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Rosedale People: An index:
Padgett to Pearson

PlaceAddressForename/sSurnameRel.AgeOccupationBirthplaceAssociated 1Associated 2Associated 3Associated 4YearDateSourceEvent
Lastingham JamesPadgetfather of bride Miner JanePadget  185021 DecemberNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
LastinghamRosedale West SideJanePadgetbride23  WilliamSuggit  185021 DecemberNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Cropton AdaPagedau8ScholarSpaunton    1881 PRO RG11/4827 f39 p2census
RosedaleRosedaleAnnPagemother   Hh MaryPage  187103 MayNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale East AnnPagewife21Ironstone miner wifeRosedale    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f62 p56census
RosedaleRosedaleAnniePagedau   WilliamPageHannahPage188718 SeptemberNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale West AnniePagedau3 Rosedale    1891 RG12/3988 f17 p10census
RosedaleHaygateAnny?Pagemother   BaileyPage  187613 AugustNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale BaileyPageson   JohnPageNellyPage179427 AprNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedaleof this parishBaileyPagegroom   MaryWinspear  181827 OctNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
RosedaleRosedaleBaileyPagefather Lab in husbandry EleanorPage  18209 JulNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedaleBaileyPagefather Blacksmith JohnPage  182229 SepNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedaleBaileyPagefather Blacksmith MaryPage  18256 FebNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedaleBaileyPagefather Blacksmith ChristianaPage  182920 DecNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleHartoft, RosedaleBaileyPagefather Blacksmith NancyPage  183210 JunNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedaleBaileyPagefather Blacksmith ThomasPage  183412 JanNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedaleBaileyPagefather Blacksmith RobertPage  18378 JanNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedaleBaileyPagefather Blacksmith DavidPage  18409 SepNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale EastRosedale EastBaileyPage 45BlacksmithYorkshire    1841 PRO HO107/1260/27 f10 p14census
Rosedale EastRosedale EastBaileyPagehead of household59BlacksmithRosedale East    1851 PRO HO107/2373 f33 p17census
Lastingham BaileyPagefather of groom Blacksmith ThomasPage  186401 OctoberNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Middleton BaileyPagefather of groom Blacksmith DavidPage  186613 JanuaryNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
RosedaleHaygateBaileyPageson   DavidPageAnny?Page187613 AugustNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
CroptonCroptonBaily LeonardPage 4 weeks      188430 MayNYCRO Parish registersburial
RosedaleRosedaleBetsyPagedau   WilliamPageHannahPage18177 DecNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale BettyPagedau   JohnPageNellyPage17849 JunNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedaleof this parishBettyPage 14      178630 MarNYCRO Parish registersburial
Rosedale AbbeyChurchyard of the church of St Mary and St LawrenceCharlesPage        197221 Februarygrave 268MIs
Rosedale AbbeyChurchyard of the church of St Mary and St LawrenceCharliePage        1914-19181914-1918404 First World War memorial plate - in the churchMIs
RosedaleRosedaleCharliePageson   WilliamPageHannahPage189908 OctoberNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale West ChristanaPage 10FS [Female serv]Yorkshire    1841 PRO HO107/1263/17 f6 p7census
Rosedale East ChristianPage  Dressmaker     1857 Kelly's 1857directory
Rosedale ChristianaPagedau   JohnPageNellyPage180127 DecNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedaleof this parishChristianaPagebride   ThomasHaigh  18228 SepNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
RosedaleRosedaleChristianaPagedau   WilliamPageHannahPage18291 JanNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedaleChristianaPagedau   BaileyPageMaryPage182920 DecNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale East ChristianaPage 14 Yorkshire    1841 PRO HO107/1260/27 f10 p14census
Rosedale East ChristianaPagedau23 Rosedale East    1851 PRO HO107/2373 f33 p16census
