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OLD BYLAND: Transcription of the Old Byland Parish Registers - Marriages 1654-1961.

1654John AbbotElizabeth Prest
1663William AbbotJane Worfolk
1663Thomas BottonAnn Hornby
1663Ann HornbyThomas Bolton
1666Robert CarterElizabeth Flintoft
1667Margerie BellRobert Semer
1667George BellwoodAnn Milburne
1668Sarah BellWilliam Hildreth
1668Ann ButteryRichard Kilvington
1668John ButteryElizabeth Foster
1672James AbrahamMary Binks
1675Thomas HornbyMary Harrison
1678Elizabeth ButteryJohn Cole
1690Isabel HallidayWilliam Metcalfe
1690Mary HornbyRichard Morlay
1691Elizabeth AbbotNicholas Coates
1692Isabel HallidayWilliam Seamer
1693John AbbotAnn Kitchingman
1693Jane HallidayWilliam Yanwith
1694Bryan HallidayAnn Layton
1694Dorothy HarrisonMatthew Hornby
1700Matthew HornbyAnne Wilson
1702Thomas ColeAnn Wildon
1702Mary HardinJohn Sparrow
1704Bryan HallidayElizabeth Scaife
1707John AbrahamElizabeth Prest
1707Thomas BottonElizabeth Hornby
1707Elizabeth HornbyThomas Bolton
1710William AbbotIsabel Lawn
1710John HarrisonAnn Storry
1710John HornbyMargaret Athey
1711John BeanAnn Garbutt
1711Mary HornbyJohn Mason
1712John AbbotElizabeth Storry
1715James AbrahamElizabeth Shaw
1718Ann AbrahamWilliam Fox
1718Benjamin ColeElizabeth Freer
1728Stephen AtheyElizabeth Abbot
1735John HardinAnn Busskey
1736Thomas ColeMary Noddin
1737Benjamin ColeMary Smithson
1740Isaac AbrahamAnn Whitfield
1742John AbrahamJane Hugill
1744John HornbyJane Nelson
1745Mary ColeWilliam Wood
1745Willam HornbyJudith Tyreman
1752Jane ArmstrongWilliam Bowes
1755William AbbotAnn Wilson
1755John BottonJane Hornby
1756Richard HarrisonMary Kemp
1759John HornbyMary Sunley
1761Milcah AbrahamJohn Cussons
1768Elizabeth HornbyThomas Leckenby
1769Ann ColeJohn Swales
1772John HornbyAnn Cussons
1775Joseph BrownCatherine Smith
1776Thomas AbrahamJemima Lancaster
1778Margaret BrownChristopher Halliday
1779John BattyJane Rowland
1779Benjamin ColeEsther Ewbanks
1783Jane ColeThomas Prest
1786Grace HornbyThomas Cole
1787Mary BottonJohn Peacock
1791Ann AbrahamRoger Meakin
1792Christiana AbbotWilliam Holdstock
1793Grace ColeWilliam Fewster
1793Thomas ChapmanSarah Abbot
1794Rosanna AbbotJames Dobson
1794William AbrahamBarbara Harrison
1794Elizabeth AtheyJohn Thompson
1798James BradleyJane Abraham
1798Easter ColeJohn Smith
1803Hannah AtheyJohn Lumley
1804John ColeMary Banks
1811Ann AbrahamDavid Metcalfe
1812Elizabeth AllanbyThomas Jackson
1814Christiana ChapmanOswald Barker
1815Mary ColeJohn Baker
1822Mary BottonJoseph Dawson
1826Jane HardinWilliam Dobson
1830Jane CarterCornelius Sturdy
1838Robert BlanchardEsther Burton
1841Matthew WilsonMary Wilson
1842Thomas RobinsonMary Peacock
1842Robert MilnerElizabeth Sturdy
1844William KendrewElizabeth Harrison
1844Elizabeth KirkWilliam Wood
1845Thomas WalkerSarah Jackson
1846Robert WhiteheadFrances Maria Johnson
1846John BowesMabel Cole
