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1681 to 1762.
By ROBERT H. SKAIFE, The Mount, York (1873).

York Minster Marriages 1726-7 to 1742

(799). 1726-7, Jan. 1. Tristram Kirkman, of Water, & Jane Cooper, of yis city.
(800). 1726-7, Jan. 19. William Tomlinson,* of ye city of York, & Martha Hootham, of St Dioniss, of ye same.
* William Tomlinson, of York, mariner.-Martha, daughter of Robert Hotham, brewer. York. See Nos. 512, 676, 827 and 869.

(801). 1726-7, Jan. 26. Thomas Graver and Margaret Hall, both of ye par. of St Michael in Spurriergate.
(802). 1726-7, Feb. 7. Jno. Myers,* rector of Langton, in ye diocese of Chester, and Catharine Beverley, in ye par. of St Margaret's, York.
* John Myers was instituted to the rectory of Langton-upon-Swale, 18 Sept., 1726, and held that living until his death in 1768.

(803). 1726-7, Feb. 13. Willm Peers, Esqr. ,* & Dorothea Stillington, de Kelfeild, in ye par. of Stillingfleet.
* William, eldest son of Thomas Peirse, esq., of Thimbleby, by Anne, daughter and co-heiress of Sir Wm. Hustler, knt., of Acklam. He left an only child Mary, who married the Revd. Edward Stillingfleet.-His cousin, Dorothy, daughter of Thomas Stillington, esq., of Kelfield, by Dorothy, daughter of Richard Peirse, esq., of Hutton Bonville, father of the above-mentioned Thomas Peirse, esq., of Thimbleby.

(804). 1726-7, Feb. 20. Thomas Powell, of Weatherby, & Hannah Massey, of Spofforth.
(805). 1726-7, Feb. 23. Edward Wise, of Tadcaster, & Mary Thompson, of Marston.
(806). 1726-7, Feb. 28. Henry Ovington, of Bilton, & Eliz. Robinson, of Linton-super-Ouse.
(807). 1726-7, Mar. 14. Henry Harrison, of Little Edston, in ye co. of York, & Susanna Preston, of Hovingam.
(808). 1726-7, Mar. 24. John Lingley, of Pocklington, & Elizabeth Wright, of ye same.
(809). 1727, Apr. 3. John Wager and Ann Heptinstall, both of Burne, in ye par. of Brayton.
(810). 1727, Apr. 18. James Pearcy, of Acklam, & Catharine Byas, of Pocklington.
(811). 1727, May 9. William Craven, of Coulthouse, in ye par. of Kirkby Malzart, & Jane Dunn, of ye par. of St. John, in ye city of York.
(812). 1727, May 23. John Law, of St John's, in ye city of York, & Margaret Abraham, of St Saviour's, in ye same.
(813). 1727, May 23. John Fryer* & Lucy Langwith, both of Belfray's parish.
* John Fryer died before December, 1758, leaving a widow Isabella (see Nos. 724 and 1069).-Lucy (his second wife), widow of John Langwith, goldsmith, York (son of Oswald Langwith, gent., clerk of the Cathedral vestry), chamberlain in 1712, who died in 1723.

(814). 1727, July 10. Richd. Booth, of Wakefield, & Margaret Tireman, of ye city of York.
(815). 1727, July 20. Thomas Ellis, of ye city of York, & Rebecca Carter, of ye same. -
(816). 1727, Aug. 1. Henry Tate* & Elizabeth Pullen, both of Nun Appleton Ferryhouse, in my parish of Bolton Percy,-were married by me, Thomas Lamplugh.
* Henry Tate, of Nun Appleton, yeoman, died in 1736. See No. 999, postea.

(817). 1727, Sept. 12. John Vanner,* of ye city of York, and Mary Farmery, of All St', Pavement.
* The son of John Vanner, merchant tailor, York, by his first wife. He died intestate, administration being granted to his widow Mary, 20 June, 1734.

(818). 1727, Sept. 14. Wm Jackson, of ye city of York, & Eliz. Penington, of ye said city.
(819). 1727, Sept. 23. John Daniel, of Haslewood, in the par. of Tadcaster, & Mary Pearson, of Acaster, in the par. of Stillingfleet.
(820). 1727, Nov. 4. John Barker, of ye par. of Escrick, and Sarah Cook, of ye same parish.
(821). 1727, Nov. 11. John Umpleby and Elizabeth Fairland, both of ye par. of St. Lawrence.
(822). 1727, Nov. 14. John Sunley & Margaret Walton, both of the par. of Stonegrave.
(823). 1727, Nov. 25. Samuel Goodall, of Hunsingore, & Rosamund Turner, of Colthorpe, in ye co. of York.
(824). 1727-8, Jan. 16. Michael Child, of Otley, & Mary Todd, of ye Bedern.
(825). 1727-8, Feb. 17. John Needham, of Cawood, and Jane Tate, of the same.
(826). 1727-8, Feb. 28. Henry Holmes, of Caster, in Lincolnshire, & Judith Farmery, of All Snt par. in ye Pavement, York.
(827). 1728, Mar. 26. Willm. Dealtary,* of ye par. of All Sts, Pavement, & Elizabeth Hootham, of St Dyonisius in Walmgate, York.
* William Dealtry, haberdasher of small wares, died in 1743, leaving four children, William, Elizabeth, John, and Francis. - Elizabeth, daughter of Robert Hotham, brewer, York. See Nos. 512, 676, and 800.

(828). 1728, Mar. 26. George Tymperon, of Allerthorp, & Hannah Hotham, of Storwood, in the par. of Thornton.
(829). 1728, Apr. 27. William Faceby,* of Stillington, & Frances Stainforth, of York.
* Son and heir of George Faceby, of Stillington, gent. He appears to have been previously married twice. By his first wife Elizabeth, who died at York, he had two children, William and Elizabeth. His second wife, whom he married about 1720, was Dorothy, sister and co-heiress of Thomas Dawson, of York, gent. She died intestate, his widow Frances administering to her effects in 1743. William Faceby, of Stillington, gent., made his will 13 Feb., 1728-9 [Pro. 29 Dec., 1732], in which he mentions his late wife Dorothy, his brother George Faceby, and appoints his wife Frances sole executrix.- Frances (his third wife), daughter of the Rev. William Stainforth, rector of Simonburne, co. Northumberland, by Frances, daughter of George Prickett, esq., recorder of York (see No. 277, antea). In her will, dated 17 Oct., 1762 [Pro. 2 April, seq.], Frances Faceby, of York, widow, leaves legacies to her brothers, George Stainforth, of London, merchant, and William Stainforth, esq. ; her sisters, Dorothy, wife of Dr. Johnson, of York, Judith, wife of Thomas Barstow, esq., of York, and Tabitha Terrick, wife of the bishop of Peterborough ; her niece, Sophia Stainforth, daughter of her brother George; the two daughters of Mr. George Faceby, late of Stillington, deceased,-and bequeaths £20 "to the poor house-keepers in the town of Stillington."

(830). 1728, Apr. 29. Thomas Lowther,* of Kippax, cler., & Martha Widdop, of ye same parish.
* Thomas Lowther, of St. John's College, Cambridge, son of -and Ann Lowther. Ordained deacon by the archbishop of York, in the King's chapel, Somerset House, 25 Feb., 1719-20, and priest, at York, 22 May, 1722. On 6 Nov., 1722, he was appointed master of the grammar school at Sherburn. On 10 June, 1724, he was instituted to the vicarage of Kippax. On 9 July, 1728, he was admitted to the curacy of Saxton. In his will, dated at Sherburn, 27 Oct., 1731 [Pro. 11 July, 1732], he bequeaths all his property in the parish of Kippax to his wife Martha for her life, remainder to his daughter Martha.

(831). 1728, May 7. Matthew Heather, of Burgwallis, & Elizabeth Holland, of Belfrais, in ye city of York.
(832). 1728, May 11. Henry Lademan, of Kirby Ravensworth, & Martha Stubbs, of ye same place.
(833). 1728, May 21. Robert Athlay & Eliz. Sherwin, both of Sheriff Hutton.
(834). 1728, June 4. Nicholas Hill, of ye par. of Lastingham, & Mary Marshall, of Pickering.
(835). 1728, June 8. Christopher Ness, of Barlow, near Selby, & Rebeckah Arnold, of ye same place.
(836). 1728, June 10. Robert Thorley,* of Kingston-upon-Hull, & Catharine Jackson, of St John Delpike parish, York.
* Robert Thorley, esq., was appointed a commissioner of the Hull Court of Requests in 1761. He was also one of the original members of the Hull Dock Company. -W. C. B.

(837). 1728, June 10. George Benson & Eliz: Bickerdike, both of ye par. of Stillington.
(838). 1728, June 11. Francis Taylor, of Hovingham, & Mary Masterman, of the same.
(839). 1728, June 19. John Newton, of Skeldergate, and Dorothy Dawson, of Stillington.
(840). 1728, July 2. John Barker & Elizabeth Shepherd, both of Nawton, in ye par. of Kirkdale.
(841). 1728, July 7. William Dawson,* of ye city of York, & Hannah Croft, of ye same.
* William Dawson, of York, died intestate, administration of his effects being granted to his widow Hannah, 27 Aug., 1731.-Hannah, daughter of Edward Croft, senior, plumber, York, by his second wife (see No. 513, antea). In 1736, she became the second wife of Malby Beckwith, jeweller, York. See No. 1019.

(842). 1728, July 9. Henry Webster & Martha Coulton, both of Weighton.
(843). 1728, July 11. John Marshall & Jane Williamson, both of ye city of York.
(844). 1728, July 30. John Cook and Mary Singleton, both of ye city of York.
(845). 1728, Aug. 8. Robert Clemishaw & Anne Whitaker, both of Goldsborough parish.
(846). 1728, Aug. 17. George Hutton, of Carleton-upon-Trent, & Mary Speight, of St Martin in Conistreet, in ye city of York.
(847). 1728, Sept. 14. Samuel Smith, of ye par. of St Samson's, & Jane Jackson, of ye par. of St Mich. de Berefrid's.
(848). 1728, Sept. 16. William Jossey, of Newcastle-upon-Tine, and Jane Hardy, of Midleham, in ye co. of York.
(849). 1728, Sept. 20. George Harrison & Prudence Hare, both of Everingham, in ye co. of York.
(850). 1728, Sept. 21. John Douglas and Ann Thomson, both of St Mary Bphill, in the city of York.
(851). 1728, Sept. 24. Thomas Carr and Ann Longbotham, both of Belfrid's, in ye city of York.
(852). 1728, Sept. 25. William Wood and Margare Reasbeck, both of ye par. of Skelbrook.
(853). 1728, Oct. 29. George Mattison, of Shipton, & Jane Simpson, of ye par. of Newton- super-Ouse.
(854). 1728, Oct. 30. Robert Simpson, of the citty of York, & Sarah Brown, of All, Saints in the Pavement.
(855). 1728, Dec. 10. Thomas Robinson, of Sherburne, & Eliz. Champley, of Heslington.
(856). 1728, Dec. 26. Will. Stavely, of Pocklington, & Mary Note, of Gate Helmsley.
(857). 1728, Dec. 30. Daniel Bywater, of Leeds, and Elizabeth Hunter, of All Sts., Pavement.
(858). 1728-9, Jan. 27. George Crowle,* Esq., of Kingston-upon-Hull, and Mary Middleton, spinster, of the Beddern, York. (By license.)
* Eldest son and heir of William Crowle, of Springhead, merchant, chamberlain of Hull in 1688 and 1689. He was M.P. for Hull from 1723 to 1747, was appointed a commissioner of the Victualling Office in 1732, and a commissioner of the Navy in 1740.

