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Transcript of the entry for the Post Office, professions and trades for HINDERWELL in Bulmer's Directory of 1890.


  • Post, Money Order, Telegraph Office, and Savings Bank; Matt. Jefferson, postmaster. Letters arrive at 8-2 a.m., and are despatched at 4 p.m. Wall Letter Box at Mickleby cleared at 2-15 p.m. Letters should be addressed Hinderwell, R.S.O., Yorks.


  • Burial Board. - Dr. Laverick, chairman; William Jefferson, clerk. Nine members.
  • Local Board. - Dr. Laverick, chairman; William Jefferson, clerk, surveyor, collector, and inspector. Twelve members.
  • School Board; Schools at Staithes and Hinderwell. - Wm. Jefferson, clerk and attendance officer.

Miscellany of trades

  • Adamson William, master mariner
  • Barber Richard Henry, physician and surgeon, and at Loftus, R.S.O.
  • Bennison John, shop assistant
  • Board Schools; Mixed, Hy. Williams; Infants, Miss Anne Wilkinson
  • Burn Henry, grocer, &c.
  • Duell Mrs. Mary
  • Dunning Fred. Barr, butcher and flour dealer
  • Featherstone John, vict., Brown Cow
  • Gibbon George, butcher
  • Gibbon John, tailor and farmer
  • Gibbon William, managing tailor
  • Harker Jonah, station master
  • Harrison Elizabeth, grocer, &c.
  • Hawkins Jonah, sergeant of police
  • Hazeltine William, mason
  • Henry Geo. Wm., vict. and butcher, Shoulder of Mutton
  • Jackson William, artist
  • Jefferson Hannah, draper, &c.
  • Jefferson John, joiner, &c.
  • Jefferson Matthew, grocer, bootmaker, &c.
  • Jefferson William (Skelton & Jefferson)
  • Jefferson William, assistant overseer &c.
  • Jefferson William, saddler, &c.
  • Laverick J. Valentine, physician & surgeon, &c.
  • Ling William Burton, master mariner
  • Mann John, engine repairer
  • Marley Henry, joiner
  • Marley William, joiner
  • Marshall Mrs. Jane
  • Marshall Mr. William
  • McClaulin William, grocer, &c.
  • Pearson Thomas, shoemaker
  • Readman James, joiner
  • Sanderson John Trattles, master mariner
  • Scarth William, tailor, &c., and at Staithes
  • Sims Rev. Herbert Marsh, rector
  • Sims Rev. William James, curate
  • Skelton & Jefferson, drapers and grocers, and at Staithes
  • Taylor Henry, cowkeeper
  • Thompson William George, master mariner, Nun's house
  • Welford Mrs. Margaret
  • Welford Ralph, joiner


  • Benstead William James, Newton
  • Dawson John
  • Dawson Robert, Seaton hall
  • Featherstone Thomas, junior
  • Featherstone Thomas, senior
  • Gibbon John
  • Laverick William
  • Mumby John, High farm
  • Tyerman Joseph Henry
  • Webster Thomas
  • Willis Robert, Cliff hall


  • Postal address for Roxby is Roxby, Staithes, R.S.O.; and for Scaling and Tranmire, Scaling, Loftus, R.S.O.

Miscellany of trades

  • Duell Isaac, vict., Fox Inn
  • Featherstone George, bootmaker
  • Keeling John Edward, schoolmaster
  • Readman William, mason
  • Swalwell Lot, blacksmith
  • Welford George William, joiner, Scaling
  • Welford Matthew, joiner


  • Collins Robert, Lt. Scaling
  • Duell James, Dale house
  • Forster Thomas, Tranmire
  • Hutchinson Thomas, Scaling
  • Legg Joseph, High villa
  • Legg William, Park house
  • March Mary, Birch Hill beck, Scaling
  • Peirson George, Moor hill, Scaling
  • Potter Thomas, Birch hill, Scaling
  • Sellers Thomas, Moorhouse
  • Welford John, Oak house
  • Welford Joseph, Home farm
  • Welford Joseph, Manor house
  • Welford Ralph, Ridge lane
  • Welford Robert, Midge hall
  • White George, Scaling


  • Post, Money Order, Telegraph Office, and Savings Bank, Staithes, R.S.O.; John Laverick postmaster. Deliveries, 8-30 a.m.; Sundays, 10-20 a.m. Despatches, 4-10 p.m.; Sundays, 2-35 p.m.


Runswick, Hinderwell, R.S.O. Wall Box, collection 3-10 p.m.

