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Transcript of the entry of "professions and trades for HELMSLEY in Pigot's Directory of 1829.

Post Office,

  • Helmsley, Thomas Pape, Post Master.
  • Letters for York, &c. are despatched by mail cart every afternoon at a quarter after one, and arrive at half-past one in the morning.
  • Letters for Kirkbymoorside are despatched by horse post at six in the morning in summer and seven in the winter, and arrive every afternoon at one.

Nobility Gentry and Clergy,

  • Burgiss Rev. Thomas, Ampleforth college
  • Dixon Rev. George, Helmsley
  • Fairfax Charles, esq. Gilling castle
  • Feversham Right Hon. Lord, Duncombe park
  • Germaine Rev. Anthony, Ampleforth
  • Harrison John, gent. Helmsley
  • Hodgson Thomas, gent. Helmsley
  • Sandwith John, gent. Helmsley
  • Simpson Rev. Thomas, Helmsley
  • Smith George, gent. (atty.) Ampleforth
  • Tate John, gent. Helmsley
  • Thompson John, gent. Helmsley
  • Whitehead Thomas, gent. Nawton

Academies & Schools,

  • Catholic College, Ampleforth Rev. Thomas Burgiss, master
  • Grammar School, Helmsley Rev. Thomas Simpson, master
  • Hutchinson Hannah (day) Helmsley
  • National School, Helmsley - John Rhodes, master
  • Seamer Mary (day) Helmsley

Bacon & Butter Factors,

  • Barker John & Thomas, Helmsley
  • Barker Thomas, Helmsley
  • Gamble Edmund, Helmsley


  • Clark John, Helmsley
  • Clark John, jun. Helmsley
  • Clark Richard, Helmsley
  • Cooper John, Helmsley
  • Emmerson John, Nawton
  • Mason John (& hardware dealer) Helmsley
  • Porteus James, Helmsley

Boot and Shoe Makers,

  • Allenby James, Helmsley
  • Allenby John, Helmsley
  • Caris Robert, Ampleforth
  • Comins Thomas, Helmsley
  • Cooper Isaac, Helmsley
  • Garbutt William, Helmsley
  • Jones Hugh, Helmsley
  • Miller John, Nawton
  • Moorhouse Jonah, Helmsley
  • Sunley William, Helmsley
  • Thompson Thomas, Helmsley
  • Turing William, Helmsley
  • Ward Abraham (& leather cutter) Helmsley
  • Willey John, Helmsley


  • Dowell Joseph, Helmsley
  • Hill Thomas, Nawton
  • King Thomas, Helmsley
  • Newby William, Helmsley
  • Norton John, Ampleforth
  • Pickering William, Nawton
  • Simpson Benjamin, jun. (& maltster) Helmsley
  • Sunley John, Helmsley
  • Swales John, Helmsley
  • Wood Christopher, Helmsley
  • Wood Joseph, Helmsley

Cartwrights & Joiners,

  • Simley John, Nawton
  • Spink John, Nawton
  • Warriner Richard, Helmsley
  • Warriner Thomas, Helmsley

China Glass & Earthenware Dealers,

  • Pattison Christopher, Helmsley
  • Spark John, Helmsley


  • Bowes William, Helmsley
  • Duffield Thomas, Helmsley

Corn Factors,

  • Comins Robert, Helmsley
  • Winn Thomas, Helmsley
  • Worth William, Helmsley

Fire, &c. Office Agents,

  • Norwich Union, Simon Hutchinson, Helmsley
  • Yorkshire, Robert Bainbridge, Helmsley

Flour Dealers,

  • Garbutt Thomas, Helmsley
  • Kilvington John, Helmsley
  • Pattison Christopher, Helmsley
  • Rowntree Thomas, Helmsley
  • Wainwright John, Helmsley

Gardeners & Seed Men,

  • Richardson Ralph, Helmsley
  • Smith George, Helmsley
  • Watson Alice, Helmsley

Grocers & Drapers,

  • Bainbridge Robert, Helmsley
  • Balker John & Thomas, Helmsley
  • Barker Robert, Helmsley
  • Bentley William Wood, Helmsley
  • Snowdon Leonard, Helmsley

