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Parish registers for Skelton in Cleveland, 1908-1909

Baptisms, Marriages and Burials for Skelton in Cleveland, 1908-1909

A friend has kindly loaned me a copy of this book. I remember my grandmother having a large collection of them and having asked her for them when I was a teenager when she died (nothing so blunt as a kid). However, we moved to NZ long before this sad event happened and I was overjoyed to see this copy lately. During the next few weeks I will print out some of the lists of bapt. marr. and burials. Not only is Skelton included but also St. Aidan's, Boosbeck with Moorsholm. It was interesting to note illigitimate children don't seem to be included - obviously not a topic for celebration. However, some parents seem to have differentnames, whether they are unmarried or using family names as second namesor the priest if including maiden names, I cannot tell but I will type surnames they are writ (not as capitals which I do prefer). The book starts Nov. 1908 (which seems odd to me but there you are).

I can't give any information on any of these are I am totally ignorant and please remember there is nothing like the original parish records. I was particularly delighted to see some strays and residences (at least the street) mentioned.

Hope some of you find something. Kind regards to all. Macha in NZ Macha in NZ

The Parish Church, Skelton-in Cleveland

Baptisms 1908
Nov.26Elizabeth, daughter of Frederick George and Mary Jane Bringloe, Harker Street.
Nov.30Marjorie Annie, daughter of George and Fanny Appleton, Back Lane.
Dec.3Sydney Thomas, son of William and Mary Elizabeth Barwick, High Street.
Dec.3William, son of Robert Armstrong and Edith Ridsdale, William Street.
Dec.3Harold, son of John and Jane Hutchinson, Groundhill Cottages.
Dec.7Una, daughter of John and Ellen Lowe, Wood's Yard.
Dec.7Constance, daughter of Joseph and Ellen Lowe, Wood's Yard (could these possibly really be twins?)
Dec.17Edith Annie Eliza, daughter of James Davison and Emma Ellen Wood, Groundhill.
Dec.17Margery Mary, daughter of William and Edith Galliford, Cleveland Street.
Dec.22Ronald, son of Richard and Sarah Bell, Wharton Street.
Dec.23Gwendoline Hilda, daughter of James Henry and Mary Ann Craven, Prospect Place.
Dec.24Emily, daughter of Thomas Henry and Emily King, Johns Street.
Jan.7Joseph Henry, son of Jospeth and Violet Snaith, Harker Street.
Jan.14Evelyn, daughter of Herbert and Edith Maud Bowers, Wharton Street (my extended family)
Jan.21John William, son of John William and Annie Richardson, Cleveland Street.
Jan.21James Henry, son of William Edward and Margaret Elizabeth Flower, Harker Street.
Jan.24Blanche, daughter of George and Mary Ann Archer, Boosbeck Road.
Jan.24Annie Louise, daughter of James Henry and Gertrude Elizabeth Braithwaite, Cleveland Street.
Jan.27Nyfanwy, daughter of Thomas and Louisa Ellen Thomas, Williams Street, North Skelton.
Feb.4Arthur, son of Arthur and Minnie Hollinworth, Wharton Street.
Feb.4Clarence, son of James and Lily Ruddock, Yeoman Street.
Feb.8John Stanley, son of Anthony and Emma Punchon, Wharton Street.
Feb.8Harry, son of Anthony and Emma Punchon, Wharton Street.
Feb.8Lillian, daughter of John William and Daisy Elizabeth Cooper Moody, Wharton Street.
Feb.11Alice Maud, daughter of Herbert William and Selina Jane Knaggs, Harker Street.
Feb.14John William I'Anson, son of I'Anson and Jane Smith, Robinson Street.
Feb.18Bridget, daughter of George Robert and Emily Garner, Boosbeck Road.
Feb.25Ruth, daughter of Joseph Henry and Mary Ann Daniels, Boosbeck Road.
????Conrad Grame, son of Conrad Grame and Martha Dixon, Elliott Street.
Feb.28Minnie, daughter of Arthur and Ellen Rayner, Trout Hall Lane.
Mar.4Alice, daughter of Harry and Elizabeth Tate, 20 Dixon Street.
Mar.14Christopher Thomas Valentine, son of John and Lilian Maud Rixham, Green Road.
Mar.17Amelia, daughter of John Thomas and Eliza Cooper, Wharton Street.
Mar.18Maurice, son of John Charles and Eliza Scott, Harker Street.
Mar.18Kathleen, daughter of Robert and Maria Gott, Yeoman Street.
Mar.18Hilda Margaret, daughter of George and Margaret Ethel Allemby, Wharton Street.
Mar.18Ellen, daughter of George Henry and Sarah Ellen Carter, Charlotte Street.
Mar.26Annie Louisa, daughter of Walter and Melita Godsmark, Williams Street.
Apr.1Florence Mabel, daughter of John George and Matilda Jane Brown, Tate's Yard, High Street
Apr.8Walter, son of Robert Henry and Agnes Rowe, Milbank Street.
Apr.8Robert Edward, son of John Henry and Esther Keeler, Charlotte Street.
Apr.8John Martin, son of Robert and Hannah Jackson, Richards Street.
Apr.15Robert, son of Robert and Mary Ellen Sanderson, Green Road
Apr.15Mona Leah, daughter of Alfred and Elizabeth Shobbrook, Cleveland Street.
Apr.15Hilda Ellen, daughter of Frank and Jane Ellen Abbey, Harker Street.
Apr.22Leonard, son of John and Kate Ridsdale, High Street.
Apr.22Gladys, daughter of Edward William and Jane Ann Laing-Taylor, Cleveland St.
Apr.22Marian, daughter of John and Agnes Wilson, Robinson Street.
Apr.22Edward Joseph, son of Joseph and Alice Dixon, Dixon Street.
Apr.29John, son of John William and Alice Marie Evans, Wharton Street.
May1Ethel, daughter of David William and Amelia Appleton, High Street.
May6Frederick Charles, son of Thomas and Fanny Pashley, Bolckow Street.
May9Robert, son of John Tight and Sarah Ann Roper, Williams Street.
May13Frederick William, son of Robert Lynas and Hilda Marley, Richard Street.
May20William George, son of Thomas and Sarah Elizabeth Wilson, Ground Hill.
May20Herbert, son of Alfred and Alice Boughen, Back Lane.
May27Jessie, daughter of John Thomas and Charlotte Hilda Peacock, Back Lane.
May27Florence, daughter of William and Mary Ann Housam, Wharton Street.
June3Lawrence, son of John Charles and Frances Drury, Dixon Street.
June3Rhoda, daughter of Henry and Mary Milburn, Park Street.
June4Wilfred, son of John Robert and Edith Wilson, Wharton Street.
June10Annie Elizabeth, daughter of Jervis and Mary Ann Wallace, Robinson's Yard.
June13Lilian, daughter of Albert and Lucy Cooper, Williams Street, North Skelton.
June13Sophia, daughter of Albert and Lucy Cooper, Williams Street, North Skelton.
June18Elizabeth Alice, daughter of James Henry and Margaret Seaman, Groundhill.
June20Leslie Victor, son of Robert Thompson and Martha Ann Barker, High Street.

