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Transcript of the entry of "professions and trades for MALTON in Pigot's Directory of 1829.

Post Office,

  • Market-place, Mary Robinson, Post Mistress.
  • Letters for London, York and the North and South-west of England, are despatched at six in the evening, and arrive at nine.
  • Letters for Bridlington, Driffield, Beverley, Hull and Lincolnshire, are despatched at a quarter past nine in the evening, and arrive at a quarter past five in the afternoon.
  • Letters for Scarborough are despatched at forty two minutes past nine in the morning, and arrive at forty-eight minutes past five in the afternoon.
  • Letters for Whitby and Pickering are despatched at nine in the evening, and at rive at twenty-five minutes past five in the evening.
  • The delivery by the letter carrier commences at ten in the morning, but letters may be obtained at the window after the arrival of the London and York Mails.

Gentry & Clergy,

  • Anderson Thomas, gent. Swine market
  • Barnby Mrs. Ann, Low street
  • Bartlett Rev. John, Wheelgate
  • Binns Rev. Cornelius A. Market place
  • Bower Major, Malton
  • Bower Robert, esq. Norton
  • Bull Mrs. Sarah, Market place
  • Coverdill John, gent. Norton
  • Douthwaite John, gent. Finkle street
  • Ellis Charles, gent. Norton
  • Foster Mrs. Jane, Wheelgate
  • Greenwood Rev. William, Newbiggin
  • Hall George, gent. Norton
  • Hill James, gent. Norton
  • Ingleby John, gent. Norton
  • Leefe Mrs. C. Newbiggin
  • Luccock Mrs. Elizabeth, Old Malton gate
  • Milner John, gent. Old Malton
  • Packer George, esq. Norton
  • Preston Mrs. Elizabeth, Norton
  • Priestman David, gent. Norton
  • Rawlins James, gent. Norton
  • Richardson Rev. John, Old Malton
  • Soulby Mrs. Ann, Market place
  • Teesdale Mrs. Wheelgate
  • Thompson Mrs. R. Pasture cottage
  • Wales John, gent. Norton
  • Walker Jonathan, esq, Old Malton gate
  • Walker Thomas, gent. Old Malton gate
  • Ward Henry, gent. Low street
  • Wardle Joseph, gent. Old Malton
  • Watson Thomas, gent. Norton

Academies & Schools,
Not otherwise described are Day Schools.

  • Allan William (French) Low street
  • Ash James, Yorkers gate
  • Binns Frederick, (boarding & day) Market place
  • Campion Edward, Wheelgate
  • Coates William, Spittleman street
  • Fisher George, Market place
  • Halley George, Newbiggin
  • Lotherington John, Old Malton gate
  • National School, Old Malton gate-Henry Foster, master
  • Page Elizabeth, Norton
  • Wood John, Norton


  • Allen William (and agent to Earl Fitzwilliam) Saville street
  • Barns Joseph, Finkle street
  • Lambert David, Market place
  • Rider William, Yorkers gate
  • Simpson Alfred, Yorkers gate
  • Smithson Richard & Henry, Yorkers gate
  • Walker Thomas & Chs. Old Malton gate


  • Boulton John, Newbiggin
  • Cumber John (and land surveyor) Yorkers gate
  • Masterman Thomas, Wheelgate
  • Robson Benjamin, Old Malton gate

Bacon & Cheese Factors,

  • Elliott William, Wheelgate
  • Metcalf James, Wheelgate
  • Owston Thomas & Co. Yorkers gate
  • Pickering & Co. Yorkers gate
  • Spanton Robert (and dealer in salt) Yorkers gate

Bakers & Flour Dealers,

  • Coulson George, Greengate
  • Davison James, Finkle street
  • Dowser Joseph, (flour only) Newbiggin
  • Edwards John, Low street
  • Ford James, Greengate
  • Gage Richard, Newbiggin
  • Jefferson John, Wheelgate
  • Kirby George, Newbiggin
  • Procter William, Market place
  • Stainton Matthew, Low street


  • Bower, Duesberry, Hall & Thompson, Yorkers gate-(draw on Curries and Co. London)
  • Savings' Bank, Yorkers gate- (open every Saturday from 12 to 1)

