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Transcript of the entry for the Post Office, professions and trades for LYTHE in Bulmer's Directory of 1890.


  • Post, Money Order, and Telegraph Office, and Savings Bank; William Jackson, postmaster. Postal Address, Lythe, Whitby. Letters arrive by mail cart at 9-30 a.m., and are despatched at 4 p.m. Letters for Goldsbro' and Kettleness should also be addressed Lythe, Whitby.
  • Sandsend Post Office. - Delivery, 8-35 am.; despatch, 4-20 p.m. Postal Address, Sandsend, Whitby; William Scarth, postmaster.

Miscellany of trades

  • Bell James, master mariner, Sandsend
  • Bell John, vict.. George and Dragon, Sandsend
  • Campion P., vict., Fox and Hounds, Goldsbro'
  • Collins James & Son, tailors, Sandsend
  • Cook Mr. Joseph, Sandsend
  • Cooper John, station master, coal and goods agent, Sandsend
  • Crowther John, schoolmaster
  • Crowther Miss M. B., assistant schoolmistress
  • Cruddas William, police officer
  • Dennison John, tailor and draper
  • Dennison Thomas, tailor, Sandsend
  • Dilloway Alexander, gamekeeper, Sandsend
  • Evans Charles, manufacturer of baking powder
  • Ford William, assistant overseer and carrier
  • Forster, C., vict., Station Hotel, Sandsend
  • Frankland Jas., butcher and vict., Red Lion
  • Griffith Joseph John, Mulgrave Cement works, Sandsend. - (See Advt.)
  • Hancock William, coastguard and rocket apparatus, Sandsend
  • Harland Mrs. Elizabeth, St. Mary's cottage, Sandsend
  • Harland John, master mariner, Sandsend
  • Hill Robert, boot and shoe maker
  • Hillingdon Lord, Mulgrave castle
  • Hugill John. cowkeeper, Sandsend
  • Jackson Richard, joiner, &c.
  • Jackson William & Son, blacksmiths
  • Jackson William, ironmonger, &c.
  • Kidd William, grocer and draper
  • Kirkby H., agent to the Marquis of Normanby; h Lythe hall
  • Lennard John, shipbroker, West Hartlepool and Whitby; h 143 Milton st., West Hartlepool, and Rose bank cottage, Sandsend
  • McLean William, master mariner and shipowner, Sandsend
  • Normanby The Most Noble The Marquis of, Mulgrave castle
  • Pearson Rev. Henry Richard Storr, M.A., vicar
  • Petch John (Watson & Son); h Lythe
  • Reid Alexander, head woodman
  • Richardson Jno., vict., Life Boat Inn, Sandsend
  • Richardson John, station master and goods agent, Kettleness
  • Robinson Miss Fanny, lodgings, Sandsend
  • Robinson Thomas, grocer, Sandsend
  • Scarth Miss Elizabeth, schoolmistress, Sandsend Infant school
  • Scarth Wm., grocer, Sandsend
  • Seymour Isaac, lodgings, Cliff house, Kettleness
  • Snowdon Henry, bootmaker, Sandsend
  • Stanforth Mr. George, Sandsend
  • Stangoe Mrs. Isabella
  • Thompson George, lodgings, Sandsend
  • Watson & Son, grocers and drapers
  • Watson Mrs. Charlotte (W. & Son); h Lythe
  • Woodwark Mrs. Elizabeth


  • Cooper Stockton, Goldsbro'
  • Duell Thomas, High Laithes
  • Duell William & Sons, High Laithes
  • Duell William, Rock Head farm
  • Hogarth Ambrose, Goldsbro'
  • Jackson Philip
  • Jackson Thomas, Upton hall
  • Kerr Isabella, Deepgrove
  • Lewis William, Kettleness
  • Moody Robert
  • Pierson Wm. & Francis (& millers), Foss mill
  • Raw Mary, Goldsbro'
  • Rhea Francis and George, Barnby sleights
  • Richardson Edward, and vict., Ship Inn
  • Stangoe John, Goldsbro'
  • Welford John
  • Wellburn Henry
  • Young Matthew, Overdale


  • Postal Address, East or West Barnby, Lythe, Whitby. Wall Letter Box at East Barnby cleared at 3-25 p.m. Thomas Stainton, carrier to Lythe and Whitby, Wednesday and Saturday.

