

(603). 1722, Apr. 2. Thos. Lacy, of ye par. of Wakefield, bookseller, and Elizabeth Ambler, of Belfray's parish.
(604). 1722, Apr. 7. George Garnett, of ye par. of Eastrington, farmer, and Mary Stather, of ye same.
(605). 1722, Apr. 10. Francis Goodrick and Margaret Middleton, both of Clifton.
(606). 1722, Apr. 10. Alexander Mould and Jane Mitchell of Armin, in ye county of York.
(607). 1722, Apr. 17. Benjamin Wray and Elisabeth Overam of ye par. of St Michael's.
(608). 1722, Apr. 17. Thomas Byos and Mary Haxby, both of Pocklington.
(609). 1722, Apr. 17. John Noble,* of North Dalton, and Margaret Collis (?), of ye same.
* John Noble, of North Dalton, yeoman, died in 1740.

(610). 1722, Apr. 28. Mr. John Raper* & Mrs. Margaret Wate, both of ye city of York.
* John Raper, merchant, son of Joseph Raper, merchant, York, sheriff in 1719, by Sarah. daughter of John Wilson, of York, gent. Baptized at St. Michael's, Spurriergate, 13th April, 1697; apprenticed to John Read, merchant, in 1713; chamberlain in 1724; sheriff in 1740-1; lord mayor in 1746; died 28 June, 1752; buried at St. Mary's, Castlegate, July 1st. John Raper, his eldest son, town-clerk of York, from 1749 to 1781, was married at the Minster in 1750. Henry Raper his second son, lord mayor in 1765 and 1782, died 3 Feb., 1809, aged 83, and was buried at St. Mary's, Castlegate.

(611). 1722, May 22. John Buttrey, of ye par. of St Michael de Belfery, and Rebeccah Preston, of ye par. of St Mary in Castlegate.
(612). 1722, May 28. John Hutchinson, of Kirkby Ravensworth, and Elizabeth Shepherd, of ye par. of Trinity's in Micklegate, in ye city of York.
(613). 1722, May 31. James Hanson, of Bolton, in ye par. of Bishop Wilton, & Mary Foster, of Cramb.
(614). 1722, June 10. Robert Blanshard, of Bolton, in ye par. of Bishop Wilton, and Mary Kettlestrings, of ye par. of Huntington.
(615). 1722, July 3. William Fawcitt & Martha Lister, both of Hallifax.
(616). 1722, July 9. Robert Waud, of Laxton, & Margaret Wilberfoss, of Sutton-upon- Darwint.
(617). 1722, July 16. Robert Littlewood and Elizabeth Ballaned (?), both of Carleton.
(618). 1722, Aug. 4. John Harrison & Ann Bell, both of Wheldrake.
(619). 1722, Sept. 4. Mr. John Marshall,* of Acomb, and Mrs. Frances Bellingham, of York.
* Perhaps the Revd. John Marshall, vicar of Acomb. See No. 225, antea.

(620). 1722, Sept. 29. John Daniel, of York, & Milial Lofthouse, of Elvington.
(621). 1722, Sept. 29. Peter Hunter, of y" par. of St Mary, in Castlegate, York, and Anne Holmes, of ye same par.
(622). 1722, Oct. 11. John Casletine, of ye par. of St Michaelis, and Lydia Hemsley, of ye par. of St Mary, in Castlegate.
(623). 1722, Oct. 16. Darcy Rawson, of Snaith, & Mary Broughton, of Almholme, in ye par. of Acksey (sic).
(624). 1722, Nov. 4. John Richardson and Mary Wilkinson, of Woodhouse, in ye par. of Leeds.
(625). 1722, Nov. 7. John Dunn, of Acklam in Cleveland, & Mary Hodgson, of Seassey.
(626). 1722, Nov. 13. Mr. Joseph Shepherd,* of York, and Mrs. Rebecca Prince, of Upper Popleton.
* Joseph Shepherd, M.A., of Edinburgh, was ordained deacon by the bishop of Carlisle 19 Sept., 1714, priest by the archbishop of York 18 Dec., 1715, and admitted to the curacies of Heslington and Huntington in the last mentioned year. In March, 1743, he was instituted to the vicarage of St. Lawrence, York. About 1755 he succeeded Richard Sowray as curate of Bilbrough, where he died intestate, administration being granted, 27 July, 1758, to his son Arthur Shepherd, gent. The latter was an apothecary, and one of the city chamberlains in 1754.