Basket Makers,

  • Featherston George, Old Malton
  • Frear John, Norton
  • Johnson James, Old Malton gate
  • Simpson Henry, Old Malton gate
  • Simpson Richard, Wheelgate


  • Chilton Robert, Norton
  • Clark John, Low street
  • Clark William, Low street
  • Dresser Christopher, Low street
  • Holliday James, near Cattle market
  • Pickering John, Old Malton
  • Piercy Samuel, Swine market
  • Slater Francis, Old Malton
  • Stabler Robert, Cattle market
  • Walker Thomas, Norton

Booksellers Stationers and Printers,

  • Barnby George, Wheelgate
  • Smithson Richard, jun. (and subdistributer of stamps) Yorkers gate

Boot & Shoe Makers,

  • Barns Edward, Market place
  • Bartindale Thomas, Yorkers gate
  • Bull John, Wheelgate
  • But kill Thomas, Wheelgate
  • Coates Richard, Spittleman street
  • Cole Richard, Low street
  • Crawford John, Norton
  • Farnaby James, Old Malton gate
  • Forster William, Old Malton gate
  • Fox Joseph, Old Malton
  • Frear Francis, Old Malton
  • Hopwood Francis, Chancery lane
  • Kirby John, Old Malton
  • Lapish William, Low street
  • Lister John, Low street
  • Neill George, Yorkers gate
  • Rontree Thomas, (ladies') Saville street
  • Ruston William, Norton
  • Rutter Robert, Market place
  • Sollitt Mathias (and clog & patten) Low street
  • Spaven William, Yorkers gate
  • Stamper Richard, Norton
  • Sturr William, Old Malton
  • Sunman Robert, Swine market
  • Warters John, Norton
  • Welbank John, Wheelgate
  • Wood Thomas, Newbiggin
  • Yates George, Low street

Braziers and Tin-Plate Workers,

  • Cornwell Ann, Yorkers gate
  • Hudson Walter, Old Malton gate
  • Leefe George, Market place
  • Marsar John, Low street

Brewers and Maltsters,

  • Cross Richard, Low street
  • Russell & Witty, Low street
  • Thomlinson & Kingston, Low street
  • Walker & Dunlop, Low street

Brick Makers,

  • Monkman William, Low street
  • Witty Robert, Low street


  • Bell John, New shambles
  • Bell William, Market place
  • Bell William, jun. Market place
  • Cook Joseph, New shambles
  • Coulson Jonathan, New shambles
  • Drake John, Market place
  • Drake William, Market place
  • Forster John, Market place
  • Gage Thomas, Market place
  • Hardcastle John, New shambles
  • Hesser Thomas, Market place
  • Hewson John, New shambles
  • Holliday Francis, Market place
  • Holmes John, Market place
  • I'anson Timothy Market place
  • Moon William, New Shambles
  • Nicholson William, jun. Market place
  • Nicholson William, sen. Market place
  • Race Richard, New shambles
  • Rapp William, New shambles
  • Richmond George, New shambles
  • Story George, Market place
  • Studley George, New Shambles
  • Studley William, New shambles
  • Tarr William. New shambles
  • Tate Robert, Market place
  • Tate Thomas, New shambles
  • Tate William, Market place
  • Taylor Thomas, Market place
  • Thompson James, New shambles
  • Thompson Mark, New shambles
  • Whitfield George, Norton
  • Wilson Fewster, Market place
  • Wilson John, New shambles

Cabinet Makers,

  • Ash George, Wheelgate
  • Beverley George, Yorkers gate
  • Flewker Robert, Old Malton gate
  • Goodrick John, Market place
  • Hill John, Greengate
  • Jefferson John, Wheelgate
  • Lee John, Wheelgate
  • Nelson Richard, Market place
  • Sellers James, Norton

China Glass & Earthen-Ware Dealers,

  • Carr William, Wheelgate
  • Dickinson Francis, Newbiggin
  • Jackson Mary, Wheelgate
  • Storry William, Finkle street
  • Thorp Ann, Low street
  • Tindale Sarah, Wheelgate

Chymists & Druggists,

  • Horsley William, Low street
  • Revis Leonard, Market place
  • Wrangham Joseph, Wheelgate

Coal & Corn Merchants,
Marked thus * are also Seed Merchants.

