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Transcription of the Members of Parliament for Scarborough, 1298 to 1807.

The Following is a List* of Members sent to Parliament by the Borough of Scarborough, from the 26th Edward 1, 1298 to 47th George 111 1807.

* The list up to the 7th Edward IV 1468 is copied from Prynne's Brevis Parlimentaria, Pt.IV,p.iiii.

Transcribed from The History and Antiquities of Scarborough and the Vicinity written by Thomas Hinderwell. Published 1811.

I have set it out as it is written and have transcribed as such there are some obvious discrepencies such as year of reign nos and there is a note in the book regarding the spelling of names and I quote"Many of the names are evidently the same though differently spelt in the writs".

A.D. YOR King

* The writs, Indentures and returns from 7th Edw.IV,1467 to 1st Edw.VI 1547 are all lost throughout England, except an imperfect bundle, 33rd Henry VIII, 1541.

from this date to 1660 the names are extracted from Notia Parliamentaria by Browne Willis,L.L.D. all the Parliaments from this date are held at Westminster.

a, Proprietor of the estate at Ayton, and Governor of Scarborough Castle.
b, Of Walton and Gilling, County of York.
c, The family of the Gates, Proprietors of Seamer Estate, and resided in the Hall there.
d. Sir Henry Gate and William Strickland Esq returned likewise for Knaresborough, but retained their seats for Scarborough. William Strickland Esq an Ancestor of the Boynton family.
e, Of Benningborough, in the County of York.
f, Of Wickham or Wykeham.
g, Of Hackness:in the Parliaments of 1620,1623,1625,1626 and 1627 was member for Ripon. Baliff of Scarborough,1610.

h. Of Whitby

i. Of Scarborough

k. Of wickham or Wykeham.

l. discharged of the House for delinquency. New writ ordered sept 12 1645.

m. Govenor of the Castle, was elected to Parliament in 1645.
n. John Anlabie Esq. One of the persons named as Judges of Charles I attended the trial one day, but did not sign the death warrant. He was baliff to Scarborough in 1653 and was elected one of the eight county members for Yorkshire.
o. Luke Robinson,Esq of Riseborough, elected member of parliament in 1645, was baliff of Scarborough in 1652 and one of the council of state in 1649,1650 and 1659.
P. Of Havering in Essex, a Colonel of foot and commisioner of the Admiralty.

q, of Guisborough
r, John LegardEsq, of Ganton, created Bart.1660; was Baliff of Scarborough 1669.
s, of Scarborough.
t, Of Newby Govenor of Scarborough Castle in 1666.
u, John Hungerford,Esq Curiositor of Yorkshire and Westmoreland, and one of the commissioners of Alienation.
x, William Thompson Esq. of Scarborough appointed Warden of the Mint.

y. Of Boynton near Bridlington.
z. Of Hunmanby.
a. General of his Majesty's forces.
b. Of Hunmanby.
c. Of Beverly.
d. Comptroller of the Navy, Vice admiral of the Blue, Govenor of Scarborough Castle and Greenwich Hospital.
e. Captain in the Navy.

f, Of Hutton Bushell.
g, General in the Army, Colonel of the 31st Regiment of foot, and Govenor of Scarborough Castle. After the death of his brother,(in 1792) he became Lord Mulgrave(of Ireland)and in 1794 was called to the house of Peers by the title of Lord Mulgrave of Great Britain.
h. Son to the Duke of Beaufort, then Rcorder of Scarborough.
i. Brother of the Duke of Rutland,who succeeded the Duke of Beaufort as Recorder.
k. Eldest son to the Archbishop of Canterbury, was appointed Judge Advocate General, and a member of the Privy Council,1809.
l. Lieut. General in the Army.

Data transcribed from:
The History and Antiquities of Scarborough and the Vicinity
written by Thomas Hinderwell, 1811
Transcribed by
By Christine Metcalfe © 2001

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