RosedaleRosedale WestChristianaPagebride25  FrancisPeirson  185322 DecemberNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Rosedale East ChristianaPagewife63 Kirby Moorside    1861 PRO RG9/3641 f34 p17census
RosedaleEast Side RosedaleChristianaPage 65      186314 NovNYCRO Parish registersburial
Rosedale East ChristyPage 40 Yorkshire    1841 PRO HO107/1260/27 f11 p16census
RosedaleRosedaleClarence WilliamPage Infant      189801 MarchNYCRO Parish registersburial
Rosedale AbbeyChurchyard of the church of St Mary and St LawrenceDavidPage        no datenot given - 18th centurygrave 74MIs
Rosedale DavidPageson   JohnPageNellyPage179225 MarNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
KirbymoorsideRosedaleDavidPagegroom   ChristianaFowler  182611 SeptemberNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
RosedaleRosedaleDavidPagefather Blacksmith ElizabethPage  18286 JanNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Hartoft DavidPageoccupier       1832 NYCRO LTALTA
RosedaleRosedaleDavidPageson   WilliamPageHannahPage183511 JanNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedaleDavidPageson   BaileyPageMaryPage18409 SepNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale EastRosedale EastDavidPage 45SchoolmasterYorkshire    1841 PRO HO107/1260/27 f11 p16census
Rosedale East DavidPage 6 Yorkshire    1841 PRO HO107/1260/27 f10 p14census
Rosedale East DavidPage 8months Yorkshire    1841 PRO HO107/1260/27 f10 p15census
Rosedale EastRosedale EastDavidPagehead of household59SchoolmasterRosedale East    1851 PRO HO107/2373 f35 p21census
Rosedale East DavidPageson14 Rosedale East    1851 PRO HO107/2373 f33 p16census
Rosedale East DavidPageson10ScholarRosedale East    1851 PRO HO107/2373 f33 p17census
RosedaleRosedale EastDavidPage 69      186126 AprNYCRO Parish registersburial
Rosedale East DavidPagehead of household69Retired schoolmasterRosedale East    1861 PRO RG9/3641 f34 p17census
Hartoft DavidPagebro27 Rosedale    1861 PRO RG9/3641 f51 p6census
Hartoft DavidPagecousin20VisitorRosedale    1861 PRO RG9/3641 f51 p6census
Rosedale AbbeyChurchyard of the church of St Mary and St LawrenceDavidPage        18622 May 1862grave 73MIs
RosedaleHartoft, RosedaleDavidPage 27      186227 MayNYCRO Parish registersburial
MiddletonRosedale EastDavidPagegroom24Miner AnnThomas  186613 JanuaryNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
RosedaleRosedaleDavidPagefather Miner Hh MaryPage  187103 MayNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleHaygateDavidPagefather Miner BaileyPage  187613 AugustNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleHeygateDavidPagefather Miner William HenryPage  187830 NovemberNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale DavidPagefather of bride Miner JanePage  188717 DecemberNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Rosedale DavidPagefather of bride Miner Hannah MaryPage  188822 DecemberNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Rosedale West DavidPagefather in law50Ironstone minerRosedale    1891 RG12/3988 f17 p10census
Rosedale West DavidPagevoter       1841 Register of electorsvoters' registers
Rosedale West DavidPagevoter       1842 Register of electorsvoters' registers
Rosedale EastSchool CottagesDavidPagehead of household32Ironstone minerRosedale    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f62 p56census
Rosedale EleanorPagedau   JohnPageNellyPage17873 FebNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
LastinghamRosedaleEleanorPagemother   JohnWatson  180608 JuneNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
LastinghamRosedaleEleanorPagemother   ThomasWatson  181007 MarchNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
LastinghamRosedaleEleanorPagemother   ChristianaWatson  181201 FebruaryNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedaleEleanorPagedau   WilliamPageHannahPage182012 MarNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedaleEleanorPagedau   BaileyPageMaryPage18209 JulNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedaleEleanorPage 87      184226 JulNYCRO Parish registersburial
Rosedale EastRosedale EastElenorPage 80IndYorkshire    1841 PRO HO107/1260/27 f3 p1census
Rosedale East ElenorPage 22 Yorkshire    1841 PRO HO107/1260/27 f10 p14census
Rosedale AbbeyChurchyard of the church of St Mary and St LawrenceElenorPage        184223 Jul 1842grave 76MIs
Rosedale ElisPagedau   JnoPage  1755 17 Aug?NYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedaleof this parishElizabethPage 77      18057 MarNYCRO Parish registersburial
