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Foston All Saints Monumental Inscriptions

All Saints Parish Church, Foston, North Yorkshire Legible memorial stones in the churchyard to about 1900

Given nameSurname Age at DeathCommentsAbode
HannahArnott13 October 187235 of Malton
ElizabethBeal6 February 186174wife of William
HannahBeal14 November 188559wife of Johnof Thornton le Clay
JamesBeal23 January 189028son of Hannah and John
JohnBeal25 July 190576 of Thornton le Clay
WilliamBeal17 January 184363 of Thornton le Clay
HannahBielby13 October 188365wife of Richardof The Grange, Thornton le Clay and Crambeck
RichardBielby30 July 189272 late of Crambeck Flax Mills
GeorgeChapman11 November 183685 of Thornton
MarthaCharman24 October 190662wife of Robert and sister of George & Wm Smithof Thornton le Clay
RobertCharman24 January 190968 of Thornton le Clay
GeorgeCoates27 October 188425 of Thornton le Clay
Sarah AdaCraven21 September 190956 of Thornton le Clay
WilliamCundall5 August 183358uncle of Robert and Margaret Horner
Annie BarrettDanby22 March 190254wife of William Danby
GeorgeDanby12 December 1791  of Whitwell
GeorgeDanby12 December 190267son of George and Annof Whitwell
ElizabethDaniel15 June 187674wife of William
WilliamDaniel2 December 187783 of Thornton le Clay
WilliamDaniel10 February 189763son of William
Agnes JuliaDenniss31 October 18784daughter of Robert and Mary Ann
ArthurDenniss  who died in infancy - no other details
JuliaDenniss  who died in infancy - no other details
Robert ThomasDenniss8 July 188256 of Thornton le Clay
SarahEllerbeck22 November 190749
JaneEttynot legible wife of Thomas
ThomasEtty13 December 188770 of Foston
AnnFryernot legible wife of Marmaduke
EdwardGarbutt11 February 1905  of New Malton
Hall 78Buried at Scarborough
ThomasHarrison26 December 179185
WilliamHarrison12 December 179187
BenjaminHick28 May 188377 of Thornton le Clay
DorothyHick22 December 187163wife of Benjaminof Thornton le Clay
SargentHill28 April 1853 Much valued servant of Rev. W.S. Whitwell, Rector
GeorgeHopper3 September 180523Richard and Eleanor Hopper of Thornton
WilliamHopper29 August 180217this stone erected by their afflicted parents
ElizabethHorner8 January 185965wife of William
InfantHorner 0
JamesHorner12 December 18220died at 6 months
JamesHorner24 September 183713son of Robert and Margaret
MargaretHorner10 June 186282wife of Robert
MaryHorner8 August 183728daughter of Robert and Margaret
RobertHorner21 November 186184 of Thornton le Clay
RobertHorner20 December 183933son of Robert and Margaret
WilliamHorner17 August 184462 of Thornton le Clay
HannahLobley3 May 189276wife of Isaaac
IsaacLobley17 February 188975 of Thornton le Clay
James HornerLockwood21 May 00004fourth son of Joseph and Elizabeth
SarahLockwood13 January 185652daughter of John and Tabitha Siddellof Thornton le Clay
HannahMills2 February 187483wife of John
JohnMills16 January 184560 of Thornton le Clay
WilliamMills17 June 185265 of Thornton le Clay
ElizabethMorritt  wife of Thomas
MaryMorritt/Morrill22 April 188642wife of Mathewof Foston
EllenNoble7 January 185944 of Foston
LydiaNoble22 September 184985
RobertNoble22 April 180919brother of Thomas
ThomasNoble3 April 183364 of Foston
ThomasNoble28 December 181125
ElizabethPotts17 December 187867wife of Thomasof Thornton le Clay
ThomasPotts26 May 188479 of Flaxton ,later of Thornton le Clay
ElizabethRobinson25 April 182257wife of Robert
MaryRobinson13 June 181814daughter of Robert and Elizabeth Robinsonof Flaxton
JaneSelby22 January 190357wife of Josephof Foston
HannahSigston22 March 184644wife of Joseph Thale Sigston, Surgeonof Welburn
GeorgeSmith04 June 190253son of Jane died at Draughton
JaneSmith24 August 188677 of Thornton le Clay
ThomasSmith05 November 190055husband of Mary Janeof Foston Gatehouse
WilliamSmith15 June 190158son of Janeof Thornton le Clay
JohnSnaith15 December 190380 of Thornton le Clay
MarySnaith07 July 190274wife of John
EllenSpaven07 May 190346dau of William and Mary
FrancisSpaven8 May 182859 of Thornton le Clay
FrancisSpaven8 February 189176 of Thornton le Clay
JaneSpaven8 July 189675wife of Francis
MargaretSpaven01 July 190660wife of Richard
Margaret AnnSpaven11 June 188322daughter of William and Mary of Thornton le Clay
MarySpaven07 February 190083wife of William
WilliamSpaven12 March 190690
Elizabeth (Hodgson)Taylor5 December 183068
JohnTaylor17 November 180153
Agnes JuliaThomas4 October 187814daughter of Thomas and Mary Ann Denniss
Catherine MaryThomas10 May 1891 Mistress of Foston School
JohnThomas7 October 188651Master of Foston School
GeorgeWalkington16 June 183772 of Thornton le Clay
JaneWalkington23 January 180135wife of George
Mary AnnWalkington17 April 187072wife of William
SushannahWalkington24 November 180515daughter of George and Jane
WilliamWalkington28 April 185456Yeomanof Thornton le Clay
ElleneWardman11 December 184659wife of Richardof Foston
ElizabethWare17 August 189165wife of Thomas
ThomasWare2 August 188164 of Foston
EttyWatson4 October 186522
FrancisWatson12 February 1905
HannahWatson11 January 188177wife of William
ThomasWatson18 May 185166 of Thornton le Clay
WilliamWatson27 December 18558grandson of Thomas
William SpencerWhitelock23 July 185560twenty years rector of this parish
SethWhitwill11 September 188049 of Thornton le Clay
ThomasWhitwill6 August 188314son of Seth
WilliamWilson4 June 179863 of Flaxton
Francis MaryWray16 June 183344died at Leedsof Thornton Grange
GeorgeWray   of East Newton
WilliamWray11 August 186231Yeomanof Newburgh
WilliamWray17 May 186324son of William

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