(627). 1722, Mr. Samuel Cock, of St Mary's, in Castlegate, & Mary Hill, of ye par. of All Saints.
(628). 1722, Dec. 15. Edward Cook and Ann Pearson, both of Bishop Wilton.
(629). 1722, Dec. 18. Robert Taylor, of Ellingthorp, chapple(ry) of Borrowbridge, and Mary Graves.
(630). 1722, Dec. 30. Alexander Singleton & Ann Thriscross, both of ye city of York.
(631). 1722-3, Jan. 8. Robert Kershaw & Alice Day, both of ye city of York.
(632). 1722-3, Jan. 17. John Collings & Ann Douthwaite, both of ye city of York.
(633). 1722-3, Jan. 24. Leonard Hall, of Alne, and Margaret Browne, of Newton-super-Owse.
(634). 1722-3, Jan. 27. Nicholas Willson, of Wells in Norfolk, & Ann Smith, of York.
(635). 1722-3, Feb. 7. Darcy Preston* & Mary Mawd, both of York.
* Darcy, eldest surviving son of Mr. Thomas Preston, organist of York Minster, (see No. 249, antea), by Elizabeth, daughter and heiress of Darcy Conyers, esq., of Holtby, and widow of Henry Harrison, esq., second son of Sir Thomas Harrison, knt., of Allerthorpe. Baptized at St. Michael's-le-Belfrey 13 Jan., 1680-1; elected townclerk of York 13 April, 1719, vice Edward Gale Boldero, resigned; died 16th Nov., 1749, and was buried in the above church Nov. 19th. Mr. Preston, married, first, at St. Mary's Beverley, Catherine, daughter of Thomas Thompson, of York, gent., (by Catherine, daughter of William Woodyear, esq., of the same city), and by her (who died in July, 1722) had issue thirteen children, of whom only two daughters, Catherine (see No.1050, postea), and Frances, survived infancy. By his second wife, Mary Mawd, (who died 24 April, 1758, and was buried near her husband), Mr. Preston had three sons and eight daughters. The only surviving son, the Revd. John Preston, of Askham Bryan, rector of Marston and Foston, and prebendary of York, married, in 1763, Jane, daughter of Peter Consett, esq., of Brawith, and was father of admiral Darcy Preston, whose grandsons are the present John Darcy Warcop Preston, esq., of Askham, and William (Preston) Warcop Peter Consett, esq., of Crosby Cote.

(636). 1722-3, Feb. 10. Barnabas Prickett & Eliz. Harrison, of Hunmanby.
(637). 1722-3, Feb. 25. Richard Bustard, of Bramham, and Catharine Marwood, of Bilton.
(638). 1722-3, Mar. 12. Thomas Fairweather, of Redhouse, in the par. of Moor Monckton, and Helen Wait, of the same.
(639). 1722-3, Mar. 21. Henry Best,* clerk, of Brigsley, in Lincolnshire, & Judith Suger, of St Michael Belfray's parish.
* Henry Best, D.D., prebendary of Lincoln, died in 1755, and was buried in the cathedral there. He was the son of Henry Best, esq., of Middleton Whernho, co. York, by Katherine, daughter of Sir Thomas Danby, of Thorpe Perrow.-Judith, (his first wife.), daughter of the Rev. Zachary Suger, vicar of Feliskirk, by Judith, daughter of Dr. William Stainforth, canon of York. Mr. Best married, secondly, Mercy, daughter and coheiress of Richard Whittingham, esq.

(640). 1722-3, Mar. 21. Wm Bland, of Bishopthorpe, & Ann Wrightson, of St Mary's Bphill, ye younger.
(641). 1723, Apr. 17. William Metcalf, of Carlton Husthwaite, and Anne Preston, of ye same.
(642). 1723, Apr. 22. John Brennand, of St John's parish, and Eliz. Simondson, of St Martin's, both of ye city of York.
(643). 1723, Apr. 28. George Harrison, of ye parish of St Cuthbert's, in ye city of York, and Hellen Reynolds, of ye same.
(644). 1723, Apr. 30. John Lepton & Frances Mitchel, both of the par. of Barnby-upon-the- Moor.
(645). 1723, May 1. Marmaduke Danby, of ye par. of St Peter ye Little, in ye city of York, and Tamar Dockerah, of ye par. of St Sampson's, of ye same city.
(646). 1723, May 5. John Davies, of ye par. of St Michael de Belfreys, and Mary Narye (Nurse ?)
(647). 1723, May 23. Philip Greenup, of St John's par., in ye city of York, and Margaret Hudson, of St Sampson's parish.
(648). 1723, June 18. Thomas Cartner,* of the Minster Yard, & Jane Agar, of Earswick, in the par. of Huntington.
* Thomas Cartner, of Earswick, gent., one of the city chamberlains in 1744, died in 1750.-Jane, widow of -- Agar, of Earswick. She survived her second husband.

(649). 1723, June 19. John Blyth, of ye par. of Hemingbrough, and Sarah Clarkson, of ye same.
(650). 1723, June 22. John Driver, of Bramhope, and Rosamond Gott, of Silsden.
(651). 1723, June 23. John Bule & Susan Dunnington, of Scarbrough.
(652). 1723, June 27. Mathew Watson and Elizabeth Taylor, both of ye par. of Christ church in York.
(653). 1723, July 12. Mr. Richard Cooch, of Exeter, and Mrs. Anna Lees, of Manchester.
(654). 1723, July 18. John Walker, of Sutton in Le Forrest, & Mary Catlyn, of the par. of St Michael de Belfreys.
(655). 1723, July 25. Mr. John Hammond & Mary Clarke, both of ye par. of St Trinity's in Petergate.
(656). 1723, Aug. 19. Robert Swann,* of Terrington, and Ann Horncastle, of Bridlington.
* Robert Swann, of Bridlington, yeoman, died in 1755, leaving a widow Ann, and a son Robert. See No. 1613, pestea.

