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Crakehall wills and probate inventories from
the Archdeaconry of Richmond (1589-1700)
Name index:

Abbreviations: W = Will; I = Inventory; A = Administration

Clapham, Adam1615W,I
Clapham, Peter1637I
Clapham, Richard1634I,A
Clapham, Robert (I)1624I,A
Clapham, Robert (III)1664I
Clapham, Robert(II)1642I,A
Clarke, Anne1681I
Clarke, Richard1616W,I
Clarke, Thomas (I)1603W,I
Clarke, Thomas (II)1630W,I
Collinson, Margaret1669W
Collinson, Robert (I)1627I,A
Collinson, Robert (II)1699W,I
Cooke, George1623W,I
Day, Robert1635W,I
Harrison, W1675W,I
Haw, Jane1682W,I
Hinde, Thomas1699I
Hird, Brian1693I
Hodgson, Robert1679I
Horner, Christopher1676W,I
Husband, william1589I
Jackson, Edward1660W
Jackson, Henry1613W,I
Jackson, John1672I
Jackson, Robert1662W,I
Jackson, Thomas1665W,I
Jackson, William (I)1613W,I
Jackson, William (II)1619W
Johnson, John1661 (d.1660)W,I
Lambert, George1698W,I
Langstaffe, Henry1700W,I
Lucas, Dorothy1624A
Lucas, Henry1676W,I
Mason, Dorothy1624I
Mason, George1632A
Mason, Henry1671I
Mason, John1676I
Mason, Ralph1620W,I
Ridley, Francis1683I
Storer, Christopher1680I
Storer, George1620W,I
Vittie, Richard1621W,I
Ward, Elizabeth1613W,I
Ward, William1611W,I
Ward, William1623W,I
Watson, Jacob1697W,I
Webster, John1682I
Webster, Nicholas1685I
Whitton, William1663W

Transcribed by Ian Hancock
Crakehall Wills and Inventories from the Archdeaconry of Richmond :
West Yorkshire Archive Service, Chapeltown Road, Sheepscar, Leeds, LS7 3AP

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