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Burneston Parish Registers, Burials some years, 1740-1782.

Jun8Henry Garbut of Cathorp
Nov5Arthur Dodsworth of Burneston
 Ellen Raper of **
Mar5Thomas Johnson of Burneston
Apr6Ann Ma***(Masean/Maxan) of Leeming
12Christopher Basse of Exelby
30**** Raper of Burneston
May6Ann Bain(?e/s?) of Burneston
7Thomas Son of Mary Myers of Cathorp
8Mary Briggs of Burneston
13Ann Raper of Burneston
26Christopher & Elizabeth Twins of Wm. Bains of Leeming
Jun21Isabel daughter of Thomas Wobrun of Exelby
22Thomas Son of Tho; Wobrun of ditto
26Rebeccah daughter of Tho: Thackerah of Exelby
Oct13William Malthouse of Badger Hall
Jun23Ann Geldert of Burneston
Oct6John Hunton Senr. Of Carthorp
9Elizabeth daughter of Mary Lumley of Carthorp
Jan20Thomas Son of William Woodhouse of Carthorp
25John, a bastard child of Mary Rennal brought to Carthorp
Apr4Robert Dun of Exilby
10Katharine Watson of Exilby
25Christopher Kay of Carthorp Clark of the Parish of Burneston
???Edward Son of Edward Johnson of Burneston
Aug2Mary Daughter of Simon Humphrey of Leeming
Aug21Ann Oliver of Theakston
Aug21Elizabeth Wife of George Ellerton of Leeming
Oct17Dorothy Wife of Edward Johnson of Burneston
Oct19James Son of James Musgrave of Leeming
Oct22Margaret Daughter of John Humphrey of Leeming
 Twin Children of Marmaduke Gill of Carthorp
Nov11Thomas Brockell of Carthorp
Nov25Edward Son of John Barugh of Burneston
Nov30William Bendlowes Senr. Of Burneston
Dec14George Dinsdale of Gatenby
Dec28William Son of Nicholas Ward of *enningforth
Dec30Jane Wife of Thomas Barker of Exelby
Jan7Thomas Gale an Hospitaler
Jan7(?)Elizabeth Daughter of Thomas Jefferson of Carthorp
Feb18Jane Daughter of Jane Smith of Carthorp
Apr2Elizabeth Daughter of Hester Musgrave of Leeming
Apr14George Son of William Woodhouse of Carthorp
Apr16John Humphrey of Leeming
Aug24thAnn Johnson Widow of Gatenby
Sep21stElizabeth Daughter of Mark Dummil of Leeming
Oct2ndMary Wife of George Almond of Carthorpe
22ndRobert Son of George Body of Leeming
31stRichard Kettlewell Yeoman of Carthorpe
Nov11thEleanor Daughter of George Bell of Leeming
26thThomas Scott Taylor of Carthorpe
26thRichard son of Edward Gibson of Burneston
Dec11thMary Daughter of John Clayton of Burneston
16thMary Daughter of William Smith of Exelby
29thAnn Daughter of Mr William Robinson of Burneston
Jan9thChristopher Mitchell Skinner of Kirklington
22ndMary Wife of George Grainger of Carthorpe
Feb15thElizabeth Daughter of George Spence of Burneston
Mar7thElizabeth Wife of John Truman of Burneston
16thMargaret Daughter of John Jackson of Burneston
Apr7thMargaret Sadler Widow of Exelby
10thMary Wife of James Toes of Carthorpe
May16thMary Daughter of Joseph Etherington of Exelby
16thElizabeth Greenhow Widow of Burneston
Jun17thMary Daughter of Thomas Grime of Leeming

Transcribed from:
The Parish Registers
Transcribed by
John Ellerton ©2002.

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