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Transcript of the entry of "professions and trades for PICKERING in Pigot's Directory of 1834.


  • Post Office, Pickering, Frances Wilsthorp, Post mistress

Gentry & Clergy,

  • Adamson Mr. John, Borough gate
  • Coultman Mr. John, Hungate
  • Coultman Mr. William, Potter hill
  • Croft Rev. Gabriel (independent) Hall garth
  • Dennis William, esq. Eastgate
  • Dobson Miss Martha, Bridge row
  • Harding Henry, esq. Marshes
  • Hardwick Miss, Eastgate
  • Hayes Rev. Thomas, Aislaby hall
  • Hayes Mr. Thomas, Middleton
  • Hill Richard, esq. Thornton
  • Irvin Rev. Joseph (curate) Snainton
  • Irvin Rev. Thomas, jun. (curate) Thornton
  • King Nicholas, esq. Market place
  • Kitching Robert, esq. Hungate
  • Kitching Robert, jun. esq. Borough gate
  • Lyth Mr. Robert, Snainton
  • Mackereth Rev. Charles, Middleton
  • Mitchelson Thomas, esq. (magistrate & deputy lieutenant of the North Riding) Hungate
  • Nessfield Mrs. Mary, Snainton
  • Osbaleston George, esq. Ebberston lodge
  • Parke Mr. Thomas, Borough gate
  • Parkinson Mr. John, Eastgate
  • Pickering Mr. George, Whitby gate, Thornton
  • Piper Mr. Nicholas, Market place
  • Ponsonby Rev. John, M.A. Vicarage
  • Priestman Joshua, esq. Beck hall, Thornton
  • Putsey Rev. Warcup, Castle gate
  • Robinson Mr. William, Eastgate
  • Scholefield Rev. Richard Brown, (vicar of Ganton & curate of Thornton) High hall
  • Simpson Rev. Thomas (vicar) Ebberston
  • Storry Mr. Thomas, Borough gate
  • Thorp Miss Elizabeth, Bridge row
  • Ward Mrs. Ann, Market place
  • Watson John, esq. Middleton
  • Watson Richard, esq. Ebberston
  • Webb Rev. John Hill, (vicar) Thornton
  • Wells Mrs. Elizabeth, Beck hall
  • Whitfield Mr. John, Eastgate

Academies & Schools,
Not otherwise described are Day Schools

  • Adamson Jemima, Hungate
  • Adamson William C. (classical & mathematical) Hungate
  • Brown Joshua, Snainton
  • Champney Grace, Potter hill
  • Cross Henry (& teacher of Sunday school) Ebberston
  • Grammar School -- Rev. W. Putsey, master
  • Hodgson Elizabeth, Malton gate
  • Irvin Rev. Thomas, jun. (boarding) Thornton
  • King Miss (boarding) Borough gate
  • Langdale Ann, Ebberston
  • Manners Thomas (boarding) Middleton
  • Mintoft Robert, Middleton
  • Nares Martha, Westgate
  • Parkin Hannah, Malton gate, Thornton
  • Pease Thomas, Malton gate, Thornton
  • Schofield Rev. R.R.B. (boarding) High hall, Thornton
  • Sharp Mary, Potter hill
  • Simpson John, Potter hill
  • Storr Robert, Thornton
  • Ward Mary, Potter hill
  • Whitelock Susannah, Hungate
  • Wilson Mary, Market place
  • Wood Elizabeth, Church st, Thornton
  • Young Ann, Malton gate, Thornton


  • Bointon Thomas, Borough gate
  • Bointon Thomas, jun. Borough gate
  • Grundon Thomas, Pickering
  • Parkinson Frank Dennis, Pickering
  • Peirson Thomas, Market place
  • Watson John, Hungate

Auctioneers & Appraisers,

  • Ellis John, Market place
  • Hickey William, Whitby gate, Thornton

Bacon & Butter Dealers,

  • Goodwill John, Beck hall, Thornton
  • Jackson Thomas, Church st, Thornton
  • Stonehouse Robert, Malton gate, Thornton
  • Stonehouse Thomas, Whitby gate, Thornton

Bakers & Flour Dealers,

  • Barker John, Westgate
  • Champley Susannah, Market place
  • Hawson William, Eastgate
  • Rivley John, Thornton
  • Sanderson Robert, Castle gate
  • Scaife John, Hungate
  • Walker William, King st


  • Barker Thomas, Potter hill
  • Brown Thomas, Snainton
  • Cook Thomas, Snainton
  • Coward Richard, Hungate
  • Dickenson Thomas, Wilton
  • Dowson John, Potter hill
  • Green Robert, Beck lane, Thornton
  • Maw John & Son, Brock lane, Thornton
  • Newton Francis, Ebberston
  • Rogers Thomas, Ebberston
  • Rooke Ellis, Hall garth
  • Stephenson William, Malton gate, Thornton

