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Letter F

Faceby (N) : Whorlton
Fadmoor (N) : Kirkbymoorside
Faggergill (N) : Arkengarthdale
Fair Banks (W) : Rochdale
Fairburn (W) : Ledsham
Fairfield (N) : Skelton
Fairholme (E) : Swine
Fairholme (N) : Ainderby Steeple
Fairweather Green (W) : Bradford
Falconers Hall, see Falkner Hall (E) : Foxholes
Faldring, see Foldrings (W) : Ecclesfield
Falkner Hall (E) : Foxholes
Fall Head (W) : Silkstone
Fall House (W) : Thornhill, Kirkheaton
Falling Foss (N) : Whitby
Falsgrave (N) : Scarborough
Falthwaite (W) : Silkstone
Fangdale Beck (N) : Bilsdale-midcable
Fangfoss (E)
Far Bank (W) : Fishlake
Far Combes, see Combes (W) : Ecclesfield
Far Cross, see Burncross (W) : Ecclesfield
Far Hardcastle, see Hardcastle (W) : Ripon
Far Harrop, see Harrop (W) : Slaidburn
Far Oxnop (W) : Bradford
Far Royds (W) : Leeds
Far Royds, see Royds (W) : Leeds
Far Scaling, see Little Scaling (N) : Hinderwell
Fareholme, see Fairholme (N) : Ainderby Steeple
Farfield (W) : Sheffield
Farfield Hall (W) : Addingham
Farlington (N) : Sheriff Hutton
Farm (W) : Sheffield
Farmanby (N) : Thornton Dale, Ellerburn
Farndale East Side (N) : Lastingham
Farndale High Quarter, see Farndale East Side (N) : Lastingham
Farndale Low Quarter, see Farndale West Side (N) : Kirkbymoorside
Farndale West Side (N) : Kirkbymoorside
Farnham (W)
Farnhill (W) : Kildwick
Farnley (W) : Leeds
Farnley (W) : Otley
Farnley Bank (W) : Almondbury
Farnley Hall (W) : Otley
Farnley Moorside (W) : Leeds
Farnley Tyas (W) : Almondbury
Farsley (W) : Calverley
Farsley Beck Bottom (W) : Calverley
Fartown (W) : Huddersfield
Faulfitt, see Falthwaite (W) : Silkstone
Fawcetts (N) : Lythe
Fawdington (N) : Cundall
Faweather (W) : Bingley
Faxfleet (E) : South Cave
Fearby (N) : Masham
Fearby Cross (N) : Healey
Fearne Lee, see Fernlee (W) : Rochdale
Featham, see Feetham (N) : Grinton
Featherstone (W)
Feetham (N) : Grinton
Feizor (W) : Clapham
Feldam, see Feldom (N) : Marske
Feldom (N) : Marske
Feliskirk, see Felixkirk (N) : Felixkirk
Felixkirk (N)
Felkirk (W)
Fell Lane (W) : Keighley
Fellbeck (W) : Ripon
Felliscliffe (W) : Hampsthwaite
Fenay Bridge (W) : Kirkheaton
Fenay Hall (W) : Almondbury
Fenay Lodge (W) : Almondbury
Fence End (W) : Thornton in Craven
Fencote, see Great Fencote (N) : Kirkby Fleetham
Fenton, see also Church Fenton (W) : Church Fenton
Fenton, see also Little Fenton (W) : Church Fenton
Fenwick (W) : Campsall
Ferham (W) : Rotherham
Fernlee (W) : Rochdale
Ferrensby (W) : Farnham
Ferriby, see North Ferriby (E) : North Ferriby
Ferry Fryston (W)
Ferry House (W) : Snaith
Ferrybridge (W) : Pontefract, Ferry Fryston
Fewston (W)
Field Head (W) : Birstall
Field Head (W) : Bradford
Field Head (W) : Halifax
Field Head (W) : Silkstone
Field Head, see Field Head (W) : Silkstone
Field House (E) : Bridlington
Field House (Farm) (W) : Harewood
Field House (N) : Whitby
Field House, see also Goldsbrough Field House (N) : Lythe
Field House (W) : Halifax
Fields, see also Low Field (N) : Bowes
Fields, see also Low Fields (N) : Kirkby Fleetham
Fields, see also North Field (N) : Bowes
Fiezer, see Feizor (W) : Clapham
Filey (E)
Filey (N)
Fimber (E) : Wetwang
Fingall, see Finghall (N) : Finghall
Finghall (N)
Finkle Street (W) : Tankersley
Finkley Street, see Finkle Street (W) : Tankersley
Finley Hill (E) : Extraparochial
Finningley (W)
Finningley Park (W) : Blythe
Finthorpe (W) : Almondbury
Firbeck (W)
Firbeck Hall (W) : Firbeck
Firby (E) : Westow
Firby (N) : Bedale
Firby Grange (N) : Bedale
Firth (N) : Grinton
Firth Park (W) : Ecclesfield
Fish Holme (E) : Foston on the Wolds
Fisher's Lodge (N) : West Tanfield
Fishlake (W)
Fishpool (W) : Leathley
Fitling (E) : Humbleton