RosedaleRosedaleElizabethPagedau   DavidPageMaryPage18286 JanNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Hartoft ElizabethPage 13FS [Female serv]Yorkshire    1841 PRO HO107/1260/24 f4 p3census
MiddletonCoppice, WreltonElizabethPage 37      191531 JulyNYCRO Parish registersburial
MiddletonRosedaleEllenerPagebrideofa  JohnColley  184507 AugustNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Cropton GeorgePageson4 mo Cropton    1881 PRO RG11/4827 f39 p2census
Rosedale East GeorgePageson10 Cropton    1891 PRO RG12/3988 f31 p11census
RosedaleRosedaleGeorge RobertPage Infant      189527 AugustNYCRO Parish registersburial
Rosedale HannahPagemother   WilliamPage  181212 AprNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedale AbbeyHannahPagedau   WilliamPageHannahPage18143 AprNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedale AbbeyHannahPagemother   HannahPage  18143 AprNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedaleHannahPagemother   Mary AnnPage  181618 MayNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedaleHannahPagemother   BetsyPage  18177 DecNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedaleHannahPagemother   EleanorPage  182012 MarNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedaleHannahPagemother   WilliamPage  182217 MarNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedaleHannahPagemother   JosephPage  182414 NovNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedaleHannahPagemother   ChristianaPage  18291 JanNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedaleHannahPagemother   JanePage  183119 JunNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedaleHannahPagemother   DavidPage  183511 JanNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedaleHannahPagemother Farmer's serv Mary AnnPage  18375 NovNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale East HannahPage 45 Yorkshire    1841 PRO HO107/1260/27 f10 p14census
Rosedale East HannahPage 22 Yorkshire    1841 PRO HO107/1260/27 f10 p14census
RosedaleRosedaleHannahPagedau   JanePage  185121 SeptemberNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale East HannahPagewife59 Glazedale    1851 PRO HO107/2373 f33 p16census
Rosedale AbbeyChurchyard of the church of St Mary and St LawrenceHannahPage        185226 Nov 1852grave 72MIs
RosedaleRosedaleHannahPage 61      185228 NovNYCRO Parish registersburial
RosedaleRosedaleHannahPagedau   JanePage  185725 OctoberNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale East HannahPagewife22 Wakefield    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f73 p78census
RosedaleRosedaleHannahPagemother   WilliamPage  188428 OctoberNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedaleHannahPagemother   AnniePage  188718 SeptemberNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedaleHannahPagemother   JosephPage  189009 FebruaryNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedaleHannahPagemother   JohnPage  189120 SeptemberNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale West HannahPagewife36 Rosedale    1891 RG12/3988 f17 p10census
Cropton HannahPagewife23 Hartoft    1891 RG12/3988 f48 p10census
RosedaleRosedaleHannahPagemother   ThomasPage  189310 SeptemberNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedaleHannahPagemother   MarjoriePage  189619 JulyNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedaleHannahPagemother   CharliePage  189908 OctoberNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedaleHannah ElizabethPagedau   WilliamPageMaryPage190302 AugustNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleLow House, R WestHannah ElizabethPage 3 months      190305 OctoberNYCRO Parish registersburial
Rosedale East Hannah MPagedau1 Rosedale    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f62 p56census
RosedaleRosedaleHannah MaryPagebride18  WilliamChampion  188822 DecemberNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
RosedaleRosedaleHh MaryPagedau   DavidPageAnnPage187103 MayNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleHeygateia [Miah?]Pagemother   William HenryPage  187830 NovemberNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
MiddletonLow Coppice, CroptonIda MaryPage 4 months      190819 SeptemberNYCRO Parish registersburial