(657). 1723, Aug. 24. John Wright and Elizabeth Siddel, of All Sts in ye Pavement.
(658). 1723, Aug. 29. Joseph Johnson and Lydia Longfellow, both of ye par. of Calverley.
(659). 1723, Sept. 5. Abraham Leach and Hannah Lofthouse, of ye par. of St Michael de Belfreys.
(660). 1723, Sept. 12. Wm Gregson, of ye par. of All Saints in ye Pavement, and Eliz. Rodwell, of ye par. of St Michael de Belfreys.
(661). 1723, Sept. 12. Matthias Walker, of Hillam, in ye par. of Monk-fryston, in ye diocess of York, and Mary Hemmingley, of ye said parish.
(662). 1723, Sept. 17. Robert Clark, of ye par. of Lund upon ye Woulds, in ye East Riding, and Mary Smith, of ye said parish.
(663). 1723, Sept. 29. John Ryley and Ann Day, both of ye par. of St Michael.
(664). 1723, Oct. 3. Peter Robinson and Ellena Dodd, both of Alne, in ye par. of Tollerton.
(665). 1723, Oct. 6. Jno. Howburne and Ellinor Tennant, both of ye par. of St Lawrence.
(666). 1723, Oct. 9. Arthur Oates and Mary Benson, both of the par. of Spofforth.
(667). 1723, Oct. 10. Thomas James* and Anne Marshal, both of ye par. of St Michael.
* Thomas James, pot-seller, chamberlain in 1719.

(668). 1723, Oct. 31. George Haigh, of Knaresbrough, & Mary Yates, of Burrowbridg.
(669). 1723, Nov. 13. Richd. Tasker, of Thornton-le-Moor, & Hannah Fallowfield, of Pocklington.
(670). 1723, Nov. 17. Wm Cook and Elizabeth Jackson, of ye par. of St Sampson's.
(671). 1723, Nov. 18. Mr. Cornelius Caley,* of Kingston-upon-Hull, & Mrs. Eliz. Smelt, of ye city of York.
* Cornelius Caley, esq. was appointed recorder of Hull in 1725, and resigned that office in 1771. In the following year he made a tour through Holland, Flanders, and part of France, and shortly afterwards published an account of his travels, which was printed at Leeds," and sold at the Old Printing Office, at New Street end." His second son, " Cornelius Cayley, Clerk in the late Princess Dowager of Wales's Treasury," and minister of the gospel, published his " Life and Conversion " in 1778.-W. C. B. The recorder was the only son of Cornelius Cayley, esq. of York, who, in his will dated 15 April, 1724, desires to be buried " in Brompton church, neare to the grave of my late dear wife." On 20 Oct., 1768, Cornelius Cayley, esq. of Kingston-upon-Hull (who died in 1779), made his will, desiring burial in the church of St. Mary, Lowgate (in which street he resided), " as near my late dear wife as may be." He leaves legacies to his sons William (and his wife Ann), Cornelius, John, Edward and George. To his only daughter Elizabeth (who died unmarried in 1795), he bequeathed £2000, and " the gold watch and chain, and seals banging thereto, and gold locket, sleeve buttons and rings, which were her mother's, and the harpsichord which I bought for her."-" Mrs. Eliz. Smelt " was, doubtless, related to William Smelt, esq. of Leases, in the North Riding, who married the recorder's sister. She died in 1751.

(672). 1723, Nov. 19. John Story and Ann Walker, of Barnby Marsh.
(673). 1723, Nov. 24. Mr. Bacon Morrit,* of Selby, & Mrs. Ann Sowray, of ye city of York.
* Bacon Morritt, esq. of Selby, Cawood, and York, son of Robert Morritt, of Selby, gent. (by Elizabeth, daughter of Christopher Bacon, of Selby, gent., and Beatrice, his wife), died 11 June, 1751.-Anne Sawrey, of Plumpton in Furness, co. Lanc.; died 25 May, 1769. Five sons and two daughters of Bacon and Anne Morritt were baptized in the Minster between the years 1730 and 1743. The fourth son, John Sawrey Morritt, purchased Rokeby Park in 1769, and died in 1791, leaving, with other issue, a son and heir John Bacon Sawrey Morritt, who was succeeded, in 1843, by his nephew, the present William. John Sawrey Morritt, esq. of Rokeby Park.