Fitzwilliam (W) : Hemsworth
Fixby (W) : Halifax
Fixby Hall (W) : Halifax
Flamborough (E)
Flanshaw (W) : Wakefield
Flanshaw Hill, see Flanshaw (W) : Wakefield
Flanshaw Lane, see Flanshaw (W) : Wakefield
Flasby (W) : Gargrave
Flasby Hall (W) : Gargrave
Flash House (W) : Huddersfield
Flash House (W) : Penistone
Flask Inn (N) : Fylingdales
Flawith (N) : Alne
Flaxby (W) : Goldsborough
Flaxton (N) : Foston, Bossall
Fleatham, see Kirkby Fleetham (N) : Kirkby Fleetham
Fleet's House (N) : East Witton
Fleetham Lodge (N) : Kirkby Fleetham
Fleets (W) : Burnsall
Flinton (E) : Humbleton
Flixton (E) : Folkton
Flockton (W) : Thornhill
Flockton Green (W) : Thornhill
Flockton Hall (W) : Thornhill
Flotmanby, see also East Flotmanby (E) : Folkton
Flotmanby, see also West Flotmanby (E) : Folkton
Flush House (W) : Almondbury
Flushdyke (W) : Dewsbury
Foalstone, see Fulstone (W) : Kirkburton
Foccarby, see Fockerby (W) : Adlingfleet
Fockerby (W) : Adlingfleet
Foggathorpe (E) : Bubwith
Foldby (W) : Wragby
Foldrings (W) : Ecclesfield
Folds (W) : Tickhill
Folkton (E)
Folkton House (E) : Folkton
Folkton Manor (E) : Folkton
Follifoot (W) : Spofforth
Follifoot Ridge (W) : Spofforth
Follyfoot, see Follifoot (W) : Spofforth
Foolrice, see Foulrice (N) : Whenby, Brandsby
Foolstone, see Fulstone (W) : Kirkburton
Forcett (N)
Fordon (E) : Hunmanby
Foredale (W) : Thornton in Lonsdale
Forelorn Hope Farm, see Barnsdale House (W) : Kirk Smeaton
Forest Becks (W) : Gisburn
Forest Lane Head (W) : Knaresborough
Forest Moor (W) : Knaresborough
Forsdale (N) : Aysgarth
Fortshot House (W) : Harewood
Fosham (E) : Aldbrough
Fosholme, see Fosham (E) : Aldbrough
Fossdale (N) : Aysgarth
Fosterhouses (W) : Fishlake
Foston (N)
Foston On The Wolds (E)
Foulby, see Foldby (W) : Wragby
Foulrice (N) : Whenby, Brandsby
Foulston, see Fulstone (W) : Kirkburton
Fountains Abbey (W) : Ripon
Fountains Earth (W) : Kirkby Malzeard
Fountains Hall (W) : Ripon
Four Lane End (W) : Penistone
Fourlands (W) : Calverley
Fowgill (N) : Ingleby Arncliffe
Fowgill (W) : Low Bentham
Fox Hall (N) : Kirkby Ravensworth
Fox Hall (W) : Darton
Fox Royd (W) : Thornhill
Foxberry (N) : Stanwick Saint John
Foxholes (E)
Foxholes Manor (E) : Foxholes
Foxton (N) : Crathorne
Foxton (N) : Kirby Sigston
Foxup (W) : Arncliffe
Fraisthorpe (E) : Carnaby
Freebrough Hill (N) : Skelton in Cleveland
Freeburgh Hill, see Freebrough Hill (N) : Skelton in Cleveland
Freerhead, see Friars Head (W) : Gargrave
Fremington (N) : Grinton
Friar Head, see Friars Head (W) : Gargrave
Friarmere (W) : Rochdale
Friars Head (W) : Gargrave
Frickley (W) : Frickley with Clayton
Frickley Hall (W) : Frickley with Clayton
Frickley With Clayton (W)
Fridaythorpe (E)
Frierhead, see Friars Head (W) : Gargrave
Friermere, see Friarmere (W) : Rochdale
Fringill (W) : Hampsthwaite
Frith (N) : Grinton
Frith Lodge, included with Frith (N) : Grinton
Frizinghall (W) : Bradford
Frizingley, see Frizinghall (W) : Bradford
Frodingham, see also North Frodingham (E) : North Frodingham
Frodingham, see also South Frodingham (E) : Owthorne
Frostrow (W) : Sedbergh
Fryston, see also Ferry Fryston (W) : Ferry Fryston
Fryston, see also Monk Fryston (W) : Monk Fryston
Fryston Hall (W) : Ferry Fryston
Fryton (N) : Hovingham
Fryup, see Great Fryup (N) : Danby
Fulford, see Fulfords Ambo (E) : Fulfords Ambo
Fulfords Ambo (E)
Fulham House (W) : Womersley
Full Sutton (E)
Fullshaw (W) : Penistone
Fulneck (W) : Calverley
Fulstone (W) : Kirkburton
Fulwood (W) : Sheffield
Fulwood Booth (W) : Sheffield
Fulwood Head, included with Fulwood Booth (W) : Sheffield
Furnace (W) : Silkstone
Fyling Hall (N) : Fylingdales
Fylingdales (N)
Fylingthorpe (N) : Fylingdales

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