(859). 1728-9, Feb. 1. Joseph Abbey, of ye par. of Kirk Deighton, & Elizabeth Hic, of ye par. of Abberforth, spinster. (Lic.)
(860). 1729, May 20. Christopher Harper, of Fridaythorp, & Elisabeth Harrison, of Tibthorpe, in ye par. of Kirkburn.
(861). 1729, May 24. William Biggin, of Howden, & Elizabeth Holmes, of Haddlesey, in Birkin parish.
(862). 1729, May 26. John Stork & Eliz. Smith, both of Hotham.
(863). 1729, Aug. 7. John Mawer,* of Upleatham, clerk, & Hannah Coatsworth, of ye city of York.
* John Mawer, D.D., author, poet, and "the greatest Linguist this Nation ever produced," being " able to speak and write twenty-two languages. " He was admitted to the curacy of Crathorne in 1732, at a stipend of £30 per annum, was afterwards vicar of Middleton Tyas, and died 18 Nov., 1763, aged 60. Several of Dr. Mawer's works were printed by Gent, and are noticed in " A Memoir of the York Press," by Robert Davies, F.S.A.-Hannah, widow of the Rev. John Mawer, D.D., died 22 Dec., 1766, aged 72, and was buried near her husband, in the church of Middleton Tyas.

(864). 1729, Aug. 12. Thomas Hodgson and Mary Edmond, both of the city of York.
(865). 1729, Aug. 17. Barnaby Bawtry,* of ye city of York, & Susanna Breary, of ye same.
* Probably a grandson of Barnaby Bawtry, brother of alderman Thomas Bawtry, lord mayor of York in 1670.

(866). 1729, Aug. 27. Thomas Head, of ye city of York, & Hanna Shepherd, of ye same.
(867). 1729, Sept. 7. Thomas England* & Ann Hornby, both of ye city of York,
* Thomas England, cooper, chamberlain in 1742, died about 1746, leaving a widow Ann.

(868). 1729, Oct. 22. Robt Fagg,* of Albourne, in the co. of Sussex, Esqr, & Sarah Ward, of the Minster Yard, in York, spinster. (By Lic. granted by her father, the commissary of the Dn & Chapt. of York.)
* Robert, only son of Sir Robert Fagg, bart., of Weston, co. Sussex, by Christian, daughter of Sir Cecil Bishop, bart. He succeeded his father in 1736, and died without issue in 1740.-Sarah, only daughter of William Ward, LL.D., of York. Married, secondly, Roger Talbot, esq., of Wood End, co. York, who died without issue in 1777. She retained the name of her first husband, and was styled Lady Fagg until her death, which occurred in November, 1792.

(869). 1729-30, Jan. 1. Francis* Thomlinson & Hanna Hotham, both of ye city of York.
* Francis, son of --- and Alice Thomlinson, of York (who died in 1720), and brother of Jane, the wife of Edward Jefferson, sheriff in 1716-7.-Hannah, daughter of Robert Hotham, brewer, York.

(870). 1729-30, Jan. 14. Thomas Hunter & Susan Ware, both of Millington.
(871). 1729-30, Feb. 24. Richard Addy, of Doncaster, and Ann Dalton, of Belfray's par. in York.
(872). 1730, Apr. 18. William Brown, of Norton, in ye Bk of Durham, & Ann Robinson, of Belfray's, in ye city of York.
(873). 1730, May 1. Matthew Oates & Isabel Conyers, both of Pickering.
(874). 1730, May 11. John Kendal, of Isel, in ye co. of Cumberland, & Hannah Williamson, of St John's par., in ye city of York.
(875). 1730, May 18. Richard Kirkby, of Huggate, & Jane Brigham, of the same place.
(876). 1730, June 24. Thomas Blackmore & Elizabeth Jacques, both of this city.
(877). 1730, July 6. William Fearnely & Mary Leake, both of this city.
(878). 1730, July 6. Robert Hewett,* clerk, & Hannah Burton, spinster, both of ye par. of Thornton. (Married by Jno. Burton.)
* Robert Hewett was ordained deacon, by the bishop of Carlisle, 25 Sept., 1715, and priest, by the archbishop of York, 8 June, 1718. He was licensed to the curacy of Fangfoss with Barnby Moor, and collated to the vicarage of Thornton-with-Allerthorpe, 2 Feb., 1729-30.

(879). 1730, July 18. Wm. Baines & Mary England, both of this city.
(880). 1730, Sept. 21. Simon Bucton & Alice Piper, both of ye Minster Yard.
(881). 1730, Oct. 27. Ralph Waterhouse, of St. John's Delpike, & Mary Murgatroid, of ye same.
(882). 1730, Nov. 4. Thomas Making, of Gowdall, in ye par. of Snaith, & Sarah Hobson, of Swinflete, in ye par. of Whitgift.
(883). 1730, Nov. 14. Jacob Nicholson and Jane Swaile, both of the par. of Bolton Peircy.
(884). 1730, Dec. 5. William Stephenson, of St Olave's parish, & Mary Elston, of Belfray's parish.
(885). 1730-1, Jan. 6. Mr. Richd Lawson,* of the Minster Yard, and Mrs. Mary Gilliver, of the par. of St Mich. de Beref. (Lic.)
* Richard Lawson, wine merchant, second son of George Lawson, esq., of Moreby, by Elizabeth, daughter of Marmaduke Bosvill, esq., of Seaton Ross. Baptized at Stillingfleet in 1697; apprenticed to Elias Pawson, wine merchant, York, in 1714; chamberlain in 1734 ; sheriff in 1736-7; lord mayor in 1741 and 1750 ; governor of the Merchants' Company 1746-8; died intestate 17 July, 1760. On 12 Oct., 1737, administration of the effects of Mary Lawson, an infant, deceased intestate, was granted to her father, Richard Lawson, gent. The latter married, secondly, in 1735, Barbara Burton. See No. 1004, postea.

(886). 1730-1, Jan. 21. Thomas Brooke, of the Minster Yard, and Frances Simpson, of the par. of St Maurice, city of York. (Lic.)
(887). 1730-1, Feb. 5. Christopher Stainton, of Market Weighton, and Dorothy Bash, of the same. (Lic.)
(888). 1730-1, Feb. 13. John Garle, of the par. of St Martin, Coney-street, and Martha Wright, of St. Mary's in Castlegate. (Lic.)

A Register of those Persons that have been Married in the Cathedral and Metropolitical Church of St Peter's in York since March the 25th, 1731. Timothy Mortimer, clerk of ye Vestry.

(889). 1731, Mar. 28. James Richardson, of the city of York, and Sarah Johnson, of the par. of All Saints in the Pavement. (Lic.)
(890). 1731, Apr. 13. Thomas Wilson & Martha Lund, both of ye par. of Belfray's. (Lic.)
(891). 1731, Apr. 22. Thomas Pape and Anne Birdall, both of the par. of Sherebourn. (Lic.)
(892). 1731, May 7. John Duffeild, of ye par. of St Michael in Spurriergate, & Elizabeth Kitching, of St John's parish. (Lic.)
(893). 1731, June 10. Wm. Noble,* rector of Dinsdale, and Eleanor Milner, of ye city of York. (Lic.)

* William Noble, of Queen's College, Oxford, was ordained priest by the archbishop of York, 25 Sept., 1720. He held the rectories of Dinsdale and Middleton St. George, in the county of Durham, from about 1722 until his death in 1747.

(894). 1731, June 12. William Pickup, of Rawcliffe, in ye par. of Snaith, and Margaret Slater, of Shereburne (Lic.)
(895). 1731, June 20. Thomas Allanson & Mary Wood, of ye par. of Brompton. (Lic.)
(896). 1731, July 10. Thomas Robinson & Mary Farrer, both of ye par. of Tadcaster. (Lic.)
(897). 1731, July 15. George Ellis, of St Martin's Micklegate, & Mary Hoyle, of Belfray's parish. (Lic.)
(898). 1731, July 31. Thomas Batty, of Wigginton, and Mary Smith, of the same. (Lic.)
(899). 1731, Aug. 13. Mr. Philip Kitchon,* of Marton, and Mrs. Elizabeth Whetherell, of Stoaksley. (Lic.)
* Philip Kitchon, literate, born about 1697, was ordained deacon, by the bishop of Carlisle, 5 July, 1719, and priest, by the archbishop of York, 20 May, 1722. on 21 July, 1725, he was licensed to the curacies of Acklam and Middlesborough ; on 21 April, 1729, he was instituted to the vicarage of Marton, which he held until his death ; and, on 5 Aug., 1730, he was admitted to the curacy of Nunthorpe. Will dated 8 May, 1742, proved 30 Nov., 1749, by his widow Elizabeth, the sole executrix. -Elizabeth Wetherill, of Stokesley, spinster, was aged 25 years in August, 1731.

(900). 1731, Aug. 19. Richard Hawxwell, of Terrington, and Thomasin Hicks, of Cramb. (Lic.)
(901). 1731, Aug. 21. Thos. Wilkinson, of Non-Appleton, & Mary Reynold, of ye same.
(902). 1731, Aug. 25. Philip Adams,* of Kingston-upon Hull, and Margaret Gibson, of the same. (Lic.)
* Philip Adams, of Hull, yeoman and ale-draper, died about 1752.-His second wife, Margaret Gibson, spinster, was aged 32 years in 1731.

(903). 1731, Sept. 3. Robert Gray, of Usburn, and Ann Shaw, of the same. (Lic.)
(904). 1731, Sept. 7. Peter Thomlinson, of the par. of Scrayingham, and Jane Jackson, of the same. (Lic.)
(905). 1731, Sept. 7. George Smeathman, of Pocklington, and Margarett Leppington, of Garton. (Lic.)
(906). 1731, Sept. 7. John Nicholson, of ye par. of St Michael, and Elisabeth Thompson, of ye same. (Lic.)
(907). 1731, Sept. 13. Thomas Hawkswell and Elizabeth Street, of the par. of Brompton. (Lic.)
(908). 1731, Sept. 30. Francis Beckwith* & Mary Dunn, both of ye city of York. (Lic.)
* Francis Beckwith, shoe-maker. chamberlain in 1741.