  • *Barehead George, Low street
  • *Cleathing & Bell (& wharfingers) Yorkers gate
  • Fenton William, (coal only & wharfinger) Yorkers gate
  • *Jackson William, Low street
  • Metcalfe James, Yorkers gate
  • Monkman William, Low street
  • *Owston Thomas & Co. Yorkers gate
  • Rider Joseph, jun. Low street
  • Russell & Witty, Low street
  • *Shackleton George, Low street
  • Soulby Henry, Yorkers gate
  • Spaven Thomas (coal only) Low street
  • Thomlinson & Kingston, Low street
  • Walker & Dunlop, Low Street
  • *Witty Robert, (& lime) Low street
  • *Woffinden Thomas, Low street


  • Harrison John, Wheelgate
  • Summers Christopher, Low street
  • Taylor George, Low Sheet

Corn Millers,

  • Barraclough Francis, Norton
  • Burrow and King, Malton Mill, Low street
  • Priestman & Taylor, Old Malton
  • Walker & Dunlop, Low street

Curriers and Leather Dressers,

  • Longfield Thomas, Low street
  • Priestman & Rhean, Greengate
  • Tate & Watson, Wheelgate

Dress Makers,

  • Langdale Mary, Low street
  • Rutter & Heath, Market place
  • Sunman A. Saville street


  • Harrison John, Yorkers gale
  • Williamson Edward, Low street


  • Holliday George, Finkle street
  • Train William, Old Malton

Fire, &c. Office Agents,

  • Atlas, John Cumber, Yorkers gate
  • County, Thomas Hall, Market place
  • Phoenix, Alfred Simpson, Yorkers gate
  • Royal Exchange, Henry Smithson, Yorkers gate
  • Sun, Benjamin Jagger, Low street
  • Yorkshire, Richard Smithson, jun. Yorkers gate


  • Sharp John, Market place
  • Thompson John, Old Malton gate


  • Holmes William, Low street
  • Lee John, Newbiggin
  • Newcombe J. Norton
  • Tindale Sarah (and leather seller) Wheelgate

Grocers & Tea Dealers,
(See also Shopkeepers, &c.)

  • Atkinson John, Finkle street
  • Birdsall Jonathan, (& fruiterer) Market place
  • Clegg Robert, Market place
  • Elliott William, Wheelgate
  • Flower John, jun. Swine market
  • Goodrick John, Market place
  • Gray Margaret, Market place
  • Hartley Mary, Market place
  • Hodgson Robert, Norton
  • Marson William, Low street
  • Metcalf James, (& seedsman) Wheelgate
  • Monkman Charles, Wheelgate
  • Pickering & Son, Yorkers gate
  • Puckrin Thomas, Market place
  • Searle Robert, (& druggist) Norton
  • Shepherd John (and confectioner) Yorkers gate
  • Smith David (and seedsman) Market place
  • Smith Thomas, Wheelgate
  • Studley George, Wheelgate
  • Taylor David, Wheel
  • Taylor Joseph, Wheelgate
  • Taylor Thomas, Low street
  • Watson James, Butcher corner
  • Wilson James, Norton

Gun Makers,

  • Piercy Matthew, Newbiggin
  • Wightman William C. (patent, & philosophical instrument maker) Market place

Hair Dressers,

  • Burkill Robert, Wheelgate
  • Harrison James, Low street
  • Hide William, Wheelgate
  • Hudson George, Yorkers gate
  • Hudson Robert, Swine market
  • Larcum John, Wheelgate
  • Masterman William, Market place
  • Skelton Thomas, Wheelgate

Hat Manufacturers,

  • Carr Robert, Old Malton gate
  • Foster John, Newbiggin
  • Foster Roger, Wheelgate
  • King Robert (& furrier) Low street
  • Lawrence Peter, Yorkers gate
  • Milbourn Jane (dealer) Market pt
  • Wells Thomas, Saville street


  • Bradley Arthur, Old Malton gate
  • Jagger Benjamin, (& worsted dlr.) Low street

