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Transcript of the entry of "professions and trades for PICKERING in Baines's Directory of 1823.


  • Post Master, James Wilsthorp, Office, Market Place.

    Places from whence Distance. Postage. Arrival of Mails. Departure of Mails.
    Letter bags are recvd.
    York.................. 27 6 4 morng. daily. half p. 3 aft.
    Malton................ 9 4 ditto, ditto
    Whitby................ 21 6 half p. 3 aft. 4 morning

Miscellany of trades

  • Adamson John, Boroughgate
  • Campion Mrs. Margaret, Westgate
  • Coultman Mrs. Elizabeth, Hungate
  • Croft Rev. Gabriel, Hall garth
  • Dennis William, gent. Eastgate
  • Dickinson John, gent. Eastgate
  • Dixon Elizabeth, gentwmn. Boroughgate
  • Fryer Mrs. Hannah, Eastgate
  • Harding Mrs. Jane, Hungate
  • Hayes Misses C. & E. Bridge street
  • Hayes Matthew, Esq. Rectory house, Hall garth
  • Kitching Robert, gentleman, Boroughgate
  • Kitching Robert, gentleman, Hungate
  • Loy Martin Augustine, MD. Hall garth
  • Lyth Robert, gentleman; Boroughgate
  • Mitchelson Colonel Thomas, magistrate, Hungate
  • Ness Ann, gentlewoman, Back lane
  • Oates Anthony, Esq. Potter's hill
  • Parke Mrs. Ann, Hungate
  • Parke Mrs. Mary, Eastgate
  • Parkinson Mrs. Ann, Eastgate
  • Parkinson John, gentleman, Eastgate
  • Piper Robert, Esq. Castlegate
  • Ponsonby Rev. John, vicar, A. M. Vicarage, Hall garth
  • Richardson Mrs. Esther, Potters hill
  • Sidgworth Mrs. Ann; Potters hill
  • Simpson Thomas, gentleman, Eastgate
  • Spenceley Mrs. Elizabeth, Smithy hill
  • Stockton Mrs. Catharine, Hungate.
  • Storry Thomas, gent. Castlegate
  • Taft Rev. Zechariah, Hungate
  • Thorp Elizabeth, gentlewoman, Bridge street
  • Ward Mrs. Ann, Market place
  • Wells Mrs. Isabella, Potters hill
  • Wells William Esq., Beck hall, Potters hill
  • Whitfield Mrs. Hannah, Eastgate
  • Wilson George, gent. Potters hill
  • Windle William, gent. Westgate
  • Wraugham John, gent. Castlegate


  • Dobson John, Eastgate
  • Harrison Penelope & Jane, (ladies' boarding) Hungate
  • Hayes Frances, Eastgate
  • Jackson Ann, Hungate
  • Nares Rachael, Potters hill
  • Putsey Rev. W. Castlegate
  • Simpson John, Potters hill
  • Skelton Ann, (industry) Hungate
  • Wilson John, Eastgate


  • Bointon Thomas, (& chief constable for the division of Pickering Lythe)
  • Boroughgate
  • Peirson Thomas, Bridge street
  • Watson John, Market place

Auctioneers and Appraisers,

  • Foster James Market place
  • Pattinson Robert, Hall garth
  • Warwick Richard, Church street


  • Barker John, Potters hill
  • Champley George, Market place
  • Hewerdine George, Eastgate
  • Saunderson Robert, Boroughgate
  • Skaife John, Baker
  • Walker William, Bakehouse lane

Bankers' Agents,

  • Ashton William, Boroughgate, (for the North-riding Bank)
  • Wardell Joseph, Market place, (for the East-riding Bank)


  • Barker Thomas Potters hill
  • Caward Richard, Ratten row
  • Rooke Richard, Eastgate