Rosedale JanePagedau   JohnPageNellyPage18047 OctNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedaleJanePagemother   MaryPage  18256 FebNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedaleJanePagedau   WilliamPageHannahPage183119 JunNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale East JanePage 30 Yorkshire    1841 PRO HO107/1260/27 f3 p1census
Rosedale East JanePage 8 Yorkshire    1841 PRO HO107/1260/27 f10 p14census
RosedaleRosedaleJanePagemother Lab in husbandry HannahPage  185121 SeptemberNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale West JanePagesis19HousekeeperRosedale East    1851 PRO HO107/2373 f20 p9census
RosedaleRosedaleJanePagebride21Lab in husbandry GeorgeTindale  185230 MarNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
RosedaleRosedaleJanePagemother Spinster HannahPage  185725 OctoberNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedaleJanePagebride16  JosephKnaggs  188717 DecemberNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
MiddletonRosedaleJanePagebrideofaFarmer's daur FrancisSlater  184504 JanuaryNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Rosedale JnoPagegroom   ElisabethRigg  175120 AugustNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Rosedale JnoPageson   JnoPage  175224 MayNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale JnoPageson       177318 JulyNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RE JnoPageassessor       1801 NYCRO LTALTA
Rosedale AbbeyChurchyard of the church of St Mary and St LawrenceJohnPage        177318 Jul 1773grave 74MIs
Rosedale JohnPageson   JohnPage  178002 MarchNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale JohnPagefather   BettyPage  17849 JunNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale JohnPagefather   EleanorPage  17873 FebNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale JohnPagefather   NancyPage  17897 JunNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale JohnPagefather   NannyPage  17916 FebNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale JohnPagefather   DavidPage  179225 MarNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale JohnPagefather   BaileyPage  179427 AprNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale JohnPagefather   MaryPage  179712 FebNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale JohnPagefather   TommyPage  17995 MayNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale JohnPagefather   ChristianaPage  180127 DecNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RE JohnPageproprietor & occupier       1801 NYCRO LTALTA
Rosedale JohnPagefather   JanePage  18047 OctNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale East JohnPagevoter       1807 Poll 1807voters' registers
RosedaleRosedaleJohnPageson   BaileyPageMaryPage182229 SepNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale AbbeyChurchyard of the church of St Mary and St LawrenceJohnPage        183510 Apr 1835grave 76MIs
Middleton JohnPagefather of bride Blacksmith MaryDowson  184024 AprilNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Rosedale East JohnPage 18 Yorkshire    1841 PRO HO107/1260/27 f10 p14census
Middleton JohnPagefather of bride Farmer JanePage  184504 JanuaryNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
RosedaleRosedaleJohnPageson   JosephPageMary AnnPage185429 JanuaryNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale East JohnPageson7 Rosedale East    1861 PRO RG9/3641 f34 p17census
Rosedale AbbeyChurchyard of the church of St Mary and St LawrenceJohnPage        186227 Dec 1862grave 71MIs
RosedaleRosedale EastJohnPage 9      186231 DecNYCRO Parish registersburial
RosedaleRosedaleJohnPageson   WilliamPageHannahPage189120 SeptemberNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
MiddletonCoppice, CroptonJohn EdwardPage 8 months      191127 MarchNYCRO Parish registersburial
RosedaleRosedaleJosephPageson   WilliamPageHannahPage182414 NovNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale East JosephPage 17 Yorkshire    1841 PRO HO107/1260/27 f10 p14census
RosedaleRosedaleJosephPagegroom23Blacksmith Mary AnnLumsden  18504 DecNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Rosedale East JosephPageson27 Rosedale East    1851 PRO HO107/2373 f33 p16census
RosedaleRosedaleJosephPagefather Blacksmith JohnPage  185429 JanuaryNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedaleJosephPagefather Blacksmith WilliamPage  185511 NovemberNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale East JosephPage  Blacksmith     1857 Kelly's 1857directory
