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Transcript of the entry for the Post Office, professions and trades for CLOUGHTON in Bulmer's Directory of 1890.


  • Post Office at Christopher Sedman's. Letters via Scarborough arrive at 8-5 a.m., and are despatched at 5-15 p.m., week-days only. Money Order and Postal Telegraph Office, Scarborough.

Miscellany of trades

  • Allan Thomas, tailor
  • Allanson Mrs. Elizabeth, Uttriss house
  • Appleton Tom, schoolmaster (National)
  • Beswick Thomas Marton, grocer
  • Birdsall William, Sycharum house
  • Birks George, tailor
  • Cloughton Quarries; Thos. Petch, contractor
  • Cockerill William, basket and brush maker (blind worker); chairs, cane and rush, reseated; all kinds of wool work to order, &c.
  • Cook Robert Smith, vict., Red Lion
  • Crossland Robert, vict. and market gardener, Newlands Inn
  • Dawson Joseph, boot and shoe maker
  • Dowsland William
  • Fairbairn Mrs. Catherine, Cloughton hall
  • Hayburn Wyke Quarries; Waddell & Sons, contractors
  • Hodgkin Thomas T., Esq., J.P., Lind head and Horsegate lees, Scarborough
  • Hodgson Thomas, blacksmith
  • Hoggarth Frank, grocer
  • Hovington Thomas, mason
  • Hunter John Hovington, mason (j.)
  • Jefferson Israel
  • Leadhill Miss Jane, lodgings
  • Leadley Jno., farm manager, Hay Lane cottage
  • Leadley Mrs. Mary
  • Leadley William
  • Lee William, tailor (j), Cloughton Newlands
  • Mayman Thomas, shopkeeper
  • Moody John Henry, Wyke lodge
  • Murgatroyd Robertshaw, vict. and farmer, Hayburn Wyke Hotel
  • Owen Joseph Baines, farm bailiff, Ellis close
  • Pickering Robert, joiner, &c,
  • Pickering Thomas
  • Rawlings John Appleton, boot and shoe maker, and Cloughton and Staintondale postman, Hope cottage
  • Robinson Jane, vict., Blacksmiths' Arms
  • Robinson John, joiner
  • Sedman Christopher, foreman
  • Tause, Rev. James Thomas, M.A., vicar
  • Tonge Charles, apartments
  • Wharton Mrs. Marion, Rockhaven
  • Wiley Chris., assistant overseer for Cloughton and assessor of taxes for Cloughton, Burniston, and Staintondale
  • Wilkinson Mrs. Ann
  • Wilkinson George Tandy, surgeon
  • Williamson Thomas, Cober villa
  • Wilson Thomas, tailor and farmer
  • Wylie Mrs. Mary Eliza, Emerald hill


  • Railway.
  • McKenzie Procter, station master, Cloughton;
  • Charles Denny, station master, Hayburn Wyke


  • Harry Appleton, to Scarborough Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays
  • George Ulliott to Scarborough, Tuesdays and Saturdays


  • Adamson Henry, Calfthwaite, Staintondale Scarborough
  • Chapman Richard, Cloughton Newlands
  • Chapman Richard, Cloughton Newlands
  • Halder Henry, West side
  • Harrison Elizabeth, Field house
  • Hawxwell William, Cloughton Newlands
  • Herbert Robert, Hayburn Wyke farm
  • Jackson Thomas, Ellis close
  • Leadley Christopher, Court green
  • Leadley Mrs. Harrison, Town farm
  • Leadley Jane, High farm
  • Nessfield William, Cloughton Newlands
  • Richardson Pashley, Cloughton Newlands
  • Roger Margaret, Gowland
  • Trattles William, Cloughton Newlands
  • Turner Ellen, White house
  • Wright Joseph, Hulleys


  • Post Office at Mrs. Elizabeth Mayhew's. Letters arrive from Scarborough by Cloughton station at 8-45 a.m., and are despatched at 4-40 p.m. No Sunday business. Money Order and Postal Telegraph Office, Scarborough.

Miscellany of trades

  • Abram William, tailor
  • Bowes George
  • Brown Thomas, dairyman
  • Cockerill Bros. (George Henry & Dickinson, junr.), butchers, Scalby
  • Coultas John, mason
  • Feaster Robert
  • Field William, coastguard
  • Hodgson Mrs. Elizabeth Ann, South end
  • Hunter William Hovington, mason
  • Leadley Gibson
  • Ling William
  • Mayhew Elizabeth, grocer
  • Petty Thomas, vict., Blacksmiths' Arms
  • Robinson Thomas, joiner, ham and bacon factor, and vict., Jolly Sailors
  • Sedman Allinson, blacksmith
  • Sedman Hodgson
  • Sedman Robert, butcher
  • Sleightholm Mrs. Frances
  • Stonehouse Dickinson, joiner
  • Stringer Miss Ellen Ann, dressmaker
  • Ward William
  • White Mrs. Ellen


  • Abram Francis
  • Cockerill Dickinson
  • Duck George
  • Halder Dickinson
  • Harrison Moses & John, Derwent farms
  • Harrison Thomas (and butcher)
  • Hodgson William
  • Jackson George
  • Leadley Edward
  • Longhorn Thomas Dickinson
  • Thompson John
  • Trattles William
  • Ward Richard


  • Post Office at William Leonard's. Letters arrive from Cloughton via Scarborough at 9-15 a.m., and are despatched at 8-30 p.m.; in winter, at 11-5 a.m., from October to July. Money Order and Postal Telegraph Office, Scarborough. Telegrams can be sent from Staintondale station.

School Board.

  • - Meetings, second Friday in every month;
  • John Mainforth, senr., chairman;
  • Thomas Beswick, vice-chairman;
  • George Ling,
  • R. A. Hodgson,
  • J. W. Kendall;
  • E. Donner, Esq., clerk.

Miscellany of trades

  • Baines William, mason, Peak
  • Cockerill Joseph, vict., Falcon Inn
  • Cowans Mary C. S., schoolmistress, Peak
  • Emmerson William, tailor
  • Gray George, master, Peak station
  • Lawty Hy., vict. and farmer, Shepherds' Arms
  • Leonard William, joiner and grocer
  • Marshall Mr. Arthur, Raven hall, Peak
  • Potter Miss L., mistress of Board school
  • Riley Rev. Wm. (Congregational), The Manse, Peak
  • Thompson Mrs. Jenny, vict., Raven Hill Inn, Peak
  • Ward William, blacksmith
  • Wright Thomas, master, Staintondale station


  • Beswick Thomas Marton, Hillside
  • Bradbury Thomas
  • Burgess John Thomas
  • Codling James, Prospect house
  • Cross George, Bell hill
  • Dixon John (and miller), Peak mill
  • Duggleby Frederick, Duesbery house
  • Elliot Percy Thomas, White hall
  • Emmerson John Lord
  • Emmerson Robert, East side
  • Emmerson Robert, Honey Bee nest
  • Emmerson Simeon Lord, Plantation house
  • Fletcher William, Meeting House farm
  • Hodgson Robert A., Island farm
  • Hodgson William
  • Hurd Francis, Hall farm, Peak
  • Jackson William, Peak
  • Kendall Joseph White, Low Peak farm
  • Ling George, Rudder
  • Mainforth John, Rigg hall
  • Mainforth Robert, Peak
  • Nessfield Stephen, White stone
  • Sedman Thomas, Bridge farm
  • Ward Charles, Tofts farm

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