(909). 1731, Nov. 9. Wm. Jessay and Eliz. Crosier, both of ye par. of Hayton. (Lic.)
(910). 1731, Nov. 11. Thomas Hall, of the par. of Trinity in Curia Regis, and Elizabeth Grove, of the par. of Overton. (Lic.)
(911). 1731, Nov. 13. Mr. William Gossip* and Mrs. Ann Wilmer, both of the par. of St Michael de Berefride. (Lic.)
* William Gossip, esq., lord of the manor of Thorparch, son of William Gossip, of York, gent., and Susanna, his wife. He was born 6 March, 1704, died 25 March, 1772, and was succeeded by his third son, Wilmer Gossip, esq., at whose decease, without issue, in 1790, the manor passed to his nephew, William Gossip (son of his brother Thomas), who is now represented by his great-nephew Randall-Wilmer-Hatfield, esq., of Thorparch Hall.-Anne, daughter and coheiress of George Wilmer, esq., of Upper Helmsley, (see Minster Burials, No. 188), by Anne, daughter and heiress of Lewis Etherington, esq., of Rillington. She died 9 July, 1780, aged 77, and was buried, near her husband, in the family vault under the north aisle of Thorparch church. (See Nos. 1552 and 1589, postea)

(912). 1731, Nov. 15. William Evers & Mary Whitley, both of Leeds. (Lic.)
(913). 1731, Nov. 18. Francis Layton & Ann Robson, both of Acklam parish. (Lic.)
(914). 1731, Dec. 23. John Green, of Housham, in ye par. of Scrayingham, & Jane Rudsdale, of ye same. (Lic.)
(915). 1731, Dec. 25. Robert Fisher,* of St Crux par., & Katherine Weatherell, of St Trin. Goodramgate. (Lic.)
* On 10 Nov., 1733, Robert Fisher administered to the effects of his late wife Catherine, she having died intestate.

(916). 1731, Dec. 31. Thomas Fawdington, of Tollerton, and Mary Barker, of the same. (Lic.)
(917). 1731, Dec. 6 (sic) Nicholas Brigham, of Eastrop, par. de Londsbrough, & Christian Wilkinson, de Millington. (Lic.)
(918). 1731-2, Feb. 13. Thomas Scaling and Mary Mattison, both of ye par. of Overton. (Lic.)
(919). 1731-2, Feb. 20. Richard Corney,* of ye par. of St Mary in Castlegate, and Sarah Carey, of ye par. of St Michael in Spurriergate. (Lic.)
* Richard Corney was one of the city chamberlains in 1730.

(920). 1731-2, March 2. Thomas Waite and Alice Hawkins, both of St Dennis par. in Walmgate. (Lic.)
(921). 1731-2, March 3. Thomas Thornton and Alice Abba, both of ye par. of Newton super Ouse. (Lic.)
(922). 1731-2, March 19. Joseph Barron, of St Cruxe's par., & Mary Waterhouse, in ye Minster Yard. (Lic.)
(923). 1732, Apr. 12. Robert Ramsden & Elizabeth Lea, both of Halifax parish. (Lic.)
(924). 1732, May 11. Mr. Thomas Gee,* rect. of Cherry Burton and Foxholes, and Mrs. Mary Wyvil. (Lic.)
* A younger son of Thomas Gee, esq., of Bishop Burton, and brother of Ann, wife of Richard Dawson, esq. (see No. 765, antea). On 16 Feb., 1724-5, he had letters dimissory from the archbishop of York, to be ordained deacon by the bishop of London, the curacy of Cherry Burton, to which he was licensed on the 6th of March following, giving him a title. In December, 1726, he received priest's orders, and was instituted to the rectory of Foxholes, on the presentation of Thomas Gee, esq., of Bishop Burton, who also gave him the living of Cherry Burton, to which he was instituted 7 March, 1727-8. On 5 March, 1735-6, administration of the goods of Thomas Gee, rector of Cherry Burton, deceased intestate, was granted to Richard Dawson, esq., the principal creditor.-Mary, youngest daughter of Sir Marmaduke Wyvill, bart., of Constable Burton.

(925). 1732, May 19. William Knowles, of Temple Hurst, in ye par. of Birkin, & Tamasine Palmer, of Allerthorpe, in ye par. of Pocklington. (Lic.)
(926). 1732, May 19. Thomas Gant and Anne Priestley, both of Leeds. (Lic.)
(927). 1732, May 29. Edward Usher and Ann Haward, both of Catton. (Lic.)
(928). 1732, June 26. Richard Bland and Mary Wharton, both of Acomb. (Lic.)
(929). 1732, July 2. William Taylor, of Hovingham, & Rebecca Harrison, of ye same. (Lic.)
(930). 1732, July 13. Edward Cueit, of Thirsk, and Lydia Routh, of ye same. (Lic.)
(931). 1732, July 18. Thomas Button, of Ryder, & Jane Waterworth, of Fenton. (Lic.)
(932). 1732, July 24. James Taylor & Elizabeth Darby, both of St John's par., in ye city of York. (Lic.)
(933). 1732, Aug. 14. John Marshal and Marget (sic) Hood, of the par. of Pickering. (Lic.)
(934). 1732, Sept. 28. Peter Hunter and Mary Braithwaite, both of ye par. of St Mary in Castlegate. (Lic.)
(935). 1732, Oct. 26. Roger Kirkby, of Huggate, & Elizabeth Atkinson, of Beilby. (Lic.)
(936). 1732, Oct. 26. Adam Hare & Sarah Ward.
(937). 1732, Nov. 9. Richard Morley and Mary Morley, of Selby. (Lic.)
(938). 1732, Dec. 18. Christopher Midford, of Malton, & Elizabeth Johnson, of Leaven. (Lic.)
(939). 1732-3, Jan. 9. John Wright, of Stanford Bridge, & Elizabeth Butterwick, of Thirsk. (Lic.)
(940). 1732-3, Jan. 16. Francis Iles & Mary Pearson, both of Ripon. (Lic.)
(941). 1732-3, Jan. 24. George Morrett & Hannah Ross, both of ye par. of Brayton. (Lic.)
(942). 1732-3, Feb. 16. John Potter, of Castlegate, in York, and Mary Lee, of the same. (Lic.)
(943). 1732-3, Feb. 21. William Hays, of Castlegate, and Judith Hunton, of St Margaret's in Walmgate. (Lic.).
(944). 1732-3, March 3. Samuel Wilkinson, of Bossall, and Mary Waugh, of ye same. (Lic.)
(945). 1732-3, March 6. John Rennison, of Askham, and Anne Allen, of the same. (Lic.)
(946). 1732-3, March 8. George Lambertson, of Leeds, and Mary Harrison, of the same. (Lic.)
(947). 1733, March 28. William Halley & Grace Blanshard, both of ye par. of Thornton. (Lic.)
(948). 1733, March 31. George Mills, of ye par. of Easingwold, & Barbarah Bolton, of ye par. of St Dennis, in York. (Lic.)
(949). 1733, Apr. 15. John Hill, of ye par. of All Saints, in Pavement, & Mary Spencer, of ye same. (Lic.)
(950). 1733, May 6. Mr. Charles Copeland, of ye par. of St Maurice, York, & Mrs. Ruth Guy, of ye Minster Yard. (Lic.)
(951). 1733, June 29. Paul Green, of ye par. of Easingwold, and Margaret Wilson, of ye city of York. (Lic.)
(952). 1733, July 12. William Slayton, of Osbaldwick, and Anne Cade, of ye same. (Lic.)
(953). 1733, Sept. 14. George Suggit, of ye par. of St Trinity in King's Court, & Ellen Wood, of ye par. of St Michael's Belfrey. (Lic.)
(954). 1733, Sept. 18. Thomas Moggeridge, of Southwark, in ye co. of Surrey, & Elizabeth Colby, -of ye par. of St Michael's, in New Malton, in ye diocese of York. (Lic.)
(955). 1733, Oct. 11. Thomas Atkinson, of Meltonby, par. Pocklington, & Elizabeth Harper, of the same place. (Lic.)
(956). 1733, Oct. 16. Edward Bears & Elizabeth Teale, both of ye par. of Spofforth. (Lic.)
(957). 1733, Nov. 1. Samuel Overend, of Horsforth, in ye par. of Guisley, & Jellings Callice, of North Dalton. (Lic.)
(958). 1733, Nov. 11. Richard Rhodes & Elizabeth Dinsdale, both of ye par. of Otley. (Lic.)
(959). 1733, Nov. 13. Wm Sugden, of Londbrough, & Mary Vawser, of Skipton, in ye par. of Weighton. (Lic.)
(960). 1733, Nov. 19. Matthew Preston & Mary Stonehouse, both of Wintringham. (Lic.)
(961). 1733, Thomas Tate and Sarah Gibson, both of Wheldrake. (Lic.)
(962). 1733, Dec. 19. Henry Wait, of Beverley, & Rosamund Atkinson, of Leedes. (Lic.)
(963). 1733, Dec. 20. Ralph Gell & Anne Wilkinson, both of ye par. of Sutton upon Darwent. (Lic.)
(964). 1733, Dec. 31. Richard Prest and Anne Blakelock, both of Helmsley parish. (Lic.)
(965). 1733-4, Jan. 26. William Wilkinson, of Aughton, and Elizabeth Tindall, of Millington (Lic.)
(966). 1733-4, Feb. 11. Adam Ibbotson and Mary Jackson, both of the par. of St John, in the city of York. (Lic.)
(967). 1733-4, March 14. John Lambert, of Midleham, and Anne Ibbotson, of the par. of St John, in the city of York. (Lic.)
(968). 1734, Apr. 16. Richard Dickinson, of Marton with Grafton, and Mary Fretwell,* of Bilton. (Lic.)
* Probably Mary, widow of John Fretwell, gent., of Bickerton, in the parish of Bilton, who died in 1732, leaving three children, Francis, Mary, and John Fretwell, then minors.

(969). 1734, Apr. 30. Roger Stamper and Anne Shepherd, both of ye par. of Kirkdale. (Lic.)
(970). 1734, May 14. John Park, of the par. of Pickering, and Lucy Waslin, of the par. of Settrington. (Lic.)
(971). 1734, May 18. Thomas Smith* of St Mary, Castlegate, & Mary Atkinson, of St Trinity, Goodramgate. (Lic.)
* Thomas Smith, grocer and merchant, the eldest son, I believe, of Samuel Smith, grocer, York, who died in 1732. He was one of the city chamberlains in 1738, and died in 1758, leaving a widow, Mary, and three sons, Thomas, Richard, and James. The eldest son, Thomas Smith, merchant, was lord mayor of York in 1786 and 1793, and his second son, another Thomas Smith, filled the same office in 1813 and 1823.Mary, the mother of alderman Smith, died 28 January, 1784, aged 74.

(972). 1734, June 7. Philip Caris, of St John's over Ouze, & Mary Wales, of Acomb. (Lic.)
(973). 1734, June 12. Thomas Shaw, of Meltonby, in ye par. of Pocklington, & Elizabeth Bernard, of Yapham, in ye said par. (Lic.)
(974). 1734, June 18. James Ferrall, of London, and Elizabeth Hardy, of Barnsley. (Lic.)
(975). 1734, June 22. John Waite, of ye par. of Kirkdale, & Elizabeth Garbut, of ye same. (Lic.)
(976). 1734, July 10. Heneage Thomlinson and Beatrice Hebdon. (Lic.)
(977). 1734, July 16. William Bailey & Hannah Frank, both of ye par. of Middleton. (Lic.)
(978). 1734, July 20. Thomas Grundal, of Appleton, in ye par of Lastingham, & Alice Burton, of ye same. (Lic.)
(979). 1734, July 31. Mr. John Atkinson, of Newcastle upon Tine, & Mrs. Mary Barstow,* of ye par. of ye Holy Trinity in Goodramgate, York. (Lic.)
* Mary, daughter of Michael Barstow, of York, gent., brother of Benjamin Barstow, sheriff in 1729-30, from whom the Barstows of Garrow Hill are descended.