(674). 1723, Nov. 30. Mr. William Staines, of Great Smeaton, & Mrs. Ann Booth, of ye city of York.
(675). 1723-4, Jan. 2. Jaques West & Anne Cowling, both of ye city of York.
(676). 1723-4, Jan. 2. Stephen Beverley* & Mary Hotham, both of ye city of York.
* Stephen Beverly, chamberlain in 1732, eldest son of Stephen Beverley, tanner, York, and Alice his wife.-Mary, daughter of Robert Hotham, brewer, York. See Nos. 512, 800 and 827.

(677). 1723-4, Jan. 9. Peter Bulmer and Susanna Stot, both of ye par. of All Sts in ye Pavement, in ye city of York.
(678). 1723-4, Jan. 24. Nicholas Roberts, of Hexham, in Northumberland, & Katherine Kaye, of ye city of York.
(679). 1723-4, Jan. 20 (sic) Roger Heeless, of Alne, & Elizabeth Cooke, of Easingwould, both in ye county of York.
(680). 1723-4, Jan. 30. George Cotton & Elizabeth Lancaster, both of ye city of York.
(681). 1723-4, Jan. 30. Mr. Wm Rowe and Mrs. Ann Marshal, of Tadcaster.
(682). 1723-4, Feb. 1. Robert Clarke, of Sparrington, & Ann Chaplin, of Bubwith.
(683). 1723-4, Feb. 4. George Matthews, of Righton, in ye par. of Kirkby-over-Carr, and Ann Sollett, of ye same.
(684). 1723-4, Feb. 4. William Thompson, of Stockton, & Anne Lazenby, of the same.
(685). 1723-4, Feb. 10. Charles Hutton, de Carleton sups Trent, com. Notting. and Franci. Harding, of St Martin, Coney Street, in ye city of York.
(686). 1723-4, Feb. 11. John Wright,* clerk, & Ann Pearson, spins.
* John Wright, M.A. of Caius College, Cambridge, was ordained deacon by the archbishop of York, 20 Aug., 1721, and priest, by the same, 9 June, 1723. On June 13th, in the same year, he was collated to the vicarage of St. Martin's, Coney-street, which he held until his death in 1729.

(687). 1723-4, Feb. 13. Thomas Greaves & Mary Arksey, de Bentley.
(688). 1723-4, Feb. 18. Thomas Doughty and Mary Waterworth, both of the par. of Bossall.
(689). 1723-4, March 15. Thomas Preston and Susanna Shaw, of ye par. of Hunmanby.
(690). 1724, Apr. 6. John Cooper & Ann Oldfield, both of ye city of York.
(691). 1724, Apr. 9. Sr Reginald Graham,* of Norton Conyers, Bart, & Mrs. Anne Foulis, of the city of York.
* Son and heir of Sir Richard Graham, bart., of Norton Conyers, by Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Chichester Fortescue, knt., of Dromisken, in Ireland. Died 20 May, 1728.-Anne (his second wife), daughter of Sir David Foulis, bart., of Ingleby Manor, co. York. She died without issue at York in 1751. In her will, dated 11 Sept., 1742 [Pro. 17 May, 1751], she desires "to be buried decently, but privately, in the parish church where I die. None to be invited but bearers, and as many of my near relations as are in town, or place, where I die." Her nephew, Sir William Foulis, bart., sole executor.

(692). 1724, Apr. 9. William Abbey, of St Sampson's par., and Ann Sherwin, of St John Delpike, in Goodramgate.
(693). 1724, Apr. 14. George Foster, of Welburn, in ye par. of Bulmer, in ye co. of York, and Ann Green, of Foston.
(694). 1724, Apr. 16. Mark Cartwright, of Newcastle upon Tyne, and Elizab. Scarth, of ye same town.
(695). 1724, Apr. 19. Michael Barstow* and Anne Marshal, both of ye city of York.
* Michael, only son of Thomas Barstow, grocer (younger brother of Nathan Barstow,-see No 490, antea), sheriff of York in 1689-90, and Jane, his wife. Baptized at St. Michael's, Spurriergate, 15 Aug., 1686; living in 1762.-Anne Barstow, of York, widow, made her will 24 Oct., 1760 [Pro. 27 Nov. seq.], desiring to be buried near her husband, in the church of St. Martin, Coney Street. Elizabeth Barstow, only sister of the above Michael, was buried there 8 Oct., 1732.

(696). 1724, Apr. 30. Joseph Bromley, de East Hadlesey, & Mary Pears, de Carlton.
(697). 1724, May 3. John Dickson, of Seamer, & Jane Coates, of Willerby, both of Yorkshire.
(698). 1724, May 5. Thomas Johnson and Eliz. Walmsley, of New Malton, in ye co. of York.
(699). 1724, May 26. Joseph Taylor, of St John's par., & Hellen Fisher, of St Michael Belfray's par.
(700). 1724, May 26. John Stephenson, of Roecliff, in ye par. of Snaith, & Sarah Rushforth, of Heckmondwyke, in ye par. of Birstall.
(701). 1724, June 14. John Greenup* & Ann Clarkson, both of ye city of York.
* See No. 562, antea.

