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Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades' for HACKNESS in The Scarborough Gazette Directory of 1905.

Gentry &c.:

  • Derwent, Right Hon. Lord, Hackness Hall.
  • Johnstone, Capt the Hon. Francis, The Grange, Hackness.
  • Johnstone, Rev. Charles, MA., St. Peter's Vicarage.
  • Prideaux, Rev. Charles Reuben, BA., curate.

Miscellany of trades

  • Alsopp, C., gardener.
  • Baker, Mrs.
  • Bannister, Mrs., tailor etc.
  • Barnby, Wm., farmer, Spring Wood Cottage.
  • Birks, Dale, joiner etc.
  • Bloomfield, Wm., shepherd, Thirlso.
  • Boyes, H., farmer, Troutsdale.
  • Bravener, George, joiner and lodging-house keeper, Red Hill House.
  • Cook, Wm., mole catcher.
  • Consitt, Mrs., farmer, Bickley.
  • Coulson, Henry, farmer, Backlays, Troutsdale.
  • Coulson, Mrs., farmer, Silpho.
  • Dennison, W., butcher.
  • Dunwell, Jas., miller.
  • Elliott, Joseph, blacksmith.
  • Estill, George, woodman, Bickley.
  • Fowler, Moses, joiner etc.
  • Gamble, Benj. Richard, farmer, Whisperdales.
  • Hammond, Robt., farm bailiff, Crosscliffe.
  • Hick, Fred, farmer, Deepdale Farm, Bickley.
  • Hick, Wm., head keeper, Bickley.
  • Hopper, Edward, farmer, Highdales.
  • Hubbard, Mrs. E.A., post office.
  • Hunter, Elisha, farmer, Bickley.
  • Hunter, Francis, stonemason, Silpho.
  • Hunter,Henry, stonemason, Silpho.
  • Johnson, Albert, Silpho.
  • Johnson, F., mason.
  • Johnson, P., mason's labourer.
  • Kendall, Joseph, farmer, Troutsdale.
  • Leadill, Joseph, labourer, Hackness.
  • Leadill, John, labourer, Silpho.
  • Little, John, land agent.
  • McNeil, John, labourer.
  • Martindale, Thomas, farmer, Bickley.
  • Martindale, William, Crosscliffe.
  • Maw, John, gardener.
  • Mennel, Richard, farmer, Bickley.
  • Moore, William, blacksmith.
  • Morley, ---, Rock House, Troutsdale.
  • Nesfield, W., farmer, Langdale End.
  • Noble, W.R., butler.
  • Pennock, George, Slack Farm.
  • Pennock, Robt., hind, Crosscliffe.
  • Pickering, George, farm bailiff.
  • Pickering, Joseph, labourer, Bickley.
  • Raine, Arthur, postman, Silpho.
  • Robinson, John, farm labourer, Thirlso.
  • Robinson, Arthur. farmer, Hills Green farm.
  • Robinson, O., farmer, Crosscliffe.
  • Robinson, W., farmer, Little Hilla Green.
  • Sanderson, Frederick, Silpho.
  • Short, John, groom.
  • Simpson, Robert, gamekeeper.
  • Spenceley, Joseph, farmer, Troutsdale.
  • Todd, William, farmer, Silpho.
  • White, William, farmer, Thirlso.
  • Wilson, Thomas, headmaster, Church schools.

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for EVERLEY in The Scarborough Gazette Directory of 1905.

Appleyard, L.

  • Brunton, James, Everley Hotel.
  • Cooper, William, farm labourer.
  • Deighton, Robert, farm labourer.
  • Gibson, Walter, Thorne Park Farm.
  • Hick, Thomas M., Mowthorpe.
  • Marshall, ---
  • Mosey, Miss, Ladysmith Villa.
  • Pickering, Frank, farmer, Mowthorpe Farm.
  • Pickering, G.
  • Tranmar, John.

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for HARWOOD DALE in The Scarborough Gazette Directory of 1905.

General information:

  • St. Margaret's Church (from Hackness).
  • Weleyan Chapel (from Scarboro').
  • Voluntary Church of England School.

Miscellany of trades

  • Appleton, John, post office.
  • Appleton, Leah, schoolmistress.
  • Atkinson, Wm., farmer, Mirk Head Farm.
  • Bean, Wm., farmer.
  • Burton, John, shoemaker.
  • Cockerill, Wm., arganist and basket maker.
  • Dawson, Frank, farmer.
  • Duck, George, labourer.
  • Foster, George, roadman.
  • Hill, Isaac, farmer.
  • Hill, George, farmer.
  • Hurd, Hy., Falcon Inn.
  • Hurd, J., farmer.
  • Jackson, B., farmer, Castle Beck Farm.
  • Johnson, H., labourer.
  • Knaggs, Parker, Mill Inn.
  • Knaggs, Thomas, farmer.
  • Leadill, Mark, drainer.
  • Leadill, Thomas, drainer.
  • Leadill, William, labourer.
  • Maw, William, carrier.
  • Medd, John, shoemaker.
  • Nesfield, Ward, farmer, Chapel Farm.
  • Prodham, George, farmer, Hardwick Farm.
  • Readman, Wm., Stonemason.
  • Robinson, Robert, wheelwright.
  • Tindall, Edwin, blacksmith.
  • Ward, William, gamekeeper
  • White, George, farmer.
  • White, John, farm labourer.

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for SUFFIELD in The Scarborough Gazette Directory of 1905.

Miscellany of trades

  • Atkinson, John, labourer.
  • Bloomfield, Mrs., lime burner.
  • Dobson, Wm., farm labourer.
  • Farrow, George, wheelwright.
  • Hardwick, Thomas.
  • Hopper, Francis and Fred, farmers, Suffield Heights.
  • Jackson, Richard, farmer, Suffield.
  • Leadley, Christopher, farmer.
  • Morris, Robert, under-gardener.
  • Prince, George, gamekeeper.
  • Southwick, John Wm., under-gardener.
  • Taylor, George, roadman.
  • Todd, Geo., farmer, Suffield.

Transcribed by Pam Smith.