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Letter C

Cadeby (W) : Sprotbrough
Calcoats, see Coldcotes (W) : Leeds
Calcutt (W) : Knaresborough
Caldbergh (N) : Coverham
Caldbridge, see Caldbergh (N) : Coverham
Caldcotes, see Coldcotes (W) : Leeds
Calder Grove (W) : Sandal Magna
Caldwell (N) : Stanwick Saint John
Calf Hey (W) : Rochdale
California (N) : Great Ayton
Callwell, see Coldwell (W) : Almondbury
Calshaw (W) : Kirkby Malzeard
Calton (W) : Kirkby Malhamdale
Calverley (W)
Calverley Bridge (W) : Calverley
Calvert Houses (N) : Grinton
Cam Houses (W) : Horton in Ribblesdale
Camblesforth (W) : Drax
Camblesforth Hall (W) : Drax
Cambridge (W) : Otley
Camerton (E) : Paull
Camp Hill (W) : Huddersfield
Camps Mount (W) : Campsall
Camps Town (W) : Leeds
Campsall (W)
Cams Houses (N) : Aysgarth
Canklow (W) : Whiston
Cannon Hall (W) : Silkstone
Cantley (W)
Cantley Lodge (W) : Cantley
Cappleside (W) : Giggleswick
Car (W) : Maltby
Carbrook (W) : Sheffield
Carcroft (W) : Owston
Care (W) : Rochdale
Care Hill (W) : Rochdale
Cargo Fleet (N) : Middlesbrough
Cargo Fleet (N) : Ormesby
Carhouse (W) : Doncaster
Carhouse (W) : Rotherham
Carhouse, see Carr House (W) : Tickhill
Carkin (N) : Forcett
Carkin Fields (N) : Gilling West
Carkin Grange (N) : Gilling West
Carkin Moor (N) : Gilling West
Carlbeck (N) : Laithkirk
Carlcotes, see Carlecotes (W) : Penistone
Carlecotes (W) : Penistone
Carlesmoor (W) : Kirkby Malzeard
Carleton (E) : Aldbrough
Carleton, see also Carlton In Cleveland (N) : Carlton in Cleveland
Carleton (W) : Pontefract
Carleton In Craven (W)
Carleton in Craven, see Carleton In Craven (W) : Carleton in Craven
Carleton, see also CARLTON.
Carlinghow (W) : Batley
Carlinhow (N) : Brotton
Carlshead House (W) : Kirkby Overblow
Carlton (N) : Coverham
Carlton (N) : Helmsley
Carlton (N) : Stockton on the Forest
Carlton (W) : Guiseley
Carlton (W) : Rothwell
Carlton (W) : Royston
Carlton (W) : Snaith
Carlton Hall (W) : Snaith
Carlton High Dale, see Carlton (N) : Coverham
Carlton Highdale (N) : Coverham
Carlton Husthwaite (N) : Husthwaite
Carlton In Cleveland (N)
Carlton Islebeck, see Carlton Miniott (N) : Thirsk
Carlton Miniott (N) : Thirsk
Carlton, see also CARLETON.