(702). 1724, June 18. Watson Lazenby, of Gilrudding, in ye par. of Acaster, & Dorcas Marshal, of St Cuthbert par. in York.
(703). 1724, June 19. John Stephenson & Ann Stringer, both of Pocklington, in ye diocese of York.
(704). 1724, July 6. John Wright, of Pontefract, & Dorothy Dickinson, of St Olave's par., without ye walls of ye city of York.
(705). 1724, Aug. 4. Joseph Dunning, of ye par. of St. James's in Westminster, & Mary Warwick, of Kirby Underdale, in ye co. of York.
(706). 1724, Aug. 16. Joseph Scott and Mary Chippendale, of ye par. of St Crux in York.
(707). 1724, Sept. 3. Robert Hayton and Ann Megson, of Holme upon Spaldingmoor.
(708). 1724, Sept. 6. John Jenkinson & Alice Kitchin, both of this city.
(709). 1724, Sept. 27. George Morrel, of ye par. of St Olave's, and Anne Banks, of ye par. of St Mary in Castlegate.
(710). 1724, Oct. 2. Martin Pennock and Mary Dobson, both of New Malton.
(711). 1724, Oct. 6. Edward Raper* & Hannah White head, both of Belfris.
* Probably Edward, son of Henry Raper, of York, brother of Joseph Raper, whose son John was married here in 1722. See No. 610, antea.

(712). 1724, Oct. 13. Neville Stourton,* of Wakefield, and Dorothy Stephenson, of York.
* Neville Stourton, of Wakefield, clothier, died in 1743.

(713). 1724, Oct. 18. Thomas Smith* and Mary Raine, both of York.
* Perhaps Thomas Smith, grocer, chamberlain in 1738, who died in 1758, leaving a son Thomas Smith, lord mayor in 1786 and 1793.

(714). 1724, Oct. 20. Robt Douh (?), of Lisset, & Catherine Johnson, of Gransmoor, in the par. of Bransburton. (By License.)
(715). 1724, Oct. 27. Thomas Munckman, of Malton, in ye co. of York, & Susannah Ash, of ye same.
(716). 1724, Oct. 29. William Beck and Anne Neal, both of Tadcaster, near York.
(717). 1724, Nov. 8. William Marshall and Elizabeth Crosfield, both of Wistow, in ye diocess of York.
(718). 1724, Nov. 12. Richard Holyday, of Terrington, & Elizabeth Hick, of ye same.
(719). 1724, Nov. 21. Edward Lunn and Eliz. Scellet, both of Sherriff Hutton.
(720). 1724, Nov. 29. Thomas Bancks and Anne Taylor, of St. Michael's parish.
(721). 1724, Nov. 26 (sic) Robert Laneton, of Cawood, and Mary Manners, of ye same town.
(722). 1724, Dec. 10. Thomas Gent* & Alice Bourne, both of Belfray's parish.
* The well known Thomas Gent, of York, "author, printer, and artist," whose life, written by himself, was published in 1832, and of whom an interesting account has recently been given by Mr. Davies in "A Memoir of the York Press, " pp. 144-232. Gent died 19 May, 1778, aged 86, and was buried at St. Michael's-le-Belfrey.-Alice Guy, " the fair hand-maiden " of John white, printer, York, and the widow of big grandson, Charles Bourne, also a printer. She died 1 April, 1761, and was buried in St. Olave's church-yard.

(723). 1724-5, Jan. 12. James Brabbs, of ye par. of Bubwith, & Elizabeth Hindesley, of ye par. of Aughton.
(724). 1724-5, Jan. 21. John Fryer* & Elizabeth Langwith, both of Belfray's parish.
* Jobs Fryer will be mentioned subsequently (see Nos. 813 and 1069, postea). Elizabeth, widow of James Langwith, watchmaker, York (see No. 498, an tea), and daughter of John Denton, of the same city. She died before 15 Oct., 1725.

(725). 1724-5, Feb. 4. Thomas Plaxton, of ye par. of St. Olave, and Rachel Hurst, of ye par. of St. Mary in Castlegate.
(726). 1724-5, Feb. 4. George Rhodes,* of the par. of Belfrey's, & Sarah Peckett, of the par. of St. Crux.
* George Rhodes, chamberlain in 1726, died intestate, and on 27 April, 1736, administration was granted to his widow Sarah.- Sarah, daughter of John Peckitt, merchant, lord mayor in 1702 (by Alice, daughter of Henry Pawson, merchant, York), and first cousin to Margaret, wife of Edward Croft (see No. 513, anted). She, and her three daughters, Rachael, Sarah and Alice Rhodes, were living in 1753.