Rosedale East JosephPagehead of household35BlacksmithRosedale East    1861 PRO RG9/3641 f34 p17census
Rosedale East49 The AbbeyJosephPagehead of household47BlacksmithRosedale Abbey    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f57 p45census
Rosedale East JosephPage  Blacksmith     1872 Kelly's 1872directory
Rosedale East JosephPage  Blacksmith     1879 PO Directory 1879directory
Rosedale East JosephPagehead of household55Blacksmith MasterRosedale    1881 PRO RG11/4827 f27 p3census
Cropton JosephPageson10ScholarSpaunton    1881 PRO RG11/4827 f39 p2census
RosedaleRosedaleJosephPageson   WilliamPageHannahPage189009 FebruaryNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale East JosephPage  Blacksmith     1890 Bulmer's 1890directory
Rosedale EastRosedale AbbeyJosephPagehead of household66BlacksmithRosedale    1891 PRO RG12/3988 f37 p24census
Rosedale West JosephPageson1 Rosedale    1891 RG12/3988 f17 p10census
Rosedale East JosephPage  Blacksmith     1893 Kelly's 1893directory
Rosedale AbbeyChurchyard of the church of St Mary and St LawrenceJosephPage        18961 Aug 1896grave 71MIs
RosedaleRosedaleJosephPage 71      189603 AugustNYCRO Parish registersburial
Rosedale East JosephPage  Blacksmith     1897 Kelly's 1897directory
Rosedale JosephPagefather of groom Blacksmith WilliamPage  188204 FebruaryNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
CroptonCroptonJoseph LabanPage 4 hours      188529 JulyNYCRO Parish registersburial
Cropton LillyPagedau5 Spaunton    1881 PRO RG11/4827 f39 p2census
RosedaleRosedaleLilyPagebride17  William ChristopherMayman  189325 FebruaryNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Rosedaleof this chapelryMargaretPagebride   ThomasLeng  181015 JanNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Rosedale East MargaretPagewife46 Newton    1891 PRO RG12/3988 f31 p11census
Cropton Margaret APagewife37 Pickering Moor    1881 PRO RG11/4827 f39 p2census
Rosedale East Margaret APagedau3 Cropton    1891 PRO RG12/3988 f31 p11census
Rosedale AbbeyChurchyard of the church of St Mary and St LawrenceMargaret AnnPage        190104 Novembergrave 394MIs
Rosedale East MargarettPagedau1 Low Valley    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f73 p78census
RosedaleRosedaleMarjoriePagedau   WilliamPageHannahPage189619 JulyNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
MiddletonCoppice, CroptonMarjoryPage 15 days      190702 FebruaryNYCRO Parish registersburial
Rosedale MaryPagedau   JnoPage  17534? 14? SepNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale AbbeyChurchyard of the church of St Mary and St LawrenceMaryPage        1754[Apr 1754]grave 74MIs
Rosedale MaryPagedau   JnoPage  175421 AprilNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale MaryPagedau   JnoPage?  176527 Sept?NYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedaleof this chapelryMaryPagebride   WilliamHarland  178413 MayNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
LastinghamLastinghamMaryPagemother   JohnHarland  178620 MarchNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale MaryPagedau   JohnPageNellyPage179712 FebNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedaleof this parishMaryPagebride   JohnDowson  181813 AprNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
RosedaleRosedaleMaryPagemother   EleanorPage  18209 JulNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedaleMaryPagemother   JohnPage  182229 SepNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedaleMaryPagedau   BaileyPageJanePage18256 FebNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedaleMaryPagemother   ElizabethPage  18286 JanNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedaleMaryPagemother   ChristianaPage  182920 DecNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleHartoft, RosedaleMaryPagemother   NancyPage  183210 JunNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedaleMaryPagemother   ThomasPage  183412 JanNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedaleMaryPagemother   RobertPage  18378 JanNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedaleMaryPagemother   DavidPage  18409 SepNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale East MaryPage 4 Yorkshire    1841 PRO HO107/1260/27 f10 p14census
