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Transcript of the entry for the Post Office, professions and trades for ORMESBY in Bulmer's Directory of 1890.


Miscellany of trades

  • Ansel Thomas, butcher
  • Auton Robert, junr., farmer, Keld house
  • Auton Robert, senr., farmer, The Grange
  • Brown Miss Elizabeth C., Ormesby house
  • Burton Joseph
  • Cowell Robert, Red Lion Inn
  • Deacon Charles, land agent
  • Dove Thomas, farmer, Bottoms farm
  • Fawcett Mrs. Hannah, cowkeeper
  • Foggin James, gatekeeper, Pennyman's lodge
  • Hogg Thomas, stationmaster, N. E. railway
  • Humble William, shoemaker
  • Jackson George, grocer and joiner
  • Leng Thomas, gardener
  • Lister Richard, contractor
  • Meynell Robert, joiner
  • Mortished John, H.M. Customs, West Leigh
  • Pennyman Jas. Stovin, Esq., J.P., Ormesby hall
  • Pickersgill Robert, farmer, Home farm
  • Robinson Richard, farmer, Spencer Beck farm
  • Sample Edward Lancaster, saddler
  • Sanderson Robert, Post office
  • Sharrock Rev. Wm. Robt., M.A., The Vicarage
  • Stainthorpe Thomas Shepherd, nurseryman and florist
  • Stubbs John, Park end
  • Sturdy Thomas, Barwick Hills farm
  • Taylor Henry, schoolmaster
  • Thompson James, farmer
  • Tidman Charles William, East Leigh
  • Turnbull William, mines foreman
  • Watts Jas., restaurant proprietor, The Villas
  • Wilkinson Jph., grocer & blacksmith, The Villas
  • Wood Robert, joiner



  • Office, High street. Meetings every alternate Thursday;
  • Chairman, John Sewell, Carlyle House, King's rd.;
  • Treasurer, J. E. Marshall, North Eastern Bank, Middlesbrough;
  • Surveyor, vacant;
  • Collector, Robt. Bell, Market pl.; Medical Officer, Wm. Knott, M.D., C.M., 22 West terrace;
  • Clerk, S. Spry, solicitor, Zetland rd., Middlesbrough


  • Chairman, J. S. Pennyman, Esq., Ormesby Hall, Middlesbrough;
  • Clerk, John Gilchrist, 1 Exchange place,Middlesbrough;
  • Attendance and Inquiry Officer, Geo. James Crone, Relief Office, High street


  • Cromwell street;
  • Chaplain, Rev. E. Otway Herbert;
  • Treasurer, John G. Swan, Esq.;
  • House Surgeon, Wm. Knott, Esq., M.D., C.M.
  • North Ormesby Church Institute, High street; Rev. W. C. Hawksley, president; Thomas Drust, secretary
  • Police Station, Cromwell street; Thos. Silversides, inspector; John Pickering, sergeant
  • Public Cemetery, Ormesby road; John Livingston, chairman of Burial Board
  • St. Joseph's Catholic Cemetery, Ormesby road; Brother Amandus, superior and registrar


  • for Ormesby District: High st.; Chairman, C. Moses; Relieving Officer, G. J. Crone. The Relief Committee meet here each alternate Tuesday at 2-30 p.m.


Post, Money Order, Telegraph Office, and Savings Bank, at Mrs. Agnes Weatherly's, 43 Smeaton street. Letters are delivered from Middlesbrough at 7 a.m., 12-15 and 5 p.m. Post Office Letter Box is cleared at 8-30 and 11-35 a.m., and at 3-15, 6-15, 7-30, and 8-40 p.m. Parcels and Registered Letters despatched at same times. Wall Box, King's road, cleared at 8-15 and 11-30 am, and 3-0, 6-0, and 8-35 p.m.