(980). 1734, Aug. 13. Mr. Jeremiah Rawson* of Bradford, in the diocese of York, and Frances Sterne, of the par. of All Saints in North-street, York. (Lic.)
* Jeremiah Rawson, attorney, son and heir of William Rawson, esq., of Bradford, by his second wife Grace, daughter and coheiress of Jeremiah Rossendale, esq. He died in 1767, without surviving issue, and was succeeded by his cousin Benjamin Rawson (son of Brook Rawson, of Manchester, gent., and grandson of the abovementioned William), whose son and heir, Benjamin Rawson, esq., of Bolton-in-le-Moors, co. Lanc., and Nidd Hall, co. York, purchased, in 1795, the manor of Bradford, which is yet held by his daughter, Miss Rawson, of Nidd Hall. -Frances, daughter of Richard Sterne, esq., of Elvington, and great-granddaughter of archbishop Sterne. She resided in the Manor House at Bradford, where she died 26 Oct., 1801, aged 86. " Her character will long be contemplated with respect and gratitude. She was a lineal descendant of archbishop Sterne, and cousin to the celebrated Tristram Shandy; had been 33 years a wife, and near 34 years a widow, and was a constant reader of this magazine from its commencement, of which she has left a complete set." (Gent. Mag., 1801, p. 1059.)

(981). 1734, Aug. 18. Edward Boldock, of the par. of All Saints, and Jane Peers, of St Helen's. (Lic.)
(982). 1734, Oct. 3. Alexander Sargison, of St Sampson's par., and Ann Rhodes, of St Trin:, Goodramgate. (Lic.)
(983). 1734, Oct. 7. Henry Harrison, of Everingham, & Anne Preston, of Foston. (Lic.)
(984). 1734, Nov. 4. Thomas Ellis, of Cruce par., in York, & Ann Hawkins, of St Martin's, Coney-street. (Lic.)
(985). 1734, Nov. 14. William Kettlewell, of ye par. of St Martin's, Coney-street, & Mary Richardson, of St John Del Pique. (Lic.)
(986). 1734, Nov. 18. Ralph Bradshaw, of Alerston, & Ann Stockton, of ye same place. (Lic.)
(987). 1734, Nov. 19. Samuel Westerman & Mary Musgrave, both of ye par. of Overton. (Lic.)
(988). 1734, Nov. 30. William Clinch & Mary Blades, both of ye city of York. (Lic.)
(989). 1734, Dec. 5. Ingram Grant & Anne Peckit, both of ye par. of Whitkirk, in Yorkshire. (Lic.)
(990). 1734, Dec. 23. William Appleton, of Pocklington, and Ann Sickton, of the same place. (Lic.)
(991). 1734-5, Jan. 2. John Burton,* of Heath, Dr. of Physick, & Mary Henson, of St Delpike (sic) parish in York. (Lic.)
* John Burton, M.D., afterwards of York, the well-known author of the "Monasticon Eboracense," of whom a memoir by Robert Davies, F.S.A., will appear, in the present volume of the Journal of this Society. He was the eldest surviving son of John Burton, of Heath, gent., by Margaret, daughter of the Rev. Mr. Leake, vicar of Kirkthorpe ; died intestate 19 January, 1771, aged 62, and was buried in the church of the Holy Trinity in Micklegate.-Mary, only child of Mr. Samuel Henson, of Wistow, who died in 1716. Her mother, Mary Henson, of York, widow, in her will, dated 26 Aug., 1742, [Pro. 7 Jan., 1743-4], desires "to be buried at as little expense as may be, with decency, in the church of Wistow, in my late dear husband's grave, near the altar table; and, if it can be conveniently done, I would have his coffin taken up and the grave brick't about, and both our coffins lye and remain in the same grave." Mrs. Burton died 28 Feb., 1771, aged 58, and was interred near her husband.

(992). 1734-5, Feb. 13. Thomas Clark, of ye par. of St Mary in Castlegate, and Anne Snare, of ye par. of Holy Trinity in King's Court. (Lic.)
(993). 1734-5, Feb. 17. John Barber & Mary White, both of Otley parish. (Lic.)
(994). 1734-5, March 20. William Woodworth, of ye par. of St Mary in Castlegate, & Jane Dobson, of ye par. of ye Holy Trinity in King's Court in York. (Lic.)
(995). 1735, Apr. 8. William Dawson, of ye par. of North-Allerton, & Ann Stephenson, of ye par. of St Dennis in York. (Lic.)
(996). 1735, Apr. 12. Benjamin Hulley, of the par. of Cattail, and Judith Corps, of Craythorn, in the Co. of York. (Lic.)
(997). 1735, Apr. 12. Thomas Maners, of Slingsby, and Mary Oldfield, of the par. of Edlington. (Lic.)
(998). 1735, Apr. 25. William Burnit, of Raskelfe, in ye par. of Easingwold, & Mary Chapman, of Thirlby, in ye par. of Felliskirk. (Lic.)
(999). 1735, Apr. 26. Henry Tate* and Isabell Leppington, both of Nun Appleton, near York. (Lic.)
* Henry Tate, of Nun Appleton, yeoman, in his will dated 3 June, 1736, [Pro. 14 June, seq.], mentions his wife Isabella, his sister Ellen Leyburn, and his nephews, Francis, William, Henry, John and Richard Leyburn. (See No. 816, antea.)

(1000). 1735, Apr. 27. Richd. Lockwood, of Crake, and Eliz. Harrison, of ye par. of Old Byland. (Lic.)
(1001). 1735, May 12. Francis Winn, of Bigin, in ye par. of Fenton, & Hannah Buck, of Fenton aforesd (Lic.)
(1002). 1735, May 26. John Cuthbert, of Naburn, and Mary Rodgers, of Stillington. (Lic.)
(1003). 1735, May 27. Wm. Gray, of Snaith, gentleman, & Mary Taylor, of ye same. (Lic.)
(1004). 1735, July 21. Richard Lawson* & Barbara Burton, both of ye city of York. (Lic.)
* Richard Lawson, wine-merchant, York, has been mentioned previously (see No. 885).-Barbara (his second wife), daughter of the Rev. Thomas Burton, vicar of Halifax. She died suddenly 30 May, 1772. The late Andrew S. Lawson, esq., of Aldborough, was their great-grandson.

(1005). 1735, July 31. Robert Stockton, of Oldby, in the par. of Bossall, & Anne Craven, of Acklam. (Lic.)
(1006). 1735, Aug. 5. Richard Parkinson and Jane Bolland. (Lic.)
(1007). 1735, Aug. 11. William Lee and Dinah Worlington. (Lic.)
(1008). 1735, Aug. 13. John Ramsden and Hannah Rawlin. (Lic.)
(1009). 1735, Sept. 3. Christopher Preston and Judith Hodgson, both of the par. of Kippax. (Lic.)
(1010). 1735, Sept. 4. Edward Burthom, of Saint James, Westminster, in ye co. of Middlesex, joyner, and Elizabeth Betson, of St Dennis par., in Walmgate, York. (Lic.)
(1011). 1735, Sept. 8. James Watkinson, of the par. of St Cuthbert's, and Elisabeth Johnson, of ye par. of the Holy Trinity in King's Court in York. (Lic.)
(1012). 1735, Nov. 4. Joseph Hawksworth, of the par. of Wath, and Mary Wilcock, of the city of York. (Lic.)
(1013). 1735, Nov. 10. William Coates* & Hannah Robinson, both of ye city of York, the former of Christ's church, the latter of Belfray's parish. (Lic.)
* Possibly William Coates, afterwards an alderman of York. See No. 1236, postea. (This note is cancelled by the note on No. 1236).

(1014). 1735, Nov. 11. John Lawson, of Gate Fulforth, and Mary Plummer, of ye par. of Huntington. (Lic.)
(1015). 1735, Nov. 11. William Simpson, of the par. of Crambe, and Mary Richardson, of the same place. (Lic.)
(1016). 1735, Nov. 17. John Wharram, of Fridaythorp, and Ann Gunwood, of Langton. (Lic.)
(1017). 1735, Nov. 24. John Bell, of ye city & diocese of York, esquire, and Mary Denton,* of ye same. (Lic.)
* Probably Mary, daughter of Richard Denton, merchant, York. See No. 418, antea.

(1018). 1735-6, Jan. 15. George Brownbridge, of Huntington, & Jane Driffield, of ye same place. (Lic.)
(1019). 1735-6, Jan. 15. Malby Beckwith,* of the city of York, and Hannah Dawson, of the same. (Lic.)
* Malby Beckwith, jeweller, York, son of Charles Beckwith, of the same city, jeweller, by Anne Calvert, his wife. Born in Blake-street, 10 Jan., 1701-2; died 2 Nov., 1742, and was buried in the church of St. Maurice. His first wife, Alice, daughter of John Abbey, of York, was interred there in August, 1735. - Hannah (his second wife), widow of William Dawson, of York (see No. 841, antea), and daughter of Edward Croft, senior, plumber, York.

(1020). 1735-6, Feb. 1. Richard Turnbull,* of ye par. of Holy Trinity in King's Court, and Elizabeth Eastburne, of ye same. (Lic.)
* Richard Turnbull died in 1745, and his widow Elizabeth in 1761. See No. 602, antea.

(1021). 1735-6, Feb. 3. Roger Wright, of Langton, & Mary Burnley, of Dunnington. (Lic.)
(1022). 1735-6, Feb. 10. William Mawe, of Wharram Percy, & Joanna Richardson, of St John Delpike's par., in ye city of York. (Lic.)
(1023). 1735-6, Feb. 12. Robert Leadbeater & Mary Nelson, both of South Cave. (Lic.)
(1024). 1735-6, Feb. 14. Charles Carr, of Acaster Malbis, & Elizabeth Tanfield, of Nun Monekton. (Lic.)
(1025). 1735-6, Feb. 18. Edward Bourne, of Rother ham, and Mary Tolson, of the par. of the Holy Trinity in King's Court in York. (Lic.)
(1026). 1735-6, Feb. 26. Wm Thompson, of ye par. of St Crux, & Mary Weightman, of ye par. of St Dennis, Walmgate. (Lic.)
(1027). 1735-6, Feb. 26. Robt Burton & Eliz: Dews berry, both of Allerthorpe, in ye par. of Pocklington. (Lic.)
(1028). 1736, March 25. Bennet Langton and Diana Turner. (Lic.)
(1029). 1736, Apr. 5. Thomas Sowersby & Margaret Porter, both of ye par. of Bainton. (Lic.)
(1030). 1736, May 1. George Hawley & Mary Appleyard, both of ye par. of Terrington. (Lic.)
(1031). 1736, May 6. Thomas Monkman, of Barton-in-ye-street, & Mary Eadon, of Whitby. (Lic.)
(1032). 1736, May 20. John Clarke, of Skelton Grange, in ye par. of Leeds, & Sarah Render, of Leeds aforesd (Lic.)
(1033). 1736, May 27. William Scott, of Lumb, in ye par. of Bristall, in ye co. & diocese of York, Esq., & Sarah Hildyard,* of St Mich,: Belfrey, in ye city of York. (Lic.)
* Sarah, daughter of Francis Hildyard, bookseller, York.