(727). 1724-5, Feb. 4. Edward Ward, of Kexby, in the par. of Catton, and Rebecca Nicholson, of ye par. of All Sts. in ye Pavement.
(728). 1724-5, Feb. 9. Mr. Richard Elcock,* of ye city of London, gent., & Mrs. Barbara Thomlinson, of ye par. of St. Saviour's, in ye city of York, spinster.
* Richard Elcock, of Gray's Inn, gent., son of Alexius Elcock, of York, mercer (who died in 1700), by Margaret, eldest daughter of William Weddell, esq., of Earswick (by Margaret, daughter of Sir William Robinson, knt., of Newby, alderman of York), and grandson of Francis Elcock, lord mayor in 1677. Born in 1692; assumed the name of Weddell in 1748, on succeeding to the estates of his uncle Thomas Weddell, esq., of Earswick ; died at Newby in 1762. In his will, dated 11th June, in that year, he desires that his " body may be decently, but in a private manner, interred in the parish church of Strensall, being the family burial place." He bequeaths £100 to the hon. Thomas Robinson, eldest son of the right hon. lord Grantham (greatgrandson of the above-mentioned Sir William Robinson, and great-grandfather of the present marquis of Ripon). William Weddell, esq., of Newby, his only surviving son .and heir, died without issue in 1793. -Barbara, daughter of Joseph Tomlinson, apothecary, York, by Dorothy, fourth daughter of the above William Weddell, esq., of Earswick.

(729). 1724-5, Feb. 25. Ambrose Lea, of ye city of London, & Margaret Pearson, of ye par. of St. Trinity, Goodramgate, in ye city of York.
(730). 1724-5, March 7. Alexander Anderson and Mary Bland, both of ye city of York.
(731). 1725, March 29. Joseph Becket* & Alice Newham, both of the citty of York. Marriages in Volume 1. end here.
* Joseph Beckett, literate, was ordained deacon, 22 Sept., 1717, and priest, 24 May, 1719, by the archbishop of York. On 11 July, 1728, he was licensed to the curacy of Dunnington. On 14 March, 1736.7, he was appointed assistant curate of Holy Trinity, Goodramgate, and curate of St. Cuthbert's, York, 29 May, 1738, on 28th April, 1739, he was instituted to the vicarage of Osbaldwick, and to the curacy of Rufforth on the 24th of December following. About 1758 he was appointed vicar of St. Lawrence, York, and held that living until his death in 1763.-Alice, daughter of ---- and Annabella Newham, of York. She died at Richmond before 10 Feb., 1768, leaving a daughter Eleanor, then unmarried. A Register of those Persons that have been Married in the Cathedral and Metropolitical Church of St Peter's, in York, since March ye 29th, 1725. Timothy Mortimer being clerk of ye Vestry.

(732). 1725, Apr. 14. John Seller & Jane Wharram, both of Frydathorpe.
(733). 1725, May 1. John Marsden,* Apoth., of St. Martin's, Coney-street, parish, & Sarah Raper, of St. Michael Belfry's, spins.
* John, son of --- and Ann Marsden, was apprenticed to William Dobson, apothecary, York, in 1710, admitted to his freedom in 1718, filled the office of chamberlain in 1724, and died in 1737. In 1733-4 he superintended the laying out of The New Walk, a broad, gravelled promenade, shaded by lofty trees, on the left bank of the Ouse, immediately adjoining to St. George's Field.-Sarah, daughter of Henry and Sarah Raper, of York.

(734). 1725, May 1. Robert Nicholson, of Belfray's par., & Elizabeth Clark, widow, of ye same.
(735). 1725, May 1. Wm Wetheril, of Alne, & Ruth Hornby, of ye same.
(736). 1725, May 11. Stephen Smeaton & Mary Camb, both of ye par. of St. Martin's, Conistreet, in ye city of York.
(737). 1725, May 15. John Bennington, of St. John's par., & Jane Farnell, spr., of St. Martin's in Micklegate.
(738). 1725, May 15. William Watson & Ruth Lowrey, both of Kirby Overblows.
(739). 1725, May 22. James Swaile and Sarah Ellis, both of ye par. of Ripley.
(740). 1725, May 27. Thomas Lightfoot,* of Kingston- upon-Hull, and Margaret Smith, of the city of York.
* The son of Thomas Lightfoot, plumber, Hull (who died in 1723), and Mary, his wife.

(741). 1725, May 31. Thomas Bramley and Catherine Hammond, both of Kirkby Malzeard, in ye co. of York.
(742). 1725, June 5. Mr. Joseph Becket, of ye par. of St Michael Belfrey's, and Eliz. Edwards, spr., of Beddern, in ye city of York.
(743). 1725, June 12. Willm Reynolds, of ye par. of Trinity church in Hull, & Eliz. English, of St. John's, York.
(744). 1725, June 21. Thomas Grosvenour,* of Leeds, & Ann Mayson, of Pontefract, in ye diocess of York.
* Thomas Grosvenor, of Pontefract, gent., died in 1753, leaving a son Thomas, and a daughter Ann.