Boot & Shoe Makers,

  • Appleby Jonathan, Eastgate
  • Appleby William, Buck lane
  • Beal George, Whitby gate, Thornton
  • Bower John, Wilton
  • Bower Richard, Malton gate, Thornton
  • Boyes Thomas, Middleton
  • Bransdale John, Willer gate
  • Calvary Robert, Snainton
  • Clark John, Market place
  • Cole Thomas, Eastgate
  • Craven William, Snainton
  • Dobson William, Birdgate
  • Garbutt Jonathan, King st
  • Gray James, Market place
  • Jackson John, Church st, Thornton
  • Kidd Champley, Borough gate
  • Lightfoot Robert, Snainton
  • Lowther John, Hall garth
  • Nares William, King st
  • Ray Charles, Church st, Thornton
  • Ridley James, Thornton
  • Sawdon John, Market place
  • Sawdon Robert, Potter hill
  • Sharp John, Potter hill
  • Simpson Richard, Aislaby
  • Slater John, Ebberston
  • Stephenson Richard, Market place
  • Stephenson Walter, Snainton
  • Storry Christopher, Market place
  • Tate Mark, Borough gate
  • Watson William, Potter hill
  • West George, Church st, Thornton
  • White William, Market place
  • Wilson William, Back lane

Braziers & Tin Plate Workers,

  • Butler Elizabeth, Birdgate
  • Gaiens Mark Taylor, Potter gate
  • Stewart Henry, Eastgate


  • Hall John (& maltster) Snainton
  • Hawson William & George (& maltsters) Eastgate
  • Richardson Thomas (& maltster) Thornton
  • Sawerby Thomas, Market place
  • Wardell Joseph, Potter hill


  • Atkinson Robert, Borough gate
  • Cross John, Hall garth
  • Cross Robert, Hall garth
  • Cross Robert, Pickering Carr
  • Dixon Robert, Brock lane, Thornton
  • Ellis John, Market place
  • Foster Robert, Hall garth
  • Foster Robert, jun. Hall garth
  • Frank Robert, Middleton
  • Graves Thomas, Eastgate
  • Graystock Ralph, Castle gate
  • Marfitt Thomas, Thornton
  • Mooring Francis, Borough gate
  • Prudhams Charles, Market place
  • Simpson Lancelot, Borough gate


  • Bolton Thomas, Potter hill
  • Boulton John, Church st, Thornton
  • Dinnis Peter, Back lane, Thornton
  • Dryden William, Eastgate
  • Frank Thomas, Aislaby
  • Fryer John, Eastgate
  • Spenceley Francis, Potter hill
  • Temple John, Ebberston
  • Temple John, Wilton
  • Walker John, Hungate
  • Wardell John, Pickering lane, Thornton


  • Dinnis Peter, Brock lane, Thornton
  • Lawson John, Borough gate
  • Pamley Thomas, Hall garth


  • Kirby William, Cattle market
  • Kitching Edward (& leather cutter) Hungate


  • Ashton William, Borough gate
  • Atkinson William & Son, Market place


  • Bird Thomas, Bridge row
  • Scales John, Hall garth

Earthenware Dealers,

  • Clark William (& glass) Eastgate
  • Ward John, Hungate

Fire, &c. Office Agents,

  • Guardian, Joseph Wardell, Potter hill
  • Yorkshire, John Ellis, Market place

Gardeners & Seedsmen,

  • Allanson Thomas, Westgate
  • Beal Matthew, Middleton
  • Bean Thomas, Hall garth
  • Coates William, Eastgate
  • Garbutt Joseph, Eastgate
  • Gray Thomas, Borough gate

Grocers & Drapers,
(See also Shopkeepers, &c.)

  • Ashton William (grocer) Borough gate
  • Atkinson William & Son, Market place
  • Bland Edward, Market place
  • Booth Thomas, Thornton
  • Bower Elizabeth, Pickering lane, Thornton
  • Coultman Robert, Market place
  • Coverlay Mary, Snainton
  • Smith David, Bridge end
  • Stonehouse George, Snainton
  • Wilsthorp William, Birdgate
  • Windle Joseph, Borough gate

Hair Dressers,

  • Champley Robert, Market place
  • Hodgson William, Market place
  • Jefferson John, Market place
  • McGuffie John, Whitby gate, Thornton
  • Wigginton James, Birdgate