Miscellany of trades

  • Cooper Mrs. Mary, cowkeeper, East Barnby
  • Lawson Wm., vict., Masons' Arms, East Barnby
  • Linton Henry, cowkeeper, West Barnby


  • Gill Robert, West fields
  • Hutton William, Claymoor
  • Jackson Robert, East Barnby
  • Jackson Robt. (& brick manufacturer), Barnby becks
  • Langburn John William, West Barnby
  • Leng John, West Barnby
  • Prudom Mrs. Jane & John, West Barnby
  • Prudom John, Tofts farm
  • Prudom William, Green hill, West Barnby
  • Rhea Francis & George, Barnby sleights
  • Webster George, Barnby howe
  • Welford Addison, Brockrigg
  • Wellburn William, East Barnby
  • Williamson Major, East Barnby
  • Woodwark Thomas, East Barnby
  • Woodwark William, West Barnby


  • Postal Address, Borrowby, Staithes, R.S.O.


  • Booth William (yeo.), Cooper house
  • Codling Thomas
  • Laverick George
  • Pearson Lewis, Plum Tree house
  • Pearson William, High farm
  • Peirson George
  • Ward Robert & Sons (Henry & John), Grange farm


  • Postal Address, Dale Houses, Staithes, R.S.O.

Miscellany of trades

  • Bell John Thomas, miller
  • Coal Depôt, Palmer's Ship Building and Iron Co., Limited
  • Codling Matthew, vict., Fox and Hounds
  • Duell James, farmer
  • Parks Ralph Thomas, butcher
  • Parks Mr. Robert
  • Porritt William, agent, Coal depôt
  • Rycroft Rev. David (Wesleyan)
  • Ryder Mr. William
  • Welford George, shopkeeper
  • Welford Joseph, joiner


  • Postal address, Ellerby, Hinderwell.

School Board

  • for Ellerby, Mickleby, and Newton Mulgrave (seven members) -
  • George Codling, chairman;
  • Wm. Jefferson, clerk and attendance officer.
  • The Board hold their meetings at the Ellerby Hotel, monthly

Miscellany of trades

  • Harrison Miss Hannah, sewing mistress
  • Harrison Robert, bootmaker
  • Husband Thos., schoolmaster, Ellerby (Board) school; h Upleatham, R.S.O.
  • Scarth Miss Catherine, vict., Ellerby Hotel


  • Clemmitt Richard, Bank top
  • Dennison Robert and William
  • Duell Isaac, Calais house
  • Jackson George, Hawthorns farm
  • Prudom James, Trowsdale
  • Reed George, Low farm


  • Postal Address, Egton, Grosmont, R.S.O.; for farms at Hutton Mulgrave hamlet, Dunsley, Whitby.


  • Dale Mrs. Mary, Alder park
  • Duell William, Rock head
  • Fletcher John, Barton hole
  • Harrison Mrs. Ann, Dunbogs
  • Harrison Robert, Briscoe
  • Harrison William, Foggit foot
  • Lawson Thomas, Hutton Mulgrave
  • Leadby Danby, Kitter green
  • McNeil Thomas, Hutton farm, Dunsley
  • Noble Miss Esther, Bumble Bee hall
  • Robinson Laverick, Moorgate
  • Robinson Robert, Hutton Mulgrave, Dunsley
  • Spark William, Allerton head
  • Stainthorpe Samson, Hutton Mulgrave
  • Stangoe Robert, Birk head
  • Welford Francis, Croquet nook


  • Postal Address, Mickleby, Hinderwell. Wall Letter Box cleared at 2-15 p.m. Robert Harker, carrier to Hinderwell on Mondays, and Whitby on Saturdays.