1847Edward HornbyHannah Humphrey
1848John HawkinsMartha Cole
1848Thomas NicholsonMary Ann Cole
1849Christopher ColeMargaret Hall
1849John RuddHannah Smith
1850William LancasterAnn Hornby
1851Matthew CarterAnn Boyes
1851George BucktonElizabeth Freer
1851John AshDorothy Agar Freer
1851Richard WilsonElizabeth Carter
1853James HawkinsTamar Lawn
1854Edward Ellerker RichardsonHannah Lawn
1854John CoatesHannah Dobson
1854George Peacock BennHannah Hornby
1854Cornelius SturdyElizabeth Boyes
1855Thomas WhorleyMary Lawson
1856John JonesHannah Hall
1857Thomas SmithMary Cole
1858Joseph LeckenbySarah Little
1858Stephen LawnJane Cole
1858William LumleyMary Ann Cussons
1858Cornelius SturdyHannah Hornby
1858William ColeMary Richardson
1860John BarnesHannah Barr
1861James CooperMary Johnson
1862Lancelot CussonsAnn Wass
1864Thomas LawnRuth Comins
1864John HogarthDorothy Lawn
1865Thomas EllisSarah Cole
1866William LeckenbyAnn Richardson
1866John KendrewSarah Wass
1868Wilson CussonsAnn Elizabeth Baron
1868William WorthyHannah Jackson
1869Christopher BosomworthMary Sharp Lumley
1869Benjamin CussonsBetsy Ann Medd
1871James ColbinAnna Parkinson
1872John Helm ColeSarah Sigsworth
1872Richard BendelowElizabeth Kay
1873Joseph LumleyEsther Ann Prest
1874Thomas ThompsonElizabeth Milner
1876George John SigsworthEllen Lawn
1876John FawcettHannah Wass
1877Charles WallingerAnne York
1879Joseph WassAnnie Hornby
1879Alfred DickensonFrances Elizabeth Spence
1880George WooleyElizabeth Richardson
1881William WilsonFrances Walker
1883Charles MeggisonAnnie Cole
1885James HurworthSarah Ann Wilson
1888John Thomas PrestSarah Ann Ellis
1892Isaac LumleyAnnie Robinson
1893John WilsonSarah Ann Leckenby
1894George HawkinsMary Richardson
1894John Thomas DanielAnnie Elizabeth Paxton
1894John Lancelot CussonsAnnie Wass
1898Robert WoodMary Jane Ellis
1898Job JohnsonFlorence Rainbow
1899John Wm Richardson LeckenbySarah Wass
1900George BarkerHannah Sturdy
1900William DunningAnnie Lilian Mabel Fenwick
1902George ChapmanAlice Robinson
1902Herbert HoulstonAlice Mary Chapman
1906Francis FenwickPolly Cossins
1906Horatio Thos Robinson PostgateLouisa Annie Dickinson
1910Christopher DunningAgnes Rainbow
1910Richard RainbowSarah Elizabeth Peacock
1911Henry Horner BrownTamar Chapman
1911William KirkEmma Elizabeth Stokell
1911George William DickinsonSarah Elizabeth Jennings
1920Francis ChapmanAnnie Mary York
1924Henry BarkerHilda Chapman
1925William Henry SmithLouie Richardson
1927Isaac Ward HoggartPhyliss Adams
1931Stanley OtterburnKathleen Caryle Wikeley
1931James DouthwaiteFlorence Sarah Rainbow
1932Sydney Macdonald StearmanAnnie Lilian Medd
1941Arthur Frederick Henry KingChristine Gillings
1942Alfred Stamper DowkesMarcia Joyce Lacy Bush
1945Noel Joseph BentleyAnnie Mary Hill
1951Thomas Nelson AlmondAudrey Burrows
1961Thomas GarbuttMabel Wetherill

Data transcribed by
Haydn Scott
© 2010