Boot and Shoemakers,

  • Appleby John, Hall garth
  • Bransdale Barth. Back lane.
  • Clark John, Market place
  • Cole Thomas, Eastgate
  • Ellis John & William, Potters hill
  • Foster Thomas, Market place
  • Gray Caleb, Market place
  • Johnson Richard, Castlegate
  • Kidd Champley, Boroughgate
  • Lowther John, Hall garth
  • Nares William, Bakehouse lane
  • Rodgers Richard, Castlegate
  • Sharp John, Potters hill
  • Stephenson Richard, Market place
  • Storry Christopher, Market place
  • Tate Mark, Potters hill
  • Thorp George, Potters hill
  • Wilson William, Market place

Braziers and Tinsmiths,

  • Hawson Thomas, Market place
  • Steward Henry & Son, Market place


  • Hawson George, Eastgate
  • Hodgson William, Potters hill


  • Cross Robert, Hall garth
  • Cross Thomas, (& woolstplr.) Hungate
  • Foster John, Eastgate
  • Foster Robert, sen. Hall garth
  • Foster Robert, jun. Hall garth
  • Graves Thomas, Eastgate
  • Graystock Ralph, Castlegate
  • Lyon John, Castlegate
  • Monkman Matthew, Market place
  • Otterburn John, Westgate

Chemists and Druggists,

  • Ashton William, Boroughgate
  • Atkinson William, Market place


  • Hewardine George, Hall garth
  • Lawson John, Boroughgate

Corn Millers,

  • Harrison William, Bakehouse lane
  • Hodgson William, Potters hill
  • Pearson & Pennock, High mill
  • Rowntree Ann, Low mill

Curriers and Leather Cutters,

  • Kirby Thomas, Ratten row
  • Kirby William, Ratten row
  • Marflit Thomas, Ratten row
  • Payler Thomas, Potters hill


  • Bird Thomas, Bridge street
  • Scales Mory, (silk) Ratten row


  • Boyes George, Westgate
  • Boyes John, Westgate
  • Boyes Robert, Westgate
  • Charles William, Eastgate
  • Coates William, Eastgate
  • Coultas James, Bridge street
  • Coultman John, Keld head
  • Coultman William, Potters hill
  • Dobson Robert, Hungate
  • Dobson Thomas, Eastgate
  • Edon William, Eastgate
  • Ellis Robert, Keld head
  • Glenton John, Westgate
  • Grayson William, Eastgate
  • Hayes Charles, Keld head
  • Heward John, Eastgate
  • Hudson John, Eastgate
  • Kirby George, Market place
  • Kirby John, Eastgate
  • Kirby Roger, Keld head
  • Kitching William, Keld head
  • Newton William, Hungate
  • Parke Richard & William, Westgate
  • Pearson Robert, Potters hill
  • Robinson William, Eastgate
  • Skelton George, Boroughgate
  • Smidd John, Hungate
  • Whitfield John, Eastgate
  • Wilkinson George, Keld head
  • Wilkinson William, Eastgate


  • Adamson William, (& glover) Market place
  • Grayson Thomas, (& tanner) Hungate

Fire and Life &c. Offices,

  • Guardian Joseph Wardell, Market place
  • Norwich Union T Bointon, Boroughgate

Gardeners & Seedsmen,

  • Dealtry John, Westgate
  • Gray John, Boroughgate
  • Kirby John, Eastgate
  • Wardell Joseph, (grass seeds) Market place

Grocers and Tea Dealers,

  • Ashton William, Boroughgate
  • Atkinson William, Market place
  • Coultman Robert, Market place
  • Grayson John, Market place
  • Hart Tabitha & Ruth, Market place
  • Jefferson Richard, Boroughgate
  • Salton William, Eastgate