Carnaby (E)
Carperby (N) : Aysgarth
Carpley Green (N) : Aysgarth
Carr (W) : Kirkheaton
Carr (W) : Laughton en le Morthen
Carr Bridge (N) : West Rounton
Carr End (N) : Aysgarth
Carr Gate (W) : Wakefield
Carr Head (W) : Kildwick
Carr House (E) : Howden
Carr House (E) : Muston
Carr House (W) : Tickhill
Carr Side (W) : Otley
Carris, see Carr House (W) : Tickhill
Carrwood (W) : Sheffield
Carter Knowle (W) : Sheffield
Carthorpe (N) : Burneston
Cartworth (W) : Kirkburton
Castel Levington (N) : Kirklevington
Castle Bank (N) : Wensley
Castle Bolton (N) : Wensley
Castle Green (W) : Penistone
Castle Hill (E) : Sutton on Hull
Castle Houses (W) : Almondbury
Castle Howard (N) : Bulmer
Castle Howard (N) : Extraparochial
Castle Levington (N) : Kirklevington
Castle Street (W) : Halifax
Castleford (W)
Castleshaw (W) : Rochdale
Castleton (N) : Danby
Castley (W) : Leathley
Cat Babbleton (E) : Ganton
Cat Hill (W) : Silkstone
Catcliffe (W) : Rotherham
Catfoss (E) : Sigglesthorne
Catgill (W) : Skipton
Catgill Hall (N) : Danby Wiske
Catharine House (W) : Halifax
Catherine Slack (W) : Halifax
Catshaw (W) : Penistone
Cattal (W) : Hunsingore
Cattall Magna, see Cattal (W) : Hunsingore
Catterick (N)
Catterick Bridge (N) : Catterick
Catterton (A) : Tadcaster
Cattle Laithe (W) : Pontefract
Cattleholmes (E) : Lowthorpe
Catto (N) : Leake
Catton, see also High Catton (E) : Low Catton
Catton, see also Low Catton (E) : Low Catton
Catton (N) : Topcliffe
Catwick (E)
Caud Hill (W) : Almondbury
Causeway Foot (W) : Kirkburton
Causeway Sett, see Causey Side (W) : Rochdale
Causey Side (W) : Rochdale
Cautley (W) : Sedbergh
Cave, see also North Cave (E) : North Cave
Cave, see also South Cave (E) : South Cave
Caville (E) : Eastrington
Cawder Hall (W) : Skipton
Cawell, see Coldwell (W) : Almondbury
Cawkeld (E) : Watton
Cawkill, see Cawkeld (E) : Watton
Cawood (W)
Cawthorne (N) : Middleton
Cawthorne (W)
Cawton (N) : Gilling East
Cayley Hall, see Kayley Hall (W) : Otley
Caythorpe (E) : Rudston, Boynton
Cayton (N)
Cayton (W) : South Stainley
Cayton Hall (W) : South Stainley
Champany Hill (W) : Silkstone
Champney Hill, see Champany Hill (W) : Silkstone
Chapel Allerton (W) : Leeds
Chapel Allerton, see also Allerton (W) : Bradford
Chapel Fields (A) : Acomb
Chapel Haddlesey (W) : Birkin
Chapel Hill (N) : Kirklington
Chapel Hill (W) : Kirkby Overblow
Chapel House (W) : Burnsall
Chapel Le Dale (W) : Low Bentham
Chapel Le Grove (W) : Halifax
Chapel Thorpe (W) : Sandal Magna
Chapeltown (W) : Ecclesfield
Charlcot (N) : Thornton Watlass
Charlestown (W) : Halifax
Charlston, see Sharlston (W) : Warmfield
Charlton's Cottages (N) : Skelton In Cleveland
Charltonbrook (W) : Ecclesfield
Cheapsides (E) : Eastrington
Chelcar, see Chelker (W) : Skipton
Chelker (W) : Skipton
Chellow Heights (W) : Bradford
Chelow Height, see Chellow Heights (W) : Bradford
Chequerfield (W) : Pontefract
Cherry Burton (E)
Cherry Clough (W) : Rochdale
Cherry Tree Hill (W) : Sheffield
Chesnut Grove (W) : Bramham
Chester Court (W) : Drax
Chevet (W) : Royston
Chickenley (W) : Dewsbury
Chidsall, see Chidswell (W) : Dewsbury
Chidswell (W) : Dewsbury
Chop Gate (N) : Bilsdale-midcable
Chop Yat (N) : Bilsdale-midcable
Church End (E) : North Frodingham
Church Fenton (W)
Church Garforth, see Garforth (W) : Garforth
Church Marton, see East Marton (W) : East Marton
