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Transcript of the entry for the Post Office, professions and trades for HACKNESS in Bulmer's Directory of 1890.


  • Post, Money Order, Savings Bank, Annuity, and Insurance Office; John Williams, postmaster. Letters arrive via Scarborough, week-days, at 8-45 a.m., and are despatched at 3-45 p.m. Letter Box, corner of Mr. Noble's, cleared at 3-35 p.m.

Miscellany of trades

  • Bannister Godfrey, tailor and draper
  • Bravinner George, joiner
  • Cooke William R., mole catcher
  • Crankshaw Rev. William Brunt, B.A., curate
  • Derwent Rt. Hon. Lord, Hackness hall, and 34 Belgrave square, London; Clubs: Travellers', Brook's, Yorkshire
  • Hackness Floral Horticultural Society; T. Noble, secretary
  • Hackness Friendly Society (estab. 1851, 250 members); R. Marshall & T. Noble, secs.; R. Turnbull, treasurer
  • Hackness Reading Room; R. L. Brown, sec.; R. Marshall, treasurer
  • Holgate James, wood bailiff
  • Hubbard Henry, gardener
  • Johnstone Capt. The Hon. Francis, J.P., D.L., C.C., M.F.H., Hackness grange; Clubs: Turf, Pratt's, Yorkshire
  • Johnstone Rev. Charles, M.A., The Parsonage
  • Knaggs George, cooper
  • Marshall Richard, land agent, clerk, and collector of income tax
  • Moore William, blacksmith
  • Noble Mrs. Rachel, apartments, Red Hill house
  • Noble Thomas, stonemason and parish clerk
  • Phillips Robert, gamekeeper
  • Pickering George, farm bailiff
  • Turnbull Robert, land agent, Low hall
  • Ward Joseph, cowkeeper, Barnscliff
  • Williams Miss Anne Jane, schoolmistress
  • Williams John, school and postmaster


  • Hopper Edward, Highdales
  • Robinson Thomas (and corn miller), Hackness mill
  • Robinson William Darrell, Hilla green
  • Todd George Herbert, Lowdales; h Silpho
  • White John, Thirlsey farm


  • Post Office at Hackness.


  • Pickering Francis, North farm
  • Smith John, Rigg farm


  • Letters via Scarborough. Letter Box in the village cleared at 8-30 a.m.

Miscellany of trades

  • Appleton John, parish clerk
  • Appleton Mrs. Leah, schoolmistress
  • Bean William, cowkeeper
  • Burton John, shoemaker
  • Dawson Frank, blacksmith
  • Dixon Thomas, vict. and corn miller, Mill Inn
  • Martindale Wm., carrier to Scarbro', Thursday
  • Maw Wm., carrier to Scarbro', Thursday
  • Medd John, shoemaker
  • Robinson Robert, wheelwright
  • White George, managing farmer


  • Atkinson William, Monkhead
  • Beswick Thomas Marion, Silpho brows; h Cloughton
  • Cockeril John, Belle Vue cottage
  • Cockerill Joseph, and vict., Falcon Inn
  • Coulson Henry & Son (Hickson), Breckonhurst
  • Coulson Henry, Kirklees; h Silpho
  • Knaggs Thomas
  • Nesfield William, Nettlehead
  • Pashby John & Geo., Surgate brow; h Scarbro'
  • Prodham George, Hardwick farm
  • Sellers William, Castle Beck farm
  • Smith Isaac, Keasbeck
  • Smithson Mrs. Sarah
  • Snowball Needham, Burgate farm
  • White John, Thirley cotes; h Hackness


  • Box Office at Hackness.

Miscellany of trades

  • Hunter Francis, stonemason


  • Coulson Henry
  • King Thomas, Whisperdales
  • Todd William


  • Letters for Suffield via Scarborough; for Everley via Hackness.

Miscellany of trades

  • Barrow Joseph, vict., Everley Hotel
  • Farrow George Johnson, joiner
  • Johnson John, shoemaker


  • Bielby John, Suffield
  • Emmerson Robert, Keld Runnels farm
  • Hardy Robert, Mowthorpe
  • Hopper Mrs. Sarah Ann & Son (Francis), Suffield heights
  • Jackson Walker & Son (Richard), Suffield ings
  • Leadley Christopher, North Field farm

Scan, OCR and html by Colin Hinson. Checking and correction by Peter Nelson.