Miscellany of trades

  • Agar Thomas, foreman, 32 James street
  • Alexian Brothers, St. Joseph's Catholic Cemetery, Ormesby road
  • Allinson Henry, house agent, 1 Bargate street
  • Anderson John, foreman engineer, 5 West ter
  • Ashton John, brazier, &c., 10 Hampden street
  • Asker George, painter, 48 Moses street
  • Baines Thomas, watchmaker, 69 Smeaton st
  • Baines Wm., tailor and draper, 81 Smeaton st
  • Baker Valentine, foreman, 32, King's road
  • Bashford Mrs. Mary, monthly nurse, 76 Smeaton street
  • Bearpark Hy., insurance agt., 4 Langbaurgh pl
  • Bell Jas., schoolmstr. at Lackenby; h Mill hs
  • Bell Robert, clerk, 34 King's road
  • Bell Robert, confectioner and house and land agent, 35 Market place
  • Bennett Martha, nurse, 6 Cromwell street
  • Bennison Richard, chemist, druggist and seedsman, 36 Smeaton street
  • Bowles George, excise officer, Hawthorne villa
  • Bradford Wm., painter, &c., 7 Hampden street
  • Brittain William, Italian warehouseman, grocer, wine and spirit merchant and beer retailer, 65 and 67 Smeaton street
  • Brown David, moulder, 19 King's road
  • Brunton Mr. William, 8 West terrace
  • Buchanan John, painter, &c., 6 Smeaton st
  • Bullock James, refreshment rooms, &c., 55 Smeaton street
  • Bunnis John, manager, 51 Pennyman street
  • Carling Richard, coal dealer, 26 Moses street
  • Childerhouse Fred., agent to Industrial Assurance Co. of Gt. Britain, Ltd., 33 Market pl
  • Clark Mr. Joseph James, Primrose villa
  • Clay Joseph G., hairdresser and tobacconist, 109 Smeaton street
  • Clay Mrs. Sarah, 7 King's road
  • Clay Wm. Gunn, hairdresser, 32 Smeaton st
  • Codd William, house agent, Lincoln villa
  • Convent of the Sisters of Mercy, King's road
  • Conway Mr. James, 2 Grove road
  • Conway Rbt., miller and corn mrcht., feeding stuffs, and wine and spirit mercht,, Market pl
  • Cook John William, surgery, 15 Smeaton street; h 86 Marton road, Middlesbrough
  • Couper Mrs. Annie, general dlr., 63 Smeaton st
  • Crone George James, relieving officer, school inquiry and attendance officer, and collector to the Guardians; Office, High street; h 18 West terrace
  • Dobson Thos., furniture dlr., l and 3 Smeaton st
  • Dowson Mr. George, 37 Smeaton street
  • Drust Thomas, schoolmaster, 1 West terrace
  • Duffield Mr. James, 63 Pierson street
  • Edwards Mrs. Rachel, 18 King's road
  • Elgee Thomas Charles, clerk, Oakfield road
  • English Jph., foreman bricklayer 11 James st
  • Favell Jno., school attend. officer, Harrison st
  • Fenwick Mr. Richard, 35 King's road
  • Fenwick Thomas, hosier, glover, hatter, haberdasher and draper, 39 and 41 Smeaton st
  • Ferguson Mr. James, 5 Grove road
  • Fullerton George, foreman fitter, Gloucester rd
  • Gibbs Mr. Robert William, Ivy lodge
  • Goose Herbert Edwin, bank clerk, 6 Grove rd
  • Graham Andrew rate collector and assistant overseer, 4 Grove road
  • Gray Mrs. Catherine, newsagent and stationer 45 Smeaton street
  • Gribbin Mrs. Elizabeth, 7 West terrace
  • Haggerty Charles Edwin, inspecting engineer and science lecturer, Oakfield villa
  • Hague Mrs., tripe dealer, 22 Smeaton street
  • Halton George, cab proprietor, 8 Moses street
  • Hammond Thomas, foreman, 29 King's road
  • Hardy Josiah, foreman bricklayer, Orchid ho
  • Harris Mr. J., 15 King's road
  • Harrison Benj. Whiteley, cashier, Ebor house
  • Harrison John, slate merchant, Old Packet wharf; h 19 West terrace
  • Harrison Mr. Joseph, 17 West terrace
  • Harrison William, farmer, Whitehouse farm
  • Harrison William, foreman fitter, Telford st
  • Harrison Wm. Geo., builder, 30 King's road
  • Hawksley Rev. William Charles, M.A., vicar, The Vicarage
  • Hibbs George, milk dealer, 27 Market place
  • Hickman Mrs. Mary M., furniture dealer, 125 Smeaton street
  • Hingston Geo., collector of customs, Beaconsfield house
  • Hodgson William, storekeeper, 39 King's road
  • Hoskisson John, debt collector, Worsley street
  • Huddlestone William Freeman, 24 King's rd
  • Huhndorf Mrs. Betsy, 8 King's road
  • Ingram James, accountant, Myrtle villa
  • Jackson Mrs. Hannah, Clifton villa, King's rd