Churwell (W) : Batley
Cinder Hills (W) : Hampsthwaite
Cisset (W) : High Hoyland
Cittadilla (N) : Easby
Clap Gate (W) : Kirkby Overblow
Clapdale (W) : Clapham
Clapham (W)
Clapham Green (W) : Hampsthwaite
Clapham Lodge (W) : Clapham
Clare Hall (W) : Halifax
Clareton (W) : Goldsborough
Claro (W): a wapentake
Claxton (N) : Bossall
Clay Cliffe (W) : Darton
Clay Hill (W) : Ilkley
Clay Moor (W) : Huddersfield
Clayton (W) : Bradford
Clayton (W) : Frickley with Clayton
Clayton, see also Frickley With Clayton (W) : Frickley with Clayton
Clayton Heights (W) : Bradford
Clayton West (W) : High Hoyland
Clayton in the Clay, see Clayton (W) : Frickley with Clayton
Cleasby (N)
Cleaves (N) : Felixkirk
Cleckheaton (W) : Birstall
Clementhorpe (E) : Blacktoft
Clerk Green (W) : Batley
Clervaux Castle (N) : Croft On Tees
Cleveland Port, see Cargo Fleet (N) : Ormesby
Cleveland Tontine Inn (N) : Ingleby Arncliffe
Cliff End (W) : Huddersfield
Cliff House Farm, see Goldsbrough Field House (N) : Lythe
Cliffe (E) : Hemingbrough
Cliffe, see also North Cliffe (E) : Sancton
Cliffe, see also South Cliffe (E) : North Cave
Cliffe (N) : Manfield
Cliffe Hall (N) : Manfield
Cliffe Hill (W) : Halifax
Cliffe Hill (W) : Halifax
Cliffe House (W) : South Anston
Cliffe cum Lund, see Cliffe (E) : Hemingbrough
Clifford (W) : Bramham
Clifton (N) : York Saint Olave, York Saint Michael le Belfrey
Clifton (W) : Conisbrough
Clifton (W) : Dewsbury
Clifton (W) : Fewston
Clifton (W) : Otley
Clifton (W) : Rotherham
Clifton Castle (N) : Thornton Watlass
Clifton Lodge (N) : Thornton Watlass
Clifton Upon Ure (N) : Thornton Watlass
Clint (W) : Ripley
Clints (N) : Marske
Clitheroe (E) : Great Driffield
Clock House (W) : Bradford
Close House (W) : Skipton
Clotherham, see Clotherholme (W) : Ripon
Clotherholme (W) : Ripon
Clough (W) : Almondbury
Clough (W) : Rochdale
Clough (W) : Rotherham
Clough Bottom, see Clough (W) : Rochdale
Clough Field (W) : Sheffield
Clough Head (W) : Huddersfield
Cloughton (N) : Scalby
Cloughton Newlands (N) : Scalby
Clowbeck (N) : Manfield
Coaley Lane (W) : Wath upon Dearne
Coates, see Barnoldswick Coates (W) : Barnoldswick
Coatham, see East Coatham (N) : Kirkleatham
Cobbs Houses (W) : Skipton
Cobshaw (N) : Bedale
Cock Bush (N) : Ingleby Arncliffe
Cock Hill (A) : Moor Monkton
Cock Mill (N) : Whitby
Cockan, see Cockayne (N) : Kirkbymoorside
Cockayne (N) : Kirkbymoorside
Cockbridge (W) : Saxton
Cockcroft Mill (W) : Bingley
Cockersdale (W) : Birstall
Cockhill, see Cock Hill (A) : Moor Monkton
Cockhill House (W) : Edlington
Cocklett (W) : Giggleswick
Cockley Hill (W) : Kirkheaton
Codhill (N) : Guisborough
Cogden Hall (N) : Grinton
Coghill Hall, see Conyngham House (W) : Knaresborough
Coisley Hill (W) : Handsworth
Coit Hill (W) : Silkstone
Colburn (N) : Catterick
Colburn Hall (N) : Catterick
Colby Hall (N) : Aysgarth
Colcotes (W) : Low Bentham
Cold Cam (N) : Scawton
Cold Cotes (W) : Hampsthwaite
Cold Cotes (W) : Low Bentham
Cold Hiendley (W) : Felkirk
Cold Hill, see Caud Hill (W) : Almondbury
Cold Kirby (N)
Coldcotes (W) : Leeds
Colden, see also Great Cowden (E) : Mappleton
Colden, see also Little Cowden (E) : Mappleton
Colden (W) : Halifax
Coldham, see Cowlam (E) : Cowlam
Coldwell, see Caldwell (N) : Stanwick Saint John
Coldwell (W) : Almondbury
Coleby, see Coulby (N) : Stainton
