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Burneston Parish Registers, 1784-5 Baptisms.

........................... the Baptisms, Burials & Marriages in the Register of the Parish Church of ............................. the last Visitation held at Richmond in 1784.

1784 - Baptisms
Jun16thMary Daughter of Francis & Jane Walbran of Exelby
 George Son of Ralph & Elizabeth Metcalfe of Carthorpe
18thJane Daughter of William & Jane Hudson of Leeming Street
20thRichard Son of John & Mary Pearson of Exelby
Jul1stElizabeth Daughter of William & Sarah Seymour of Burneston.Poor
4thAnn Daughter of Robert & Mary Hewson of Leeming
8thAnn Daughter of John & Margaret Beckwith of Carthorpe
18thJohn Son of Thomas & Hannah Walton of Burneston
Aug15thHannah Daughter of Philip & Hannah Braithwait of Exelby
Sep5thAnn Daughter of Henry & Ann Fogget of Carthorpe
11thWilliam Son of William & Ann Whorlton of Leeming
12thAnn Daughter of John & Margaret Hewson of Londonderry
13thFrancis Son of John & Isabel Fowler of Theakston
16thJames Son of James & Ann Ellis of Carthorpe
26thFrances Daughter of John & Frances Williamson of Leeming
 Thomas Son of Thomas & Mary Chapman of Leeming
Oct3rdEsther Daughter of John & Mary Philipson of Burneston
9thJane Daughter of James & Ann Ingledew of Badger Hall
16thIsabella Daughter of Matthew & Isabel Collinson of Burneston
18thElizth. Daughter of William & Isabel Buckle of Carthorpe
Nov2ndBarbara Daughter of John & Ann Baine of Londonderry
 Henry Son of Henry & Sarah Hall of Londonderry
5thFrancis Son of Francis & Mary Ellerton of Scab'd Newton
5thChristopher Son of George & Ann Boddy of Leeming
25thJane Daughter of John & Mary Dunn of LeemingPoor
28thElizabeth Daughter of William & Elizabeth Barker of Exelby
Dec9thJohn Son of Michael & Mary Wynn of BurnestonPoor
12thElizabeth Daughter of William & Mary Dunn of Exelby
15thChristopher Son of James & Ann Manners of Carthorpe
Jan1stJane Daughter of James & Mary Jefferson of Burneston
2ndWilliam Son of John & Ann Spence of Leeming
5thAnn Daughter of Richard & Elizabeth Greenhow of Burneston
10thAnn Daughter of Robert & Hannah Johnson of Burneston
16thJohn Son of Thomas & Mary Hill of Carthorpe
17thEllen Daughter of John & Elizabeth Dobby of Burneston
 Jane Daughter of John & Isabel Fall of Carthorpe
18thElizabeth Daughter of John & Rebecca Gray of Carthorpe
24thFrances Daughter of William & Ann Sadler of Exelby
 Ellen Daughter of John & Ruth Hunter of ExelbyPoor
30thElizabeth base-born Daughter of Sarah Duck of Burneston
Feb6thAgnes Daughter of William & Mary Horn of the Oak tree Leeming Lane
13thMartha Daughter of John & Jane Brown of BurnestonPoor
27thJohn Son of George and Mary Ormond of LeemingPoor
 Mary Daughter of Thomas & Mary Watts of Leeming
Mar18thAnn Daughter of Richard & Clare Mudd of Carthorpe
22ndJohn Son of Anthony & Mary Buckle of Gatenby
30thGeorge Son of George & Hannah Dobby of Carthorpe
 Susan Daughter of John & Mary Peevy of CarthorpePoor

Transcribed from:
The Parish Registers
Transcribed by
John Ellerton ©2002.

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