(1034). 1736, June 10. Nicholas Cheeseman, of Cropton, in the par. of Midleton, & Mary Robinson, of Hutton-in-the-hole, in the par. of Lastingham. (Lic.)
(1035). 1736, June 24. William Ellis, of the par. of St Martin's in Micklegate, York, and Margaret Rudd, of the par. of St John over Owze. (Lic.)
(1036). 1736, July 25. George Swallow, of Kingston upon-Hull, merchant, & Elizabeth Scofield, of Thursday Markett, in ye city of York. (Lic.)
(1037). 1736, July 31. James Sherwood & Isabel Spink, both of Askham Bryan. (Lic.)
(1038). 1736, Aug. 10. Richard Leadley, of ye par. of St Crux, a batchelor, & Ann Waters, of St Margret's. (Lic.)
(1039). 1736, Aug. 18. Richd. Simpson, of East Ness, in ye par. of Hovingham, & Catherine Parke, of ye same. (Lic.)
(1040). 1736, Sept. 18. John Hill, of Yarme, & Priscilla Hutchinson, of Maunby. (Lic.)
(1041). 1736, Nov. 9. Francis Johnson & Elizabeth Sandford, both of ye Minster Yard. (Lic.)
(1042). 1736, Nov. 17. John Buttery, of Murton, in ye par. of Osbaldwick, & Mary Seamour, of Heslington, in St Laurence par. (Lic.)
(1043). 1736, Nov. 22. Anthony Jerome, of ye par. of Holme, and Elizabeth Barker, of the same par. (Lic.)
(1044). 1736, Nov. 22. Edward Smith* and Grace Whitelock, both of the par. of the Holy Trinity in King's Court. (Lic.)
* Edward Smith, haberdasher of small wares, was one of the city chamberlains in 1741, and sheriff in 1764-5. In 1766 he fined for alderman, and was disfranchised at his own request. He died 16 April, 1799, aged 88, and was buried in the church of St. Saviour.

(1045). 1736, December 9. Francis Warwick, of Kirkby Misperton, & Ann Skelton, of the same. (Lic.)
(1046). 1736, Dec. 11. Richard Johnson & Jane Proctor, both of the par. of the Holy Trinity in King's Court. (Lic.)
(1047). 1736-7, Jan. 2. Quintin Acomb* & Jane Clark, both of the par. of the Holy Trinity in King's Court. (Lic.)
* In the Marriage License, Quintin A comb is described as a butcher, living in the parish of St. Crux. In 1758 he resided on Ouse-bridge.

(1048). 1736-7, Jan. 16. Thomas Richardson and Mary Burton, both of the par. of All Saints in Pavement. (Lic.)
(1049). 1736-7, Jan. 27. Robert Adcock and Mary Akam, both of the par. of Helaugh. (Lic.)
(1050). 1736-7, Mar. 1. Mr. Thomas Nelson,* rector of Fingall, in the co. of York, and Mrs. Catherine Preston, of ye city of York. (Lic.)
* Thomas Nelson was licensed to the curacies of Askham Brian and Healaugh in 1781, and held the rectory of Fingall from 1735 until his death in 1786.-Catherine, eldest daughter of Darcy Preston, esq., town-clerk of York (see No. 635, antea), by his first wife Catherine, daughter of Thomas Thompson, of the same city, gent. She had a marriage portion of £1000.

(1051). 1736-7, Mar. 5. William Bolton and Mary Fewsdale, both of the par. of Little Osburn. (Lic.)
(1052). 1737, Apr. 5. Alexander Kay, of Beverley, and Ann Thornton, of the same place. (Lic.)
(1053). 1737, May 30. William Randerson, of the par. of St Mary's, Castlegate, Yorke, & Mary Maltus, of the par. of the Holy Trinity in Micklegate, York. (Lic.)
(1054). 1737, June 3. Charles Nelson, of Barton, in Lincolnshire, & Margaret Renison, of Kingston-upon-Hull. (Lic.)
(1055). 1737, June 6. George Cross & Elizabeth Kirby, both of Huggate. (Lic.)
(1056). 1737, June 9. Thomas Moorhouse and Mary Wilson, both of the par. of Hemsley. (Lic.)
(1057). 1737, July 10. Thomas Palmer, of Selby, and Eleanor Crosby, of the par. of St Sampson in York. (Lic.)
(1058). 1737, July 22. Francis Midgley, of Sheriff Hutton, and Elizabeth Sugget, of ye par. of Huntington. (Lic.)
(1059). 1737, Aug. 14. Thomas Carver, of North Allerton, & Mary Brearey, of St Mary's in Castlegate. (Lic.)
(1060). 1737, Aug. 19. Anthony Brownbridge, of Ellerton, & Eleanor Burton, of the same. (Lic.)
(1061). 1737, Aug. 20. John Walker, of Haxby par., & Elizabeth Fowler, of the same par. (Lic.)
(1062). 1737, Sept. 8. Joshua Stobbart, of ye par. of Sutton, in Holderness, and Anne Penrose, of ye par. of St Mary's, in Hull. (Lic.)
(1063). 1737, Sept. 12. George Witty, of Luttons Ambo, and Hannah Scaife, of the same par. (Lic.)
(1064). 1737, Sept. 14. Thomas Thwaits & Elizabeth Glenton, both of St John's par. in Micklegate. (Lic.)
(1065). 1737, Sept. 27. George Dinmoore & Susannah Hands, of ye par. of St Martin, Coney-street. (Lic.)
(1066). 1737, Oct. 5. William Wright, of Leeds, and Jane Breercliffe, of the same. (Lic.)
(1067). 1737, Nov. 11. Thomas Yeoman, of Melbourn, & Ann Hart, of ye same. (Lic.)
(1068). 1737, Nov. 11. Henry Thackray & Catherine Doughty, both of Acaster Malbis. (Lic.)
(1069). 1737, Nov. 7.(sic) John Fryer* & Isabel Woodhouse ; the former of St Michael the Belfrey, & the latter of Doddington, in the Diocese of Gloucester. (Lic.)
* John Fryer has been previously mentioned (see Nos. 724 and 813, antea). Isabella Fryer, of York, widow, made her will 5 Dec., 1758 [Pro. 25 March, 1761], appointing her son-in-law (step-son?) Oswald Langwith, rector of Thornton, residuary legatee.

(1070). 1737, Dec. 10. Miles Dawson and Elizabeth Wilson ; ye former of Widdington, in ye par. of Little Usburn, and ye latter of ye same. (Lic.)
(1071). 1737, Dec. 31. Major Judson and Ann Goodearth ; the former of Leeds, & the latter of the par. of St Michael le Belfry. (Lic.)
(1072). 1737-8, Jan. 10. Richard Galloway & Ann Weatherill, both of ye par. of St Martin's in Coney-street. (Lic.)
(1073). 1737-8, Jan. 28. John Hunter & Martha Durant, both of ye par. of All Saints, in ye Pavement. (Lic.)
(1074). 1737-8, Feb. 14. John Osburne & Esther Thompson ; the former of ye par. of St Martin's, in Coney-street, ye latter of ye par. of St Michael, in Spurriergate. (Lic.)
(1075). 1737-8, Feb. 23. Thomas Jobson & Elizabeth Hardcastle ; the former of Ripon, the latter of Beverley. (Lic.)
(1076). 1737, Nov. 4 (sic) Michael Wilson, of the city of York, and Ann Abbott, of the par. of St Mary, Bishophill, the elder. (Lic.)
(1077). No date. Edward Barrett, of ye par. of Bubbith, and Mary Taylor, of ye par. of St Mary, in Castlegate, York. (Lic.)
(1078). 1737-8, Mar. 16. John Cosins,* of Brompton, in ye co. of York, gentleman, & Eleanor Sawden, of Ebberston. (Lic.)
* John Cosins, of Brompton, gent., died in 1742-3, leaving a widow Eleanor, and two children, Ann and William, then minors.

(1079). 1738, Apr. 2. George Buckley,* of ye city of York, gentleman, and Ann Turner, of Belfray's par. (Lic.)
* George Buckley, esq., joint lord of the manor of Thurnscoe, died, intestate, in the suburbs of the city of York, administration being granted to his widow Anne, 27 January, 1766.-Anne, daughter of John Turner, esq., of Stainsby, co. York (by Catherine, daughter of Roger Talbot, esq., of Wood End, in the parish of Thornton-le-street). She died, intestate, at Kippax, in 1771. Of their children, Edward Buckley, the eldest son, was vicar of Kippax from 22 Dec., 1770, until his resignation in 1783; the second son, William-Turner Buckley, esq., of Bond End House, Knaresbrough, died in 1805, unmarried ; Anne became the wife of the Rev. John Fox, rector of Etton, and Catherine married, at Kippax, 28 October, 1773, her cousin, Sir Thomas Turner Slingsby, of Scriven, Bart. (son of Charles Slingsby, esq., of Lofthouse Hill, by Catherine, eldest daughter of the above-mentioned John and Catherine Turner).

(1080). 1738, Apr. 13. John Bourchier, Esqr* of Benningbrough, in the Co. of York; & Mrs. Mildred Roundell, of St Martin's par. in Micklegate, in ye city of York. (Lic.)
* Son and heir of John Bourchier, esq., of Benningbrough (who died in 1736), by Wary, daughter of Roger Bellwood, esq., of York, sergeant-at-law. He was high sheriff of the county in 1749, died at Path. 14 May, 1759, aged 49, and was buried at Newton-upon-Ouse. In a codicil to his will, dated 25 Aug., 1753, he bequeaths to his wife Mildred his "new built house" in Micklegate. His only child Mildred married, 15 May, 1760, Robert Fox Lane, esq., only son of George Fox Lane, esq., of Bramham Park, lord mayor of York in 1757, who was created Baron Lingley in 1762. She died, without issue, at Bristol, 10 Dec., 1760, aged 20, and was interred at Newton. -Mildred, daughter and co-heiress of Richard Roundell, esq., of Hutton Wansley (see No. 325, antea), by his second wife Elizabeth, daughter and co-heiress of John Ramsden, esq., of Norton. "Mildred, daughter of Esquire Roundell," was baptized at St. Martin's, Micklegate. 19 Nov., 1716. She died at York, 12 Dec., 1796, aged 80, and was buried at Newton.

(1081). 1738, June 1. Wm. Passman, of Upsall, in ye par. of South Kilvington, & Mary Armstrong, of ye par. of Hutton Rudby. (Lic.)
(1082). 1738, June 22. Wm Edmund, of Easingwold, & Anne Sanderson, of Dunnington. (Lic.)
(1083). 1738, July 8. Ralph Storr, of Strensall, and Mary Johnson, of Leeds. (Lic.)
(1084). 1738, July 15. Jonathan Simpson, of the par. of Bradford, and Mary Rhodes, of the par. of Guiseley. (Lic.)
(1085). 1738, Aug. 1. Robt Halliley, of South Milford, & Mary Burmby, of Brayton. (Lic.)
(1086). 1738, Aug. 1. Wm Nicholson,* of Cawood, & Mary Cecil, of ye same. (Lic.)
* William Nicholson, of Cawood, fishmonger, was one of the chamberlains of York in 1743.

