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Alphabetical list and index for places in Yorkshire




























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Letter K

Kayley Hall (W) : Otley
Kearby, see Kearby Town End (W) : Kirkby Overblow
Kearby Town End (W) : Kirkby Overblow
Kearton (N) : Grinton
Keasden Lane (W) : Clapham
Keb Cote (W) : Halifax
Keb Royd (W) : Halifax
Kebcoates, see Keb Cote (W) : Halifax
Kebroyd (W) : Halifax
Keighley (W)
Kelbrook (W) : Thornton in Craven
Keld (N) : Grinton
Keldholme (N) : Kirkbymoorside
Kelfield (E) : Stillingfleet
Kelfield Grange (E) : Stillingfleet
Kelfield Lodge (E) : Stillingfleet
Kelk, see also Great Kelk (E) : Foston on the Wolds
Kelk, see also Little Kelk (E) : Extraparochial
Kelleythorpe (E) : Great Driffield
Kellfield Grange (W) : Thorner
Kellingley (W) : Kellington
Kellington (W)
Kelton (N) : Romaldkirk
Kempswithen (N) : Kildale
Kendal House (E) : Great Driffield
Kendall Green (W) : Darfield
Kendray (W) : Darfield
Kennythorpe (E) : Langton
Kepwick (N) : Over Silton, Cowesby, Leake
Kereby, see Kearby Town End (W) : Kirkby Overblow
Keresforth Hill (W) : Silkstone
Kersey Green (N) : Kirkby Ravensworth
Kershall (W) : Adel
Kettleness (N) : Lythe
Kettlesing (W) : Hampsthwaite
Kettlesing Bottom (W) : Hampsthwaite
Kettlesing Head (W) : Hampsthwaite
Kettlethorpe (W) : Sandal Magna
Kettlethorpe Hall (W) : Sandal Magna
Kettlewell (W)
Kexborough, see Kexbrough (W) : Darton
Kexbrough (W) : Darton
Kexby (E) : Low Catton
Kexmoor (W) : Kirkby Malzeard
Keyingham (E)
Keyingham Marsh (E) : Keyingham
Keysbeck (N) : Kirkbymoorside
Kiddal (W) : Barwick in Elmet
Kiddal Inn (W) : Barwick in Elmet
Kiddal Lane End (W) : Barwick in Elmet
Kidhall, see Kiddal (W) : Barwick in Elmet
Kidstones (N) : Aysgarth
Kilburn (N)
Kildale (N)
Kildale Hall (N) : Kildale
Kildwick (W)
Kildwick Grange (W) : Kildwick
Kildwick Hall (W) : Kildwick
Kildwick Percy, see Kilnwick Percy (E) : Kilnwick Percy
Kilgrim Bridge (N) : East Witton
Kilham (E)
Kilham (W) : Cantley
Kilham Grange (E) : Kilham
Kill Hill (W) : Ripon
Killerby (N) : Catterick
Killerby (N) : Cayton
Killerby Grange (N) : Catterick
Killerby Hall (N) : Catterick
Killerby Hall (N) : Cayton
Killingbeck (W) : Whitkirk
Killinghall (W) : Ripley
Killingwold Grave (E) : Bishop Burton
Kilmond Scar (N) : Bowes
Kilnhurst (W) : Rawmarsh
Kilnhurst Hall (W) : Rawmarsh
Kilnsea (E)
Kilnsey (W) : Burnsall
Kilnwick On The Wolds (E)
Kilnwick Percy (E)
Kilpin (E) : Howden
Kilpin Pike (E) : Howden
Kilton (N) : Brotton
Kilton Castle (N) : Brotton
Kilton Thorpe (N) : Brotton
Kilvington, see also North Kilvington (N) : Thornton le Street
Kilvington, see also South Kilvington (N) : South Kilvington
Kimberworth (W) : Rotherham
Kimberworth Park (W) : Rotherham
Kine Moor (W) : Silkstone
King Cross (W) : Halifax
Kingsfield (E) : Carnaby
Kingsthorpe, see Coneythorpe (W) : Goldsborough
Kingston upon Hull, see Hull (E) : Hull
Kingston upon Hull, see Hull (E) : Hull
Kingstone (W) : Silkstone
