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Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades' for THIRSK in Pigot's Directory of 1829.

Post Office,

  • Market-place, Robert Peat, Post Master.
  • Letters for London and the South are despatched every morning at four, and arrive every evening at eight minutes past nine.
  • Letters for the North are despatched every evening at eight minutes past nine, and arrive every morning at four.
  • Letters for the West are despatched by the Mail cart to Ferrybridge every morning at twenty minutes past four, and arrive every evening at twenty minutes past eight.
  • Letters for Shields, Sunderland, Stockton and Yarm are despatched every evening at a quarter before twelve, and arrive every morning at six minutes past three.
  • Letters are despatched by a horse post to Redcar, Guisborough and Stokesley, every morning at twenty-five minutes past four, and arrive every evening at ten minutes past eight.

Nobility Gentry and Clergy,

  • Bell John, esq. Kirkgate
  • Butterwick Matthew, esq. Market place
  • Caley Cornelius, esq. Sowerby
  • Crompton Samuel, esq. M.P. Wood end
  • Frankland Sir Thomas, Thirkleby park
  • Holmes Rev. Jonathan, Thirsk
  • Kitchingman Valentine, esq. Ingram gate
  • Leife John, esq Sowerby
  • Livesey Robert Bell, gent. Sowerby
  • Metcalfe Rev. James, Sowerby
  • Selby William, esq. Sowerby
  • Walbanke William, esq. Sowerby

Academies & Schools,
Not otherwise described are Day Schools.

  • Free Grammar School, Barbeck -Thomas Martin, master
  • Grayson M. Masterman's yard
  • North Mary, St. James' green
  • Oulson J. & E. (ladies' boarding and day) St. James green
  • Whitewick Jonathan, William, St. James' grn
  • Winter John, Long street
  • York Thomas (boarding and day) Sowerby


  • Richardson Thomas, Kirkgate
  • Rider Joseph, Market place
  • Swarbreck Thomas, Market place
  • Walker Charles, Castle gate
  • Whitehead William, Market place

Auctioneers & Appraisers,

  • Armitage Robert, Long street
  • Burgess Paul, Market place
  • Chapman John, Kirkgate

Bakers & Flour Dealers,

  • Dixon Francis, Sowerby
  • Gill George, St. James' green
  • Hudson John, Market place
  • Morley John, Millgate
  • White Ralph, St. James' green


  • Darlington Branch, Market place Jonathan Backhouse & Co. (draw on Sir James Esdailes & Co. London)
  • Dressert Joseph & Co. Kirkgate (draw on Masterman & Co. London)
  • Savings' Bank, Market place- William Eshelby, actuary


  • Bashforth James, Market place
  • Brown George, St. James' green
  • Brown Thomas, (& farrier) Long street
  • Bumby John, Finkle street
  • Bumby William, St. James' gate
  • Harwood Benjamin, Sowerby
  • Johnson Robert, Sowerby
  • Plews Samuel, Addison's yard

Booksellers & Stationers,

  • Hurst George, Market place
  • Masterman Henry (and printer) Market place
  • Peat Robert (and printer) Market place

Boot & Shoe Makers,

  • Baxter Richard, Market place
  • Burgess Paul, Market place
  • Butterwick Richard, Kirkgate
  • Butterwick William, Addison's yard
  • Clarkson John, Westgate
  • Clayton John, Market place
  • Dodsworth John, St. James' green
  • Hopper Benjamin, Market place
  • Hudson Christopher, Kirkgate
  • Kitson William, St. James' gate
  • Maynard William, Sowerby
  • Raper Thomas, Sowerby
  • Stockdale James, Kirkgate
  • Thompson William. Market place
  • Tweedy Thomas, Kirkgate
  • Ward Ann, Finkle street
  • Wilkinson Thomas, St. James' green

Brewers & Maltsters,

  • Meek Thomas, Kirkgate
  • Rhodes Edward, Kirkgate
  • Rhodes Edward & William, (maltsters) Kirkgate


