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Transcript of the entry for the Post Office, professions and trades for BILSDALE-MIDCABLE in Bulmer's Directory of 1890.

Postal Address,

  • Bilsdale, Northallerton.
  • Letter Box at Chop Yat cleared at 2-15 p.m.
  • Letters arrive at Chop Yat from Ingleby Greenhow at 11-0 a.m.

Miscellany of trades

  • Ainsley William, vict. and farmer, Sun Inn
  • Allenby William, grocer, &c., Chop Yat
  • Bell George, smith and grocer, Chop Yat
  • Brotton William, builder and sculptor, Ella bridge, Seave green
  • Coverdale Rebecca, West cote, Raisdale
  • Garbutt George, grocer, &c., Grange
  • Garbutt William, Robert, & Jane, joiners and cartwrights, Seave green
  • Johnson Garbutt, vict. and farmer, Buck Inn, Chop Yat
  • Lester Mark, schoolmaster, Chop Yat
  • Medd John, tailor, Seave green
  • Metcalf A. A., bootmaker, West cote, Raisdale
  • Peacock John Smith, Chop Yat
  • Raby John, joiner
  • Wood William, miller, Low mill
  • Wright Rev. Charles, M.A., vicar


  • Allison George, High Cow holm
  • Atkinson John, Akett
  • Atkinson John, Low Crossett
  • Atkinson Stephen, High Crossett
  • Atkinson William Medd, Holly bower
  • Atkinson William, High Crossett
  • Atkinson William, Hollin bower
  • Belt Joseph, West cote, Raisdale
  • Bennison Joseph, Broad field
  • Bentley John, Crossholme
  • Bentley Peter, Urra
  • Biggins Mary & James William Beck
  • Bowes William, Broom flatt, Raisdale
  • Brotton Williamson, Bank house
  • Cook Benjamin, High Clay house
  • Cook John, Holme farm or Lawns house
  • Dale Lawrence, Stonehouse cote
  • Dunning William, Fangdalebeck
  • Easby Charles, Urra
  • Featherstone Joseph, Stableholme
  • Frankland Jas. Naylor, Broom flatt, Raisdale
  • Garbutt (W.) & Trowsdale (J.), Beaconguest
  • Garbutt Benjamin, Breckon hill
  • Garbutt David
  • Garbutt David, Cuniser
  • Garbutt George, Cock flat
  • Garbutt George, Hagg house
  • Garbutt George, Seave green
  • Garbutt Isaac, Crookleith
  • Garbutt Isaac, Wingroves
  • Garbutt John (and miller)
  • Garbutt Johnson (and miller), Chisill hill
  • Garbutt R., Raisdale mill, Beck hills, Raisdale
  • Garbutt Stephen, Clay house
  • Garbutt W.
  • Garbutt William, Malt Kiln house
  • Garbutt William, Stingmires
  • Garnett Joseph, Hallterley
  • Garnett Noah, Crockleith
  • Garnett Thomas Wilson, Hallterley
  • Hart Jonathan, Low Cow holm
  • Hart William (manager), Oak house
  • Hoggarth George, Seave green
  • Hoggarth John, Hill end
  • Hugill Ebenezer, Coldmoor cote, Raisdale
  • Hugill John Henry, Ellemire
  • Hugill W.
  • Hunton Stephen, Stone house
  • Iddeson George, Staindale, Raisdale
  • Johnson Isaac, Ewe cote
  • Johnson J.
  • Kitching Matthew Thomas, Hall garth
  • Knaggs Thomas, Apple Tree house
  • Lackenby James Wass, Hasty bank
  • Lackenby William, Garfitts
  • Potter Joseph, Tranmer
  • Teasdale Matthew, Breckon hill
  • Todd Isaac, Urra
  • Todd Stephen, North woods
  • Todd William, Mounts farm
  • Trowsdale John, Cam house
  • Trowsdale Thomas, Thorn hill
  • Ward Brittain, Low Crossett, Raisdale
  • Wass Joseph, Ellemire
  • Weighill John, Hall farm
  • Worthy (J.) & Pickersgill (R. T.), Raisdale
  • Wright Thomas, Stud stile

Scan, OCR and html by Colin Hinson. Checking and correction by Peter Nelson.