(1087). 1738, Aug. 27. Wm. Blyth, of Marton, and Mary Wood, of the same. (Lic.)
(1088). 1738, Aug. 29. Mark Mackinder, of Hornsea, and Alice Doeg, of ye same. (Lic.)
(1089). 1738, Sept. 7. Thomas Chambers, of Dunnington, and Mary Heselewood, of ye same. (Lic.)
(1090). 1738, Sept. 21. Frank Bows, of Edston, and Anne Robinson, of Dalby, in ye par. of Thornton. (Lic.)
(1091). 1738, Sept. 30. Robert Penrose, of Haxby, & Frances Thompson, of ye same place. (Lic.)
(1092). 1738, Oct. 5. Ralph Lofthouse, of ye par. of St Martin in Coney-street, York, and Anne Wilson, of Bawtry. (Lic.)
(1093). 1738, Oct. 10. John Froggat,* of Aumpton, in the par. of Kneesall, in the co. of York (sic), and Susannah Stowin, of Luddington, in the co. of Lincoln. (Lic.)
* John Froggat, gentleman. died at Halifax in 1750, leaving a widow Susannah, and three children, William, Susannah, and Ann. It was probably the latter who married Thomas Lightfoot, apothecary. Crowle, and was mother of Anne, wife of the Rev. George Bethell, M.A., Provost of Eton College, whose son is the present William Froggat Bethell, esq., of Rise.-Susannah, youngest daughter of James Stovin, esq., of Crowle, co. Line., brother of George Stovin, who was married at York Minster in 1717. See No. 500 antea, to which the following note ought to have been appended. --George Stovin, esq., the antiquary, of whom Mr. Hunter gives some account in his History of South Yorkshire, vol. i., p. 181.

(1094). 1738, Oct. 19. John Lamplugh & Mary Barmby, both of the par. of Garton. (Lic.)
(1095). 1738, Oct. 23. George Newbold & Mary Shepherd of Doncaster. (Lic.)
(1096). 1738, Nov. 1. John Dent, of ye par. of Sledmore, & Joanna Newlove, of Wetwang. (Lic.)
(1097). 1738, Nov. 4. John Nicholson, of ye par. of St Mary in Castlegate, York, and Sarah Robinson, of ye par. of Brayton. (Lic.)
(1098). 1738, Nov. 16. Thomas Ruston, of Langton, in ye diocese of York, and Ann Padmore, of the said diocese. (Lic.)
(1099). 1738, Dec. 23. John Brown, of the par. of St Sampson, in York, and Esther Gill, of the same place. (Lic.)
(1100). 1738, Dec. 27. Thomas Ascough, of the par. of Scrayingham, and Ann Pattison, of the same par. (Lic.)
(1101). 1738-9, Jan. 20. John Gilbank, of Whixley, & Rebecca Powell, in the par. of St. Mary's, Bishophil, the younger. (Lic.)
(1102). 1738-9, Jan. 30. Mathew Spence,* of Trinity par., Micklegate, & Margaret England, of Bishop Hill, ye Elder. (Lic.)
* Matthew Spence, innholder, was living without Micklegate-bar in 1758.

(1103). 1738-9, Feb. 14. Wm Ray, of Dishforth, in the par. of Topcliffe, and Margaret Groves, of the same. (Lic.)
(1104). 1738-9, Feb. 25. Thomas Walker, of the par. of All Saints in the Pavement, & Jane Nicholson, of the par. of St Saviour's, in the city of York, (Lic.)
(1105). 1738-9, Feb. 27. John Lotherington & Elizabeth Sanderson, both of Dunnington. (Lic.)
(1106). 1738-9, Mar. 3. Matthew Catterton, of Nether Popleton, & Mary Whitehouse, of Upper Popleton, in the par. of St Mary, B? Hill, ye younger. (Lic.)
(1107). 1738-9, Mar. 10. John Hotham, of the par. of St John, in Beverley, & Catherine Metcalfe, of Kingston upon-Hull. (Lic.)
(1108). 1739, Mar. 29. Edward Sampson, of Wooly, in ye D. of York, & Ann Maunby, of ye par. of Ledsham. (Lic.)
(1109). 1739, Apr. 2. Joseph Wilson & Hannah Jackson, both of ye par. of Middleton* (Lic.).
* Middleton in Pickering-Lythe.

(1110). 1739, Apr. 4. Samuel Towell, of Cawood, & Mary King, of Belfrey's, in ye city of York. (Lic.)
(1111). 1739, May 8. James Swaile, of Hampsthwait, & Mary Mawnby, of Knaresbrough. (Lic.)
(1112). 1739, May 14. Joshua Shaw & Frances Beardshay. (Lic.)
(1113). 1739, May 16. William Chambers and Sarah Geldart. (Lic.)
(1114). 1739, May 16. George Burton,* of the par. of St John's, in York, & Frances Veevers, of the same. (Lic.)
* A breeches-maker in Skeldergate.

(1115). 1739, June 9. Thomas Whitonstall, of Wadsworth, & Arabella Barwick, of ye par. of St John's, in ye city of York. (Lic.)
(1116). 1739, June 11. Thos. Pickersgill, of ye par. of Hallifax, & Elizabeth Dickinson, of ye same. (Lic.)
(1117). 1739, June 11. Thomas Tebb, of Pocklington, & Elizabeth Whip, of Bishop Wilton. (Lic.)
(1118). 1739, June 12. Richard Brown, of Knottingley, & Margaret Farnel, of the same place. (Lic.)
(1119). 1739, June 23. Thomas White, of Ampleford, and Grace Man, of the same place. (Lic.)
(1120). 1739, June 27. Wm Fenton,* of Leeds, & Eliz: Read, of ye same. (Lic.)
* In his will, dated 3 March, 1749-50 [Pro. 10 Oct., 1751], William Fenton, of Leeds, cloth-worker, mentions his wife Elizabeth, his sons Read and John Fenton, then minors, and his brother-in-law Mr. Richard Read, of Lincolnshire.

(1121). 1739, July 2. Henry Favell, of Wakefield, & Jane Taylor, of the same place. (Lic.)
(1122). 1739, July 29. Thomas Raper, of Huntington, & Ellen Smith, of the same place. (Lic.)
(1123). 1739, July 25 (sic) Thomas Baron and Ellenor Pinder, both of the par. of Great Driffield. (Lic.)
(1124). 1739, Aug. 5. Wm Crosby, of Brompton, in ye diocese of York, and Anne Browne, of ye same. (Lic.)
(1125). 1739, Aug. 21. Mark Stead, of Askham Bryan, & Dorothy Fellison, of Huntington. (Lic.)
(1126). 1739, Aug. 27. Thomas Baines, of Borrow bridge, & Elizabeth Houseman, of Aldbrough. (Lic.)
(1127). 1739, Aug. 28. Wm Bower, of ye par. of All Saints in Pavement, in ye city of York, and Anne Walker, of ye same par. (Lic.)
(1128). 1739, Sept. 6. George Watson, of the par. of Middleton, yeoman, and Sarah Jackson, of the par. of Lastingham. (Lic.)
(1129). 1739, Sept. 25. Cornelius Severs, of ye city of York, and Elizabeth Cundall, of Kexby, in ye par. of Cattan. (Lic.)
(1130). 1739, Oct. 9. Henry Hare, of Borrougbridge, and Mary Ibbotson, of the par. of St Mary, Bishophill, the elder, in York. (Lic.)
(1131). 1739, Oct. 14. Samuel Harrison, of ye par. of Ryther, and Mary Appleyard, of ye par. of Bolton Percy. (Lic.)
(1132). 1739, Nov. 13. Thomas Cowlam & Ann Wright, both of ye par. of Bishop Wilton. (Lic.)
(1133). 1739, Nov. 13. Thomas Howard, of Farlington, and Elizabeth Fisher, of the same place. (Lic.)
(1134). 1739, Nov. 14. Robert Kirby, of Firby, in ye par. of Westow, & Mary Milson, of Westow aforesaid.
(1135). 1739, Dec. 8. Thomas Perritt,* of the par. of All Saints, North Street, and Ann Etty, of the Mint Yard, in the city of York. (Lic.)
* Thomas Perritt was one of the city chamberlains in 1753. He appears to have married, secondly, in 1748, at Hampsthwaite, Grace Perritt, of the parish of Holy Trinity, York. On 13 Dec., 1759, administration of the goods of Thomas Perritt, late of the Bedern, gent., who died intestate, was granted to Edward Wallis, Nicholas Suger, and John Tasker, guardians of Ann and Dorothy Perritt, daughters of the said deceased.

(1136). 1739, Dec. 18. Thomas Pulleyn,* of Burley, in the diocese of York, Esqr., and Mrs. Mary Sterne, of the city and diocese of York. (Lic. Mard. by Jaques Sterne.)
* For some account of Thomas Pulleyn and Mary, his wife,-see " The Register of Burials," No. 232.

(1137). 1739, Dec. 18. Thomas Thomlinson & Alice Mollett, both of the par. of Bolton Percy. (Lic.)
(1138). 1739-40, Jan. 17. Thomas Gilbank* and Sarah Andrew, of the par. of Belfrey's. (Lic.)
* Thomas Gilbank, coal-merchant, chamberlain in 1761, and sheriff in 1785-6, died 5 Dec., 1794, aged 84, and was buried at St Olave's, near his wife Sarah, who died 6 July, 1793, aged 81.

(1139). 1739-40, Jan. 18. Langdale Morris & Mary Harrison, both of Darrington. (Lic.)
(1140). 1739-10, Feb. 9. Joseph Wainman & Elizabeth Green, both of ye city of York. (Lic.)
(1141). 1739-40, Feb. 16. William Baker,* of Belfry, & Ann Foster, of St Martin's par., Coney-street. (Lic.)
* William Baker, cheesemonger, was appointed cook to the corporation, 29 Jany., 1738-9, and filled the office of sheriff in 1753-4. He died 27th January, 1765, aged 65, and was buried at St. Martin's, Coney-street.-Ann Foster (his 2nd wife), widow of -- Foster, died 14 June, 1774, aged 69, and was buried near her husband.

(1142). 1739-40, Feb. 18. Francis Fryar, of Foston, and Dorothy Poole, of Strensal. (Lic.)
(1143). 1739-40, Feb. 18. Joseph Foster & Hannah Duffield, both of ye city of York. (Lic.)
(1144). 1739-40, Feb. 22. Thomas Linton, of ye city of York, & Elizabeth Layland, of ye Beddern. (Lic.)
(1145). 1739-40, Mar. 6. George Headley and Mary Burton, both of Newton-upon-Ouse. (Lic.)
(1146). 1739-40, Mar. 23. Thomas Taylor, of ye par. of Huntington, and Martha Gray, of ye same par. (Lic.)
(1147). 1739-40, Mar. 24. Jona. Jackson, of the city of York, and Elizabeth Wilson, of the same. (Lic.)
(1148). 1740, Apr. 10. John Ward, of the par. of Leeds, and Mary Maude, of the same par. (Lic.)
(1149). 1740, Apr. 21. Thomas Barff,* of Hirst, in the par. of Birkin, & Elizabeth Robinson, of South Duffield, in the par. of Hemingbroug. (Lic.)
* Thomas Barfe, of Hurst Courtney, widower, aged 30, years and upwards, married, secondly, in 1742-3, Ann Leech, of Temple Hurst, spinster, aged 24.-See No. 1271, postea.