  • Fawcitt Christopher, Westgate
  • Palliser James, Sowerby
  • Rey John, Long street


  • Fawcitt Richard, Kirkgate
  • Foxton Thomas, St. James' gate
  • Guddrick John, St. James' green
  • Metcalfe William, Market place.
  • Nelson Philip, St. James' gate
  • Nicholson John, Sowerby
  • Palliser George, Kirkgate

Cabinet Makers and Upholsterers,

  • Gamble Richard, St. James' green
  • Peacock William, Market place
  • Richmond John, Market place


  • Johnson William, Sowerby
  • Pattison James, St. James gate
  • Reper George, Long street
  • Smelt Leonard, Westgate

China, Glass & Earthenware Dealers,

  • Johnson Thomas, Market place
  • Metcalfe John, Market place
  • Rowntree James, Kirkgate
  • Shephard George, Market place

Chymists & Druggists,

  • Arnitt William, Market place
  • Bingham Henry, Market place
  • Johnson Thomas, Market place
  • Shephard George, Market place

Curriers and Leather Sellers,

  • Bell Thomas, Finkle street
  • Bransby & Court, Sowerby
  • Daniel Christopher, St. James' gate
  • Gilling & Smith, Kirkgate
  • Imeson Matthew, Market place
  • Prest Thomas, Ingram gate

Fire, &c. Office Agents,

  • Atlas, Charles Walker, Castle gate
  • County (fire) & Provident (life)
  • George Hurst, Market place
  • Phoenix, Jacob Smith, Kirkgate
  • Sun, Henry Masterman, Market place

Grocers & Tea Dealers,

  • Arnitt William (& sub-distributer of stamps) Market place
  • Bumby John, St. James' green
  • Hansell Francis, Millgate
  • Jackson John (and flax dresser) Market place
  • Metcalfe John, Market place
  • Metcalfe Joshua, Market place
  • Pick John & Robert, Market place
  • Robinson Mary, Market place
  • Routh Anthony & Robert, Kirkgate
  • Smith Ann & Mary, Market place
  • Smith John, Market place
  • Temple John, Market place
  • Temple Simon, Kirkgate
  • West William, Market place

Hair Dressers,

  • Brown George, Market place
  • Jackman William, Market place
  • Shephard George, Market place


  • Alderwick Thomas, Market place
  • Bell William, Market place
  • Hurst George, Market place
  • Metcalfe Joseph, Marketplace
  • Rogers Joseph, Market place


  • Crown, Richard Smithson, Market place
  • Golden Fleece (commercial & posting house) John Hall, Market place
  • Three Tuns (commercial & posting house) Jonathan Empson, Market place


  • Johnson Peter, Westgate
  • Masterman Henry, Market place
  • Peacock William, Market place
  • Richmond John, Market place
  • Scurr Mary, Market place
  • West William, Market place


  • Crosby Richard, Finkle street
  • Gamble William, St. James' gate
  • Harman John, Kirkgate
  • Peat Joseph, Long street
  • Rose John, St. James' gate
  • Webster Thomas, Kirkgate

Linen & Woollen Drapers,

  • Arnitt William, Market place
  • Barnitt Francis; Market place
  • Bell William, Market place
  • Bumby John, St. James' green
  • Hansell Francis, Millgate
  • Metcalfe Joshua, Market place
  • Pick John & Robert, Marketplace
  • Smith Ann & Mary, Market place
  • Smith John, Market place

Linen Manufacturers,

  • Blakelock John Sowerby
  • Curry William, St. James' green

Milliners & Dress Makers,

  • Bales Mary, Market place
  • Bowser Mary, Market place
  • Lancaster Ann, Market place
  • Morton Charlotte, Finkle street
  • Rev Jane, Long street
  • Russell Rebecca, Kirk gate
  • Woodward Margaret, Market place