Rosedale East MaryPage 40 Yorkshire    1841 PRO HO107/1260/27 f10 p14census
Rosedale East MaryPagewife59 Rosedale East    1851 PRO HO107/2373 f33 p17census
RosedaleRosedaleMaryPagemother   Hannah ElizabethPage  190302 AugustNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale AbbeyChurchyard of the church of St Mary and St LawrenceMaryPage        196413 Februarygrave 293MIs
Rosedale AbbeyChurchyard of the church of St Mary and St LawrenceMaryPage          grave 320MIs
Rosedale East Mary APagewife43 Rosedale Abbey    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f57 p45census
Rosedale East Mary APagewife63 Rosedale    1891 PRO RG12/3988 f37 p24census
Rosedale AbbeyChurchyard of the church of St Mary and St LawrenceMary AnnPage        181617 Jul 1816grave 72MIs
RosedaleRosedaleMary AnnPage 9 weeks      181619 JulNYCRO Parish registersburial
RosedaleRosedaleMary AnnPagedau   WilliamPageHannahPage181618 MayNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedaleMary AnnPagedau   HannahPage  18375 NovNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale East Mary AnnPagegranddau14 Rosedale East    1851 PRO HO107/2373 f33 p16census
RosedaleRosedaleMary AnnPagemother   JohnPage  185429 JanuaryNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedaleMary AnnPagemother   WilliamPage  185511 NovemberNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
MiddletonHartoftMary AnnPagebride26  ThomasMoules  186118 MayNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Rosedale East Mary AnnPagewife32 Rosedale East    1861 PRO RG9/3641 f34 p17census
Hartoft Mary AnnPageniece26HousekeeperRosedale    1861 PRO RG9/3641 f51 p6census
Rosedale East Mary AnnPagewife51 Rosedale    1881 PRO RG11/4827 f27 p3census
Rosedale AbbeyChurchyard of the church of St Mary and St LawrenceMary AnnPage        188527 Februarygrave 71MIs
RosedaleRosedaleMary AnnPage 77      190502 MarchNYCRO Parish registersburial
Rosedale East Mary AnnPagesis22HousekeeperRosedale East    1851 PRO HO107/2373 f25 p1census
Rosedale East NanceyPagevisitor21ServantRosedale East    1851 PRO HO107/2373 f29 p8census
Rosedale NancyPagedau   JohnPageNellyPage17897 JunNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedaleof this parishNancyPage 40 weeks      179010 MarNYCRO Parish registersburial
RosedaleHartoft, RosedaleNancyPagedau   BaileyPageMaryPage183210 JunNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale East NancyPage 9 Yorkshire    1841 PRO HO107/1260/27 f10 p14census
Rosedale NannyPagedau   JohnPageNellyPage17916 FebNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedaleof this parishNannyPage 2      179310 MarNYCRO Parish registersburial
Rosedale NellyPagemother   EleanorPage  17873 FebNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale NellyPagemother   NancyPage  17897 JunNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale NellyPagemother   NannyPage  17916 FebNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale NellyPagemother   BaileyPage  179427 AprNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale NellyPagemother   MaryPage  179712 FebNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale NellyPagemother   TommyPage  17995 MayNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale NellyPagemother   ChristianaPage  180127 DecNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale NellyPagemother   JanePage  18047 OctNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale NellyPagemother   BettyPage  17849 JunNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale NellyPagemother   DavidPage  179225 MarNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedaleof this chapelryRachelPagebride   GeorgePeirson  177810 JuneNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Rosedale East RachelPagedau3 Low Valley    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f73 p78census
RosedaleRosedaleRobertPageson   BaileyPageMaryPage18378 JanNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale East RobertPage 5 Yorkshire    1841 PRO HO107/1260/27 f10 p15census
Rosedale East RobertPageserv14General servRosedale East    1851 PRO HO107/2373 f35 p21census
RosedaleRosedale EastRobertPage 2 months      186702 MarchNYCRO Parish registersburial
RosedaleRosedaleRobertPagegroom22Calciner HannahJackson  188730 AprilNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Middleton RobertPagefather of groom Frmr DavidJackson  189008 MarchNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