  • Jackson John, 13 West terrace
  • Jenkin Rev, John, curate of Holy Trinity, 20 King's road
  • Keith Archibald Simpson Slate, managing engineer, Oakfield road
  • Kelly Alfred, schoolmaster, 11 Smeaton street
  • Kemp Mrs. Esther, glass and china dealer, 12 Market place
  • King Anthony, joiner and builder, King's road
  • Kirby Edward, bank manager, York house
  • Knott Wm., M.D., C.M., surgeon, 22 West ter
  • Lansdale E., foreman moulder, 41 King's road
  • Lennard George Henry, clerk, 15 West terrace
  • Linfoot John, builder, 86 Smeaton street
  • Little George, general dealer, 91 Smeaton st
  • Livingston John, brassfounder, Alma house
  • Lynas Charles Ernest, joiner and undertaker, &c., 38 High street
  • Macklin Walter, whitesmith, &c., 2 Smeaton st
  • Mallett Isaac, tobacconist, 97 Smeaton street
  • Malthouse Joseph, bricklayer, 18 Charles st
  • Massey John, 25 King's road
  • Mills James, cab proprietor, carter, and coal dealer, 26 Market place
  • Morton John, manager, 22 King's road
  • Moses Christopher, architect, surveyor, and valuer, Worsley house
  • Moses George, surveyor, Worsley house
  • North Ormesby Church Institute, High street; Thomas Drust, secretary
  • North Ormesby Gas Co., Ltd., Marsh road; Thomas Thomas, manager and secretary
  • Owen Edward, fishmonger, 24 Smeaton street
  • Parkinson David, tea agent, Alfred street
  • Parkinson John Matthew, teacher of music, 4 King's road
  • Parsons Thomas, baker, 9 High street
  • Pearce John, cab proprietor, 50 Charles street
  • Pennock Richard, 35 King's road
  • Pickering John, police sergeant, Police station, Cromwell street
  • Porritt William Henry, undertaker, stationer and fancy goods dealer, 89 Smeaton street
  • Potter Edwin, engineer, 21 West terrace
  • Pratt Richd., managing engineer, 20 West ter
  • Ramsay Jas., foreman engineer, Linden villa
  • Randalls William James, moulder, 21 King's rd
  • Redman George, builder, 11 Market place
  • Reynolds John, draughtsman, Langbaurgh pl
  • Robinson Adam, grocer, provision merchant, and confectioner, 23 Smeaton street
  • Robinson Thomas, chemist and druggist, wine and spirit merchant, 51 and 53 Smeaton st
  • Roth William Fredk., butcher, 21 Smeaton st
  • Sanderson John, clerk and insurance agent, 14 Charles street
  • Scorer Henry, ironmonger, 7 Market place
  • Sewell John, B.A., head master, High School, Middlesbrough; h Carlyle house, King's rd
  • Shaw Joseph Fred., timekeeper, 6 King's road
  • Shepherd John, blacksmith, 5 Langbaurgh pl
  • Siddaway James, coal dealer, 11 Derwent st
  • Siddaway Thomas, coal dealer, James street; h 70 Stovin street
  • Silversides Thos., police inspector, 37 King's rd
  • Smith Aaron, coal dealer, Peirson street
  • Smith E. J., engineer, 6 West terrace
  • Smith Ebenezer F., fried fish dealer, 14 Smeaton street
  • Sorrill Richard, cemetery keeper and sexton, Cemetery lodge
  • Stephenson Mrs. Martha, milk dlr., 31 Pennyman street
  • Stone Wm. & Son, printers and bookbinders, 22 High street
  • Thomas John, coal merchant, (Thomas & Co); h 10 West terrace
  • Thomas Joshua Heneage, coal manager, 10 West terrace
  • Thomas Thomas, gas manager and secretary (North Ormesby Gas Co., Ltd.); h 9 West ter
  • Tompkins Mrs. Eliz., tobacconist, 7 Smeaton st
  • Truefitt Wm., jun., master mariner, 33 King's rd
  • Truefitt Wm., sen., master mariner, 23 King's rd
  • Wade Robt., gentleman, Elmtree house, Westbourne grove
  • Walker John, milk dealer, 34 High street
  • Wasp James, hair dresser, 64 Smeaton street
  • Weatherill Robt., iron merchant, 5 Smeaton st
  • Weatherly Mrs. Agnes, post office, 43 Smeaton street
  • Welford John, general dealer, 10 Cromwell st
  • Westgarth English & Co., marine & general engineers, boiler makers, &c., Marsh road
  • Westgarth Mr. George, The Villas, King's road
  • Westgarth Tom (Westgarth English & Co.); h The Villas, King's road
  • Williams George, coal dealer & cab proprietor, 129 Smeaton street
  • Wilson Geo., joiner and undertkr., 54 Stovin st
  • Woodward Edward F., 3 West terrace
  • Woolston Thomas, stationer, 35 Market place