  • Darling John, Borough gate
  • Stockdale Richard, Cattle market

Inns & Public Houses,

  • Bay Horse, John Hayes, Market place
  • Black Legs, Robert Riby, Ebberston
  • Black Swan (& posting house) Matthew Monkman, Birdgate
  • Blacksmiths' Arms, William Kilvington
  • Blue Bell, Charles Prudhams, Market place
  • Buck, Thomas Richardson, Thornton
  • Crown, George Gibson, Borough gate
  • Fox & Pheasant, Samuel Hewlin, Wilton
  • George, William Gibson, Market place
  • Horse Shoe, Ellis Rooke, Hall garth
  • King's Arms, Williamson Bartliff, Willer gate
  • King's Head, Thomas Vinis, Borough gate
  • Letters, Francis Thorpe, Ebberston
  • New Inn, Matthew Beal, Middleton
  • New Inn (& posting house) John Hall, Snainton
  • New Inn, Thomas Marfitt, Thornton
  • Pack Horse, Richard Boulton, Whitby gate, Thornton
  • Peacock, Mary Barry, Snainton
  • Rose, Francis Champney, Bridge end
  • Royal Oak, Thomas Eden, Eastgate
  • White Horse, Richard Brown, Snainton
  • White Swan, John Ellis, Market place

Retailers of Beer,

  • Boulton Richard, Westgate
  • Brown Robert, Market place
  • Fletcher William, King st
  • Frank John, King st
  • Gaines Peter, Westgate
  • Garbutt Joseph, Eastgate
  • Harland Richard, Eastgate
  • Harland Robert, Snainton
  • Hunter Mary, Potter gate
  • Laidley Thomas, Ebberston
  • Mintoff John, Middleton


  • Cox Robert Nathaniel, Market place
  • Dixon William, Borough gate
  • Gray John, Market place

Marked # are also Cabinet makers

  • # Beswick Anthony, Snainton
  • Bolton Thomas, Potter hill
  • Boulton John, Church st, Thornton
  • Brewster William, Church st, Thornton
  • # Brown William, Market place
  • # Crosier John, Snainton
  • # Dalton Thomas, Hungate
  • Dinnis Peter, Brock lane, Thornton
  • # Ellis Thomas (& upholsterer) Potter gate
  • Fryer John, Eastgate
  • # Hodgson James, Eastgate
  • # Johnson Robert, Castle gate
  • Kidd ---, Pickering
  • # Kirby George, Market place
  • Pearson Robert, Potter hill
  • Simpson Robert, Thornton
  • Walker John, Hungate
  • Wardell John, Pickering lane, Thornton
  • # Wilson John, Hungate
  • # Wilson Thomas, Hungate

Lime Merchants & Lime Burners,

  • Frank John, Castle bank
  • Harland & Tate, Castle bank

Linen manufacturers,

  • Bennett William, Market place, Thornton
  • Garbutt Joseph (& damask) Eastgate
  • Simpson William, Westgate
  • Skelton George, Hall garth


  • Campion John, High Costa mill
  • Hood John, Costa mill
  • Rowntree Robert & Joseph, Low mill & Thornton mill
  • Strickland William, King st

Milliners & Dress & Straw Hat Makers,

  • Adamson Hannah, Bridge end
  • Boyes Mary, Church st, Thornton
  • Dobson Ruth & Mary, Birdgate
  • Gray Ann, Snainton
  • Hickey Margaret & Mary, Whitby gate, Thornton
  • Hickson Jane & Mary, Birdgate
  • Humphrey Elizabeth & Jane, Thornton
  • King Frances, Malton gate, Thornton
  • King Jane, Thornton
  • Kneeshaw Margaret, Market place
  • Liddle Margaret, Aislaby
  • Pickering Mary, Bridge end
  • Robinson Elizabeth, Church st, Thornton
  • Smith Mary, Thornton
  • Spenceley Bethia, Birdgate
  • Stephenson Mary, Thornton
  • Wilsthorp Mary & Frances, Market place


  • Lowther William, Potter hill
  • Snowdon William, Eastgate


  • Clark William (& gilder) Eastgate
  • Gray John, Market place


  • Storm Matthew, Whitby gate, Thornton

Plumbers & Glaziers,

  • Butler Elizabeth, Birdgate
  • Clark William (glazier) Eastgate
  • Countess Thomas, Snainton
  • Gray John (glazier) Market place
  • Mathers Thomas, Borough gate

Porter & Spirit Merchants,

  • Ashton & Cross, Borough gate
  • Sowerby Thomas, Market place
  • Wardell Joseph, Market place