Marriages 1908
Nov.28Robert Johnson and Martha Batterbee, both of North Skelton.
Nov.28Stephen Etherington, of Skelton and Martha Ellen Hodgson of North Skelton.
Dec.6John William Drury and Alice Leatham, both of Skelton Green.
Dec.20Benjamin Seaman of New Skelton and Mary Clissold, of Skelton (by license).
Dec.23Charles Edwin Dixon, of Bingley, and Maud Mary Knaggs, of Skelton.
Dec.26Thomas Matthew Dohring and Ethel Bean, both of North Skelton
Jan.17David William Appleton and Amelia Garner, both of Skelton.
Mar.3Fred Coverdale Unthank, of Brotton and Maria Dobinson, of North Skelton.
Apr.24Samuel Thomas, of Brotton, and Annie Elizabeth Kirk of North Skelton.
May1James Allanson and Margaret Ellen Cook, both of New Skelton.
May17Frederick Davison and Gertrude Cook, both of Skelton.
May26William Percy Kime, of Skelton, and Mabel Pett, of Baldock.
Jun.9At Stoneham Church Hampshire, John Banks, of Bassett, and Rachel Garbutt of Shirley, Southampton, (late of New Skelton).

Burials. 1908
Dec.3Robert Lane, aged 62 years, North Skelton. O-D, 2. (presume this is the plot. number)
Dec.23Sarah Starling, aged 74 years, Skelton. I-E,25.
Dec.24Amy Andrew, aged 1 and a half, Skelton. A-K, 7.
Dec.27Thomas William Charlton, infant, Skelton. C-E, 8.
Dec.29Margaret Winter, aged 70 years, Skelton. P-K, 24.
Jan.3Nanny Tucker, aged 69 years, Lingdale. H-B, 39.
Jan.5Mona wilson, infant, North Skelton. L-A, 17.
Jan.7Mary Gibbs, aged 73 years, Skelton. P-A, 21.
Jan.14Eliza Tate, aged 76 years, Skelton. P-L, 3.
Jan.17Walter Barker, aged 42 years, Lingdale. C-C, 8.
Jan.24Elizabeth Roberts, aged 64 years, North Skelton. H-F, 55.
Jan.26Sarah Jackson, aged 30 years, Groundhill. P-J, 2.
Jan.29Edward Dove, aged 43 years, Lingdale. P-E, 22.
Jan.30John Thomas Dale, aged 12 years, Priescrofts. P-E, 24.
Feb.10John Robert Wood, aged 69 years, Skelton. B-B, 9.
Feb.14Fanny Appleton, aged 36 years, Skelton. B-E, 3.
Feb.20Christopher Thomas Rixham, aged 26 years, New Skelton. C-K, 11.
Feb.23James Smith, Infant, Skelton. Q-J, 1.
Feb.27John Price Lamb, aged 38 years, Skelton. B-B, 12.
Mar.1Owen Thomas, aged 60 years, North Skelton. C-C, 21.
Mar.2Elizabeth Mitchell, aged 77 years, Boosbeck. C-G, 28.
Mar.2Minnie Rayner, Infant, Skelton. Q-I, 1.
Mar.2Constance Lowe, Infant, Skelton, Q-I, 1.
Mar.15James Thompson, aged 84 years, Hartlepool. C-F, 25.
Mar.20Fred Jackson, aged 43 years, Skelton. P-A, 20.
Mar.26William Jackson, aged 48 years, North Skelton. H-B, 55.
Mar.25Augusta Russell, aged 52 years, Lingdale, C-M, 26
Apr.1Elizabeth Ollivant, aged 82 years, Saltburn. B-C, 6.
Apr.14Sarah Ann Scott, aged 61 years, Liverpool. C-I, 223.
Apr.14James Cyril Barker, aged 7 months, Skelton. H-E, 15.
Apr.28William Stephenson, infant, Skelton. C-G, 36.
May14James Potter, aged 80 years, Hill House, Skelton. C-O, 29
May18Elsie Coates, infant, Skelton. Q-K, 1.
May20Frederick William Marley, infant, North Skelton. Q-K, 3.
June14Stanley Symons, aged 19 years, North Skelton. P-K, 21.

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