Coley (W) : Halifax
Collingham (W)
Colne Bridge (W) : Kirkheaton
Colsterdale (N) : East Witton
Colt Houses (W) : Kirkby Malzeard
Colton (A) : Bolton Percy
Colton, see Coulton (N) : Hovingham
Colton (W) : Whitkirk
Colton Lodge (A) : Bolton Percy
Colville House, see Covill Houses (W) : Kirkby Malzeard
Combes (W) : Ecclesfield
Comboots (N) : Scalby
Combs (W) : Thornhill
Commondale (N) : Danby, Guisborough
Compton (W) : Collingham
Compton Grove (W) : Collingham
Conduit Hill (W) : South Anston
Conduit House (W) : Tankersley
Coneysthorpe (N) : Barton le Street
Coneythorpe (W) : Goldsborough
Conisbrough (W)
Conisbrough Lodge (W) : Conisbrough
Conisbrough Park House (W) : Conisbrough
Coniston (E) : Swine
Coniston, see also Coniston Cold (W) : Gargrave
Coniston, see also Conistone (W) : Burnsall
Coniston Cold (W) : Gargrave
Conistone (W) : Burnsall
Cononley (W) : Kildwick
Cononley Hall (W) : Kildwick
Cononley Woodside (W) : Kildwick
Constable Burton (N) : Finghall
Constable Burton Hall (N) : Finghall
Conyngham House (W) : Knaresborough
Cookridge (W) : Adel
Cookridge Hall (W) : Adel
Cooper House (W) : Fewston
Copgrove (W)
Copley (W) : Halifax
Copley Hall (W) : Halifax
Copley Hill (W) : Birstall
Copmanthorpe (A) : York St Mary Bishophill the Younger
Copt Hewick (W) : Ripon
Copt Hewick Lodge (W) : Ripon
Corn Park (N) : Romaldkirk
Cornbrough (N) : Sheriff Hutton
Cornholme (W) : Rochdale
Cornshaw, see Ickornshaw (W) : Kildwick
Corps Landing (E) : Hutton Cranswick
Cortworth (W) : Wath upon Dearne
Cotcliffe (N) : Extraparochial
Cotcliffe Wood (N) : Leake
Cote, see also North Cote (N) : Masham
Cote Bank Lodge (N) : Egton
Cote Hill (W) : Hampsthwaite
Cote Syke (W) : Hampsthwaite
Cotegarth Walk Farm (E) : South Dalton
Cotescue (N) : Coverham
Cotham, see Cottam (E) : Langtoft
Cotherstone (N) : Romaldkirk
Cotness (E) : Howden
Cottam (E) : Langtoft
Cottam Grange (E) : Langtoft
Cottam House (E) : Langtoft
Cotterdale (N) : Aysgarth
Cotterhill Woods (W) : South Anston
Cottingham (E)
Cottingley (W) : Bingley
Cottingley Bridge (W) : Bingley
Cottingley House (W) : Bingley
Cottingwith, see also East Cottingwith (E) : Aughton
Cottingwith, see also West Cottingwith (E) : Thorganby
Coulby (N) : Stainton
Coulby Newham (N) : Marton
Coulton (N) : Hovingham
Countersett (N) : Aysgarth
Counterside, see Countersett (N) : Aysgarth
Counterside Hall (N) : Aysgarth
Court House Farm, see Sproxton Cote (N) : Helmsley
Courthouse (E) : Yedingham
Cover Bridge (N) : Coverham
Coverbridge (N) : East Witton
Coverham (N)
Coverham Abbey (N) : Coverham
Coverhead (N) : Coverham
Covill Houses (W) : Kirkby Malzeard
Cow Royd Hill (W) : Kirkheaton
Cowcliffe (W) : Huddersfield
Cowden, see also Great Cowden (E) : Mappleton
Cowden, see also Little Cowden (E) : Mappleton
Cowesby (N)
Cowfold House (N) : Burneston
Cowgill (W) : Gisburn
Cowgill (W) : Sedbergh
Cowhouse (W) : Bingley
Cowick, see East Cowick (W) : Snaith
Cowick Hall (W) : Snaith
Cowlam (E)
Cowlam Manor (E) : Cowlam
Cowling (N) : Bedale
Cowling (W) : Kildwick
Cowmes (W) : Kirkheaton
Cowsby, see Cowesby (N) : Cowesby
Cowthorpe (W)
Cowton, see also East Cowton (N) : East Cowton
Cowton, see also North Cowton (N) : Gilling West
Cowton, see also South Cowton (N) : Gilling West
Cowton Grange (N) : Middleton Tyas
Coxley (W) : Sandal Magna
Coxwold (N)