Inns, Taverns, and Public Houses,

  • Angel, John Bradley, Saville street
  • Bay Horse, Matthew Grice, Norton
  • Black Bull, Joseph, Etty, Market place
  • Black Horse, John Bartindale, Yorkers gate
  • Blacksmiths' Arms, Francis Calam, Wheelgate
  • Black Swan, Jun. Gray, Market place
  • Blue Ball, Sarah Wood, Newbiggin
  • Buck's Head, Mary Shepherd Norton
  • Cross Keys (and excise office) Jane Rutter, Wheelgate
  • Crown & Anchor, Thomas Barehead, Low street
  • Fleece, Thomas Botterill, Market place
  • Golden Lion, Thomas Moon, Market place
  • Green Man, George Spanton, Swine market
  • King's Head, George Nelson, Market place
  • New Globe. Jane Cooper, Yorkers gate
  • New Inn, William Dickinson, Norton
  • New Talbot Inn (posting) Edward Barton, Yorkers gate
  • Old Globe, George Bransby, Market place
  • Old Talbot, Elizabeth Reed, Swine market
  • Rose & Crown, John Wilson, Wheelgate
  • Royal Oak, Robert Revis, Market place
  • Sun, Thomas Swaby, Wheelgate
  • Wentworth Arms, John Craven, Old Malton
  • White Hart, Nathaniel Smith, Low street
  • White Horse Inn, Frances Cariss, Yorkers gate
  • White Swan, Benjamin Robson, Old Malton gate

Iron & Brass Founders,

  • Booth James (and millwright) Old Malton gate
  • Gibson Arthur, Market place


  • Barnes John, Norton
  • Luccock James, Yorkers gate
  • Scrivener Michael, Low street
  • Wright John, Wheelgate


  • Brown William, (& builder) Low street
  • Carr William, (& machine maker) Low street
  • Robson Benjamin, Old Malton gate
  • Spurt Hardwick, Low street
  • Sunman Richard (&cabinet maker) Saville street
  • Tomlinson George, Low street

Lime Burners,

  • Hardcastle John (and stone merchant) Old Malton
  • Loft John, Old Malton

Linen & Woollen Drapers,

  • Clegg Robert, Market place
  • Dunlop James, Market place
  • Dunlop William, Market place
  • Etty John & Son, Market place
  • Ingleby Richard, Norton
  • Merry John & William, Yorker's gate
  • Milbourn Jane, Market place
  • Pickering & Son, Yorkers gate
  • Richardson George, Market place
  • Sootheran John, Wheelgate
  • Stubbs Robert, Market place
  • Stubbs William, Market place
  • Taylor Andrew, Market place
  • Tindale Sophia, Market place
  • Watson James, Butcher corner

Linen Manufacturers,

  • Bradley John, (sacking) Old Malton gate
  • Thornham George, Wheelgate
  • Thornham John (and flax dresser) Saville street
  • Watson John, Wheelgate


  • Hodgson Christopher, Greengate
  • Owston Thomas & Co. Yorkers gate

Nursery & Seedsmen,

  • Ashley Thomas, Norton
  • Chatwin Ann, Norton
  • Hall George, Norton
  • Horsley Thomas, Norton
  • Longster William, Old Malton gate
  • Slater William, Yorkers gate
  • Stonehouse Margaret, Norton

Painters-House, Sign, &c,

  • Collier John, Low street
  • Nicholson George, Wheelgate
  • Sunley William, Market place


  • Borton Francis, Yorkers gate
  • Travis Nathaniel Allen, Market place

Plumbers & Glaziers,

  • Allen William, Low street
  • Jackson Mary, Wheelgate
  • Mathers Walter, Newbiggin
  • Morritt John, Old Malton gate

Rope & Twine Makers,

  • Bellerby George, Market place
  • Harrison Martin, Newbiggin
  • Holtby Thomas, Wheelgate
  • Jettison William, Norton
  • Johnson David, Old Malton


  • Clark Thomas, Norton
  • Hall James, Yorkers gate
  • Rutter Thomas, Market place
  • Scott Thomas, Low street
  • Smith Nathaniel, Low street
  • Thurnham John, Newbiggin