(1150). 1740, May 19. Richd. Cooper, of Barmby Moor, & Margaret Scrafton, of Bubwith. (Lic.)
(1151). 1740, June 3. Rd. Boyce, of Scackleton Grange, in the par. of Hovingham, & Mary Foxton, of the same place.
(1152). 1740, July 10. Richard Burton, of Falsgrave, in ye par. of Scarbrough, and Anne Marshall, of Spaunton. (Lic.)
(1153). 1740, July 10. John Coale,* of New Malton, & Mary Waite, of Kildwick Pearcey. (Lic.)
* John Cole, or Coale, of New Malton, innholder, by will dated 11 June, 1741 [Pro. 27 Jan., 1742-3], bequeaths all to his wife Mary.

(1154). 1740, July 22. William Brand, of Scagglethorp, in ye par. of Settrington, & Elizabeth Cowlam, of ye same. (Lic.)
(1155). 1740, July 29. Wm. Tasker, of Willey, in ye par. of Kellington, and Mary Elwes, of Fenwick, in ye par. of Campsall. (Lic.)
(1156). 1740, Aug. 11. Robert Hodgson, of ye par. of Sutton-upon-Darwent, & Jane Edmundson, of ye same par. (Lic.)
(1157). 1740, Aug. 14. John Farnell, of Scewsby, in ye par. of Dalby, and Elizabeth Hornsey, of ye same. (Lic.)
(1158). 1740, Aug. 15. George Smith, of Corrshaw, in ye par. of Kildwick, and Mary Malton, of Wetherby. (Lic.)
(1159). 1740, Aug. 16. Edward Williamson, of Scarbrough, and Sarah Lee, of Thorn Park, in ye par. of Seamer. (Lic.)
(1160). 1740, Aug. 25. Joseph Nettleton, of Barwick in-Elmet, & Susannah Batty, of Thorner. (Lic.)
(1161). 1740, Sept. 10. John Lockwood, of ye city of York, & Elizabeth Dearden, of ye same place, & par. of St. Maurice. (Lic.)
(1162). 1740, Sept. 18. James Hamilton, of Sheffield, & Ann Fletcher, of the par. of St. Wilfred's, in the city of York. (Lic.)
(1163). 1740, Sept. 21. Geo. Welburn, of New Malton, & Eliz: Chapman, of the same town. (Lic.)
(1164). 1740, Sept. 25. John Pearson, of the city of York, & Eliz: Lynn, of Dunnington. (Lic.)
(1165). 1740, Sept. 30. Theophilus Garenciers,* of the city of York, apothy., and Mrs. Eliz: Brooke, of the par. of St. Hellen, of ye same city. (Lic.)
* Eldest son of the Rev. Theophilus Garencieres, vicar of Scarbrough and Snainton (by Elizabeth, daughter of Charles Best, esq., of Emswell, co. York, and great-grand-son, it is probable, of Theophilus Garencieres, a French physician, who died in London in 1680. Apprenticed in 1729 to William Dobson, alderman and apothecary, York, whose daughter Elizabeth became his wife in April, 1738, and was buried at St. Martin's, Coney-street, 9 Sept., 1739. He served the office of chamberlain in 1753, that of sheriff in 1771-2, and died at New Malton, 17 January, 1784, aged 69. His only son Theophilus Davye Garencieres was lord mayor of York in 1796.-Elizabeth (his second wife), daughter of Mr. Brooke, by Anne, eldest daughter of William Davye, esq., of Fockerby, co. York. She died in 1742.

(1166). 1740, Oct. 6. John Smith, of Youlthorp, in ye par. of Bishop Wilton, & Hellen Etty, of Murton, in ye par. of Osbaldwick. (Lic.)
(1167). 1740, Oct. 20. Christopher Soulby, of Hovingham, & Ann Peacock, of Braby, in the par. of Salton. (Lic.)
(1168). 1740, Nov. 10. John Pearson, of Claxton, in ye par. of Bossal, & Mary Whitelock, of the same.
(1169). 1740, Nov. 14. Francis Colton, of Coverdale, & Anne Ayrton, of ye city of York. (Lic.)
(1170). 1740, Nov. 19. John Dodsworth, of Cawood, and Martha Smith, of the Minster Yard, in the city of York. (Lic.)
(1171). 1740-1, Jan. 6. Thomas Holland, of Barton, in ye co. of Lincoln, & Hannah Scotch burn, of ye par. of St John Delpike, in ye city of York. (Lic.)
(1172). 1740-1, Jan. 24. Mr. William Hotham,* of ye city of York, & Mrs. Jane Goulton, of ye par. of St. Maurice, in ye same city. (Lic.)
* William Hotham, haberdasher of hats (youngest son of Robert Hotham, brewer, York), chambelain in 1745, died 1st May, 1760, aged 50, and was interred in the church of St. Dennis.--Jane, youngest daughter of Francis Goulton, of Highthorne, near Husthwaite, gent. She died 25 April, 1600, aged 82, and was buried near her husband. Their son, William Hotham, esq., lord mayor of York in 1802 and 1819, succecded to Highthorne, in 1815, on the death of his cousin Christopher Goulton, esq.

(1173). 1740-1, Mar. 12. William Shepherd, of Moor Monkton, and Jane Gray, of Nether Poppleton. (Lic.)
(1174). 1740-1, Mar. 12. John Beaumont, of Wakefield, and Elizabeth Richardson, of the par. of St Olave's, in the suburbs of the city of York. (Lic.)
(1175). 1741, Mar. 30. (Easter Monday). The Reverend Mr. Lawrence Sterne* and Mrs. Elizabeth Lumley, of Little Alice Lane, within the Close of the Cathedrall. (Lic. Mard. by Richd. Osbaldeston, the dean).
* The eccentric author of Tristram Shandy, whose " Life," admirably written by Mr. Fitzgerald, was published in 1864. He was the eldest son of Lieutenant Roger Sterne (a younger son of Simon Sterne, esq., of Elvington, by Mary, daughter and heiress of Roger Jacques, esq.), and great-grandson of Richard Sterne, archbishop of York. Born at Clonmel, in Ireland, 24 Nov., 1713; died at his lodgings in Bond street, London, 18 March, 1768; and was interred "in the new burying-ground near Tyburn." His body is said to have been dug up by resurrection men, and sent to Cambridge, "his old university," where it was "anatomised." At the time of his decease Mr. Sterne was a canon of York, and held the livings of Sutton-on-the-Forest, Stillington, and Coxwold.-Elizabeth, daughter of the Rev. Robert Lumley, rector of Bedale, by Lydia, widow of Thomas Kirke, esq., of Cookridge (see No. 392, antea). She died at Angouleme about the year 1772, leaving an only child Lydia, who married a Mr. de Medalle, and is supposed to have perished in the French revolution of 1790.

(1176). 1741, Apr. 11. Robt Allanson, of Westow, & Alice Thorpe, of the same. (Lic.)
(1177). 1741, Apr. 11. Roger Walters, of Byland, in ye par. of Coxwold, & Frances Isserwood, of Slingsby. (Lic.)
(1178). 1741, Apr. 16. James Freer, of the par. of Cramb, & Eliz: Lee, of the par. of Bossal. (Lic.)
(1179). 1741, Apr. 20. Christr Barker, of Sproxton, in the par. of Hemsley Blackamoor, & Eliz: Dobson, of Hemsley Blackamoor aforesd. (Lic.)
(1180). 1741, May 4. Francis Webster, of Hinderskelf, & Sarah Elsworth, of Terrington. (Lic.)
(1181). 1741, Apr. 23 (sic) Mathew Noble, of Sunderland, & Dorothy Fish, of Goodramgate, York. (Lic.)
(1182). 1741, May 5. The Revd. John Murgatroyd,* of Leeds, & Hannah Manklin, of Coney-street, in ye city of York. (Lic.)
* John Murgatroyd, of St. Peter's college, Cambridge, was ordained deacon, by the archbishop of York, 22 Dec., 1723, and priest, by the bishop of Ely, 24 Sept., 1727. On 21 June, 17,32, he was admitted to the curacy of St. John's, Leeds, which he held until his death on 5 Aug., 1708.-Hannah Mancklin (his 2nd wife) brought her husband a marriage portion of £1900. Shortly after his decease she removed to York, where she died in the parish of St. Martin's, Coney-street. In her will, dated 8 May, 1769 [Pro. 15 Jan., 1781], she desires to " be buried in St. John's church at Leeds, as near the body of my late husband as may be." Her next of kin was her cousin Benjamin Mancklin, of Beverley, gent.