Rope & Twine Makers,

  • Kirby George, Birdgate
  • Whitelock Thomas, Hungate


  • Barwick William, Snainton
  • Beal John, Bridge end
  • Gray Henry, Snainton
  • Jackson John, Birdgate
  • Potter Christopher, Pickering lane, Thornton
  • Robinson William, Market place
  • Walker Matthew, Snainton

Shopkeepers & Dealers in Groceries & Sundries,

  • Adamson George, Bridge end
  • Appleyard Barbara, Potter hill
  • Bennett William, Market place, Thornton
  • Brown Robert, Castle gate
  • Harrison Ann, Potter gate
  • Hawson William, Eastgate
  • Jackson Thomas, Church st, Thornton
  • Kirby Roger, Borough gate
  • McMillan Peter, Hungate
  • Magson Robert, Hungate
  • Raine James, Snainton
  • Watson Robert, Church st, Thornton

Stone Masons & Flag Dealers,

  • Barnes Thomas, Malton gate, Thornton
  • Boddy Francis, Malton lane
  • Boulton Richard, Whitby gate, Thornton
  • Boulton Richard, Westgate
  • Boulton Robert, Church st, Thornton
  • Duck Thomas, Westgate
  • King James, Snainton
  • King John, Snainton
  • Metcalf George, Ebberston
  • Raine James, Snainton
  • Saunderson James, Castle gate
  • Scales John, Hungate
  • Stockdale John, Hall garth


  • Birdsall William, Hall garth
  • Loy Martin Augustine, Hungate
  • Paul Daniel, Eastgate
  • Pratt Thomas, Snainton
  • Sheffield William, Church st, Thornton


  • Best John, Borough gate
  • Bower Joseph, Potter gate
  • Brough Robert (& draper) Middleton
  • Hodgson John, Market place
  • Humble Peter, Market place
  • Keld Isaiah, Borough gate
  • King Robert, Wilton
  • King Thomas, Malton gate, Thornton
  • Lawson Thomas, Hungate
  • Letherington James, Church lane
  • Letherington James, jun. Hall garth
  • Mackley John, Whitby gate, Thornton
  • Parkin Robert Lamb, Pickering lane, Thornton
  • Ruddock William & John, Borough gate
  • Skelton George, Malton gate, Thornton
  • Skelton Thomas, Whitby gate, Thornton
  • Spink Joseph, Ebberston
  • Stonehouse John, Snainton
  • Stubbs George, Snainton
  • Temple Martin, Snainton
  • Ward Michael, Middleton
  • Willertan John, Church st, Thornton
  • Wilson Joseph, Eastgate
  • York John, Potter hill

Tallow Chandlers,

  • Ashton William, Borough gate
  • Greenwood Richard, Potter hill

Tanners & Fellmongers,

  • Grayson William & George, Hungate
  • Priestman & Hopkins (& curriers) Thornton

Veterinary Surgeon,

  • Storry John, Potter hill

Watch Makers,

  • Cox Robert Nathaniel, Market place
  • Dixon William, Borough gate
  • Stephenson Robert, Market place


  • Boak William, printer, stationer, & bookbinder, Market place
  • Brown William, turner in wood, Hungate
  • Campion John, bleacher, High Costa mill
  • Chapman George, clog & patten maker and leather cutter, King st
  • Dobby Ann, sub-distributer of stamps, Eastgate
  • Eden Thomas, raft merchant, Eastgate
  • Fletcher William, whitesmith, King st
  • Foster Roger, hatter & furrier, Smithy hill
  • Heckelsfield Robert, postman, Thornton
  • McMillan Peter, medicine vendor, Hungate
  • Moorhouse Francis, cattle dealer, Westgate
  • Nicholls Richard Cass, paper manufacturer, Thornton
  • Parke Thomas, brick & tile manufacturer and maltster, Westgate
  • Pattrick Joseph, bacon dealer, Hall garth
  • Scott Matthew, gun maker, Cattle market
  • Sowerby Thomas, seed merchant, Market place
  • Spavin Richard, master of the workhouse, Pickering
  • Spenceley Robert, bailiff of Pickering lythe, Market place
  • Stockdale Richard, hosier, Cattle market


  • To Helmsley, John Haxby & Francis Sellar, every Tuesday & Friday
  • To Kirkbymoorside, John Haxby & Francis Sellar, every Tuesday & Friday -- and Robert Saunders, every Wednesday
  • To Malton, Robert Saunders, every Tuesday -- and Thomas Hardy, every Saturday -- and Thomas Swaby, every Wed. & Sat.
  • To Whitby, Thomas Warriner, every Friday
  • To York, Thomas Swaby, Wednesday & Saturday

Transcribed by Steve Garton. ©2000

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