Shopkeepers & Dealers in Sundries,

  • Allanby Francis, Newbiggin
  • Beal Mary, Low street
  • Benton Edward, Swine market
  • Brown John, Newbiggin
  • Chapman George, Low street
  • Constantine William, Low street
  • Ellet Ann, Newbiggin
  • Gill Thomas, Old Malton gate
  • Hardcastle Joseph, Old Malton
  • Hesp William, Old Malton gate
  • Hudson George, Wheelgate
  • Hudson William, Market place
  • Hutchinson John, Spittleman street
  • Jefferson John, Newbiggin
  • Keddy John (& earthenware dealer) Old Malton
  • Kemp William, Market place
  • Loft John, Old Malton
  • Mackinning Matthew, Green gate
  • Medd John, Market place
  • Metcalf James, Wheelgate
  • Metcalf Joshua, Greengate
  • Monkman William, Old Malton gate
  • Prudames Jane, Swine market
  • Rapp William, Norton
  • Read Richard, Swine market
  • Rigg John, Market place
  • Simpson Robert, Norton
  • Spavin Robert, Old Malton gate
  • Storry Penelope, Low street
  • Studley William, Wheelgate
  • Wigginton Thomas, Newbiggin
  • Wilson Thomas, Low street
  • Wood James, Old Malton gate

Stone Masons,

  • Brown John, Newbiggin
  • Exley Robert, Yorkers gate
  • Fawcett William, (& plasterer) Norton
  • Jackson Henry, Newbiggin
  • Monkman William, Low street
  • Wilkinson John, Old Malton
  • Wilkinson William, Low street

Straw Hat Makers,

  • Arden Sarah, Market place
  • Brown Elizabeth, Low street
  • Bulmer Mark, Wheelgate
  • Hide Elizabeth, Low street
  • Jackson William, (& draper) Market place
  • Pallister John, Low street
  • Speek H. Old Malton gate
  • Tindale & Watson, Yorkers gate
  • Welbank Charlotte, Wheelgate


  • Cobb Robert, Low street
  • Colby William, Swine market
  • Davye George, Market place
  • Pratt John, Newbiggin
  • Rymer William, Market place
  • Sagg Robert, Yorkers gate
  • Shepherd John, Norton
  • Teesdale Thomas, Greengate
  • Temple John, Yorkers gate

Marked thus * are also Drapers

  • *Anderson George, Old Malton
  • Andrew Thomas, Old Malton
  • Arundell William, Wheelgate
  • Bankes Thomas, Greengate
  • *Crawford Thomas, Wheelgate
  • Crawford William, Norton
  • Dixon Thomas, Old Malton gate
  • Foster Anthony, Norton
  • Fox Thomas, Old Malton gate
  • Horsley Robert, Norton
  • Loft Christopher, Finkle street
  • Marshall William, Wheelgate
  • Sanderson Robert, Norton
  • Simpson John, Finkle street
  • Sixton John, Greengate
  • Spencer John, Swine market
  • Watson William, Old Malton
  • Wells Matthew, Market place

Tallow Chandlers,

  • Elliott William, Wheelgate
  • Flower John, jun. Swine market
  • Pickering & Co. Yorkers gate
  • Smith David, Market place

Tea Dealers,

  • Coates James, Norton
  • Jackson William, Market place
  • Murray Peter (& draper) Low street
  • Stubbs Robert, Market place

Timber Merchants,

  • Corps Edward, Norton
  • Elmer Thomas, Norton
  • Kemp Jeremiah, Yorkers gate
  • Lee John, Wheelgate
  • Luccock Christopher, Old Malton gate
  • Robson Benjamin, Old Malton gate
  • Setchfield Edward, Norton
  • Smith William, Wheelgate


  • Brown John, Newbiggin
  • Warhurst William, Cattle market


  • Bradley Arthur, Swine market
  • Marshall Richard (& undertaker) Low street
  • Wardill John (& undertaker) Swine market

Watch & Clock Makers,

  • Agar John (& silversmith) Market place
  • Bartliff Robert (and silversmith) Yorkers gate
  • Carr James, Low street
  • Skelton Coultas, Low street
  • Stonehouse William, Newbiggin
  • Trotter Thomas, Saville street

