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Transcript of the entry for the Post Office, professions and trades for LAITHKIRK in Bulmer's Directory of 1890.


Miscellany of trades

  • Cameron Jeremiah, cowkeeper
  • Gibson Francis Edwd., station master, Middleton station (Tees Valley branch, N. E. Rly.)
  • Lee Mr. James
  • Lee Joseph, cowkeeper, Channel house
  • Lee Thomas, landowner, Channel house
  • Lowes John, cowkeeper, Lonton
  • Millin John, cowkeeper
  • Murray Alexander Wilson, manager to Ord & Maddison; h Middleton
  • Ord & Maddison, quarry proprietors, Blue Granite Quarries
  • Raine Mrs. Mary, cowkeeper
  • Ritzema John, schoolmaster
  • Shield James Beadle, cowkeeper
  • Shield John, shopkeeper
  • Shield Joseph, cowkeeper
  • Watson Joseph, cowkeeper, Winch bridge


  • Allinson James, Hield house
  • Beadle Mrs. Elizabeth, Hoiwick head
  • Coatsworth Mrs. Sarah & Sons, Lonton
  • Collinson Joshua, Crossthwaite
  • Hind Joseph, Lonton
  • Raine Charles William, Low Way
  • Raine James & Robert, Middle farm
  • Raine Thomas, Hungary hall
  • Raine William, Park end
  • Shield Henry, Pike stone
  • Stephenson Wm. & Son (Robt.), Step ends
  • Sutherland William & John, Lonton
  • Tallentire George, Mizzles
  • Tallentire Thomas, Pike stone
  • Watson Edward, West farm
  • Watson James Allinson, West farm
  • Wearmouth William, Mire house


Miscellany of trades

  • Addison Thomas, stonemason, East Close
  • Bainbridge William, cowkeeper, Thringarth
  • Bell Rev. William Robinson, vicar of Laithkirk, The vicarage
  • Brown John, estate bailiff to the Earl of Strathmore, Bowbank
  • Collinson Mr. William, Carlbeck
  • Forster Thomas, cowkeeper, Bowbank
  • Gooch Charles Gray, master, Carlbeck school
  • Horn Thomas, butcher, Road head
  • Lee Thomas, cowkeeper, The Mount
  • Porter Thomas, vict. and farmer, Bowbank
  • Sowerby James, mason and cowkeeper, Wythes hill
  • Sowerby John Lancelot, mason and cowkeeper, High Selset
  • Watson Mrs. Hannah, dressmaker, Thringarth
  • Williams William, mining agent, Lunehead


  • Allinson Mark, Cronkley
  • Allison Henry (and miller), Grassholm
  • Bainbridge Jas. (and quarry foreman), Grange farm, Bowbank
  • Bainbridge John Cousin and George, Dirt pit
  • Bainbridge John, Rigg
  • Bainbridge John, Turnhill
  • Bayles Robert & Isaac, Scarhead
  • Breckinfield Francis & Joseph (yeo.), West Nettlepot
  • Cameron William, West park
  • Collinson George & Sons, Wemmergill
  • Collinson Joseph (gamekeeper), Wemmergil
  • Collinson William, Arngill house
  • Dent Henry and John, Low Wemmergill
  • Dent John (yeo.), Thringarth
  • Dent John Kipling, Thringarth
  • Dent John, East park
  • Dent John, Grains o' Beck
  • Dowson John and Son, Stake hill
  • Gibson Thomas (and butcher), Bowbank
  • Gibson Thomas, Wythes hill
  • Kipling John, Stackholm
  • Langstaff John (yeo.), Greengates
  • Peacock Joseph, Blake house
  • Pinkney Mrs. Elizabeth (owner), Saddle bow
  • Raine George (yeo.), Turnerholm
  • Raine Parkin (yeo.), Rigg
  • Raine William (and carter), Bowbank
  • Raine William (and gamekeeper), Chapel house
  • Robinson John (yeo.), High Selset
  • Sayer Thomas, Thwaites
  • Shield Mrs. Margaret, Grassholm
  • Smith Mrs. Jane, Grassholm
  • Smith John and Son, Slack
  • Sowerby Henry and Son, Lunehead
  • Wearmouth John (yeo.), East Nettlepot


  • Post, Money Order Office, and Savings Bank, at Thomas Wearmouth's. Letters arrive via Darlington at 8-10 a.m., and are despatched at 5-10 p.m. No Sunday business.