Crabtree (W) : Sheffield
Crackenedge (W) : Dewsbury
Crackpot (N) : Grinton
Crackpot Hall (N) : Grinton
Cracoe (W) : Burnsall
Cracoe Hill (W) : Gisburn
Cracow, see Cracoe (W) : Burnsall
Cracow Hill, see Cracoe Hill (W) : Gisburn
Crag, see Cragg (N) : Romaldkirk
Crag Hall (W) : Fewston
Cragg (N) : Romaldkirk
Cragg Hill (W) : Guiseley
Cragg Hill (W) : Ripley
Cragg House (W) : Skipton
Craike, see Crayke (N) : Crayke
Crakehall, see also Great Crakehall (N) : Bedale
Crakehall, see also Little Crakehall (N) : Bedale
Crakehill (N) : Topcliffe
Crambe (N)
Crambeck (N) : Huttons Ambo
Crane Green, see Crane Moor (W) : Silkstone
Crane Moor (W) : Silkstone
Cranford Hall, see New Hall (W) : Darfield
Cranswick, included with Hutton Cranswick (E) : Hutton Cranswick
Crathorne (N)
Craven Cross Bar (W) : Burnsall
Craven Holme (N) : Aysgarth
Crawshaw (W) : Emley
Crawstone Hall (W) : Halifax
Cray (W) : Arncliffe
Crayke (N)
Crayke Castle, included with Crayke (N) : Crayke
Creskeld Hall (W) : Adel
Cridling Park (W) : Darrington
Cridling Stubbs (W) : Darrington, Womersley
Crigglestone (W) : Sandal Magna
Crimesworth Dean (W) : Halifax
Crimesworth Hall (W) : Halifax
Crimple (W) : Knaresborough
Crimple House (W) : Pannal
Cringles (W) : Kildwick
Croam, see Croom (E) : Sledmere
Crockey Hill (E) : Escrick
Croft Hall (N) : Croft On Tees
Croft House (W) : Bradford
Croft House (W) : Skipton
Croft On Tees (N)
Crofton (W)
Cromwell Bottom (W) : Halifax
Crook Hall (W) : Edlington
Crook Of Lune (W) : Sedbergh
Crookes (W) : Sheffield
Crookesmoor (W) : Sheffield
Crooks, included with Crookes (W) : Sheffield
Crooks House (W) : Bracewell
Crooks moor (W) : Sheffield
Croom (E) : Sledmere
Cropton (N) : Middleton
Crosby (N) : Leake
Crosby Cote (N) : Northallerton
Crosby Court, see Crosby Cote (N) : Northallerton
Crosby Hall (N) : North Otterington
Crosland (W) : Almondbury
Crosland Edge (W) : Almondbury
Crosland Half, included with Crosland (W) : Almondbury
Crosland Hall (W) : Almondbury
Crosland Hill (W) : Almondbury
Crosland Moor (W) : Almondbury
Crosland Moor, included with Crosland (W) : Almondbury
Cross (W) : Rochdale
Cross Butts (N) : Whitby
Cross Gates (W) : Barwick in Elmet, Whitkirk
Cross Green (W) : Leeds
Cross Hall (W) : Batley
Cross House (N) : Aysgarth
Cross Poole (W) : Sheffield
Cross Roads (W) : Bingley
Cross Royd (W) : Penistone
Cross Stone (W) : Halifax
Cross Thorns Barn (E) : Helperthorpe
Crossett (N) : Helmsley
Crossflatts (W) : Bingley
Crosshills (W) : Kildwick
Crosspoole, see Cross Poole (W) : Sheffield
Crossthwaite (N) : Romaldkirk
Crosswick, see Holwick (N) : Romaldkirk
Crow Edge (W) : Penistone
Crow Nest (W) : Dewsbury
Crow Nest (W) : Halifax
Crow Trees (W) : Bradford
Crow Trees (W) : Hampsthwaite
Crowgarth (E) : Beeford
Cubeck (N) : Aysgarth
Cubley (W) : Penistone
Cuckolds Haven (W) : Firbeck
Cuckoo Nest (W) : Bingley
Cudworth (W) : Royston
Cudworth Common (W) : Royston
Cullingworth (W) : Bingley
Cumberland Temple (N) : Richmond
Cumberworth, see also Lower Cumberworth (W) : High Hoyland
Cumberworth, see also Upper Cumberworth (W) : Emley, Kirkburton
Cumberworth Half, see Upper Cumberworth (W) : Emley, Kirkburton
Cundall (N)
Cundy Cross (W) : Royston
Cusworth (W) : Sprotbrough
Cutler Height (W) : Bradford
Cutsyke (W) : Castleford

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