Miscellany of trades

  • Adamson Geo. Francis, shoemaker
  • Adamson John, farmer
  • Adamson Mrs. Margaret, dressmaker
  • Adamson Thomas, agent to Prudential Assurance Co., and hon. sec. to Conservative Asso.
  • Andrews James, butcher
  • Ashworth Emma, vict., Royal George
  • Atkinson Robert, fish merchant and vict., White Horse, and auctioneer
  • Bennison John, carter
  • Bennison Thomas, joiner
  • Boyes John, tailor and clothier
  • Boyes Samuel, pig dealer, &c.
  • Boyt Bidkar, chief boatman
  • Brewster John, grocer
  • Brown Mrs. Patience
  • Brown Robert, grocer
  • Brown Wm., Runswick Bay hs. - (See Advt.)
  • Burn Richard, grocer and boot dealer
  • Campbell Rev. - . (Primitive)
  • Carter Miss Hannah, Board school (girls)
  • Clark Simon, master mariner
  • Co-operative Store (Loftus branch); John Buchannan, manager
  • Codling John, confectioner, &c.
  • Cole Daniel, baker
  • Cole Daniel, fisherman
  • Cole Mrs. Mary Ann, grocer
  • Cole Mary, grocer, &c.
  • Cole Thomas, fisherman
  • Cooper Isaac, master mariner
  • Coulthirst John, fish dealer
  • Coulthirst Thomas Webster, general smith
  • Crooks Mrs. Mary Ann, shopkeeper
  • Crooks Thomas Verrill, fisherman
  • Dix Richard, deputy miner
  • Dunn Robert, pork butcher and carter
  • Eland Miss Mary Jane, schoolmistress
  • Elliott Mr. Robert
  • Featherstone Robert, grocer
  • Fell John, fisherman
  • Fisherman's Institute: sec., Capt. Jas. Pinder: librarian, Geo. Hodgson
  • Frank Robert, draper and boot dealer
  • Hancock Rev. - . (Congregational)
  • Hansell Miss Hannah, grocer
  • Hansell Thomas, grocer and draper
  • Hansell Thomas, joiner
  • Harburn James, chemist
  • Henry Thomas, butcher
  • Hick Thomas, fishmonger
  • Hill Peter Wm., station master, &c.
  • Hodgson George, librarian
  • Hodgson John, Cliff house, Port Mulgrave
  • Hodgson Thomas, butcher and flour dealer
  • Hutty Edward Hy., vict., Station Hotel
  • Johnson Geo., vict., Royal Hotel, Runswick
  • Jowsey William, baker, Runswick
  • Julyan Anne, grocer and vict., Port Mulgrave
  • Lane Laviia, vict., Cod and Lobster
  • Laverick George Delaval, grocer, &c.
  • Laverick George, master mariner
  • Laverick John, postmaster, and agent for Yorkshire Fire & Life
  • Leahy Rev. Patrick Joseph (Catholic)
  • Legg John, blacksmith
  • Lifeboat; coxswains, Charles Horne, George Tose, Runswick
  • Lloyd Geo., vict., Shoulder of Mutton
  • McNally Andrew, carter, Runswick
  • Mead Andrew, grocer
  • Mead Miss Eleanor, draper
  • Newton Jph. Brown, grocer, draper, & butcher
  • Palmer's Shipbuilding & Iron Co., Limited, Port Mulgrave; res. manager, John Bruce; cashier, Joseph Stephenson
  • Pinder Mr. James
  • Robinson John Joseph, master mariner
  • Rodham Mr. Thomas
  • Rodham Thos., junr., boat builder and joiner
  • Sadler Thomas, master, Board school
  • Sanderson Samuel, blacksmith
  • Sayer Robert, lodgings, &c., Runswick. - (See Advt.)
  • Scarth William, tailor and clothier
  • Seymour Francis, grocer and draper
  • Seymour Mr. Richard
  • Skelton & Jefferson, grocers and drapers
  • Smales William Sowerby, tailor
  • Spink James, farmer and vict., Black Lion
  • Spink Thomas, vict., Golden Lion
  • Steward Edward, market gardener
  • Stonehouse Wm., boot and shoe maker
  • Theaker Mr. John
  • Theaker Ralph, fisherman
  • Tiplady Mrs. Isabel, Runswick
  • Trattles Mrs. Alice, general dealer
  • Trattles John, master mariner
  • Verrill Ellen, vict., Freemasons' Arms
  • Verrill John Richard, fisherman
  • Verrill John Richard, general dealer
  • Verrill Joseph, grocer and draper, &c.
  • Waller John, lodgings, Sea View cottage, Runswick
  • Weatherill Edward, master mariner
  • Webster Robert, grocer, &c., Runswick
  • Welford John, boot and shoe dealer
  • Wilson John, butcher
  • Woodwark George, lodgings, Sand Side house, Runswick
  • York City County Bank, Whitby branch; Friday; F. Richardson, agent

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