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Skelton in Cleveland, Boosbeck Chapelry St. Mary's PRs 1908-1909

Baptisms and Burials for St. Mary's, Boosbeck, 1908-1909

A friend has kindly loaned me a copy of this book. I remember my grandmother having a large collection of them and having asked her for them when I was a teenager when she died (nothing so blunt as a kid). However, we moved to NZ long before this sad event happened and I was overjoyed to see this copy lately. During the next few weeks I will print out some of the lists of bapt. marr. and burials. Not only is Skelton included but also St. Aidan's, Boosbeck with Moorsholm. It was interesting to note illigitimate children don't seem to be included - obviously not a topic for celebration. However, some parents seem to have differentnames, whether they are unmarried or using family names as second namesor the priest if including maiden names, I cannot tell but I will type surnames they are writ (not as capitals which I do prefer). The book starts Nov. 1908 (which seems odd to me but there you are).

I can't give any information on any of these are I am totally ignorant and please remember there is nothing like the original parish records. I was particularly delighted to see some strays and residences (at least the street) mentioned.

Hope some of you find something. Kind regards to all. Macha in NZ Macha in NZ

St. Mary's Church, Boosbeck.

Baptisms 1909
Jan.10Thomas Francis, son of Arthur and Isabella Sophia Barker, Moorsholm.
Jan.10Irene, daughter of Joseph William and Evelyn Allison, Moorsholm.
Jan.10Sarah Agnes, daughter of James Jordan and Isabella Sophia Jackson, Moorsholm.
Feb.7John George, son of Thomas and Jane Ann Nelson, Moorsholm.
Mar.8Amy, daughter of Samuel and Hannah Bocock, Gerrick.
May15Ethel Mary, daughter of Robert and Edith Ann Williamson, Moorsholm.
May23Harry, son of Naylor and Mary Cockerill, Moorsholm.

Burials. 1909
Jan.14Doris Lawson, aged 5 months, Moorsholm.
Feb.21Ernest Ditchburn, aged 30 years, Moorsholm. A-G, 19.
Mar.4Harold Ward Marsay, aged 8 years, Moorsholm. B-D, 19.
Mar.5Herbert Arthur Kitchener, aged 10 years, Liverton. D-C, 13.

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