Painters-House, Sign, &c,

  • Bickers Francis, Kirkgate
  • Elgie Thomas, Finkle street

Plumbers & Glaziers,

  • Brotherton Uriah, Kirkgate
  • Hudson John, Market place
  • Mennill William, Castle gate
  • Thompson William, Market place

Rope Makers,

  • Clarkson Francis, Long st place
  • Miller Jonathan, (& flax dresser) Market

Sacking Manufacturers,

  • Raine James, Long street
  • Raine John, St. James' green


  • Fox Michael, Market place
  • Harrison Robert, Market place
  • Hill William, Market place
  • Lancaster George, Market place
  • Milburn Robert, Fickle street
  • Mills William, Market place

Shopkeepers & Dealers in Sundries,

  • Aden Thomas, Long street
  • Crosby Richard, Market place
  • Foxton William, Kirkgate
  • Grainger William, St. James' green
  • Hardy Susanna, Sowerby
  • Harley Elizabeth, Piper lane
  • Horn John, Market place
  • Kay Elizabeth, Finkle street
  • Kirk Sarah, Market place
  • Seaton Sarah, Millgate
  • Smith Jacob, Kirkgate
  • Tindall John, Kirkgate
  • Tooting Marsha, Finkle street
  • Wade William, St. James' green
  • Ward Ann, Finkle street


  • Foxton Thomas, Kirkgate
  • Robinson Mary, Market place
  • West William, Market place

Straw Hat Makers,

  • Bookland Mary, Ingram gate
  • Brotherton Mary, Market place
  • Faulkner James, Finkle street
  • Hudson Mary, Finkle street
  • Procter Mary, Finkle street
  • Scott Mary, Kirkgate


  • Corsellias Nicholas, Sowerby
  • Dent John, jun. Kirkgate
  • Dent Robert, sen. Kirkgate
  • Lambert William, Market place
  • Weddell John, Market place


  • Atkins William, Kirkgate
  • Atkinson Thomas, Sowerby
  • Bales George, Market place
  • Bowes Thomas, St. James' green
  • Greathead Robert, Market place
  • Haythorn John, Sowerby
  • Hoarier James, Fickle street
  • Scott George, Kirkgate
  • Scott William, Market place
  • Shaw Thomas, Sowerby

Tallow Chandlers,

  • Fox Thomas, Market place
  • Robinson 'Mary, Market place
  • Scurr Abraham, Market place

Taverns & Public Houses,

  • Bay Horse, Jonathan Hemsley, St James' gate
  • Black Horse, John Hurst, Long street
  • Black Lion, William Feint, Market place
  • Blacksmiths' Arms, George Rose Market place
  • Black Swan, George Young, Norby
  • Brewers' Arms, Patrick Brady, Market place
  • Cross Keys, William Dodsworth, Kirkgate,
  • Crown & Anchor, Jonathan Nicholson, Sowerby
  • Dolphin & Anchor, Matthew Fothergill, St. James' green
  • Freemasons' Arms, Jonathan Fawcitt, Kirkgate
  • Golden Lion, Thomas Fowler, Sowerby
  • Golden Lion, John Gill, Market place
  • Half Moon, Richard Morfoot, Millgate
  • King's Arms, George Lunn, Market place
  • Lord Nelson, Thomas Bowes, St James' grn
  • Red Bear, William Johnson, Market place
  • Royal Oak, Hannah Hudson, Market place
  • Star, Robert Horner, Westgate
  • Three Horse Shoes, Snowden Smith,
  • Three Tuns, Thomas Plews, Finkle street
  • Wagon & Horses, Thomas Moon, Long street
  • Wheat Sheaf, Henry Atkinson, St. James' grn
  • White Horse, Robert Dunnington, Long street
  • White swan, Philip Fetter, market place

Tin-Plate Workers,

  • Armgill Joseph, Market place
  • Webster Robert, Kirk

Watch & Clock Makers,

  • Martin Thomas, Millgate
  • Palliser John, Finkle street
  • Palliser Robert, Finkle street
  • Russell Benjamin, Market place
  • Scarr Richard, Market place
  • Wylie James, Millgate