Hotels, Inns and Taverns,

  • Bay Horse, John Hayes, Market place
  • Black Swan Inn, William, Yeoman, (excise office, posting & commercial house) Market place
  • Blue Bell, Mthw. Monkman, Market place
  • Board, Francis Champney, Bridge street
  • Crown, George Gibson, Boroughgate
  • George Inn, William, Gibson (and horse dealer) Market place
  • Horse Shoe, Rhd. Rooke, Eastgate
  • King's Arms, Rd. Warwick, Back lane
  • King's Head, Thomas, Vinnis, Boroughgate
  • Royal Oak, Thomas, Eden, Eastgate
  • White Swan, John Harrison, (commercial Inn,) Market place
  • White Swan, Roger Kirby, Market place

Joiners &c.,

  • Beilby Thomas, Boroughgate
  • Craike Peter, Westgate
  • Gray John, Boroughgate
  • Gray Thomas, Boroughgate
  • Johnson Robert, Castlegate
  • Kirby Thomas, (& cabinet maker,) Market place
  • Scurr Henry, Bakehouse lane
  • Simpson Jonathan, Hungate

Linen Drapers, &c.,

  • Atkinson William, (woollen) Market place
  • Coultman Robert, Market place
  • Dobby Ann, (& distributor of stamps) Market place
  • Grayson John, Market place
  • Hart Tabitha & Ruth, Market place

Linen Manufacturers,

  • Simpson William, Back lane
  • Simpson William, Smailes nook

Linen and Woollen Drapers,

  • Blanchard C. D. Boroughgate
  • Jefferson Richard, Boroughgate

Linen Weavers,

  • Ayres John, Westgate
  • Garbutt Joseph, (damask) Eastgate
  • Ptolomey William, Hungate
  • Sheffield Bryan, Hungate
  • Simpson William, Smailes nook
  • Skelton George, Hall garth
  • Wilson Thomas, Westgate


  • Hawson George, Eastgate
  • Hodgson William, Potters lull
  • Parke Richard & William, Westgate


  • Lowther William, Potters hill
  • Snowden William, Boroughgate


  • Gray John, Boroughgate
  • Gray Thomas, Boroughgate
  • Johnson Robert, Castlegate

Perfumers and Hair Dressers,

  • Hodgson William, sen. Market place
  • Hodgson William, jun. Market place
  • Hutchinson John, Boroughgate

Plumbers and Glaziers,

  • Butler Thomas, Boroughgate
  • Mathers Thomas Boroughgate
  • Salton George, Eastgate


  • Robinson William, Market place
  • Walton Benjamin, Bridge street
  • Wilsthorp James, Market place


  • Adamson James, Bridge street
  • Bean Thomas, Hungate
  • Clark Elizabeth, Market place
  • Fishbourn Thomas, Eastgate
  • Fletcher Matthew, Bakehouse lane
  • Gray Elizabeth, Market place
  • Hawson William, Eastgate
  • Hesp John, Eastgate
  • Houldgate George, Eastgate
  • Lomas Elizabeth, Market place
  • Magson Robert, Hungate
  • Middleton John, Bakehouse lane

Stone Masons,

  • Boulton Richard, Castlegate
  • Champney Francis, Bridge street,
  • Lumley Robert, Boroughgate
  • Salton William, Eastgate
  • Saunderson James Boroughgate
  • Scales John, sen. Hungate
  • Scales John, jun. Ratten row
  • Stockdale Robert, Boroughgate

Straw Hat Manufacturers,

  • Coultas Elizabeth, Bridge street
  • Haxby Mary Ann, Bridge street
  • Kneeshaw Margaret, Market place
  • Pickering Mary, Bridge street


  • Birdsall William, Hallgarth
  • Carnachan T. G. Boroughgate
  • Paul Daniel, Market place

Tailors, &c.,

  • Foster James, Market place
  • Hawson William, Eastgate
  • Hodgson John, Bridge street
  • Jackson Robert, Ratten row.
  • Kirby Hugh, (& draper) Potters hill
  • Lotherington James, Church lane
  • Ruddock William, & John, Boroughgate

