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A database of Wooden Hulled Warships launched at Hull.

A database of Wooden Hulled Warships launched at Hull.

AETNA1931691Fireship8 gunsFrameCaptured by a French privateer1841697
HUMBER30316932nd rate80 gunsFrameDismantled to RB (on the Thames)  1707
NEWARK3616952nd rate80 gunsFrameDismantled at Chatham to RB  1713
KINGSTON13316974th rate60 gunsFrameDismantled at Plymouth to RB 111736
SUCCESS14817406th rate20 gunsBlaydesBU at Sheerness 51779
ADVENTURE11017414th rate50 gunsBlaydesSold at Deptford2031770
ANGLESEA31117424th rate44 gunsBlaydesCaptured by French2931745
ALDERNEY18317436th rate20 gunsReedSold at Sheerness2661749
HECTOR241017435th rate44 gunsBlaydesSold9121762
SHOREHAM31517446th rate24 gunsReedSold at Deptford441758
FOWEY14817445th rate44 gunsBlaydesWrecked near Cape Florida2761748
GLASGOW22517456th rate24 gunsReedSold at Woolwich841756
POOLE5617455th rate44 gunsBlaydesBU at Portsmouth 81765
RAVEN471745Sloop10 gunsBlaydesSold at Deptford3131763
CENTAUR11617466th rate24 gunsBlaydesSold at Portsmouth3011761
GRAMPUS3111746Sloop10 gunsReedRenamed STROMBOLO631771
TAVISTOCK26817474th rate50 gunsBlaydesBU at Woolwich 121768
SCARBOROUGH17417566th rate22 gunsBlaydesPresumed foundered off San Domingo5101780
ROSE8317576th rate24 gunsBlaydesSunk as blockship at Savannah Georgia1691779
GLASGOW31817576th rate20 gunsBlaydesBurnt by accident at Jamaica161779
TEMPLE31117583rd rate70 gunsBlaydesFoundered in the Atlantic18121762
TWEED28417595th rate32 gunsBlaydesSold at Woolwich29111776
MERMAID6517616th rate28 gunsBlaydesCaptured by French871778
NAUTILUS2451762Sloop16 gunsHodgsonSold (at New York?) 101780
EMERALD8617625th rate32 gunsBlaydesBU at Deptford 101793
ARDENT13817643rd rate64 gunsBlaydesCaptured by Franco-Spanish fleet1781779
STROMBOLO631771Fireship8 gunsReedSold at New York late  1780
DIAMOND28517745th rate32 gunsBlaydes & HodgsonSold at Plymouth30121784
APOLLO30817745th rate32 gunsBlaydes & HodgsonBU at Woolwich 11786
SHARK26111779Sloop16 gunsWaltonFoundered in Port Royal harbour Jamaica1311818
ARDENT14417823rd rate64 gunsBlaydesRenamed TIGER2881783
TIGER28817833rd rate64 gunsBlaydesSold at Plymouth1061784
BOUNTY2351787Armed ship4 gunsBlaydesTaken by mutineers2841789
SCOUT781804Brig sloop18 gunsAtkinsonSold to BU1171827
DAUNTLESS 111804Sloop18 gunsBluntGrounded & captured by the French army1651807
VALOROUS 111804Sloop18 gunsBluntSold751817
COMBATANT311118046th rate20 gunsSteemsonSold at Sheerness to BU17101816
OTTER231805Sloop18 gunsAtkinsonSold631828
OBERON1381805Brig sloop16 gunsShepherdBU 51816
PROSERPINE6818075th rate32 gunsSteemsonCaptured by French2721809
HYPERION31118075th rate32 gunsGibsonBU 61833
OWEN GLENDOWER211118085th rate36 gunsSteemsonSold  1884
ANSON11518123rd rate74 gunsSteemsonBU at Hobart Tasmania  1851

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