  • Academies & Schools. (See Schools.)

Beer Retailers.

  • Barlow William, Harrison st
  • Bashford Mrs. Anne, 59 Smeaton street
  • Brittain William, 65 and 67 Smeaton street
  • Chambers Emma, Worsley st
  • Cook William, Albion Inn, 4 Charles street
  • Dickons William. Black Lion, 90 Smeaton street
  • Lamyman Alfred Wilson, 80 Smeaton street
  • Morrison George, Market place
  • Pickin Mrs. Ann, Steeple Chase Inn, Hymer street
  • Siddaway Mark, 23 Charles st
  • Siddaway Thos., 21 Market pl
  • Stevens Henry, James street
  • Thompson M., White Lion Inn, Smeaton street

Boot & Shoe Makers.

  • Bell Francis, 17 James street
  • Kirby Isaac, 49 Hampden st
  • Lyon Henry J., 5 High street
  • Sutton John, 83 Smeaton st
  • Tattersall Francis, High st
  • Watmough Jno., 57 Smeaton st
  • Wright William, 19 High st


  • Bailey Richard, 9 Hampden st
  • Eastmans Limited, 29 Smeaton street
  • Glendenen David M., 37 Charles street
  • Glendenen John, 47 and 49 Smeaton street
  • Jackson John, Smeaton street
  • Mouncer John William, 12 Charles street
  • Purcer Alfred (pork), 103 Smeaton street
  • Robinson Francis, 24 James st
  • Robinson John, 6 Market pl
  • Robinson Thomas, 9 King's rd
  • Roth William Frederick, 21 Smeaton street
  • Smith Jacob, 32 High street
  • Walker William (pork), 71 Smeaton street


  • Bradley John Henry, 36 Smeaton street
  • Fenwick Thomas, 39 and 41 Smeaton street
  • Marley & Betts, 77 Smeaton st
  • Siddaway Abslm., 31 Nelson st
  • Weatherley Thomas, 43 Smeaton street


  • Allan Miss Emma, 35 High st
  • Burgess Miss, Trinity terrace
  • Haslock Isabella, 21 James st
  • Huddleston Maud, 24 King's rd
  • Robinson Miss, King's road


  • Bolton William, 13 Market pl
  • Mason Peter, 8 Market place
  • Pollard Wm. 74 Smeaton st
  • Stephens Henry, James street
  • Trenholme William, 48 Smeaton street


  • Barlow William, 1 Tees street
  • Bashford Mrs. Anne, 59 Smeaton street
  • Bolton Benjamin, 19 Market pl
  • Bowen John, 24 Charles street
  • Brittain William, 65 and 67 Smeaton street
  • Carey John, 19 Hampden st
  • Cartwright Henry, 50 and 52 Smeaton street
  • Conway Robert, Market place and King's road
  • Courtley Parker & Co., 26 and 28 Smeaton street
  • Day John, 117 Smeaton street
  • Denton George, 66 Stovin st
  • Dodsworth Richd,. 9 Market pl
  • Kirkham Walter, 127 Smeaton street
  • Lamyman Alfred Wilson, 80 Smeaton street
  • Leng John, 82 and 84 Smeaton street
  • Middlesbrough Co-operative Stores, High street
  • Morrison George, Market pl
  • Parsons Thomas, 9 High st
  • Race Matthew, 33 Smeaton st
  • Roberts Mrs. Ann, 62 Peirson street
  • Robinson Adam, 23 Smeaton st
  • Robinson Jph., 3 Cromwell st
  • Robinson Thomas, 51 and 53 Smeaton street
  • Siddaway Mark, 23 Charles st
  • Siddaway Thos., 21 Market pl
  • Storey Robert, 22 Charles st

Hotels, Inn, and Taverns.