Wheelwrights and Cartwrights,

  • Dunning Robert, Old Malton
  • Foord George, Low street
  • Jackson John, Old Malton
  • Oxley John, Norton
  • Postill Christopher, Spittleman street
  • Wilson William, Norton


  • Hudson John, Wheelgate
  • Luccock James, Yorkers gate
  • Piercy Matthew, Newbiggin
  • Robinson Newyear, (& nail maker) Low street

Wine & Spirit Merchants,

  • Barehead Thomas, Low street
  • Etty John & Son, Market place
  • Gray Margaret, Market place
  • Jagger Benjamin, Low street
  • Newton Daniel, Yorkers gate
  • Richardson & Ella, Market place
  • Rose Edward, Market place
  • Searle Robert, Yorkers gate & Norton
  • Smith Thomas, Wheelgate


  • Andrew Mark, chain & nail makr. Low street
  • Both Jon. & James, bone dust mfrs. Low street
  • Brown Robert, pawnbroker, Greengate
  • Dresser John, oat sheller, Low st Mill
  • Harrison Elizabeth, trunk maker, Saville street
  • Hopwood Thomas, boat builder, Low street
  • Jackson John, worsted dealer, Newbiggin
  • Kilvington John, collector of debts, Market place
  • Leefe John, corn inspector, Greengate
  • Leefe John, musical instrument dealer, Market place
  • Lucas Thomas, tobacco pipe maker, Norton
  • Perring William, horse trainer, Norton
  • Potts Jonathan, sail cloth & sail maker, Yorkers gate
  • Priestman J. & S. tanners, Low street
  • Rounding Philippa, haberdasher & shoe warehouse, Market place
  • Shepherd Richard, home trainer, Norton
  • Smith Thomas, lace and blanket dealer, Old Malton gate
  • Snow Richard W. bookbinder, Norton
  • Staniland Robert, cutler and toyman, Swine market
  • Stelling Richard, fellmonger & woolstapler, Norton
  • Street Peter & Henry, brush maker, Norton
  • Sykes Thomas, horse trainer, Norton
  • Wright Robert, clog and patten maker, Old Malton gate


  • To Hull, the Velocitas, from the New Globe, Yorkers gate, every Monday and Thursday mornings at eight, during summer; goes through Driffield & Beverley.
  • To Scarborough, the Royal Mail, (from York) calls at the New Talbot Inn, every morning at nine-and the True Blue (from York) calls at the same Inn, every afternoon at three, during summer.
  • To Whitby, the Royal Mail, (from York) calls at the New Talbot, every Monday, Wednesday & Friday evenings at nine.
  • To York, the Royal Mail (from Scarborough) calls at the New Talbot, every evening at six-the Royal Mail (from Whitby) calls at the same Inn, every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday evenings at five-the True Blue calls at the same Inn, every morning at eleven, during summer-and the Diligence, from the Black Horse, every Monday, Wednesday & Saturday mornings at eleven, and returns the same evenings.


  • To Helmsley, -- Wood, from the Blacksmiths' Arms, every Saturday.
  • To Hull, Philemon Ashton, from the New Globe, every Thursday morning; goes through Driffield.
  • To Kirkby Moor-Side, Thomas Keddy, from the New Globe, every Thursday & Saturday afternoon and John Wrightson, from the Blacksmith's Arms, every Saturday.
  • To Pickering, Thomas Carlisle, from the New Globe, every Saturday-and Robert Sanderson, every Tuesday and Saturday.
  • To Scarborough, Edward Craggs. from the warehouse, Cattle market, every Tuesday & Friday nights-Launcelot Ash, agent-& Thomas Burniston, from the New Globe, every Tuesday night.
  • To Sherburn, Henry Clarkson, from the New Globe, every Wednesday and Saturday afternoons.
  • To Whitby, George Pearson, from the Blacksmiths' Arms, every Thursday.
  • To York, Thomas Burniston, from the New Globe, every Monday night- Edward Craggs, from the warehouse, Cattle market, every Monday & Thursday nights -Launcelot Ash, agent-& George Pearson, from the Blacksmiths' Arms, every Wednesday.

Conveyance By Water,

  • To Hull, the York, Robert Craven, master, & the Nile, John Smith, master, regular traders.

Transcribed by Colin Hinson. ©2003

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