(1183). 1741, May 13. Thomas Cousans, of Wistow, & Margaret Store, of ye same. (Lic.)
(1184). 1741, May 14. John Barker, of Malton, & Elizabeth Crawforth, of Fridaythorp. (Lic.)
(1185). 1741, May 30. William Waind, of the par. of All Saints in the Pavement, and Catherine Beetson, of the par. of All Saints Michael Belfrey (sic), of York. (Lic.)
(1186). 1741, June 11. William Cheesman, of Cropton, in ye par. of Middleton, & Anne Humble, of ye same place. (Lic.)
(1187). 1741, June 13. Timy. Belt, of Swine Brompton, & Ann Craven, of Hutton Bushel. (Lic.)
(1188). 1741, June 23. Ralph Greenside, of ye par. of Kirby in Cleveland, & Jane Appleton, of ye par. of St. Helen in Stonegate. (Lic.)
(1189). 1741, July 1. Joseph Halliday, of Fogerthrop, & Elizabeth Appleby, of ye same, in ye par. of Bubwith. (Lic.)
(1190). 1741, July 4. Wm Hessle, of ye par. of Bossall, and Elizabeth Simpson, of ye same. (Lic.)
(1191). 1741, July 6. Thomas Frank, of Knottingley, & Elizabeth Toft, both of ye par. of Pontefract. (Lic.)
(1192). 1741, July 8. John Seamer, of Heslington, and Lydia Lazenby, of St Margaret's, in ye city of York. (Lic.)
(1193). 1741, July 19. William Harsaw (?), of Ripley, & Mary Wood, of Leathly. (Lic.)
(1194). 1741, Aug. 3. Wm Wilson, of Menithorpe, in the par. of Westow, & Eliz: Kingrow (?), in the par. of Westow aforesaid. (Lic.)
(1195). 1741, Aug. 3. John Revis, of Menithorp, in ye par. of Westow, & Mary Gurwood, of Langton. (Lic.)
(1196). 1741, Aug. 4. Robt Walker, of the par. of Kildwick, near Watton, & Catherine Weightman, of the same. (Lic.)
(1197). 1741, Aug. 8. Thos Foster, of Huddleston Hall, in the par. of Sherburn, & Maria Eliz: Grainger, of the same place. (Lic.)
(1198). 1741, Aug. 29. Richard Snowdon, of Huby, in ye par. of Sutton on ye Forrest, & Isabel Flawith, of Sutton aforesaid. (Lic.)
(1199). 1741, Sept. 16. Thomas Makin, of Swinefleet, in the par. of Whitgift, & Elizabeth Vertue, of Sandhutton.
(1200). 1741, Sept. 21. John Pennington, of Plumpton, in the par. of Spofforth, & Dorothy Gray, of Thornton Bridge. (Lic.)
(1201). 1741, Sept. 24. John Abbey, of Tockwith, & Mary Spink, of the par. of Nunmountain. (Lic.)
(1202). 1741, Sept. 29. John Hugill, of ye Chapelry of Farndale, and Christian Talbot, of ye same.
(1203). 1741, Oct. 1. Robt Comen, of Newsam, in the par. of Wresley (Wressle), & Mary Norwood, of the same. (Lic.).
(1204). 1741, Oct. 10. Robert Houfe, of North Duffield, in ye par. of Skipwith, & Mary Ellis, of ye par. of Escrick. (Lic.
(1205). 1741, Oct. 20. Robert Plummer, of Helmsley, & Sarah Cross, of the same. (Lic.)
(1206). 1741, Oct. 22. Henry Dunnington, of Tollerton, & Mary Hare, of Linton, in ye par. of Newton. (Lic.)
(1207). 1741, Oct. 27. Robt Fawdington, of Tollerton, and Agnes Fotherghill, of Belfrey's. (Lic.)
(1208). 1741, Nov. 9. Ahab Buttery, of Thornton, within the jurisdiction of the Deanery of York, and Margaret Cook, of Thornton aforesaid. (Lic.)
(1209). 1741, Nov. 10. Mr. John Shaw, of the par. of St Michael of Belfrey's, and Mrs. Margaret Morrice, of the par. of St Martin, in Coney-street. (Lic.)
(1210). 1741, Nov. 16. John Rousby, of Wharram; & Ann Scruton, of ye same. (Lic.)
(1211). 1741, Nov. 18. James Gray, of Foxholes, & Elizabeth Boddy, of ye same. (Lic.)
(1212). 1741, Oct. 30. Henry Childerson & Hannah Prince, both of ye par. of Bramham. (.Lic.)
(1213). 1741, Nov. 19. George Fisher, of Ampleford, and Rebecca Thompson, of ye same. (Lic.)
(1214). 1741, Nov. 21. John Davison, of Wold Newton, & Jane Grey, of the same. (Lic.)
(1215). 1741, Nov. 22. William Shackleton, of Knottingley, and Ann Cawton, in the par. of St Mary's in Castlegate, in the city of York. (Lic.)
(1216). 1741, Dec. 12. James Nappy, of Osgodby, in the par. of Hemingbrough, & Ann Buttery, in ye par. of Bossall. (Lic.)
(1217). 1741, Jan. 11. John Mountain, of Abberford, & Jane Cullingworth, of Potterton, in ye par. of Barwick in Elmet. (Lic.)
(1218). 1741-2, Jan. 15. William Hare, of Moor Mountain, and Elizabeth Cowling, of Popleton. (Lic.)
(1219). 1741-2, Jan. 20. Wm Lee, of Huntington, and Ellin Pearson, of the par. of Sherriff Hutton. (Lic.)
(1220). 1741-2, Feb. 4. William Robinson & Rachel Ribey, of Wawne. (Lic.)
(1221). 1741-2, Feb. 6. Thomas Whitelock, of Bishop Monkton, in ye par. of Ripon, & Elizabeth Wilkinson, of ye par. of Coxwold. (Lic.)
(1222). 1741-2, Feb. 11. John Fountain, of Ripon, and Elizabeth Sidgick, of the same. (Lic.)
(1223). 1741-2, Feb. 15. John Beane, of Welburn, in the par. of Bulmer, & Grace Blake, of the same. (Lic.)
(1224). 1741-2, Feb. 23. John Nawton, of the par. of Oswaldkirk, & Dorothy Shepherd, of the same place. (Lic.)
(1225). 1741-2, Feb. 23. John Paver, of Angram, in ye par. of Marston, & Elizabeth Brown, of Rufforth. (Lic.)
(1226). 1741-2, Feb. 26. William Watson, of Malton, and Jane Oates, of Pickering. (Lic.)
(1227). 1741-2, Mar. 2. Edward Belton, of ye par. of Drax, & Isabel Gilderson, of ye same par. (Lic.)
(1228). 1741-2, Mar. 12. Francis Clubley, of Beverley, & Sarah Fisher, of Brandsburton. (Lic.)
(1229). 1741-2, Mar. 18. Geo. Simpson, of Righton, & Jane Brown, of the same. (Lic.)
(1230). 1742, Mar. 29. Thos Harper, of Sledmer, & Margret Kirkby, of the same place. (Lic.)
(1231). 1742, Apr. 20. John Thomas, of Housham, in the par. of Strayington (Scrayingham), & Mary Anderson, of the same. (Lic.)
(1232). 1742, Apr. 29. John Walker, of Pickering, & Dorothy Oates, of ye same. (Lic.)
(1233). 1742, May 7. Luke Rowton, of the par. of St Mary in Castlegate, York, and Frances Allot, of the par. of St Olave, in the suburbs of York. (Lic.)
(1234). 1742, May 8. Thomas Garland, in the par. of St John in Michaelgate, and Ann Sugden, of the Mint Yard, in the city of York. (Lic.)
(1235). 1742, May 11. George Marshal, of Mennithorp, in the par. of Westow, and Ann Webster, of Eastrop Park, in the par. of Appleton-in-the-Street. (Lic.)
(1236). 1742, Apr. 22 (sic) William Coates,* of ye city of York, and Christiana Tennant, of ye Beddern, in ye said city. (Lic.)
* William Coates, glover, chamberlain in 1744, sheriff in 1750-1, and lord mayor in 1753, died 24 Nov., 1758, aged 62, and was buried at St. Mary's, Bishophill Senior, Nov. 26th. His widow Christiana re-married 2nd December, 1759, Edward Wallis, esq., M.D., lord mayor of York in 1771, and died at Alne in .June, 1781.-Cancel the note to No. 1013, antea. The William Coates there mentioned was dead in June, 1740.

(1237). 1742, May 15. Thomas Allison, of Dringhouses, & Mary Rose, of Dunnington. (Lic.)
(1238). 1742, May 27. Joseph Levitt, of Sledmer, and Anne Binning, of Bainton. (Lic.)
(1239). 1742, June 7. Wm Pratt, of Leeds, and Alice Smallpage, of the same. (Lic.)
(1240). 1742, June 22. Richard Kirby,* of Sledmire, & Jane Mannel, of New Malton. (Lic.)
* He is described in the Marriage License as Richard Kirkby, of Sledmire, gent., aged above 27 years, his intended wife being then 22 years old. His parentage is not known to me, neither have I discovered the date of his death, or any will or administration belonging to him. A few notices of the family from which he probably sprang may, however, prove acceptable. Mark Kirkby, merchant, Hull, lord of the manors of Eske and lions (who died in 1718, aged 80), had, by Jane Richardson, his wife, three sons, Richard, Christopher, and Mark, and three daughters, Dinah, wife of Richard Mann, of York, gent., Isabella, wife of Leonard Collins, gent., and Mary, who married Richard Sykes, merchant, Hull, and died in 1714, leaving, with other issue, two sons, Richard, who succeeded to Sledmere on the death of his uncle, Mark Kirkby, was high sheriff of the county in 1752, and died without issue in 1761, and Mark, in holy orders, who was created a baronet in 1783, and was great-grandfather of the present Sir Tatton Sykes, of Sledmere, Bart. Of the sons of the first-mentioned Mark Kirkby, Richard, the eldest, lord of the manor of Eske, was living in 1724; Christopher, the second son, was a merchant in Hull, and died about 1733; the third son, Mark Kirkby, esq., of Sledmere, was high sheriff in 1737, and died at Beverley, intestate, and without issue, administration being granted 3rd Oct., 1748, to Isabella Collins, widow, his sister and only next of kin.

(1241). 1742, July 3. Christopher Peckett, of Stitnam, in ye par. of Sherriff Hutton, & Elizabeth Milles, of ye same par. (Lic.)
(1242). 1742, July 8. Edwd. Robinson,* of Beverley, & Sarah Tomlin, of the same. (Lic.)
* 8 July, 1742. Edward Robinson, of the par. of St. John, Beverley, clerk, bachelor, aged 24, and Sarah Tomlin, of the par. of St. Mary, spinster, aged 27. (Marr. Lic.) In 1755, Edward Robinson, M.A., was instituted to the rectory of Winstead.

(1243). 1742, July 28. Edward Foster, of Garton, and Mary Milner, of Aldbrough. (Lic.)
(1244). 1742, Aug. 16. Robert Hargraves, of Tadcaster, and Frances Colbeck, of ye same. (Lic.)
(1245). 1742, Aug. 19. Wm Pickering, of Steeton, in ye par. of Bolton Peiercy, & Jane Cryer, of ye same place.
(1246). 1742, Sept. 4. Robt Romans, of Malton, & Ann Wilcock, of Great Osburn. (Lic.)
(1247). 1742, Sept. 4. John Varvell, of Seaton Ross, & Mary Walker, of ye same place. (Lic.)
(1248). 1742, Oct. 9. Nath. Hone, of the city of York, and Mary Earl, of the par. of St Michael Belfray's. (Lic.)
(1249). 1742, Oct. 11. Joseph Bridges* & Mary Yoward, both of the par. of the Holy Trinity in King's Court, in the city of York. (Lic.)
* See the Register of Burials in York Minster (Nos. 227, 246) for some account of the Rev. Joseph Bridges and Mary his wife. She was the daughter of Richard Yoward, of York, gent.

(1250). 1742, Oct. 13. George Sherwin, of ye par. of Hovingham, and Elizabeth Watson, of ye same par. (Lic.)
(1251). 1742, Oct. 30. Thomas Pearson, of Asselby, in ye par. of Howden, & Mary Robinson, of Spaldington, in ye par. of Bubwith. (Lic.)
(1252). 1742, Nov. 1. John Green, of Darington, & Mary Oldfield, of the same. (Lic.)
(1253). 1742, Nov. 6. Thomas Pinckney, of ye par. of St Wilfred, in ye city of York, & Mary Elsworth, of Bicker ton. (Lic.)
(1254). 1742, Nov. 7. William Jackson, of Aldwark, & Mary Anderson, of Alne. (Lic.)
(1255). 1742, Nov. 16. Wm Clark, of Lestingham, & Eliz: Coulson, of Lestingham par. aforesd. (Lic.)
(1256). 1742, Nov. 16. George Sanderson, of Catton, & Anne Grafton, of Dunnington. (Lic.)
(1257). 1742, Nov. 17. Timothy Johnson, of ye par. of Bridlington, & Alice Smith, of North Froddingham. (Lic.)
(1258). 1742, Nov. 18. Timo. Johnson, of Harswell, & Faith Solly, of Augton. (Lic.)
(1259). 1742, Nov. 24. John Caborn, of Hull, & Eliza beth Jackson, of York. (Lic.)
(1260). 1742, Nov. 24. Richard Parkinson, of Pickering, & Elizabeth Ware (?), of New Malton. (Lic.)
(1261). 1742, Dec. 2. John Champney, of Selby, and Martha Mitchell, of Barmby Marsh, in ye par. of Howden, (Lic.)
(1262). 1742, Dec. 14. Thomas Ryley, of the par. of St Michael Belfrey's, & Mary Story, of the same. (Lic.)
(1263). 1742, Dec. 20. Thomas Scadlethorp, of York, & Mary Kettlestrings, of Clifton. (Lic.)
(1264). 1742, Dec. 23. Robt Cook & Elizabeth Watson, both of Escrick. (Lic.)
(1265). 1742, Dec. 29. William Fenton,* of the par. of Rothwell, and Jane Mould, of Armin, in the par. of Snaith. (Lic.)
* William Fenton, of Rothwell, gent., was born about 1720.

Transcribed from
The Yorkshire Archaeological and Topographical Journal Vol. I, 1870
Information repoduced here by kind agreement with the Yorkshire Archaeological Society.
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