  • Black Swan, 27 Smeaton st; John Harrison
  • Cleveland Hotel, Smeaton st; E. Alcock
  • Crown Hotel, Cargo Fleet; Thomas Wakelin
  • Crown and Mitre, James and Harrison streets (corner of) George Dawson
  • Langbaurgh Hotel, Langbaurgh place; Thos. Cuthbertson
  • Mechanics' Arms, 20 Smeaton street; D. Roderick
  • Navigation Inn, Marsh road; John Fenwick
  • Pennyman's Arms, 20 Market place; P. Aram
  • Royal Victoria Hotel, 50 Charles street; Septimus Herbert Simpson
  • Worsley Arms, 58 Smeaton st; J. Bainbridge


  • Clark Hannah, 12 West ter
  • Mackinnon Agnes, 26 King's rd
  • Robinson Emma Jane, 3 Grove road
  • Smith Jane Ann, 16 West ter
  • Wragg Edward, 11 West ter


  • Marshall William Hamblet, 98 Smeaton street
  • Pickering John Hutchinson, 4 Market place
  • Smith Jacob, 71 to 75 Smeaton street


  • Catholic School (mixed), King's road; conducted by the Sisters of Mercy
  • Derwent Street Board Schools; girls, Miss Florence Freestone, head mistress; Miss Elizabeth West, Miss B. G. Huhndorf and Miss Florence Louisa Dobbs, Assistants. Infants, Miss Eliz. Croft, head mistress, and Miss Maggie Smith, assistant
  • Smeaton Street Board Schools; senior boys, Alfred Kelly, head master; junior boys, Thomas Drust, master


  • Benson Wm. (and coal dealer) 121 Smeaton street
  • Birkbeck John George (and stock taker), 123 Smeaton st
  • Cummins Robert, James st
  • Cummins Mrs. Sar., the Ormesby dairy, 45 Hampden st
  • Hackett Mrs. Catherine, 86 Charles street
  • Hill Aaron, 105 Smeaton st
  • Horton James, 37 Market pl
  • Jefferson Thomas, 2 Queen st
  • Lockey Mrs. Jane, 38 Smeaton street
  • Lynn Solomon and stocking knitter, best wools, worsted and yarns at lowest possible prices, 7 James street
  • Miller Henry, 16 Cromwell st
  • Pickering Mrs., Market place
  • Price Charlotte, 15 Harrison street
  • Price James, 5 Cromwell st
  • Robinson James, 33 Charles street
  • Roderick Thomas, 1 Hampden street
  • Sayers Wm., 68 Smeaton st
  • Taylor William, 14 Market pl

Smallware Dealers.

  • Holdsworth Fras., 36 High st
  • Mills Mrs. Ada, 26 Market place
  • Siddaway Absalom, 31, Nelson street
  • Smith Elizabeth, 10 Charles st
  • Southall Alfred, 38 Harrison st
  • Spencelayh Charles, 5 Trinity terrace


  • Postal Address, Nunthorpe, R.S.O.

Miscellany of trades

  • Curry Thos., farmer & land agnt. Morton Carr
  • Garbutt Wm. Osborn, farmer, Morton Grange


  • Postal Address, Upsall, Nunthorpe, R.S.O.

Miscellany of trades

  • Atkinson John, gardener, Upsall lodge
  • Boll George Wight, schoolmaster
  • Johnson Thomas, farmer
  • Pickersgill Henry C., schoolmaster
  • Pickersgill Robert, farm bailiff, Upsall hall
  • Sleightholme Miss Jane, vict., Cross Keys; letters via Guisborough
  • Swan John George, Esq., J.P., Upsall hall; letters via Middlesbrougb
  • Thomas David, farmer
  • Yorkshire Penny Bank (Ormesby Branch), G W. Boll, assistant-actuary

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