Miscellany of trades

  • Adamson Miss Elizabeth, schoolmistress
  • Armstrong William, cowkeeper
  • Bainbridge Thomas, cowkeeper, Brows cottage
  • Barker George, cowkeeper, Westfield
  • Barker Miss Phoebe, dressmaker
  • Beadle James, cowkeeper
  • Brown Mrs. Jane, cowkeeper
  • Brown John, mason and builder
  • Burdess Mrs. Hannah, shopkeeper
  • Burdess John, joiner, wheelwright, and coach builder
  • Burney Jonathan, cowkeeper
  • Bussey Mrs. Mary Ann, cowkeeper
  • Collinson William, cowkeeper, Green rigg
  • Cousin Thomas, cowkeeper, West pasture
  • Crowther Mrs. Jane
  • Crowther Jeremiah, cowkeeper
  • Crowther John, cowkeeper
  • Dent James, shoemaker
  • Dent Thomas, shoemaker
  • Dowson William, butcher, Ling villa
  • Foster Edward, cowkeepsr, Ashes
  • Foster George, cowkeeper, Bail hill
  • Foster John, cowkeeper
  • Foster Robert, cowkeeper
  • Foster Thomas, cowkeeper, West pasture
  • Harrison Joseph William, overseer
  • Hood William, schoolmaster
  • Hornby Thomas, cowkeeper
  • Hunt John, cowkeeper, Westfield
  • Hutchinson Thomas, cowkeeper
  • Jackson William, cowkeeper
  • Langstaff John Carter, flag and slate merchant
  • Lee Isaac, cowkeeper, Low mill
  • Lee Isaac, shopkeeper
  • Lee John, cowkeeper
  • Longstaff Robert, station master, Mickleton station (Tees Valley branch, N. E. R.)
  • Lowes Joseph, blacksmith
  • Parkin Isaac, blacksmith
  • Parkin John and Joseph, monumental masons and builders, &c.
  • Parkin Robert, cowkeeper
  • Parkin Thomas, cowkeeper, Bank
  • Peadon Mr. John
  • Raine Mrs. Ann, cowkeeper, Acres
  • Raine Mrs. Hannah
  • Raine Mrs. Jane, shopkeeper and cowkeeper
  • Raine John, joiner and cartwright
  • Raine John, vict. and farmer, Rose and Crown
  • Raine Thomas, cowkeeper
  • Raine Thomas, joiner, Belsettle
  • Raine William, cowkeeper, Shields
  • Tarn William, cowkeeper, Sloop hill
  • Walton John, cowkeeper
  • Walton Joseph, tailor and draper
  • Wearmouth Mrs. Ann, cowkeeper, West Pasture
  • Wearmouth Thomas, grocer and postmaster


  • Atkinson Thomas (and miller), Low Mill
  • Bainbridge John, Kelton
  • Bainbridge Joseph
  • Bainbridge Miles, Kelton
  • Beadle Mrs. Margaret
  • Brown Joseph, Low Side
  • Dent Joseph William
  • Dent Thomas (yeo.), High Green
  • Dent Thomas, Kelton
  • Dent William (yeo.), Low Green
  • Dowson Robert, West Pasture
  • Garrett Edward Henry (and schoolmaster), Eastfield
  • Harrison Thomas Kipling, Nook
  • Heward Jonathan, Eastfield
  • Horn Mrs. Martha, Kelton
  • Parkin John, Cross
  • Parkin John, and mason, &c. (John & Joseph Parkin), Westfield house
  • Parkin Thomas, West Pasture
  • Raine Parkin, West Pasture
  • Shield Mrs. Margaret, Kelton
  • Smedley Benjamin, Howe
  • Tarn George, exors. of (yeo.), Hayberries
  • Walton Joseph, Bayle green
  • Walton Mrs. Margaret, Eastfield
  • Walton William
  • Watson Mrs. Jane, Coat house

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