(745). 1725, July 14. Wm. Skinner and Mary Baynes, both of St Sampson's.
(746). 1725, July 22. Thomas Goodell, of Sheriffe Hutton, & Anne Cunningham, of St. Denis, Walmgate, York.
(747). 1725, July 25. William Bellamy, of Thorgumbald, & Elizabeth Boufrey, of ye same place.
(748). 1725, July 27. William Mould,* of North Cave, and Sarah Read, of Grimthorp, in ye par. of Givendale.
* William Mould, of North Cave, died in 1729-30, leaving a widow Mary, and two children, John and Elizabeth. In his will, dated 13th May, 1729, he bequeaths to his son John " all that estate which was the jointure of his deceased mother," and appoints Hugh Montgomery, esq., John Read, esq., of York, Wilberfoss Read, gent., and Timothy Newmarch, merchant, trustees.-His first wife, Sarah, daughter of Clement Read, of Grimthorpe, gent. (by his 2nd wife Elizabeth, daughter and co-heiress of Roger Wilberfoss, sheriff of York in 1678-9), and sister of Wilberfoss Read, esq., of whom some interesting notices are given in Mr. Davies's paper on Grimthorpe, printed in the present volume, page 210, antea.

(749). 1725, Aug. 4. George Seller, of Kennethorp, in ye par. of Langton, in ye co. of York, & Jane Read, of St. Maurice, York.
(750). 1725, Aug. 7. Richard Whitaker of Doncaster, & Ann* Richardson, of Belfray's parish.
* Ann Whitaker, widow, died at York in 1745.

(751). 1725, Aug. 19. William Moore, of Gargrave in Yorkshire, & Ann Rayner, of Rushton in Lancashire.
(752). 1725, Aug. 22. William Dunnington, of Ashkam (sic), and Mary Robinson, of All Sts, Pavement.
(753). 1725, Sept. 4. Henry Bradley,* of Yarum, clark, & Frances Yoward, of York.
* The son of the Rev. John Bradley, prebendary of York (see No. 443, antea). He was ordained deacon at York, 8 June, 1718, and priest, by the bishop of Lincoln, 23 Sept., 1722. On 14 July, 1725, he was admitted to the curacy of Yarm, which he appears to have resigned in 1736.-Frances, granddaughter of Richard Yoward, of Westerdale, gent. (by Frances, daughter of Josias Mathews, of Kirkby-under-Hill), and niece to Ralph Yoward, of York, gent., who died in 1714.

(754). 1725, Sept. 6. Christopher Yates, of Knaresborough, and Dorothy Clapham, of Redhouse, in the par. of Moor Monkton.
(755). 1725, Sept. 6. Samuel Horseman, of Woodhouse Carr, and Mary Moor, of Armly, both Wthin ye par. of Leeds.
(756). 1725, Sept. 12. Jacob Leeland and Eleanor Hick, of All Sts., Pavement.
(757). 1725, Oct. 1. John Cundal and Jane Torrington, both of ye par. of Newton-super- Ouse.
(758). 1725, Oct. 6. William Thompson, of Thursby, in ye co. of Cumberland, & Margaret Goodwin, of St Trin. Goodramgate par., in ye city of York.
(759). 1725, Oct. 12. Thomas Hemsley & Anne Stott, both of St Mary's Bphill senr , in ye city of York.
(760). 1725, Oct. 12. Richd. Hill, of Slingsby, and Elizabeth Donkin, of Thorp Basset, near Malton.
(761). 1725, Oct. 23. Richd. Lund and Anne Dutton, both of St Olive's par., York.
(762). 1725, Nov. 6. Thomas Lowcock, of Bechill, & Mary Andrews, of Knaresborough,
(763). 1725, Nov. 23. John Barker, of Saxton, and Ann Knowles, of Ryther.
(764). 1725, Nov. 27. John Milner, of Bellfray's, and Anne Day, of St John's par., both in ye city of York.
(765). 1725, Nov. 27. Richard Dawson,* of ye city of London, gent., and Ann Gee, of ye Minster Yard, York.
* Richard Dawson, merchant, fourth son of Thomas Dawson, lord mayor of York in 1703, by Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Hutton, esq., of Poppleton, and co-heiress to her brother Thomas. Baptized at St. Martin's, Micklegate, 14th Aug., 1696; chamberlain in 1740; sheriff in 1743-1; died at Acomb, 7th Nov., 1762; buried at St. Mary's, Bishophill Junior.-Anne, daughter of Thomas Gee, esq., of Bishop Burton. She died 7th June, 1758, aged 52, and was interred in the above church.