CroptonPeep o DayRobertPagehead of household25FarmerNew Bridge Pickering    1891 RG12/3988 f48 p10census
Rosedale AbbeyChurchyard of the church of St Mary and St LawrenceRobert WilliamPage        194019 Octobergrave 320MIs
RosedaleRosedaleThomasPageson   BaileyPageMaryPage183412 JanNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale East ThomasPage 7 Yorkshire    1841 PRO HO107/1260/27 f10 p14census
Rosedale East ThomasPageserv17General servRosedale East    1851 PRO HO107/2373 f32 p15census
LastinghamSpauntonThomasPagegroom29Farmer Margaret AnnLeng  186401 OctoberNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
CroptonCropton BankThomasPagehead of household47FarmerRosedale    1881 PRO RG11/4827 f39 p2census
Rosedale ThomasPagefather of groom Lab RobertPage  188730 AprilNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Rosedale EastFlorence TerraceThomasPagehead of household55Calcine drawerRosedale    1891 PRO RG12/3988 f31 p11census
RosedaleRosedaleThomasPageson   WilliamPageHannahPage189310 SeptemberNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale ThomasPagefather of bride Lab LilyPage  189325 FebruaryNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Rosedale AbbeyChurchyard of the church of St Mary and St LawrenceThomasPage        190629 Junegrave 394MIs
Rosedale East TomPageson2 Rosedale    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f62 p56census
Rosedale TommyPageson   JohnPageNellyPage17995 MayNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedaleof this parishTommyPage 7      180612 AprNYCRO Parish registersburial
Rosedale East WiliamPageson24BlacksmithRosedale    1881 PRO RG11/4827 f27 p3census
Rosedale AbbeyChurchyard of the church of St Mary and St LawrenceWilliamPage        1763[Nov 1763]grave 74MIs
Rosedale WilliamPageson   JohnPage  178223 JanuaryNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedalenot statedWilliamPagegroom'upwards of 25 years'  HannahBloomer  181113 JanNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Rosedale WilliamPageson   WilliamPageHannahPage181212 AprNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale WilliamPagefather   WilliamPage  181212 AprNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedale AbbeyWilliamPagefather Blacksmith HannahPage  18143 AprNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale AbbeyChurchyard of the church of St Mary and St LawrenceWilliamPage        181626 May 1816grave 72MIs
RosedaleRosedaleWilliamPage 4      181629 MayNYCRO Parish registersburial
RosedaleRosedaleWilliamPagefather Blacksmith Mary AnnPage  181618 MayNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedaleWilliamPagefather Blacksmith BetsyPage  18177 DecNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedaleWilliamPagefather Blacksmith EleanorPage  182012 MarNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedaleWilliamPageson   WilliamPageHannahPage182217 MarNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedaleWilliamPagefather Blacksmith WilliamPage  182217 MarNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedaleWilliamPagefather Blacksmith JosephPage  182414 NovNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedaleWilliamPagefather Blacksmith ChristianaPage  18291 JanNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale East WilliamPageoccupier       1829 Rosedale salesale of RE
RosedaleRosedaleWilliamPagefather Blacksmith JanePage  183119 JunNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedaleWilliamPagefather Blacksmith DavidPage  183511 JanNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale EastRosedale EastWilliamPage 55PublicanYorkshire    1841 PRO HO107/1260/27 f10 p14census
Rosedale East WilliamPage 19 Yorkshire    1841 PRO HO107/1260/27 f10 p14census
Middleton WilliamPagefather of bride Innkeeper EllenerPage  184507 AugustNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Rosedale EastCrown InnWilliamPageoccupier       1850 PRO IR29/42-312tithe
Rosedale WilliamPagefather of groom Blacksmith JosephPage  18504 DecNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Rosedale EastRosedale EastWilliamPagehead of household68Farmer & Inn KeeperRosedale East    1851 PRO HO107/2373 f33 p16census
Rosedale West WilliamPagehead of household29FarmerRosedale East    1851 PRO HO107/2373 f20 p9census