  • Dunnington Robert, Long street
  • Reper George, Long lane


  • Adams Robert, porter dealer, Market place
  • Armitage Robert, sheriff's officer, Long street
  • Barnes John, comb maker, St James' grn
  • Braithwaite Christopher, corn dealer, Long street
  • Chapman John, iron founder, Norby
  • Chapman John, drill and machine maker, Kirkgate
  • Coulson Joseph, turner and chair maker, Kirkgate
  • Cox James, bridle bit maker, Norby
  • Dresser Margaret & Son, ham, butter & cheese factors, Finkle street
  • Gamble Richard, professor of music and dancing, Sowerby
  • Hall James, skinner, St. James' gate
  • Johnson Edward, dyer & aqua-fortis manufacturer, St. James' green
  • Manfield Robert & Son, corn millers, Millgate
  • Mann David, patten & clog maker, Long street
  • Porritt Joseph, gun maker, Market place
  • Varley Isaac, basket maker, Barbeck


  • To London, the Royal Mail (from Edinburgh calls at the Crown, every morning at four-and the Wellington, every afternoon at one-the Royal Mail (from Shields) calls at the Golden Fleece every morning at half-past three -the Express (from Newcastle) calls at the same Inn, every day at twelve-and the Highflyer, every afternoon at four; go through Easingwold, York, Tadcaster, Ferrybridge, Doncaster, Retford, Newark, Grantham; Stamford, Stilton, St. Neots, Biggleswade and Hertford.
  • To Edinburgh, the Royal Mail (from London) calls at the Crown, every night at nine-& the Wellington, at half-past nine; both go through Northallerton, Darlington, Rusheyford, Durham and Newcastle.
  • To Leeds the Phoenix (from Newcastle) calls at the Three Tuns, every afternoon (Sundays excepted) at three; goes through Boroughbridge, Knaresborough and Wetherby.
  • To Newcastle, the Express (from London) calls at the Golden Fleece, every evening at half-past six-and the Highflyer, every afternoon at one; both go thro' Northallerton, Darlington and Durham-and the Phoenix (from Leeds) calls at the same Inn, every day (Sundays excepted) at half past eleven; goes through Yarm, Stockton, Sedgefield and Durham.
  • To Shields the Royal Mail (from London) calls at the Golden Fleece, every night at a quarter before twelve; goes through Stockton and Sunderland.


  • To London, Easingwold, York, Hull, Selby, Nottingham, Leicester, Darlington, Durham, Sunderland, Newcastle, Edinboro', Glasgow, Penrith and Carlisle, F. & R. Pickersgill, three times a week.
  • To Darlington, Richard Pickersgill (from York) calls at the Old Three Tuns, twice a week; goes through Smeaton and Croft.
  • To Hemsley, William Wood, from the Blacksmiths' Arms, once a week.
  • To Knaresbro', Simon Briggs, from his house, Sowerby, every Tuesday and Friday night; goes thro' Boroughbridge.
  • To Leeds, Hobson & Co. (from Newcastle) call at the Wagon & Horses, every Monday, Wednesday & Friday-& George Pearson (from Stockton) calls at the Half Moon, every Wednesday & Saturday; all go thro' Ripon, Ripley, Harrogate and Harewood.
  • To Newcastle Hobson and Co. (from Leeds) call at the Wagon and Horses, every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday.
  • To Stockton, Thomas Peacock (from Ingleby) calls at the Wagon & Horses, and George Pearson (from Leeds) calls at the Half Moon, every Monday and Thursday; go through Yarm.
  • To Stokesley, Francis Peacock, from the Wagon and Horses, every Monday and Thursday.
  • To York, -- Cragg, from the Old Three Tuns, every Monday & Thursday-and Richard Pickersgill (from Darlington) calls twice a-week; go through Easingwold and Shipston-and John Jefferson, from the White Swan, every Wednesday and Saturday mornings.

Transcribed by Colin Hinson. ©2003