Kinsley (W) : Hemsworth
Kinsley House (W) : Hemsworth
Kiplin (N) : Catterick
Kiplin Hall (N) : Bolton On Swale
Kiplin Hall (N) : Catterick
Kipling Cotes House (E) : Middleton on the Wolds
Kipling House (W) : Bradford
Kippax (W)
Kippax Park (W) : Kippax
Kipping House (W) : Bradford
Kirby Cot, see Keb Cote (W) : Halifax
Kirby Grange (E) : Kirby Grindalythe
Kirby Grindalythe (E)
Kirby Hill (N)
Kirby Knowle (N)
Kirby Mills (N) : Kirkbymoorside
Kirby Misperton (N)
Kirby Moor Side, see Kirkbymoorside (N) : Kirkbymoorside
Kirby Sigston (N)
Kirby Underdale (E)
Kirby Wiske (N)
Kirby on the Moor, see Kirby Hill (N) : Kirby Hill
Kirk Bramwith (W)
Kirk Deighton (W)
Kirk Ella (E)
Kirk Embsay, see Embsay (W) : Skipton
Kirk Fenton, see Church Fenton (W) : Church Fenton
Kirk Gill (W) : Arncliffe
Kirk Hammerton (A)
Kirk Hammerton (W)
Kirk Sandal (W)
Kirk Smeaton (W)
Kirkbridge (N) : Bedale
Kirkburn (E)
Kirkburton (W)
Kirkby, see also South Kirkby (W) : South Kirkby
Kirkby Bridge (N) : Bedale
Kirkby Cot, see Keb Cote (W) : Halifax
Kirkby Fleetham (N)
Kirkby Hall (N) : Kirkby Fleetham
Kirkby Hall (W) : Little Ouseburn
Kirkby Hill, see Kirby Hill (N) : Kirby Hill
Kirkby In Cleveland (N)
Kirkby Knowle, see Kirby Knowle (N) : Kirby Knowle
Kirkby Malhamdale (W)
Kirkby Malzeard (W)
Kirkby Misperton, see Kirby Misperton (N) : Kirby Misperton
Kirkby Overblow (W)
Kirkby Ravensworth (N)
Kirkby Wharfe (W)
Kirkby Wiske, see Kirby Wiske (N) : Kirby Wiske
Kirkby in Cleveland, see Kirkby In Cleveland (N) : Kirkby in Cleveland
Kirkby on the Hill, see Kirkby Ravensworth (N) : Kirkby Ravensworth
Kirkby on the Moor, see Kirby Hill (N) : Kirby Hill
Kirkby over Carr, see Kirby Misperton (N) : Kirby Misperton
Kirkbymoorside (N)
Kirkdale (N)
Kirkham (E) : Extraparochial
Kirkhamgate (W) : Wakefield
Kirkheaton (W)
Kirkhouse Green (W) : Kirk Bramwith
Kirkleatham (N)
Kirkleatham Hall (N) : Kirkleatham
Kirklees Hall (W) : Dewsbury
Kirklevington (N)
Kirklington (N)
Kirkshill, see Kirskill (W) : Adel
Kirkstall (W) : Leeds
Kirkstall Abbey (W) : Leeds
Kirkstall Bridge, included with Kirkstall Abbey (W) : Leeds
Kirkstall Grange, see New Grange (W) : Leeds
Kirkthorpe (W) : Warmfield
Kirskill (W) : Adel
Kirthwaite (W) : Sedbergh
Kitchenroyd (W) : Penistone
Kiveton Park (W) : Harthill
Knabs Grove (W) : Hampsthwaite
Knabs Ridge (W) : Hampsthwaite
Knapton (A) : York Holy Trinity Micklegate, Acomb
Knapton (E) : Wintringham
Knaresborough (W)
Knaysbeck (N) : Kirkbymoorside
Knayton (N) : Leake
Knedlington (E) : Howden
Kneeton (N) : Middleton Tyas
Kneeton Hall (N) : Middleton Tyas
Knight Stainforth, see Little Stainforth (W) : Giggleswick
Knostrop, see Knowsthorpe (W) : Leeds
Knottingley (W) : Pontefract
Knowbank (W) : Burnsall
Knowl Wood (W) : Halifax
Knowles Hill (W) : Dewsbury
Knowles Lump (W) : Dewsbury
Knowsthorpe (W) : Leeds
Knox (W) : Ripley
Krumlin (W) : Halifax
Kyingham, see Keyingham (E) : Keyingham
Kyle (river) (N) : Alne

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