Tallow Chandlers,

  • Ashton William, Boroughgate
  • Greenwood Richard, Potters hill
  • Kirby Roger, Market place

Watch and Clock Makers,

  • Cox Robert, Boroughgate
  • Stephenson Robert, Market place


  • Appleby William, Hungate
  • Craike Thomas, Potters hill
  • Eden Thomas, Eastgate
  • Newsome John, Potters hill
  • Rooke Mary, Hungate
  • Ward Thomas, Eastgate
  • Wilson John, Hungate


  • Fletcher William, Bakehouse lane
  • Whitfield Robert, Eastgate,

Wine and Spirit Merchants,

  • Ashton & Cross, Hall garth
  • Harrison John, Market place
  • Wardall Joseph, (& hop merchant,) Market place

Miscellany of trades

  • Boak William, book binder &c. Market place
  • Brown James, wood turner, Eastgate
  • Burton Ralph, land surveyor, Potters lane
  • Buttle John, shopman at Mr. Jefferson's, Boroughgate
  • Chapman George, clog & patten mkr. Bakehouse lane
  • Christelow Fras. flax dresser, Hungate
  • Coverdale John, excise officer, Potters hill
  • Ellis John, commission agent, Potters hill
  • Foster John, glass and china dealer, Market place
  • Grayson John, master mariner, Market place
  • Jenkinson John, worsted manufacturer, Market place
  • Kirby George, rope and twine maker, Market place
  • Kneeshaw John, purser, RN. Eastgate
  • M'Millan Peter, medicine vender, Market place
  • Nares Jerom, bailiff for the liberty of Pickering Lythe, Potters hill
  • Parke Richard & William, brick and tile manufacturers, Westgate
  • Seavers Thomas, acting clerk to the magistrates, clerk to the commissioners of taxes, and deputy lieutenants, Bakehouse lane
  • Shipsey William, travelling dpr. Castlegate
  • Spenceley William, basket maker, Potters hill
  • Storr John, dealer in edge tools, Ratten row
  • Summersgill Robert, waiter at Black Swan, Church lane
  • Ward John, dealer in earthenware, Hungate


  • From William Yeoman's, Black Swan, Market place.
  • The ROYAL MAIL, to Whitby on Mon. Wed. and Fri. at 4 o'clock in the mng, to York, Sun. Tu. & Thu. at half Past 3 aft.


  • Helmsley, John Pearson, dep. Fri. 10 mg. ret. Sat. 9 night
  • Helmsley, John Wood, dep. Fri. 10 mg. ret. Sat, night
  • Kirkbymoorside, John Field, on Wed. dep. 8 mg. ret. 8 night.
  • Kirkbymoorside, John Pearson, dep. Fri. 10 mg. ret. 9 Sat. night.
  • Kirkbymoorside, John Wood, dep. Fri. 10 mg. ret. Sat. 9 night.
  • Kirkbymoorside, William, Walker, on Wed. and Fri. ret. same days.
  • Malton, John Field, dep. Sat. 7 mg. ret. 7 night
  • Malton, Thomas Dobson, not regular.
  • Scarbro', John Pearson, on Wed. 9 mg. ret. Thu. night, 10 o'clock.
  • Scarbro', Thomas, Carlisle, on Wed. mg. 9 o'clock, ret. Thu. night 10.
  • Whitby, Andrew Allen, dep. Thu. at 12 noon.
  • Whitby, George Pearson, every Thu. at 4 o'clock ret Tu. 7 night.
  • Whitby, Thomas Keddy, on Fri. 6 mg. ret. Sat. 8 evg.
  • York, Andrew Allen, dep. Tu. 4 aft.
  • York, George Pearson, every Tu. at 8. night, ret. Thu. 3 aft.

Transcript of the entry of "professions and trades
for HIGH KINGTHORPE in Baines's Directory of 1823.

Gentry &c.:

  • Fothergill, Colonel John

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