Miscellany of trades

  • Dotchin Mrs. Mary
  • Harland William, tailor and clothier
  • Hart Aaron, shoemaker
  • Hughes, William, schoolmaster
  • Linton John, blacksmith; h Barnby
  • Long John, joiner
  • Robinson Mrs. Ann, grocer
  • Smallwood John, vict. and joiner, White Hart
  • Temple Dickinson, shopkeeper
  • White Rev. William (Congregational)


  • Barff Robert
  • Barff Thomas
  • Barff Zachariah (yeoman), Bog house
  • Bennison William
  • Codling George, North fields
  • Dale James, Mount pleasant
  • Dobson Thomas (yeoman)
  • Harker Robert (yeoman), assistant overseer and collector of income tax, &c.
  • Harrison Joseph, Long stone
  • Leng William, Low Grange
  • Raw George (yeoman)
  • Richardson James
  • Robinson Mrs. Hannah and John
  • Robinson Robert (yeoman)
  • Robinson William, Stumphowe
  • Simpson William (yeoman)
  • Smith David
  • Stonehouse Robert
  • Temple Isaac, High Grange
  • Welford George


  • Postal Address, Staithes, R.S.O.; for Tranmire, Scaling, Loftus, R.S.O.


  • Barker James, Grasshill house
  • Dobson John Samuel (and carrier to Ugthorpe and Whitby on Sats.), Tranmire
  • Foster Thomas, Tranmire
  • Jackson Christopher, Folly hall, Tranmire
  • Macdonald George, Tranmire
  • Rodgers Alfred, Low whins, Tranmire
  • Tyerman Matthew
  • Welford George, America house
  • Welford James & George, Newton brows, Hinderwell
  • Welford James & William
  • Welford William
  • Winspear John, Tranmire


  • Postal Address, Ugthorpe, Whitby. Office at Dennis Hart's. Delivery, 10-10; despatch, 2-40.

Miscellany of trades

  • Askwith Rev. William, B.A., vicar
  • Clemmit Mrs. Elizabeth, dressmaker
  • Dobson Mr. Robert, Ugthorpe house
  • Gallon John, joiner, Beliwood house
  • Harrison Miss Elizabeth, schoolmistress (Cath.)
  • Harrison Joseph, shoemaker
  • Hart Dennis, grocer, pig dealer, &c.
  • Hart Frank, blacksmith
  • Hickey Rev. Edmond Joseph (Cath.)
  • Hill Mr. John, Ugthorpe hall
  • Jackson Mrs. Hannah
  • Lawson William, mason, Mill hill
  • Roe Henry, shoemaker, Paradise cottage
  • Smith Miss Priscilla, mistress, National school
  • Thompson Mr. Joseph
  • Underwood Thos., farmer and vict., Black Bull
  • Warters Robson, miller


  • Shaw Matthew, to Whitby on Saturdays


  • Andrew John William (yeo.)
  • Andrew Scrafton
  • Booth Thomas, Ugthorpe grange
  • Brown Metcalf
  • Cornforth Francis, Frankland Hall farm
  • Coultas Robert, Moor side
  • Dobson William, Ugthorpe hall
  • Featherston Hannah (owner), Biggin house
  • Foster John
  • Gray Matthew, Primrose house
  • Hebron Joseph and Wm. (yeo.), Biggin houses; h Flaxton, York
  • Helm Ward, Wood Dale house
  • Hindson James (yeo.), Poplar villa
  • Hodgson Mrs. Sarah, The Burn farm
  • Hunton Martin, Travellers' rest
  • Hutchinson Matthew, Glebe farm
  • Jackson Thomas
  • Linton Thomas
  • Morgan William and Alfred Woodhall
  • Murray Mrs. Hannah (owner), Ugthorpe lodge
  • Roe Martin, Berrybank
  • Thompson David (yeo.), White house
  • Walshaw John, Hermitage
  • Watson John, New grove
  • Watson Robert and William (yeo.)
  • Wilson Thomas, Ugthorpe rails

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