Rosedale AbbeyChurchyard of the church of St Mary and St LawrenceWilliamPage        185230 Apr 1852grave 72MIs
RosedaleRosedaleWilliamPage 70      18523 MayNYCRO Parish registersburial
Rosedale WilliamPagefather of bride Blacksmith JanePage  185230 MarNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Rosedale WilliamPagefather of bride Blacksmith & publican ChristianaPage  185322 DecemberNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
RosedaleRosedaleWilliamPageson   JosephPageMary AnnPage185511 NovemberNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
HartoftLotmentWilliamPagehead of household39FarmerRosedale    1861 PRO RG9/3641 f51 p6census
Rosedale East WilliamPageson5 Rosedale East    1861 PRO RG9/3641 f34 p17census
Middleton WilliamPagefather of bride Blacksmith Mary AnnPage  186118 MayNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Rosedale East100 Hill CottageWilliamPagehead of household30Ironstone minerStafford Brierley Hill    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f73 p78census
HartoftLotmentWilliamPagehead of household48FarmerRosedale Abbey    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f94 p3census
Rosedale East WilliamPageson15Blacksmith apprenticeRosedale Abbey    1871 PRO RG10/4840 f57 p45census
RosedaleRosedale EastWilliamPage 8 months      187216 JuneNYCRO Parish registersburial
HartoftAllotmentWilliamPagevoter       1874 Register of electorsvoters' registers
Rosedale AbbeyChurchyard of the church of St Mary and St LawrenceWilliamPage        187623 Jun 1876grave 73MIs
RosedaleRosedaleWilliamPage 54      187628 JuneNYCRO Parish registersburial
RosedaleRosedaleWilliamPagegroom27Blacksmith HannahFarrow  188204 FebruaryNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
RosedaleRosedaleWilliamPageson   WilliamPageHannahPage188428 OctoberNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedaleWilliamPagefather Blacksmith & Farmer WilliamPage  188428 OctoberNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleRosedaleWilliamPagefather Blacksmith & Farmer AnniePage  188718 SeptemberNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale WestLow HouseWilliamPage  Farmer     1890 Bulmer's 1890directory
RosedaleRosedaleWilliamPagefather Blacksmith & Farmer JosephPage  189009 FebruaryNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale WestLow HouseWilliamPagehead of household35Farmer [& Blacksmith]Rosedale    1891 RG12/3988 f17 p10census
RosedaleRosedaleWilliamPagefather Blacksmith & Farmer JohnPage  189120 SeptemberNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale West WilliamPageson6 Rosedale    1891 RG12/3988 f17 p10census
RosedaleRosedaleWilliamPagefather Blacksmith & Farmer ThomasPage  189310 SeptemberNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale West WilliamPage  Farmer     1893 Kelly's 1893directory
RosedaleRosedaleWilliamPagefather Blacksmith & Farmer MarjoriePage  189619 JulyNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale West WilliamPage  Farmer     1897 Kelly's 1897directory
RosedaleRosedaleWilliamPagefather Blacksmith CharliePage  189908 OctoberNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale East WilliamPage  Blacksmith     1901 Kelly's 1901directory
Rosedale West WilliamPage  Farmer     1901 Kelly's 1901directory
RosedaleRosedale AbbeyWilliamPagegroom19Farmer MaryBowes  190325 MayNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Rosedale WilliamPagefather of groom Blacksmith WilliamPage  190325 MayNYCRO Parish registersmarriage
Rosedale West WilliamPage  Farmer & Blacksmith     1905 Kelly's 1905directory
[Rosedale West] WilliamPage  Farmer & Blacksmith     1909 Kelly's 1909directory
Rosedale AbbeyChurchyard of the church of St Mary and St LawrenceWilliamPage        195715 Octobergrave 293MIs
Rosedale AbbeyChurchyard of the church of St Mary and St LawrenceWilliamPage          grave 320MIs
RosedaleRosedaleWilliamPagefather Farmer Hannah ElizabethPage  190302 AugustNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
RosedaleHeygateWilliam HenryPageson   DavidPageia [Miah?]Page187830 NovemberNYCRO Parish registersbaptism
Rosedale East WilliePagegrandson6 Rosedale    1891 PRO RG12/3988 f37 p24census
Rosedale WmPageson   Jno?Page  176329 NovemberNYCRO Parish registersburial
Rosedale Sarah?Page? Hage?wife   JasPage? Hage?  176612 JulyNYCRO Parish registersburial

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