Hair Dressers & Perfumers,

  • Rowntree William, Helmsley
  • Tyerman Abraham, Helmsley

Inns, Taverns & Public Houses,

  • Black Swan Inn (commercial and excise) Matthew Agar, Helmsley
  • Crown, John Cowen, Helmsley
  • Golden Lion, S. Catterson, Helmsley
  • Letters, Benjamin Simpson, Helmsley
  • Letters, George Stockton, Beadlam
  • New Inn (posting) Tate & Coates, Helmsley
  • Royal Oak, Ann Pape, Helmsley
  • White Horse, William Heslegrove, Ampleforth
  • White Horse, Robert Parker, Beadlam
  • White Swan, William Harrison, Ampleforth


  • Pape Thomas, (& glover) Helmsley
  • Spark John, Helmsley
  • Trenam Daniel (& watch & clock maker) Helmsley

Joiners & Cabinet Makers,

  • Frank William, Helmsley
  • Milner Michael, Helmsley
  • Shepherd John, jun. Helmsley
  • Spark John, Helmsley
  • Wanes George, Helmsley

Linen Weavers,

  • Shepherd John, Helmsley
  • Simpson John, Helmsley

Painters, Plumbers and Glaziers,

  • Catterson Thomas, Helmsley
  • Hudson William, Helmsley
  • Milner John, Helmsley

Rope & Net Makers,

  • Buck John, Helmsley
  • Hollings John, Helmsley


  • Barwick Thomas, Helmsley
  • Ward William, Helmsley

Stone Masons,

  • Cooper John, Ampleforth
  • Kilvington John, Helmsley
  • Proud John Helmsley
  • Shepherd Thomas, Helmsley
  • Todd Joseph, Helmsley

Straw Hat Makers,

  • Robson Ruth, Helmsley
  • Wilkinson Elizabeth, Helmsley


  • Duck John, Nawton
  • King John, Helmsley
  • Ness John, Helmsley


  • Barton John, Helmsley
  • Betts Charles, Helmsley
  • Betts James, Helmsley
  • Betts Nathaniel, Helmsley
  • Harding Robert, Helmsley
  • Johnson James, Helmsley
  • Moon John, Helmsley
  • Spenceley Joseph, Nawton
  • Todd John, Helmsley
  • Warriner George, (& shopkpr) Helmsley
  • Webster John, Helmsley
  • Wilkinson Fortune, Helmsley
  • Wilkinson Thomas, Helmsley

Tallow Chandlers,

  • Hutchinson Simon, Helmsley
  • Shout Charles, Helmsley
  • Simpson Joseph, Helmsley
  • Smith William, Helmsley
  • Southeran George, Ampleforth

Tin-Plate Workers and Braziers,

  • Catterson Thomas, Helmsley
  • Mason James, Helmsley
  • Rook Thomas, Helmsley

Wine & Spirit Merchants,

  • Birdsall Richard, Helmsley
  • Leng William, Beadlam


  • Baxter John, tanner & fellmonger, Helmsley
  • Burrows James, hat mnfr & furrier Helmsley
  • Fenwick John, miller, Duncombe park
  • Jackson William, turner and spinning wheel maker, Helmsley
  • Moore Robert, druggist & tea dlr. Helmsley
  • Moorhouse Margaret, shopkeeper, Helmsley
  • Munford Thomas, stay maker, Helmsley
  • Seamer William, shopkeeper, Helmsley
  • Snowdon Mary, milliner and dress maker, Helmsley
  • Trenam Richard, auctioneer and machine maker Nawton
  • Ward George, white & gunsmith, Helmsley
  • Wilson Jonathan, clog and patten maker, Helmsley
  • Windrass James, currier & leather cutter, Helmsley


  • To Malton, William Howe, every Mon. day and Thursday-and William Wood, every Thursday.
  • To Scarborough, Robert Pearson, from the New Inn, every Tuesday-& Francis Sellar, from the Crown, every Tuesday and Friday; both go through Kirkby Moorside & Pickering
  • To Stokesley, William York, from the Black Swan Inn, every Friday.
  • To Thirsk, William Wood, every Monday.
  • To York, James White, every Sunday and Wednesday nights.

Transcribed by Colin Hinson. ©2003

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