(766). 1725, Dec. 12. Thomas Kemp, of Goldsbrough, and Anne Sympson, of Great Usburne.
(767). 1725, Dec. 19. Wm Lund, of St Hellen's par., and Frances Reynalds, of Tadcaster.
(768). 1725, Dec. 20. Thomas Rycroft, of St. Crux par., and Elizabeth Williamson, of Christ's par., both in ye city of York.
(769). 1725, Dec. 26. John Threlkeld, of St John's par., and Annabella Summers, of St. Peter ye Little, both in ye city of York.
(770). 1725-6, Jan. 6. Lancelot Williamson, of Xt's par., & Isabel Hotham, of ye same, in ye city of York.
(771). 1725-6, Jan. 9. David Saunders,* of All Sty par. in ye Pavement, & Ann Bolton, of St John's par., both of ye city of York.
* David Saunders, apothecary, chamberlain in 1724, youngest son of Thomas Saunders, gent., of Coat's Bank, Grosmont, by Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Edward Chaloner, knt., of Guisbrough (see No. 517, antea). 119 Aug., 1730. Licence to marry Mr. David Saunders, apothecary, par. St. Michael's, Spurriergate, widower, aged 35, and Mrs. Anne Osbaldeston, par. St, Martin's, Micklegate, spinster, aged 30.-The wife of Mr. Saunders, apothecary, was buried at St. Michael's, Spurriergate, 15 July, 1733.

(772). 1725-6, Jan. 30. William Flemming, of St. Helen's par., & Ann Porter, of St Martin's, Conistreet, both in ye city of York.
(773). 1725-6, Feb. 11. John Potter and Eliz. Calvert, both of the par. of Thornton.
(774). 1726, Apr. 3. Henry Harding and Mary Piper, both of Pickering.
(775). 1726, Apr. 17. Wm Robinson and Anne Hill, of ye par. of Kirkby-Moorside.
(776). 1726, June 22. John Briggs* and Sarah Buttry, both of ye par. of Hull.
* The parents, I presume, of John Briggs, of Hull, who died in 1782, aged 55, leaving a widow Mary, the daughter of Christopher Rawdon, of Bilbrough, sheriff of York in 1739-40. Rawdon Briggs, junior, was elected M.P. for Halifax in 1832.

(777). 1726, July 15. Henry Fenny & Ann Glover, both of Haughton, in ye par. of Castleforth.
(778). 1726, July 17. Leonard Smith and Sarah Waud, both of All Sts, Pavement.
(779). 1726, July 21. Wm Wilson,* of Bridlington, and Elizabeth Storey, of Carnaby.
* Probably the son of Mr. Thomas Wilson, of Bridlington. See No. 107, antea.

(780). 1726, July 23. Thos. Masterman & Ann Stockton, both of Ayton in Cleveland.
(781). 1726, July 30. Thomas Hay and Susannah Kit-, then, both of Upper Popleton, near York.
(782). 1726, Aug. 1. John Walkington, of Newton-upon-Ouse, and Eliz. Cussons, of Hesleington.
(783). 1726, Aug. 6. Thomas Fisher,* of Acomb, and Mary Hawkin, of ye same town.
* His son, Thomas Fisher, esq., of Acomb, married Gertrude, daughter of Robert Crannell, esq., of New York, America, and died 31 Dec., 1805, aged 74.

(784). 1726, Aug. 11. Nathaniel Smith and Eliz. Scarlet, both of ye par. of Howden.
(785). 1726, Aug. 13. Josiah Rudsdell & Joanna Feilder, both of ye par. of Wistow.
(786). 1726, Aug. 18. Wm Joy, Gent., of Castle Howard, and Mary Sayer, of North-Allerton.
(787). 1726, Aug. 21. Thomas Hawkin, of St Michael de Belfrey, & Elizabeth Turpin, of St Martin's, Conistreet.
(788). 1726, Aug. 29. John Boyes, of ye par. of Brayton, and Mary Ellis, of ye same parish.
(789). 1726, Sept. 18. Thomas Moor, of Wigginton, & Ann Spink, of ye same parish.
(790). 1726, Oct. 13. Solomon Preston, of St Trin., and Ellen Bains, of All Sts, in ye city of York.
(791). 1726, Oct. 24. Matthew Lee & Sarah Stainton, both of Tadcaster.
(792). 1726, Nov. 10. John Bickers and Hannah Peart, both of ye par. of St Trinity in Micklegate.
(793). 1726, Nov. 17. Robert Monkman, of Scaclethorp, & Mary Wraget, of Burythorp.
(794). 1726, Nov. 21. Robert Harker and Anne Earle, both of Buttercramb.
(795). 1726, Nov. 24. William Keddy, of Thornton, & Elianor Hill, of ye same.
(796). 1726, Dec. 5. John English and Frances Chapellow, ye former of Belfray's, and ye latter of ye Minster Yard.
(797). 1726, Dec. 10. John Batmon & Mary Spencer, of Riccoll peculiar, both.*
(798). 1726, Dec. 15. Thomas Hill, of ye par. of Wath, and Alice Woodhouse, of Norton, in ye par. of Campsal.
* According to the Riccall parish register the marriage was by licence.[Myles Earle, Nov. 2008]

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The Yorkshire Archaeological and Topographical Journal Vol. I, 1870
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